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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Monterey Junk Removal Reviews

Most businesses know the value of customer opinions. That’s why restaurants leave comments cards with the bill. Dry cleaners let you fill out a response and enter it in a contest for a free cleaning. Junk King of Monterey is a professional team of junk haulers that has built its solid reputation on the positive word of mouth of its customers. But you don’t have to take their word for it; you can read the reviews on their Facebook page. Here’s a sample:

“What do you like about our services?” asks Junk King.

“Friendly, Courteous and gets the job done!” responds one customer.

“You have quick, reliable service and reasonable prices,” writes another.

“Your people show up on time, work hard and quickly and are fair about pricing,” posts another customer.

Then there are those customers who were really impressed! “I was given a 2 hour window for delivery and was called twice with updates which was FANTASTIC!!! The guys arrived on time and were polite and professional. I would recommend Junk King to everyone!!!”

Notice all the exclamation points! The list of positive reviews goes on and on. They’re also extremely current. It’s no wonder that Junk King has quickly become the leading junk hauler in the area. It all comes down to that solid reputation. Hiring Junk King means you’re hiring a company who has vetted their employees and put them through rigorous training. This isn’t just in the proper way to lift with your legs and not your back. It’s also about customer service.

There is no escaping the fact that a company like Junk King survives because of the volume of business they can handle in a day. You’ll find that they want to make you happy ASAP. That’s why you could call in for an estimate in the morning and actually have your junk removed by the afternoon. It’s not a race; just a professional way of doing business.

When it comes to the type of junk that Junk King Monterey can remove the sky really is the limit. In other words, if it can fit on the back of the Junk King truck it can be taken away. And we’re not talking about a pickup but a decent sized moving truck. Could you fill it up with all of your junk? Go right ahead. You’ll only be charged by the amount of space your stuff takes up on that truck. Whether it’s a little or a lot the price will be fair and locked in. There will be no extra charges or haggling. Even if you use Junk King Monterey  just once you’re sure to be impressed enough to leave a great review!

Keep Monterey Bay Clean

It’s hard to understand a litterbug. The exact same effort it takes to toss something out of a car is the same effort it would take to toss that garbage out into a trashcan. Then there are the careless people who go out of their way to abandon things like furniture and TV in the back of an alley. These people actually have to load up their car with that junk and make the move in the dark of the night to avoid getting caught. All of this trash tossing has an impact on our environment but nowhere is more deeply felt then in the ocean. After 22 years of deep-sea video the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has found an alarming amount of human garbage at the bottom of Monterey Bay. Forget dumping in an alley, now you’ve got people taking their trash out on a boat or at the end of a dock to get rid of it.

“We’ve only explored less than 1 percent of the Monterey Canyon. We’ve seen garbage in the deep sea everywhere we’ve gone,” said Susan von Thun, a senior research technician at MBARI. “It’s really hard to estimate how much is out there.”

One of the most common items found on the ocean floor were plastic shopping bags and aluminum cans. Think about how many trashcans and recycling bin a person would have to pass to get their trash into the water. What’s worse is that unlike throwing garbage on the street (still no excuse) garbage tossed in the ocean is probably going to be there for years to come.

“Once it gets in the ocean, it’s not going to get cleaned up,” von Thun said. “Especially with plastic or metal, it doesn’t really break down. It’ll be there for possibly thousands of years.”

Not only can this garbage decay and cause harm for the aquatic life but it can also tangle up those fish. One of the biggest pieces of garbage that the group found was an entire shipping container that must have fallen off a cargo ship. Actually, that’s not that uncommon. One study found that upwards of 10,000 shipping containers end up in the ocean. It’s all carelessness. Hopefully, this research will lead to more public awareness. If you should happen to see someone illegally dumping anywhere don’t hesitate to call the police. This has to stop.

At your own home, you are in control of your junk and can keep it as long as you like but is that really the best way to live? Holding onto junk can be a health hazard. Just like fish can get tangled in plastic bags, you can find yourself tripping over piles of clutter in your home. All sorts of creatures could be nesting in a crammed garage. When you’re ready to clean up you can have a Junk King Monterey crew pitching in to do all the heavy lifting. Junk King are the professional junk removal specialists who pride themselves on eco-friendly disposal. You’re junk will never end up in the ocean when you turn it over to Junk King. That’s really the only way to go!

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