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Getting Ready For Your Monterey Guests – Clear the Clutter

Do you have your Christmas present hiding places picked out? If you’re living with a couple of “present spies,” then you have to be extremely creative when it comes to keeping the secret of the gifts. A popular place is tucked away in a bedroom closet. If you’ve already deemed your closet to be off-limits then it makes for the perfect hiding place. Of course, if your closet is jammed pack with clutter then you might not have any room for the presents. You could also put something in there and have it get lost in the mess. Before you put your gifts at risk, call on Junk King to help you clear the clutter.


The other benefit of hiring Junk King for a junk removal appointment is that it is going to help you get your home ready for guests. If you know you’re having family fly in for the holidays, then they’ll need room in that closet too! They might also need room on the spare bed that has become a dumping ground for stuff in the last year. Instead of shuffling the clutter, let Junk King take it all away for good. Sure, there will be some things that you’ll want to hold onto. However, if you’re keeping something you haven’t used in over a year then chances are you can live without. That holds true for clothes, shoes, toys and all kinds of other household items. It also holds true for the bigger stuff.

There could be all kinds of unused furniture in your garage that can be cleared away by Junk King. There might be dozens of boxes filled with things you forgot you had. Yes, keep all the decorations but make sure you can get to them easily. That will happen when you get Junk King to clear the clutter.

When it comes to pricing, Junk King is a great gift to give and to get. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based on an estimate of volume. If you junk takes up one half, one third, one quarter or the full truck you’ll be charged accordingly. Best of all, you’ll know that price before one piece of junk is moved and there won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job. Let Junk King clear the clutter around your home to get your holidays started on the right track.