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Category Archives: Junk King Monterey

Best Way to Pack a Storage Unit

Although you might need to rent a storage unit in a hurry, it will help you in the long run to take an organized approach on how to pack your storage unit. You don’t want to just randomly throw things in there and slammed the door shut. Here are some things to think about when it comes to packing your storage unit.


Box size

It’s best to use boxes that are the same size. Those are always easier to stack. You also want to take a kind of peer amid approach with regard to wait. The heavy boxes need to be on the bottom to act as an anchor for everything above it.


If you are renting a larger storage unit, then it will help to create walkways between your stuff. This is especially important if you want to retrieve some of these items during the time that you have them in storage. You don’t want to get into a situation where you have to pull everything out just to get to one box that’s in the back.


If you are putting anything in storage that is primarily made from metal, then it would be smart to treat them with a rust protector oil. This is important for lawnmowers, file cabinets or any other type of metal furniture.


Most storage facilities that you rent from are going to provide around the clock security. However, that is not a 100% guarantee against theft. If you are storing valuable items in your unit, then those should be in the back and harder to get to. You want to get the highest-quality lock that you could find to put on your unit. It would be even better if the lock didn’t have a hasp that a bowl clutter can reach through.

Filling Up Boxes

You want to fill up your boxes to the top even if it’s just with padding. Any box that has empty space could be squashed from the box on top of it over a period of time.

You also want to make sure you’re not packing up any useless clutter. When you go through all the things you want to pack up at your home, set aside the stuff that you know you’re not going to use again or you might consider trash. All of that can be turned over to Junk King Monterey. They’ll send over a friendly team of movers and a big truck able to accommodate whatever you want to get rid of. Hire Junk King Monterey to make sure your storage unit isn’t full of junk.

Bring In More Hotel Business With These Awesome Ideas

Monterey is a very popular destination along the California coast. There are a lot of people passing through that could be spending the night at your hotel. There’s also enough to do around town for an extended vacation stay. Are you being proactive when it comes to attracting these new customers? Here are some awesome ideas to help bring in more business to your hotel:


Network with Other Businesses

As part of the Monterey community, you have the opportunity to network with a lot of other businesses that could benefit your hotel. There are many attractions and vacation rental services throughout the area that you could partner with an offer discounts to your guests. The same can be said with surrounding restaurants and cafés. If they deliver, then they can deliver to your guests. This would be a big help especially if you don’t offer room service.

Offer a Honeymoon Bridal Registry

Monterey is a very popular honeymoon destination. You can get into the spirit of that by offering a honeymoon bridal registry. Couples can let their friends and family know that you’re offering things like a special spa package or dinner in the restaurant. That potential revenue that can be filtered through your hotel.

Add Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a terrific way to make your guests happy but also bring in some outside business for the day. It would take much to set up a DJ by the pool or have a small music trio playing during Sunday brunches. It’s a nice touch.

Provide a Smart Discount Rate

When a guest checks into a hotel, the “meter” starts running. They know they have 24 hours to enjoy your facilities before they’ll be charge for an extra day. However, there are some circumstances that warrant not a full day being used. Some guests might check in late at night while others need to check out late in the afternoon. Don’t be stingy with your rates. Offering a discount for a late check-in will earn you a lot of positive feedback.

Keep Everything Clean

One of the first things against remembers about their hotel stay is whether the room they were in was clean. Your housekeeping staff should go above and beyond to make sure those rooms are properly maintained. You may have to go in and inspect. When it comes to keeping everything clean don’t stop at the rooms. If you have any piles of debris in storage, in the parking lot or even in one of your suites, then you should bring in Junk King Monterey. These are the professional junk haulers who been in this line of work for over 10 years. The two-man moving crew that will be sent to your hotel will be able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of. Keep your hotel looking great and clear of rubbish with help from Junk King Monterey.

