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Junk Removal Services Columbia, MD

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal services in Columbia, MD, and the surrounding areas

Meet the Owner

Junk King Columbia owner Eric Jones and his enthusiastic Junk King team are looking forward to servicing you. So, when you’re ready to book your next junk removal appointment, be sure to book online and save $20, or just call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).

Long before entering the junk removal industry, Eric was engaged in real estate development, which involved fixing up houses and flipping them. It was in the course of that work that his attention was directed towards the need for reliable and affordable junk removal services since the houses he bought had a lot of junk in them.

In addition, residential construction work often creates quite a bit of debris that must be removed, as well. So, for Eric and his team, using Junk King for their junk removal services made things seamless and hassle-free. And it was at that point that Eric fell in love with what Junk King Company was doing and what they offered.

“I liked their push on conservation efforts, giving back, and recycling. All those things are really important to me,”  says Eric.

Eric is also the proud owner of two other neighboring Junk King locations and is happy to be serving the people of Columbia. As he has noted,

“The people of Columbia are very unique in the sense that they’re from Columbia and they love to be from Columbia! They’re Howard County people!”

And Eric points out that,

“To be able to serve Howard County and Columbia is a true blessing for Junk King.”

In his spare time Eric enjoys spending time with his family and kids, as well as being outside golfing and hiking. Genuinely committed to his community, Eric is a member and board member of various non-profits throughout the area. In addition, he is a dedicated Christian and works to enrich the lives of the community members in which he serves.

So, is junk piling up in your home or workplace in the Columbia area?

Let our courteous and efficient staff at Junk King solve your junk hauling needs for you. We are local to the Columbia area and provide junk pickup services throughout the area. And we’re green! We recycle up to 60% of the items we collect.

Want to know what it’ll cost to remove that clutter from your home without picking up the phone? Our pricing estimator will quickly provide you with an accurate and affordable estimate based on items or truck load within minutes.


Residential Junk Removal

Items We Take – Residential Items

There are few things more unexciting than getting rid of junk. Sure, you might be happy to see it all gone from your home, but moving it out, loading it up, and hauling it somewhere can be a challenge.

And you’re not alone in that.

Homeowners and renters all over the Columbia area routinely rid themselves of unwanted items that need to be disposed of. Most of it can simply go into their residential trash or recycling bins. Except for the items that are too large for the bins and those still have to be properly disposed of.

But what’s the best way to do that?

The good news is that Junk King Columbia can take just about every type of residential junk item you might have – and that includes the junk you have right now!

See Our Residential Junk Removal Services

And not only can we come to your home and remove common junk items like old newspapers and magazines, junk electronics, broken toys and old bicycles, toys, and other typical items, we also take just about anything and everything you need to get of (except for hazardous waste.) And the folks in Columbia genuinely appreciate having their excessive junk problems resolved by Junk King.

We routinely hear from our customers who tell us things like, “I didn’t know I had this much space in my garage”  and “I’m so glad you got rid of that stuff in my attic”  or, “We can now use that room again!”.

Wondering what kinds of things we can remove for you? Here’s a brief overview…

Book a Touchless Appointment Today and Save $20!

Appliance Removal

Do you have an old appliance you need taken away? Here’s a short list of what we can take:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dishwashers/Trash Compactors
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Lawnmowers
  • Stoves/Ovens/Microwaves
  • Water Heaters
  • Washing Machines/Dryers

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to get rid of an old appliance? And, quite likely, you were thinking about a trip to the landfill. But even given the fact that a landfill is the last place you want your old appliance to end up, it’s also a fact that most large junk items that you may think should go there can actually be recycled.

For example, most of your old household appliances are made of highly recyclable materials like steel, aluminum, glass, and various plastics. The truth is that almost all appliances can be recycled.

Which is why when you call Junk King Columbia for your appliance removal, we ensure that as much of your junk as possible is recycled, including washers, refrigerators, ovens, and even air conditioning units!

Junk King Columbia owner Eric Jones points out that,

“In Columbia we a number of relationships with non-profits like ReStore, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Second Chance.”

Furniture Removal and Disposal

Tried hauling old furniture lately? If so, you know why it’s a much better idea to call a professional firm like Junk King to do that for you. And here are some examples of the furniture we can haul off for you:

  • Couches
  • Sofas
  • Sofa Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • File Cabinets
  • Armoires

We know how difficult it can be to get rid of furniture, like when you’re moving, for example. That’s because most furniture pieces are heavy, bulky, and quite awkward to work with. And when you finally get them out of the house and loaded into a truck or onto a trailer, you still have to take them and unload them somewhere.

