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Spa Removal In Monterey

Nothing beats sharing a glass of local wine on a warm California evening. Actually, if you were sharing that wine in a hot tub it would be the perfect way to end a hectic workday. California is where the hot tub industry was born. All through the 70s and 80s, new homes came equipped with a hot tub otherwise, they couldn’t be sold. Of course, this means that the next generation of homeowners would inherit those old models. They might have gotten some use out of them but it wouldn’t be long before they started to leak or the motors would wear down. If you’ve been stuck with an old hot tub that you want to replace, then there is only one call you need to make. Let Junk King handle your spa removal project the right way.


There are three basic components to an outdoor spa. The motor for the massage jets, the inner shell where the water goes and the outer protection. When assembled, they create a kind of immovable object. It’s not as if you can push your hot tub to a new spot on your lawn. You certainly can’t put it out on the curb for pickup. Instead, you can rely on Junk King for responsible spa removal.

The two-man crew dispatched to your property will be equipped with the proper tools to take apart your spa. Those pieces will then be loaded up onto the back of the Junk King truck where there will be plenty of room for the inner and outer shell. This is the type of job that might take a few extra minutes but you don’t have to worry about the clock ticking by. That’s because you’re not going to be charged labor fees for your spa removal. Instead, Junk King is going to provide you with an estimate for a flat fee based on the amount of space your junk will use on the back of the Junk King truck. One price and no surprises.

After your hot tub has been loaded, you can take full advantage of Junk King by using them to load up any other bulky items you want to get rid of. This is your shot to finally clear out the spare room that has been turned into a storage locker. At the very least, you can make room in your closets. Spa removal and junk hauling done right. That’s the Junk King way.

Celebrate Earth Day In Monterey With Green Junk Removal

To celebrate Earth Day doesn’t mean you have to volunteer to clean up a beach. Not that there is anything wrong with that. You can also spend the day eating the Earth Day way. That would be by going all organic with your meal ingredients. It can also mean eating local. If you have a chance to get out to a farmer’s market, then you’ll know exactly where your food is coming from. Many local Monterey restaurants are already on board with locally sourced ingredients. If you’re not sure, ask where their menu items come from. The correct answer should be: “From the neighborhood” and not “frozen and shipped in!”

If you swap out meat for tofu for a single meal, you’ll be doing your heart a favor and saving water. That’s because here in California is takes upwards of 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef while a pound of soy tofu only takes up 220 gallons.

Of course, Earth Day can still be about cleaning up. That clean up can start right at home with a green junk removal appointment from Junk King. Ever since they began their business back in 2006, Junk King has been dedicated to eco-friendly policies. For junk collection, this is all about recycling. “Landfill” is a nasty word to Junk King and they will avoid that at all costs. When Junk King picks up your unwanted stuff, they’ll do all they can to keep it out of local landfills. The hope is that those landfills can be shut down for good. That can happen if Monterey goes “zero waste.” Junk King can help you get there by dropping your junk off at a recycling center or charity. Either way, your stuff is going to be reused and that’s the power of Earth Day.

Your Junk King junk removal appointment can not only help you clear up the inside of your home but also the outside. The Junk King crew will have no problem picking up palm fronds, mounds of dirt, piles of sod and anything else that is taking up valuable lawn space. That includes old birdbaths, patio furniture, BBQ grills and even a broken hot tub. It’s all fair game for the Junk King crew. Recycling is part of every Junk King junk removal session. Are you ready to go green with your junk?


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