How To Get Your Ready For A Home Inspection

If you are selling your home, then it is going to be inspected. The results of that inspection can have a big impact on the final sales price. Obviously, as the seller you don’t want the inspector to find anything that is going to drive down your asking price. Although there may be some things you’re not even aware of there’s plenty you can do to get your home ready for inspection. Here’s what you need to think about:


Be On Time

You can expect the inspector to be very prompt with their appointment. You should be scrambling at the last minute to take care of things on the day there arriving. Most often, an inspection will begin around the exterior of the home. They may do this without knocking on the door so don’t be surprised if you see someone out there poking around.

Leave the Utilities On

If you have already vacated the house, then you want to make sure you leave the utilities on. Not only will the inspector be testing all the light switches but also the furnace, air conditioning and all the appliances in the kitchen. If that power is off the inspector might turn around and reschedule the appointment until you turn the power back on. Also, keep all your pilot lights lit.

Allow Access to The Attic And Basement

The inspector is checking everything and that includes the attic and basement. You’ll want to remove any obstacles from easy entryway into those areas. It also helps to clean away the cobwebs and any potential indications of rodents.

Clear Away the Brush

One of the big areas your home inspector will be looking at is the foundation. You’ll want to make it easy for them by clearing away the brush. Don’t worry about messing up your landscaping. It’s more important to know if there are any cracks in the foundation.

Provide Any Repair Documents

If you’ve had any major repairs done on your house such as a new roof or furnace, then you want to provide that paperwork with the inspector. The same should go for any appliance that you replaced and plan on leaving behind.

Get Rid Of the Rubbish

A home inspector understands that many sellers are still living in their home. They can overlook dirty dishes in the sink but that doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm them with clutter. Since you’re going to be moving soon anyway, you should get rid of all your unwanted stuff with one call to Junk King Monterey. These are the junk removal professionals who will dispatch a team of capable movers to your house for quick disposal of all those unwanted items. Junk King Monterey’s going to do all the lifting and loading for you, which is a huge stress relief on your back. The best thing you can do for your home inspection is let Junk King Monterey clear away the rubbish.

Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe While On Vacation

Where will you be headed for your summer vacation? No matter the destination, you want to make sure you have a relaxing time knowing that what you leave behind is safe. If you have a pet and hire a house sitter, then obviously your place will be looked over. Without a house sitter, there are some measures you can take to make sure your home is safe while you’re in vacation. Here’s what you should consider:


Wait To Post On Social Media

Everyone likes to share vacation photos. Today, those vacation photos happen instantly. However, you might want to hold off on posting your vacation photos until you actually get back from vacation. That’s because you never know who might be watching on social media. If someone knows you’re not at home, then they could take advantage of the situation.

Keep Up Appearances

You never want to make it seem obvious that you’re away. That’s why you should stop mail and newspaper delivery or have a neighbor pick it up for you. It might be worth paying someone to mow your lawn as well while you’re away. A good investment are timers on lights. This will always make it seem like someone is home.

Inform Your Neighbors

Hopefully you have great neighbors. These the people you can tell that you are going away a vacation and asked them to keep an eye on your house. That way they see anything suspicious they know what they should do.

Shut Things Down

Turning off water is an added measure you can take to make sure there’s no potential flooding. This is a smart idea if you are going away on a winter vacation and want to avoid pipes freezing. Nobody wants to come home to a flight in their house.

Add or Upgrade Motion Sensor Lights

If there’s anything a would-be burglar can’t stand its lights. If you don’t have motion sensor lights outside then it’s definitely something you should consider adding before you go on vacation. Those lights clicking on also are great ways to alert your neighbor.

Finally, you should also consider getting rid of any clutter around your yard. You don’t want to offer any temptation with things like scrap metal or lumber. All of that can be safely removed with one call to Junk King Monterey. After they’ve done cleaning up your yard rubbish you can also get Junk King Monterey to take away the unwanted clutter from inside your house. You’ll enjoy your vacation a lot more when you can return to a home that is junk free. Junk King Monterey can make that happen.