The better option is to have Junk King Columbia haul off your old furniture for you. Not only is it safer and far easier, you’ll also be helping the environment because we will reuse or recycle your old furniture. And that’s a good way to help reduce overall waste and landfill use.

Television Disposal & Recycling

There was a time not all that long ago when a TV meant a massive tube and a big box made of wood or plastic. Not only did they weigh a ton, but they were also potential toxic with up to five pound of lead inside.

Today, with the transition to large flat screen TVs, millions of Americans continue to buy newer, bigger screens every year. And this means that there are millions of “old” screens that have been replaced and to be gotten rid of.

The problem is how to dispose of these large televisions that either don’t work or no one wants?

Well, one easy option is to call Junk King Columbia for your old television disposal or even recycling. And this applies to all those toxic old computer monitors and old CRT televisions, as well. Along with old, large flat screen units, Junk King can provide an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly disposal service for all these old units.

And we make the whole process easy for you.

Yard Waste Removal

To most people, yard waste simply means grass clippings, flower garden trimmings, maybe old leaves, and other bits of organic material that is cleaned up from a lawn. However, the fact is that yard waste sometimes involves far more than just grass and leaf removal.

In addition to grass and leaves, it can also include everything you’ve cut, pruned, trimmed, or dug up out of your yard, along with piles of old fencing, broken gardening equipment, rotting tool sheds or planting table, and a host of other “non-organic” items.

In addition, any large project like a major yard makeover or outdoor cleanup can mean that you may pile up far more waste and debris than you can ever hope to get inside of your one green residential waste bin.

At Junk King Columbia, we also understand that yard waste removal can also be a seasonal process with projects like a spring clean up after a winter of general neglect and storms, to winter preparation in the early fall when you also get rid of things that have been left outdoors all summer.

Or, if you’re a gardener, then spring and summer will most likely involve piles of empty soil and mulch bags, discarded old planters, clumps of dead plants, and even some broken lawn furniture or equipment.

The bottom line is that have to take all of this debris to the dump can be time consuming and burdensome – and that’s assuming you have a suitable vehicle for the job.

And Much More

In addition to all these types of residential junk items, Junk King Columbia also offers other residential junk removal services including:

  • Hoarder Cleanouts
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Hot Tub Disposal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Garbage/Trash Removal
Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Commercial Junk Removal

Items We Take – Commercial Junk

Maybe you’ve been put in charge of getting rid of old office desks and chairs in the past, or even entire offices full of furniture, and you experienced the frustration of discovering that your company’s’ waste management provider won’t take them.

We feel your pain!

While some waste management companies might arrange for a special pick up, this service usually comes with additional fees and requires having to make an appointment for the pickup.

This might be fine for a one-time event, but if you have large commercial junk removal needs on a frequent basis, this type of arrangement isn’t practical nor cost-effective.

Which means you need to find another way to get rid of your junk.

See Our Commercial Junk Removal Services

For most commercial junk disposal, there are just two options for getting rid of large junk or debris: either you have it done by your employees or you must hire someone to do it.

But keep in mind that “doing it yourself”  may not save you money. That’s because your employee’s time is required to do the job and – as every owner and manager knows – time is money.

In fact, the real cost to you is doubled because all the time spent loading, hauling, and dumping your company’s junk items or materials is also productive time taken away from the work you or your employees are paid to do. In other words, every “dump run”  includes loss of productivity which is costing you money.

The good news is that Junk King Columbia specializes in providing businesses with efficient and cost-effective commercial junk removal services.

full service junk removal

For example, some of the items we take include the following:

Office Furniture Removal

Sometimes your old office furniture pieces are too damaged to sell or donate. You still need to get rid of them so you may decide to simply dispose of them. But moving and loading office furniture can require much more work and trouble than most owners or managers want to deal with.

We understand, which is why Junk King Columbia specializes in old office furniture removal.

If you hire a professional firm like Junk King, you’ll be happy to know that our team will do all the heavy lifting and haul it all away for you, as well. In fact, choosing a professional and reliable office furniture removal service is a smart business decision.

And hiring Junk King Columbia to pick up your old office furniture is also smart because, really, there’s just no easy way to get rid of it all yourself. But at Junk King, we provide you with efficient, safe, and eco-friendly office furniture removal so you don’t need to worry about the disposal of your old furniture items.

