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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Los Angeles Junk Removal Prices

Visitors to Los Angeles often make a b-line right to Hollywood Boulevard. They want to see the stars footprints at Graumans or the Walk of Fame. That’s understandable but there’s a lot more to see in LA then just a couple of blocks in Hollywood. This holds true for the locals who feel like they are missing out. Fear not because here are some suggestions for exploring the other side of LA.

Venice Beach: On some level, everyone who lives in Los Angeles is really just under an hour away from the beach. Most vacationers would think nothing of flying for hours to get to the kind of beaches we have at our disposal every day. Beyond the surfing and tanning potential there is a haven of artists and personalities that shouldn’t be missed and they can be found everyday at Venice Beach. There’s always a pick-up volleyball or basketball game going on. You can also marvel at the muscles working out at the outdoor gym once frequented by our former action star governor. There are great places to grab lunch. The best vantage point would be any bench along the stroll where you can spend hours people watching.

Pacific Coast Highway: To get to Venice Beach you might go by way of the Pacific Coast Highway or PCH. Head down to the PCH from Los Angeles. Turn left and you can go south all the way to San Diego. Go right and you can take it north all the way to San Francisco. But even just going an hour or two in either direction will open you up to some amazing coastal views. Along the way there are plenty of shops and cafes to stop off at. A great day trip to be sure.

The Fashion District: Everybody knows about the primo window shopping opportunities in Beverly Hills along Rodeo drive or up and down the Third Street Promenade but have you heard about the Fashion District? This is a stretch of 90 blocks downtown that is a bustling community of over 1,000 stores. Make sure to go during the week and get ready to shop until you drop!

Of course, taking advantage of those day trips means you need to clear your schedule. If you’ve got a “to-do” list that includes “clean out the garage”  then you need to call Junk King LA. Junk King is not new to the junk removal business. They are part of a national franchise of junk haulers who are dedicated to cleaning out the clutter of your life. When you hire Junk King LA you’re also hiring dedicated workers and a big truck. They can clear out your garage in a snap and drive away with all your junk. This will free up your weekend for more important “pursuits.” Best of all Junk King charges by the amount of space you take up on their truck. That’s it and it couldn’t be easier.

E-Waste Recycling in Los Angeles

This blog was originally published in Aug 2012 and was recently updated in March 2022.

Santa Anita Park isn’t just for betting on the ponies. Recently, the famed race track played host to Los Angeles County’s hazardous and e-waste collection drive. Basically, this was the perfect time to get rid of all that stuff you know you can’t throw out in the garbage. On the hazardous waste list are things like brake fluid, paint, paint thinner, cleaners with acid or lye, pesticides or herbicides, household and car batteries, pool chemicals, motor oil, oil filters, expired pharmaceuticals, anti-freeze and fluorescent light bulbs. Residents were also encouraged to bring their electronic waste or e-waste. That would essentially be anything you can plug into a socket such as computer monitors, televisions, computer CPUs, keyboards, printers and cell phones.

The organizers were really excited about this event: “This is one of L.A. County’s largest e-waste collections for the entire year,” Santa Anita’s special projects and community service Director Pete Siberell said. “We’re set up well, with good access and we’re happy to be in a position to help.”

Unfortunately, by the time you read this article the drop off event has already come and gone. That’s because even with all that planning and excitement it was only a single day affair that lasted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Santa Anita isn’t one of the most convenient places for most of Los Angeles residents to get to on a Saturday morning. Then there is all the hauling. You could probably fill up your SUV with pounds of electronic waste but loading up that car is going to add time to your trip. If you missed the event, you might have to wait several more months before the next one. The better way approach for getting rid of your e-waste would be to call up Junk King Los Angeles.

Since opening its doors for business in LA, Junk King has quickly become the “go to” company for eco-friendly junk removal. That’s because Junk King treats each of their customers with the highest standards of professionalism and respect, coupled with their respect for the local environment.

Suppose you just have a couple of monitors and an old TV you want to get rid of. Is it still worth calling Junk King? Absolutely. That’s because you can take full advantage of your Junk King appointment by getting rid of all of your clutter. That can include, but not be limited to, all manner of old furniture, appliances, mattresses, lamps, workout equipment, car parts, patio furniture and/or air conditioners. Just about anything that can be tossed onto the Junk King truck can be taken away.

Junk King LA will also do their best to make sure your junk is diverted away from landfills and towards recycling centers and that’s especially important for e-waste. This means getting rid of your junk with Junk King Los Angeles counts as reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a win/win!

Have Questions About How To Dispose of Your Old, Broken, or Used TV? Look No Further

We all have a deep relationship with our TVs. For years we have watched our favorite teams as they move through their seasons. We’ve lived for the final season of our favorite shows and witnessed international events from the news desk of our local broadcast station.

Television is such a big part of our lives that, according to Nielson, there is an average of 2.5 televisions per household. A whopping 31% of households have more than four television sets. So, we might move our main TV into a bedroom or rec room, but sooner or later we need to part ways with our older models.

We have many options, of course, whether we’re to the latest big-screen model on sale during Black Friday or replacing an older television that has finally stopped working. The most crucial factor is how do we properly dispose of older TVs and stands; we can free up space for the latest viewing experience.