Improve Your Camping Game With These Terrific Hacks

Going on a camping vacation takes a bit more preparation then heading to a beach resort. The fun with camping is that you get to do a lot more with regard to cooking and setting up a shelter. Plus, there’s all that amazing nature to taking. Here in Monterey there are many terrific places to camp in the woods or on the beach. No matter where you pitch your tent, using these camping hacks will definitely improve your game.


Use Microfiber Towels

Paper towels are nice around the kitchen but not very practical when camping. You constantly have to be replacing them. Instead, use microfiber towels. Not only are they more absorbent than paper towels but there also reusable. It would only take a few minutes on a rock or branch to dry them out after each use.

Bring a Tarp Or Two

Hopefully, you picked a time for your camping vacation when it won’t be raining but there’s no guarantee that a storm won’t roll in. Having a tarp handy will go a long way towards keeping all your stuff dry. Tarps are easy to string up either with rope or clips. They can also act as an awning for your campsite or cook area.

Freeze Gallon Jugs Of Water

The night before your go camping, freeze a couple of gallon jugs of water. These make perfect ice blocks for your cooler. When the ice melts, you’ve got water to drink.

Utilize chips as fire starter

Believe it or not, Doritos, Fritos and Cheetos make excellent fire starters. They are full of hydrocarbons that are soaked in fat and catch fire easily. Much better than birch bark. Best recommendation: one bag for snacking and one bag for the fire.

Use a Head Lamp and Jug of Water for a Light

A headlamp is a great gadget to bring along on your camping trip. It provides plenty of illumination while freeing up your hands. In between your night trips outdoors, you can wrap your headlamp around a jug of water and create a lantern that can light up a very large area.

Bring Coffee Cans

Plastic coffee cans with lids make great storage for perishable food items. Just make sure you rinse them out well before use so everything doesn’t taste like coffee. A metal coffee can is a great device for baking bread on a campfire. Just put your dough inside the can, place on the fire and watch it bake.

Check Your Gear

A camping trip can quickly be ruined if your gear isn’t up to the task. Inspect all your tents, tarps, blankets, sleeping bags and other camping gear at least a week before you’re ready to leave. That way you have plenty of time to replace anything that needs replacing. As for the old camping gear, you can turn that over to Junk King Monterey. These are the junk removal professionals that can quickly remove all that unwanted clutter from your garage or basement. You’ll feel a lot better about coming home from your vacation without any junk in your house.

Super Cool Summer Backyard Party Hacks

If there’s one thing summer was made for it is backyard parties. Whether you’re hosting a big family reunion or just having a few friends over from work, your backyard is the perfect cool spot to entertain. Once you worked out the guest list and the menu you might want to put some of these cool summer backyard party hacks to work. It sure to have your friends and family buzzing.


Mason Jar Cocktails

What’s a good party without a tasty cocktail? Once you mixed up party cocktail, pour into mason jars, screw on the lid and dunk the whole thing into an ice bucket. This will is a fun treat for your adult guests to go dunking for.

Pre-scoop Ice Cream For The Freezer

If ice cream is going to be on the menu (and it better!), then try to pre-scoop it in the morning and keep in the freezer until it’s time to share. Scoop out ice cream balls into cupcake liners and use the muffin tin to keep them all sorted. Add some sprinkles and chocolate syrup before serving and you’re good to go.

Try A Water Balloon Pinata

Take several water balloons and tie them on a clothesline. Wrap a blindfold around the kiddies and hand them a whiffle bat. Then step back and watch the fun. Speaking of water balloons, frozen water balloons in a bucket are great to keep drinks cool. When the ice melts, the splashing begins.

Set up a S’mores Bar

Place a few Sterno cans in pan or chafing dish. This is what you’ll be roasting your marshmallows over. It’s a lot better than trying to set up a bonfire in the backyard. Add plates of Graham crackers, chocolate and other goodies and you’ve got the one area where no one will ever leave.

