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Monthly Archives: August 2015

College Student Cleanup Month in Los Angeles

If you’ve just sent your kid off to their first semester at college, you’ll be going through a period of adjustment. Although you’ll be sad at first not having them around all the time, you should celebrate this moment because it is a major accomplishment. Somewhere in the next four years, they should be planning for their future and whether or not they’ll be moving back home. Obviously, you won’t want to convert their room into your arts and crafts studio (yet!). However, there is nothing wrong with tackling a college student cleanup project. If you can make it through the cleanup with just a single bag of trashcan then you would be ahead of the game. However, if you need to move out bigger objects, then it’s time to call Junk King.


That call to Junk King will set a plan in motion that will have your entire home decluttered in no time. You’ll start with that teen’s room but can also add to your “remove” list all the unwanted items you’ve got stored in closets, under beds and in the garage. All of this can be quickly accomplished because Junk King is going to provide you with a fast moving cleanup crew. This will be the team who is going to do the actual work for you. In fact, they get upset if they see you trying to lift anything while they’re on the job!

Everything that is collected by Junk King will also be sorted by them. They’ll be looking for those items that can be recycled. Taking care of your college student cleanup could mean getting rid of some old desktop computers, game consoles or monitors. This e-waste has to be disposed of in a responsible manner. When you turn it over to Junk King you can rest assure they will drop it off at a recycling center that specializes in that kind of disposal. As for the rest of your stuff, it might make its way to a local charity thanks to Junk King. Nothing has to go to waste and that should make you feel good about getting rid of a lot of your clutter. It doesn’t matter if you’re just taking care of your college student cleanup or removing junk from the entire house, Junk King will get the job done.

Los Angeles Exercise Equipment Removal

If there was ever a town where it seems like everyone is working out, it is Los Angeles. On any given day, you can spot folks going and coming to the gym. You’ll also spot them with rolled up yoga mats heading off to a yoga class. This town definitely likes to stay in shape. It’s also why so many people have brought big pieces of exercise equipment for their home. That might have seemed like a good idea but sadly that treadmill or stationary bike soon becomes more of a clothes rack than a piece of workout equipment. The reason is that is gets boring to use the same workout routine day in and day out. That’s why there are so many gyms in LA: The variety. If you’re ready to chuck that exercise equipment, then Junk King is the only way to go.


Chances are that it took a team of movers to bring in that big piece of equipment. That means it is going to take two movers to take it out again. Junk King will not only provide those movers, but they’ll also provide the truck to haul it off in. Right out of the gate, you can see how hiring Junk King is going to make getting rid of your exercise equipment a no-brainer. But you don’t have to stop there.

On that same appointment, Junk King can also remove all the rest of your unwanted clutter. If you’ve been thinking about organizing your closets or decluttering your garage, then Junk King is the perfect partner for the job. All you have to do is decide what you want gone before the crew shows up. You can change that list between the first call and the actual appointment. That’s because you final prize can’t be put together until the Junk King team sees your junk in person. They need to size up the stuff to see how much space it would take up on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume and not weight with Junk King. That makes it the best deal in Los Angeles for this type of service.

When you need heavy exercise equipment and piles of junk removed from your home, Junk King is the only way to go.

Know Your Junk Experts In Los Angeles, CA

Junk King is your destination if you are looking for junk hauling services in Los Angeles, CA. Domestic or business needs, our junk haulers are there to cater to your every need.

What do we do? We clean up everything that you need so that you feel happy by the time we move out. We are a team of junk hauling experts working for the needs of the people.

What do we take? We haul away almost everything- office and warehouse waste, home furnishings, appliances, outdoor waste, e-waste, construction debris, garbage and basically anything within our scope. We recycle them, reprocess, and repurpose the material as much as we can. Others we donate to the community groups so that it can be used by the needy.

How do we do it? Our group of Junk Experts In Los Angeles visit your place as per your convenience. You tell us whatever junk hauling services you require and we quote a price for the same. We quote the minimum possible price and try to stay within your budget. If we receive a yes from you, we start the work and do it as efficiently and professionally as possible. And yes, we don’t leave till we have completely cleaned up the place.

Los Angeles’s Favorite Junk Removal Service Provider

Our statement of purpose not just mirrors our craving to serve our clients with commitment and polished methodology, it oversees the way we lead our business. It gives us vision and motivation.