And the best part is that, with Junk King, you can be sure that your old furniture items will either be donated if the pieces are in good condition or sent to a recycling facility so that your old furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction contractors and project managers must actively manage every phase of a project. Unfortunately, one task that is often overlooked or simply taken for granted is the construction debris removal.

However, site debris removal is a task that should be managed and planned for, as well, since contractors must meet their need of being cost-effective and on budget.

Smart contractors solve that problem by outsourcing the work to a reputable and professional hauling company like Junk King Columbia. This is because, just like other commercial junk or debris removal tasks, there are tangible benefits to this approach that far outweigh those of doing it yourself.

These include having the convenience and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a vendor that will do the job professionally and efficiently. And the costs involved are typically far less than those incurred by using your own crew and taking them off the job site just to load and haul off debris.

Commercial Scrap Metal Pick Up

As we’ve already point out, getting rid of large junk items can be difficult. This is especially true if your business routinely disposes of items that are too large to place into their commercial trash dumpsters. And if the junk items are hopelessly broken pieces of equipment, then reselling them is not an option.

Which brings us to the commodity of commercial scrap metal.

Almost all metals are recyclable, and this is good news for many businesses that deal in large amounts of scrap metal. However, when it comes to recycling metal junk, the process can be a challenge if a company is unsure of how to go about it or where to take it.

And the fact is that recycling scrap metal is much more difficult and even a bit more dangerous than recycling common commercial trash like cardboard or plastic.

The good news is that Junk King Columbia can pick up and remove your scrap metal for you. And, once we do, you can rest assured that we’ll take it to a local recycling facility so that your metal debris will become new raw materials for manufacturing.

In fact, Junk King routinely recycles more waste material than other junk removal companies and our scrap metal recycling is available for any need, including:

  • Iron, steel, copper, aluminum, and brass scrap items
  • Building beams, wire, and most other metal construction debris
  • Appliances, plumbing fixtures, and other office renovation debris
  • Most other unwanted metal junk materials

Large Trash Removal

If your trash removal company is not to serve your business trash removal needs often enough, or there are certain types of bulk trash items they won’t pick up, what do you do?

Call Junk King Columbia!

We offer our commercial bulk trash removal service to help you out when the trash gets to be a “bit too much” now and again.

Junk King also provides an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly large trash and excess garbage removal service specifically designed to make the entire process simple for you. And our experienced teams have the manpower to haul out your heavy trash items without damaging your facility on the way out.

In fact, we do all the heavy lifting, which means no need for carrying items out to the curb or parking lot. In addition, we make sure that as much of your large trash as possible is disposed of at a proper recycling facility.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Foreclosed residential properties often require that agents, Realtors®, and other real estate professionals clean out and remove any junk left behind by former homeowners. The reasons can vary, but the fact is that, oftentimes, former occupants feel little need to leave a foreclosed property completely clean and empty.

In other words, foreclosed properties are often left with trash, abandoned furniture, and other personal property sitting in them. This is all the junk and debris that previous homeowners often don’t take with them.

And it all has to be cleaned out and disposed of before the property can be leased or sold.

What is especially frustrating for the real estate professionals responsible for the properties is that this job often falls on them or a representative of the bank or finance company that holds the property. The good news is that a professional firm like Junk King can take care of it for you.

Which is why Junk King Columbia really is your best choice when taking care of a foreclosure cleanout.

As the leading business-to-business junk removal service in North America, Junk King provides expert real estate junk removal services to take care of the clean out process for you. When you call Junk King for your foreclosure cleanout, that is one big task off your to-do list and it’s a big step toward having your property ready to sell or rent.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

How It Works

Working with Junk King is easy, and we’ve made it that way on purpose.

First, we can remove and haul away just about anything and everything that you need to get rid of except for hazardous materials. Secondly, we have a long-standing and deep-rooted commitment to be “green” and eco-friendly company. That means that you can be confident that we will recycle or repurpose as much of your junk as possible.

So, are you ready to make an appointment? That’s great because we’ve made that easy, too!

You can call and let us know what you need disposed of or recycled. If you prefer, you can also text us. Just send us an image or two of what you want removed and we’ve got you covered. And you can simply book online!

Unlike most other firms, we won’t ask you to wait around for an eight hour window for our truck to finally show up. You choose a day and a two-hour time window and simply make the appointment. We guarantee our crew will arrive on time, as promised.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Want to know how much it’s going to cost?

Most companies charge by the weight of your load, which can be quite a bit more if your junk is made up of heavy items. Some firms charge a flat fee. At Junk King Columbia you are only charged by the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck – regardless of how heavy it is.

And we guarantee to never surprise you with added charges or hidden fees.