Cook Your Corn on the Cob in a Cooler

Cooking corn on a cob in a cooler will save you stove top space and let you boil up a lot more ears. Just put the shucked corn in the cooler and pour on a kettle of boiling water. Close the lid, wait a few minutes and you’ve got perfected cooked corn in a cooler.

Set Up a Sunscreen an Bug Spray Station

Gather up all your bug sprays and sunscreens and put them in a bucket off to the side. Post a sign declaring “Bug Spray and Sunscreen” and you’re guests will be covered, literally and figuratively.

As you start to plan your party you want to make sure the backyard is ready. This is a job for junk King Monterey. These junk removal experts can sweep into your yard and leave with all unwanted clutter. They can take down an old swing set and load up left over construction waste. Junk King can take away any eyesore item.

Are you ready to throw your next backyard party?


Junk King Monterey Customers Share Their Positive Reviews

“It was easy and efficient. I set an appointment on Tuesday and the junk was gone on Wednesday. Friendly staff.”

That is what one recent junk King Monterey customer had to say about their experience with this professional junk hauling service. It is also very typical of how many Junk King Monterey customers react. Here’s what a few others had to say:


“Easy to book. They come when they say they will. They pick whatever you have up quickly with no questions about what the heck it is and off they go.” – C.P.

The only question Junk King Monterey is concerned with is, “what do you want removed?” It doesn’t matter how you got the thing or how long you been holding onto it. All that matters is that you wanted removed once and for all. Weight and size is never concerned with Junk King Monterey.

“Junk King is the bomb. The guys that helped were fabulous – I wanted to invite them back for a beer! The price was excellent with all the work that was done, especially compared to renting a dumpster in our area and filling it ourselves. I asked for extra business cards because you can be sure I’ll be passing them around when the opportunity arises.” – D.K.

Junk King knows that the best way to earn new customers is with recommendations from all customers. That is why they make every job a priority. There’s no telling what other opportunities that might lead to.

“They were very prompt in providing an estimate cost. I compared it with others and found it to be reasonable. The employees were very professional and attentive. They removed a hot tub that had been sitting for years. They did it quick and were efficient in doing the job. They were quick and provided me with an accurately time of completion. They cleaned up the work area as well. I was pleased and will highly recommend them to my friends and neighbors. I plan to yelp this company today.” – M.M.

Junk King’s pricing policy is always based on the amount of space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charged by the pound. That would make a huge difference for your final price. One session with Junk King Monterey will have you posting your own rave review. Are you ready to make that happen today?

Junk King Monterey Helps With Paint Prep By Removing Room Clutter

Before you decide on which color paint you’re going to use on a wall you should “live with it” for a little while. Every paint store can provide you with a small sample of the colors that you’re considering. Take those colors and literally paid a square on the wall. Wait for to dry and then see how it reacts to the light in the room and your furniture. This is really the best way finalize that color. Once you’ve settled on the paint it’s time to prep the room. That is where call to Junk King Monterey’s going to be a huge benefit.


Junk King Monterey isn’t going to put down paint tape but they can certainly make a big difference when it comes to clearing out the clutter in a room. You can finally have furniture that you no longer using taken away. The same can be said for all kinds of clothing, books, e-waste and other items that are just taking up valuable space. May be the room your painting has become your home storage locker. Now that you’re fixing up the room you don’t need to hang onto that clutter. Give it all to Junk King Monterey.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King Monterey is easy. You could do it all online and score a $30 discount. All you’ll be asked is to pick a date and a two-hour window that works best for your calendar. You might want to make a special note if the amount the stuff you’re getting rid of is rather large. It won’t be a problem for Junk King Monterey. But they may want to send over additional trucks and crews to facilitate the junk removal.

If you end up working with additional crews, then you won’t be paying any additional funds. That will all be included in the flat fee offered by Junk King Monterey. That is a price that will be based on how much space your junk fills up on the back of the truck. The Junk King Monterey crews are experts when it comes to estimating that space. Get your room ready for painting and your clutter removed with one call to Junk King Monterey.