For a considerable length of time of 100% commitment, Junk King has been getting out many years of undesirable junk from homes and organizations everywhere throughout the LA area. We offer competitive rates, commendable client relation management and a radiant record of client satisfaction. In case you want to move, clean out your home or business, or basically need to redesign, just ask us to take my junk.

With Junk King you get junk removal that is on time and productive. We work around your calendar to haul away junks. You get the guarantee of an expert organization which concentrates on phenomenal service, standardized procedures and is ecologically well disposed. Best of all, we generally make a point to clean up after ourselves, and leave your site in as great condition than we discovered it.

Contact Junk Removal Service Provider to book an appointment for an obligation free quote that suits your need. We have a 2 hour landing window, and we’ll call you before we arrive so you won’t be caught unprepared. Call Junk King Los Angeles, CA now.

Premier Junk Removal Specialist in South Bay Los Angeles, CA

At Junk King, we acknowledge our responsibility to the community and environment genuinely in the matter of junk removal and trash hauling. Recyclable things are isolated and disposed of accordingly with our appliance removal and miscellaneous services. Different salvageable things are given to legitimate philanthropies and establishments and the receipt sent to you for your record. The reason we utilize vans and solid shape trucks rather than dump trucks is because we might appropriately haul away all your garbage.

Through this procedure, we have the capacity to minimize landfill mass and boost the reusing potential for your undesirable things. Whether you require furniture removal, machine removal or other cleanup services, we are glad to be the premier junk removal specialists of the Los Angeles area. Tell us to take my junk and we are just a call or click away for our exceptional service.

At Junk King we have one straight forward objective-to be the main donate – recycle – dispose company that conveys the best customer experience and has the greatest effect in its community and its environment. Call Junk King South Bay Los Angeles, CA today to let us reveal to you why we are the quickest developing organization in our industry in LA and all California.

Los Angeles Junk Removal

Have you heard of “assemblage sculptures?” These are pieces of art that are actually made of pieces of rubbish. In Los Angeles, famed artist Noah Purifoy has not only perfected this art form he is credited with starting the whole ball roll. It happened after the Watts riots of 1965. When the fires were put out, Noah and his assistant began collecting parts of the rubble. They pulled in over 3 tons of debris. From the ashes of that wreckage, Noah began creating sculptures that symbolized a community torn apart and one that could rebuild. Now ten of those collected works are being put on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in an exhibition aptly entitled, “Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada.”


Do you think you could turn some of your junk into a work of art? Perhaps you can give it a go. Of course, it would be a long and bumpy road to find success in this niche corner of the art world. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with letting your junk go. Here in Los Angeles, the best way to clear out the clutter is to bring in the team from Junk King. These are the junk removal professionals who will make short work of clearing out all the unwanted items from your home.

Just because you’re getting rid of something doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. With Junk King on the job, you can be assured that the majority of your discarded items could end up being repurposed. Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policies involve careful sorting of all the collected junk. The crews will pull out any piece that can be recycled as scrap or donated to a charity. That way they can avoid a trip to the landfill, which is the ultimate goal.

As for what Junk King can collect, pretty much anything goes. That includes items that might have to first be taken apart in order to be loaded up. You won’t have to do any of that work. That’s what the Junk King team is for. Just leave everything right where it is at and the Junk King crew will take it from there. Having Junk King handle all your junk removal needs is truly a thing of beauty!

Delivering Smiles with Our Junk King Service in Los Angeles, California

Junk King’s junk hauler teams will haul away all types of junk. In South Bay Los Angeles, California we remove all types of junk from furniture and refrigerators to garage junk and garden refuse. Cleaning your space can be very easy if you involve our hands in the process too.

Call us or click on our website to book an appointment with us. Our team is always ready to help you. After all a happy client is all that we need. Choose a date and time as per your convenience. Our team will reach there right on time and wind up the work as fast as we can.

Before we start the junk hauling process our junk hauler crew provides a precise quote. If you are satisfied with the quoted price, we start the process then and there. It is an obligation free quote so you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t like the price.

We load and clear the junk from anywhere in your property. We also make sure to sweep thoroughly through the area we have been using. We make sure that your junk is either recycled or passed on the ones in need for it.

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