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We will dispose of your junk properly, recycling up to 60% of every job. We are the only national junk removal company with sorting facilities in our locally owned locations. We sort, reuse, recycle, and donate as much as we can to be a responsible waste removal partner for a better tomorrow.




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Junk Removal Indianapolis

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal and dumpster rental in Indianapolis

Meet the Owner

Elgin Martin is the owner of Junk King Indianapolis. Martin became the owner in April 2020, after taking over for longtime operator Michael Barton. Following in Barton’s footsteps, Martin will continue to bring reliable junk removal services to the community, along with providing excellent customer service.

Martin brings a number of strong leadership qualities to the Indianapolis team. Prior to Junk King, Martin worked within a variety of industries where he gained expertise in diverse services that allowed him to acquire the skills necessary to run a successful junk removal business. “My past business experience has given me numerous opportunities to meet, employ and interact with many different types of individuals,” said Martin. When managing a team, Martin is able to identify the unique skillset each employee has and utilize their best asset to help them grow individually and professionally.

In addition to Junk King, Martin has owned four other local businesses, two of which he is still the current operator. Martin was the previous owner of Martin Farms, a soybean operation, and Heartland Graphics, selling vinyl decals and truck lettering. Currently, Martin owns and operates Martin Rental Properties, a residential real estate firm, and Indy Rolloffs, a dumpster rental company for residential, commercial and industrial businesses.

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Outside of Junk King, Martin is the coach of his two daughter’s softball team, alongside his wife, and enjoys being able to spend time with his family. Assisting Martin with Junk King operations is Tom Massengale, the general manager and the haulers that make up the team. “I’m excited to begin my next business venture with the already successful model at Junk King,” continued Martin. “The haulers that make up the Indianapolis team have built a strong relationship with the community, as they continuously bring an unparalleled level of service to each job.”

Junk King Indianapolis has fulfilled the community’s need as professional and affordable junk removal company that residents can trust. The brand emphasizes the importance of customer loyalty and the Junk King team strives to go above and beyond with each job by calling 15-30 min ahead of time, offering up-front pricing and leaving the job site cleaner than they found it.

Junk King’s state-of-the-art technology systems that allow customers to schedule a pick-up in real time. With the online booking system all it takes is a few clicks and within a matter of minutes Junk King can be scheduled and the job can be completed. Our trusted haulers can assist with furniture removal, yard debris pickups, attic clean outs and appliance recycling. Junk King is eco-friendly and can help keep your neighborhood clean and green.

Schedule your next junk removal with our Indianapolis team by calling 1-888-888-5865(JUNK) or book online.

Is your home or business becoming too cluttered? Junk King™ provides reliable junk pickup service in the Indianapolis area. Our staff can take care of the junk hauling for you. We're conveniently located near the Indianapolis area, and can be at your home or business quickly! You can have piece of mind knowing that your items are disposed of properly since we recycle up to 60% of everything we pick up.

What You Should Know About Dumpster Rental in Indianapolis

Everyone finds themselves having to get rid of large amounts of junk at some point. It may be due to a relocation, or because of a home renovation project. Whether you live in or near Indianapolis – or anywhere else in the world – dumping our trash is something we often take for granted.

However, there are times when putting your unwanted items in the trash out on the curb won’t work.

It could be that your junk items are too big or that there’s too much for your household trash bins. For example, you may have a small landscaping or construction project that’s generating a lot of debris. In these situations, it helps to have a better way to get rid of the big stuff instead of having to haul it yourself.

There are times when hiring a full-service junk removal company is a perfect solution. However, for some other projects, renting a roll-off dumpster for your junk can be a better waste removal solution. Fortunately, when it comes to dumpster rental, Indianapolis has some great options.

How to Know When to Rent a Dumpster

Of course, you know that using a junk hauling company or a dumpster rental are not your only options for disposing of your unwanted material. In fact, there are usually two ways to get rid of your junk:

  1. You can do it yourself with you own (or a borrowed) truck
  2. Or you can hire a full-service junk removal company or dumpster

While the second option may be the easiest, it can sometimes be quite expensive to pay have your trash, debris or old belongings hauled off for disposal. On the other hand, using a full-service junk-removal company can be a convenient option because you don’t have to move anything yourself.