Hollister CA Junk Removal

“Bring your brooms, dustpans, garden gloves and shovels and help us get our downtown in tip-top shape!” that is the rallying cry that has gone out from Hollister for its annual downtown cleanup. For this effort, volunteers will gather downtown to sweep, scrub, plant and paint. Groups are encouraged to join and a good time is promised to be had by all. This is a terrific way for the local residents to show their pride and appreciation for Hollister. It’s also the perfect inspiration to get you to start your own spring cleaning project. Although you might not be able to tap into an army of volunteers, you’ll certainly find a willing cleanup partner with Junk King Monterey.  These are the junk removal specialists who know a thing or two about spring cleaning.


When you hire Junk King you’ll be getting your own private team of trained movers who will gladly do all the actual hauling. This means you won’t strain your back or break a sweat one bit. To get ready for your Junk King junk removal appointment all you have to do is decide what you want thrown out. There are some homeowners who have managed to contain all their junk into a single space. This could be a spare room, garage or corner of the basement where all kinds of unwanted items have been piled up over the years. What’s in your pile?

When your Junk King team shows up for the appointment, just point them in the right direction and they’ll handle the rest. If you should happen to have an item that needs to broken down that won’t be a problem. Every Junk King team comes fully equipped with all the tools needed to get the job done. Of course, the most they need is a dolly and they wield that like a true moving artist!

As soon you get Junk King to clean out your stuff, you can reclaim that space for its intended purpose. Maybe that is a studio for your arts and craft. Perhaps it is a guest room for visiting relatives. Best of all, it could be a nursery for a new family member. Whatever your choices of room use, it all begins with a thorough junk removal appointment from Junk King.

When it comes to pricing, Junk King simply can’t be beat. You’ll be paying a flat fee based on how much space your junk will be using on the back of the Junk King truck. That is a price you can depend on. Call Junk King today for your junk removal appointment and watch your junk fly out the door!

Monterey Junk Removal In 2014

If you want a perfect example of how the citizens of Monterey are dedicated to keeping the environment safeguarded, look no further than Save Our Shores. This is a group of dedicated volunteers who banded together back in the late 70s to protest the placement of oilrigs along the Central Coast. They won that battle and has been helping the Monterey Bay area ever since. Every year, Save Our Shores sponsors cleanup days. This is when they reach out to the communities and pull in civic groups and other like-minded volunteers to spend a few hours picking trash from the beaches. The hope of Save Our Shores is that one day they can go out of business because the shores are 100% clean.

The best of Monterey Bay

The best of Monterey Bay

Another local company that is helping keep Monterey’s environment clean is Junk King. Every time Junk King sets up a junk removal appointment, they are actually keeping the cycle of reuse and refurbish going. As the Junk King crew loads up your junk, they’ll be sorting it. The e-waste will go to one recycling center. This includes all you outdated computers, laptops, printers, copiers and fax machines. Another pile would be all you construction waste that can be ground down to raw materials. This would be things like bricks, stones, concrete, cement and dirt. Then there is the furniture and appliance pile. These items could find their way to a local charity where they will be fixed up and resold to support the charity. In many cases, your furniture could merely be donated to families in need.

You’ll notice that in all of those junk removal examples, nothing seems to end up in a landfill. That is the goal of Junk King: to keep as much out of area dumps as possible. To date, the Junk King franchises have managed to divert up to 60% of everything they collect away from those nasty dumping grounds.

Not only does Junk King help give the environment a break, but they also give a break to your wallet. That’s because Junk King is only going to charge you a flat fee for the junk removal. That fee will include the labor and transportation. It is based on how your junk will fill up the Junk King truck. Whether you’re charged for a quarter, a half or the full truck you’re sure to be getting a great deal. Check out the reviews and you’ll see why there are so many satisfied Junk King customers. Are you ready to become one? Call today to find out.

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