We have a simple and easy online Pricing Estimator that you can use to generate an estimate for full service junk hauling. You can also receive an on-site, no obligation pricing estimate from our team when they arrive.

Estimates can also be had by texting us a few photos of your items and letting us text you back an estimate. And last, but certainly not least, you can call or live chat with our customer service representatives and receive an estimate that way.

Then, once you have an estimate, simply pick a date and a two-hour window. On the day of your appointment our professional and courteous team will call you 15 to 30 minutes before they show up at your home or workplace. Once we arrive you simply point, and we’ll quickly and efficiently take your junk.

And we do all the heavy lifting!

Why Junk King is Different

  1. We’re Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal
  2. We Always Recycle
  3. We’re Professional and Experienced
  4. We are Bonded and Insured
  5. We are Easy to Work With
  6. We Have Fair and Transparent Pricing

What We Guarantee:

  • To offer you an estimate in writing
  • To recycle as much of your junk as possible
  • To provide the best service in our industry

What You Need to Know About Junk Removal

Simply put, junk removal is an on-demand service that provides homeowners, tenants, and businesses to easily get rid of just about any kind of junk from their homes or workplaces.

At Junk King Columbia, we specialize in hauling out large items like furniture, appliances, and construction debris, as well as removing all kinds of trash from real estate cleanouts and full house cleanouts.

Just about everything and anything aside from hazardous waste can be removed by Junk King.

Both residential and commercial junk removal typically takes one of two forms. Full-service junk removal involves having a team of two or three professionals come to your home or office. Once on site, they carry your junk items outside, load it into a truck, and then haul it away.

The other option is self-service junk removal. At Junk King Columbia, we provide our unique MINI Dumpster rental that is delivered and dropped off at your home or place of business. The self-service option allows you to fill our easy-to-access dumpster yourself over a period of a few days. When the bin is full, our team comes back to load your dumpster onto our truck and take it away.

The bottom line for you?

Junk removal with Junk King Columbia is your best option for getting rid of your excess rubbish, bulk clutter, or large junk items. And working with Junk King Columbia is easy – you simply make an appointment, and we do all the rest.

You point and we haul your unwanted items into our junk removal trucks, and with no hidden fees.


Why Junk King

Junk King Columbia is the best choice for junk removal because they have the best customer service. We offer junk removal, hauling services, and debris removal. Our team goes above and beyond to meet your needs.
Why Junk King


Areas We Serve

At Junk King Columbia we have been serving our friends and neighbors in the greater Columbia area including towns and communities such as:

  • Clarksville
  • Columbia
  • Dayton
  • Elkridge
  • Ellicott City
  • Fulton
  • Glenelg
  • Glenwood
  • Hanover
  • Harmans
  • Highland
  • Jessup
  • Laurel
  • Savage
  • West Friendship

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junk King Columbia?

Junk King Columbia is a top rated junk hauling company in Columbia and is locally owned and operated. Junk King Columbia is a professional and dependable junk removal company specializing in residential and commercial junk hauling. We offer both full-service and self-service junk removal options.

Do you offer same day junk removal?

Yes, Junk King Columbia can often provide same day junk removal. Our trained and insured team will also provide a free, no-obligation estimate onsite and if you like our price, we can haul your items the same day.

How much does junk removal typically cost?

You can obtain a free online estimate any time by using our Pricing Estimator. At Junk King Columbia our fee is based on volume which provides higher value and better pricing than any comparable operator. We believe in fair, transparent pricing, and we back it up with a free estimate.

What can I do with unwanted furniture?

Give us a call! At Junk King Columbia, our goal is to keep up to 60 percent or more of everything we pick up from going into a landfill. We do this by recycling, donating, and repurposing as much as we can through our Recycling Center warehouse.

Can I just leave my couch on the curb?

It is important to check with your municipal trash hauler before leaving your large items on the curb for pickup. However, Junk King Columbia can take care of curbside furniture removal with our COVID-friendly touchless options, such as no-contact pick up and no-contact payment.

Can I leave my mattress on the curb?

Junk King Columbia can assist with curbside mattress removal and recycle up to 90% of the mattress.

Can Junk King haul construction debris?

Junk King Columbia can haul construction debris for both residential and commercial projects. Our staff can also provide you with a recycling receipt upon your request after disposing of your construction debris.

Can Junk King do a foreclosure cleanout?

Real estate agents, banks, and property owners can partner with Junk King for affordable and efficient residential junk removal services to remove abandoned belongings and junk from foreclosed homes.

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