TV technology advances so quickly that there are endless models and styles from yesteryear scattered across American households’ living rooms and dens. You never know when you might need to hire a crew to lift granny’s 200 lbs. console television from the ’60s out to the curb (where it doesn’t belong!) On the other hand, it gets a lot easier for those smaller cabinet monitors that used to play in kitchens while your dad peeled potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.

There are many ways to safely dispose of your old TVs. Keep in mind that each generation had different parts and internal mechanics. There may be some strict rules in your local community about how you can adequately deal with those machines. Even modern LED screens often require special attention before tossing into the trash bin.


e-waste recycling


Selling Your Used Television

Probably the easiest way to getting rid of your older television is to sell your TV to friends or family. There is always a teenager willing to stick a TV in their room or a college student who wants a television in the background of their dorm room. Make sure you write down your TV’s exact make and model before suggesting anyone purchase it from you. You should also take some quality photos to use for posting to different trading sites.

If no one you know personally wants your used TV, try online sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. There is usually some person happy to pick up an extra TV for their garages or man cave. There is even a decent market for really old models by collectors, artists, and ironic fans. If you are lucky enough to have a TV with a video game system installed internally, you might even get a few extra bucks.

Alternately, you could always have a yard sale or take advantage of a community/organization’s group rummage sale. You can sell your TV as part of their fundraiser, and they do all the hard work while you make some extra cash minus their reasonable commission. Ask around your neighborhood to see if anyone is willing to partner up for a community yard sale.

Visit your local pawn or thrift store and see if they are interested in purchasing your used television. While you may not get the total value of selling it to a local friend, you can still put some extra scratch in your pocket. The market for vintage TVs can be pretty strong, based on the style and model.

But in all cases, don’t get your hopes up for a great price for your used TV. What was leading edge five years ago is not very ‘techie’ by today’s standards. And just because you have fond memories attached to your old TV doesn’t mean it’s valuable to anyone else.

Donating Your Old or Used TV

Your local branch of the Salvation Army and Goodwill may be willing to accept donations of used televisions. They tend to sell well inside their stores and help drive the charity’s mission. However, these organizations are often overwhelmed with technology donations. It is always better to check your local charities first. Some locations offer small appliance pick-up services for your donation, and that may include TVs up to a specific size.

Check with your local school, churches, and outreach community programs. They often have large groups they need to keep entertained and will accept donations of any kind of TV. If you don’t know where to begin, try reaching out to any community Facebook pages/groups. They will answer your questions and direct you to organizations that can benefit from your donation.

Always collect a receipt from those donations so you can claim your used TV as a deduction on your next taxes. While it may not be the same as cash in your pocket, it can reduce the amount you have to pay at the end of the year.

There is almost certainly someone in your local neighborhood that will happily take the TV donation. A lot of older people live on fixed incomes and cannot afford to upgrade their ancient screens. It can be an enriching experience to donate your TV to someone in need. You get the free space you need, and they get something new to make the days a little easier.

DON’T Toss Your Broken or old TV into the Trash

Here’s the rub: TV’s are both an asset and a liability; it needs to be disposed of properly. Practically every landfill and waste management facility will fine you for tossing your broken TV into their facility. It may even be a crime resulting in a hefty fine from your local legal authority. This includes setting it out for your refuse service to pick up. Chances are, they won’t take it.

Why not? TVs, especially older televisions, often contain harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable parts. TVs are not meant to rest in landfills, releasing corrosive toxins into the soil and groundwater. The last thing you want to do is be responsible for harming our earth, animals, plant life, or fellow human beings.

Before you try to dump your old TV, read through your local waste management’s website and see if they offer particular pick-up or recycling facilities. They should be able to direct you towards special services that can manage the proper disposal of broken televisions for a small fee. In addition, they are trained in handling the different metal and chemical components found in old TVs. They know where those materials should end up for final processing.

Professional Junk Pick-up and Recycle Haulers

Your best option, assuming you can’t or don’t want the hassle of selling your older TV, is to call a professional junk hauler to come and remove your broken, used, or old televisions. They will dismantle the device and recycle any part of the value and then properly dispose on a TV material that can’t be recycled. In addition to knowing how to properly dispose of your us TV, they will be assuming the responsibility of your TV liability. Your house is cleared of the old and ready for the new, and you’re off the hook, so to speak, for your old TV.

The best part is they can come to you. This is especially useful for those giant console TVs left in storage units. Some cabinet TVs can weigh too much for any one person to manage safely. A professional junk hauler will be the proper equipment and muscle to safely remove your item without damaging your home or floor.

If your TV doesn’t work, a professional service is going to be your most reasonable option. They are experts in salvaging what they can and then donating or recycling what they cannot.

When you use the professional junk haulers to remove your old TV, you can rest assured you’ve taken the right steps for “out with the old,” and you can have fun shopping with a clear conscience for the “in with the new” portion of the equation.

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Junk King Los Angeles offers the most reliable, efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly furniture disposal service for residents and business owners in Los Angeles County. We are the pioneers of recycling-based junk removal and can help you reduce your environmental footprint by ensuring that your junk gets every opportunity to be recycled, upcycled, or donated. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK, or book online today!


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