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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Santa Cruz Bulk Item Pickup

The caves situated along West Cliff Drive aren’t just for bats and spelunkers. It turns out these caves seem to be a kind of party destination for an undesirable element. That’s why you might stumble upon all kinds of nasty items like garbage, needles, drugs and medical gloves messing up the environment. You can look at something like that and merely shake your head in disgust or you can take action. Lynn Robinson, the vice mayor of Santa Cruz, decided to take action.

“The problem is how do you sustain it over the long haul, so that’s really where it’s a community effort,” she recently told a local paper. “If we see a problem and the community knows people are going in there they need to let us know and that’s when we can put all of our resources to it on a routine basis.”

That’s to Ms. Robinson’s leadership, the non-profit organization Save Our Shores was brought in for a little extreme cleanup. This particular group is in the best position for this type of work because of all their previous experience cleaning up the shores up and down the west coast.

“The long term is getting everyone together in the same room and looking how we can sustain that both environmentally and really resource wise,” Robinson said. “That’s what’s going to keep us in the long run and keep them up.” Volunteers are also being asked to pitch in for the effort and you can get more information from the City of Santa Cruz’s official website.

A cleanup job like that requires plenty of helping hands. You might just have your own cleanup job that also would be best served with a little assistance in the form of a dedicated crew from Junk King Monterey.  Junk King is the professional junk removal service that has been helping a lot of your Santa Cruz and Monterey neighbors with getting rid of bulky items. If you can’t shove something into the trashcan than it’s an official bulky item.

With Junk King working on your side, you’ll be able to direct one of their crews to pickup any item from your home or property that you want taken away. That same crew will also climb any stairs or head out to any garage where you junk has been piled up. All you have to do to put this plan of action into effect is call up Junk King for a free removal estimate. Every junk removal job is different but you’re guaranteed complete customer satisfaction because Junk King Monterey gets every junk removal job done right!

Monterey Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Are you ready for a new washing machine and dryer? If you’ve noticed that your current model is spending more spin cycles not spinning or the clothes aren’t coming out as clean as they should then perhaps this is the season when you’ll be making the upgrade. Before heading out to the appliance store you’ll want to consider the three main factors for picking the perfect washer/dryer combo for you: Space, convenience and cost.

When it comes to the question of space, your choices are really “stacked” or “side-by-side.” If you’re going with stacked then your only option would be a front-loading washer. Even if you have the space for side-by-side units you might find that stacking them can open up an area for shelves or a mini pantry. With regard to convenience, a top loading machine works best for someone who doesn’t want to be kneeling. Also, if you’ve been using a top loading washer and plan to make the switch you’ll find that you might also have to switch your detergent because you need to go for a low suds variety. Then there is the issue of cost. Most front or top loading washers cost the same but when you find a model that is more energy efficient you could find yourself spending a few extra bucks. However, that is money which will come back to you down the road in the form of lower energy bills.

Speaking of energy bills, you’ll also have the option between a gas or electric dryer. The gas choice could be a benefit if natural gas is readily available in your neck of the woods. They might cost more but are cheaper to operate than an electric dryer which could require you to run the machine longer.

To keep your washer running a peak performance levels you’ll want to clean out the water inlet screen at least once a year and replace all the rubber hoses every five years. With dryers it’s all about the lint as in cleaning up the lint trap after every couple of cycles.

Once you’ve settle on your new washer dryer combo you’ll also want to settle on the best method for removing and disposing of your old models. Hands down the best choice has got to be Junk King.

Junk King is relatively new to the Monterey area but certainly not new to the junk removal business. That’s because they’re part of a national franchise of professional haulers who excel in proper methods of recycling and disposal and customer service. Not only can Junk King Monterey remove your washer and dryer with little effort but you can use the same service call for them to haul off any other oversized junk item you’ve been itching to get rid of. Make the most out of Junk King be clearing out all your clutter at once.

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