Hauling junk or excess debris yourself, however, not only requires having a suitable vehicle, but you also have to be able to load and unload it yourself. For many people, this is not a practical option.

Renting a Dumpster as an Option

Oftentimes, a dumpster rental can be a perfect solution for getting rid of large amounts of waste and debris. This could be material generated by landscaping, community events, home renovations, and large-scale clean outs. In many cases, especially with projects involving debris over a period of time, having a rented dumpster is a great way to go.

Which option is best for you depends on your situation. When considering costs note that, for dumpster rental, Indianapolis prices typically depend on your location, the size of dumpster you need, how long you will need it, and the company you choose to rent from.

In addition, consider the expected total amount of waste you’ll have and whether it will be accumulating over time.

For example, a dumpster rental can be an ideal option if:

  • You expect to generate debris over a few days
  • You expect to have as much as 12 cubic yards of waste

Hiring a junk removal service may the way to go if:

  • All your junk is in one location and ready to go
  • You may have significantly more than 12 cubic yards of waste

Dumpster Rental in Indianapolis

For dumpster rental, Indianapolis dumpster companies typically work the same way:

  • Call the dumpster rental company
  • Arrange a date for the drop-off
  • Fill the dumpster with junk
  • Have it picked-up when you’re done

Snow is common during Indiana winters between November and March. This is also something you want to think about when making your dumpster rental plans during that time. In addition, our winter storms can cause problem for scheduling and picking up rental dumpsters. A good winter strategy is to plan your rentals for periods that are not likely to experience heavy snowfall.

Keep in mind, too, that snow and ice can increase the weight of the dumpster and this can increase your fee if your dumpster rental based on the final pick up weight of your dumpster. Fortunately, Junk King only charges you based on the amount of space you use, however, so you won’t be charged the added weight of snow and ice.

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Renting a Dumpster in Indianapolis

A rented dumpster is often the best way to get rid of large amounts of waste in Indianapolis. Instead of making multiple trips to a landfill you can fill the dumpster gradually as you work through your projects. And once you’re done, you simply have the company and come and pick up the dumpster.

Items You Can’t Place in a Rental Dumpster

Dumpsters rented in Indianapolis are subject to state-wide regulations that prohibit specific materials. Make sure that the materials you need to dispose of are suitable for a dumpster.

Here are some of the items not allowed in Indiana municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Regulated PCB wastes
  • Bulk liquids
  • Scrap tires or yard waste
  • Gas or Propane
  • Ammo
  • Oils, flammables, etc.

In addition, federal law states that you also cannot put prohibits household hazardous waste (HHW) items in dumpsters. Examples of common HHW materials include:

  • Paint cans, varnish
  • Bleach, kitchen and bathroom cleaners
  • Motor oil
  • Pesticides and lawn fertilizers
  • Medications
  • Pool chemicals

You should contact the junk removal company for clarification if you are unsure about anything you want to place in a rented dumpster.

Time Periods for Dumpster Rentals

Some dumpster rental companies charge based on the length of time that you want to rent the unit, so it is critical that you make sure to check beforehand. Other companies, such as Junk King, only charge for the amount of space used in the dumpster for a set period of time. This can prove to be more cost-effective for many Indianapolis residents.

Where to Place Rental Dumpsters

While renting a dumpster can be easy, there are still some logistics to consider.  Typically, the dumpster will be placed on your property, or on the curb outside your home, but keep in mind that some places require a permit to put it on a city street or other public right of way areas, so be sure to check first.

You should also have it placed where it will be easily accessible for you and for the rental company, like a driveway or even a yard, if possible.

Rental Dumpster Sizes

Dumpsters come in several standard sizes. Most people are familiar with the large 20 or 40 cubic yard boxes. For most smaller commercial and residential projects, you probably won’t need one that big.

A great option for most jobs is the dumpster that Junk King offers. The dumpster is a “driveway friendly” container and only takes up an 8 by 12-foot space. It has a capacity of 12 cubic yards which means it can easily hold all the junk from your clean-up job or event, or the debris left over from a home renovation project.

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Dumpster Rental Costs in Indianapolis

Keep in mind that Junk King Indianapolis lets you pay only for the space you actually use. That means we are often the most cost-effective approach for renters. Most other dumpster rental companies charge a flat fee and then include additional costs.

When renting a dumpster, in addition to their fee structure, you should also think about what type of company you want to use. Some firms charge by the day, while others charge by the weight when it’s picked up. Junk King only charges for the amount of space that you use. Most people find the last option to be the most convenient since it allows them to save money by packing their unit efficiently.

How Junk King Dumpster Rental Pricing Works

As we noted, companies use different pricing, but most simply charge by the weight with some added fees. Junk King, however, keeps things transparent in our terms and conditions. We only charge you for the amount of space you use and our prices include delivery, pick-up, and standard disposal and recycling services.

Some common dumpster terms:

  • Load size: The Junk King dumpster holds up to 12 cubic yards of junk loaded by hand. You are only charged based on how many cubic yards you fill.
  • Bedload: For loose debris such as dirt, rocks, tiles, shingles, bricks, or chunks of broken concrete, a dumpster 1/3 full (or 4 cubic yards) is equivalent to a large truck bedload.
  • Daily rates: Our standard pricing includes up to 3 days of rental, after which a fee of $30/day will be added.

With Junk King, the cost for a dumpster rental is the same regardless of what kind of waste you have, with a few exceptions. There are some types of waste that incur mandatory fees at recycling centers or landfills. Like all Indianapolis dumpster services, Junk King includes these costs.

Examples of this type of waste includes televisions and computers or bulky items like mattresses.

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Residential Dumpster Use in Indianapolis

Do You Need a Rental Dumpster?

Many homeowners think dumpsters are only for extremely large amounts of junk or debris. But given the time and effort needed to do it yourself, renting a dumpster can be more cost-effective for even smaller amounts of junk or debris.

Can You Save Money on Your Dumpster Rental?

You can save money on your dumpster rental even before you book it. Start by choosing a company with the right fee structure. Avoid trying to dump materials that will result in extra fees. And be sure to have your dumpster filled before your rental period ends to avoid additional rental time.

Can You Make Using a Rental Dumpster More Convenient?

Designate an easy-to-reach location so your rental dumpster can be dropped off and picked up quickly and easily. If possible, stage your debris or junk near this spot before your dumpster arrives. Also, consider renting a dumpster from Junk King. These fit easily in driveways without blocking garage access or causing pick-up problems.

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Contact Junk King for a Dumpster Rental in Indianapolis

Do you need time to load the dumpster at your own pace? Or would you rather bring in a crew to lift and haul everything at once? Junk King has you covered; whichever method of junk removal suits your preference.

Junk King has been providing residential and commercial junk removal for years. If you want full-service junk removal, we can do the heavy lifting.

If you prefer to rent a dumpster and fill it yourself, that process is now easier and safer than ever. Dumpster services are fully insured, and designed to be safe for your driveway and property.

Either way, your items will be sorted at the local Junk King warehouse. We send everything we possibly can to be recycled, repurposed, or reused. That’s why Junk King is the greenest junk removal service in the country.

Dumpsters are rolling out at Junk King locations nationwide. Call 888-888-5865 or book online to schedule an appointment, or ask us about our full-service junk hauling!

Junk King’s dumpsters are easy, affordable and convenient. Rent a dumpster today for your DIY project, cleanout, and disposal needs. Book a dumpster online today and save $30.

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Junk King provides a top-rated, fast, safe and eco-friendly disposal service at affordable prices to make the whole process easy for you. Our experienced team will have the manpower to haul off your items without damaging any of your home or business on the way out.

Our king size trucks are 20% bigger than our competitors; bring you king size savings with more volume for less money.




Whether it's clearing out the attic, garage, or basement, count on us to handle the heavy lifting and hauling. From old furniture to bulky appliances, we can help you remove any unwanted items from your home.




Our commercial junk hauling services are tailored to businesses of all sizes, from offices to retail stores and beyond. Trust us to handle the debris and waste, so you can focus on the business at hand and ensure a smooth transition.




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