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College Student Cleanup Month in Orange County, CA

In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of parents experiencing empty nest syndrome for the first time. Their kids have gone off to college and now they have to deal with a much quieter home. This can actually be a good thing. After you’ve gone through the period of adjustment, it will be time to embrace all the opportunities before you. There could be a lot of new hobbies and travel on the agenda. Of course, just having control of the TV remote will be amazing. You should get things started by taking on your college student cleanup. This would mean going through their room and getting rid of all the clutter. Hopefully, they told you want to keep and what to toss. The best way to accomplish that task is to set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King.


Taking out the kitchen trash is easy. One bag into the trashcan and then the trashcan out to the curb. It’s when you’ve got stuff that won’t fit into a trashcan or things that need to be properly disposed of that Junk King can be a huge benefit. Take for instance all the e-waste that might have been left behind by your college student. There could be old computers, laptops, DVD players, game consoles, printers and monitors. If none of those items are going to be used again, then they are considered e-waste. These things have to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. When you turn them over to Junk King, you can count on getting that e-waste dropped off to the right place.

Then there are all the heavy things you might want to remove like furniture and appliances. That is where Junk King’s two-man moving crew will make a huge difference. This is also the team that can take apart and item in order to get it loaded onto the truck. You’ll be amazed at how fast the Junk King team moves.

Before the work begins, you’ll be presented with an estimate based on how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. This is a flat fee that covers everything. It is also very affordable. A college student cleanup and home junk removal doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you work with Junk King.

Orange County, CA Exercise Equipment Removal

The prevailing wisdom is that if you have a big piece of exercise equipment in your home, you’ll get more exercise. That might have been true in the first couple of weeks after that treadmill or stationary bike was delivered. However, now it is just sitting in that spot and has probably become a clothes hanger. This has more to do with your busy schedule. When you’re home, you want to spend time with the family and not trapped on a treadmill. Of course, if you could carve out some exercise time, then it might be put to better use at a gym with all the options for a workout. When you’re ready to take the plunge and finally get rid of that unused exercise equipment, then give Junk King a call. They’ll know what to do.


On the day your exercise equipment was delivered, it probably took two strong movers to carry it in and set it up. It stands to reason that you’ll need two more movers to take it out. That is exactly what Junk King will provide. If it means that the piece of equipment needs to be taken apart before it can be loaded onto the truck, the Junk King team will take care of that, too!

In addition to your exercise equipment removal, you can also take full advantage of that crew and truck to remove all the other pieces of clutter around your home. If your closet is crammed with clothes or your garage is piled high with rubbish, then turn it all over to Junk King.

Don’t think for a moment that your stuff will be automatically dumping into a landfill. If it can be repurposed, then Junk King will make sure it gets to the right spot. For the exercise equipment that could mean dropping it off t to a local charity who can sell it at a thrift store for donations. All your unwanted clothes, toys, books and other household goods can end up at that same charity. It’s all part of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policy that is helping Orange County reach a zero-waste goal.

As for the fee, Junk King will only charge a flat rate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the truck. One price covers everything. It’s also a price that is extremely affordable. You don’t have to live with old exercise equipment and other junk with Junk King only a phone call away!

Junk removal at just the right price

Junk King in Orange County, California is here to take away all your unwanted item off your hands and off your mind at just the right price. We charge a competitive price as compared to other junk removal companies and try to keep it within the budget.
Junk King is a fast, local, professional junk removal service in Orange County, California. We will remove anything from anywhere both in residential and commercial property. All you have to do is simply point to the junk you would like to be removed and our professional, uniformed junk hauler team will get on their job. They will do all the lifting, loading and hauling for you while you sit back and relax.

Our junk and waste pickup requests includes furniture removal, appliance removal, yard waste removal, garbage removal, construction debris disposal. We try to recycle and donate any reusable materials and dump only a few.

Our junk removal price does not vary depending upon the quality of your product but depending upon the quantity of your product. The more items you have, the less expensive it will be proportionately. Therefore, it is advisable to haul away maximum junk at one time.

Ready to help clear household junk

Junk King has been helping its customers clear household junk for years now. We mean it when we say we excel in home junk removal. The idea is to haul away all the junk from our house leaving it as good as new.

Junk King and our team of junk haulers look forward to the opportunity of working with you in Orange County, California. Our work starts when your need arises and is complete when we hear your satisfaction. Junk King offers the best residential junk removal service and the friendliest team in Orange County, California.

You will be able to see for yourself our entire process of clearing, cleaning and pricing of the junk. We only charge for the space occupied in our truck. Heavy or not, large or small, the type of your junk doesn’t matter.

We guarantee professional service at every level. Our team is well trained to deal with any kind of junk and any kind of situation. You will not be bothered throughout the process. We try to keep the process as hassle free as possible.

We know clearing your house is a stressful and overwhelming process. It can require anything like letting go of old furniture, items of sentimental value, family treasures. We will help you clear everything keeping in mind your value for the same.

Orange County Junk Recycling Benefits

We all know that we need food to provide our bodies with energy. Did you know that food can also provide energy to turn your lights on or power up your computer? It can and to make that happen, the city of Costa Mesa is launching a food-scrap recycling program that converts leftover food into fertilizer and fuel. Right now, there are over 116,000 residents who are part of this plan. It is the first of its kind in Southern California and is all part of the statewide effort to divert up to 75% of all its garbage from landfills by the year 2020. That means that California will have to figure out how to recycled 22 million tons of material each year. Food scraps make up a lot of that waste so the Costa Mesa project is going to lead the charge.


Beyond the kitchen, there are many other ways you can recycle as long as you bring in the right partner. Consider Junk King. These are the junk removal professionals who have made junk recycling a cornerstone of their business model. From the very start of their operations back in 2005, Junk King has dedicated itself to becoming a green company. Yes, they were green long before being green was considered cool!

Every Junk King crewmember is trained to sort through what they collect and identify those items that can be recycled. The obvious choices would be things like scrap metal, tires, lumber and concrete. However, Junk King’s recycling efforts don’t stop there. If the goal is to keep things out of a landfill, then charity donations would certainly count. Just because you’re done with an old sofa or set of dishes doesn’t mean they should be trashed. Instead, Junk King will make every effort to find a new home for those items through its many charity partnerships. This will ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Although this junk recycling sounds like a lot of extra work, you won’t be paying any extra fees. Junk King includes all the recycling effort in their already low pricing structure. These rates are based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume and that is a very fair way to go. When you want kick your junk recycling into high gear, call on Junk King. They’ll get it done!


Professional service to pick up junk

Junk King has made junk pick up an industry of professionals. Imagine a time a decade ago when people in uniform would come to your house to haul away your junk. What seemed like a distant dream then, is a reality now.

Our friendly, professional teams will arrive on your site, work efficiently, and take away all your cluttered junk quickly. They work efficiently and in a short period of timethey will collect, sort, load, pick up junk, and donate or recycle every item that needs to go.

Why should you choose Junk King over other junk removal companies?
Always on time- We value your time more than any of our needs. When we give our customers a time, we make sure our team arrives within that period.

Hard working teams- Our teams are a group of hard working individuals who always have a smile on their face. It is clearly visible that they love their work and is reflected it in their service delivery and behavior. You will enjoy hiring our team.
Go that extra mile- Our team is ready to travel that extra mile to keep their customers satisfied. They don’t just leave your premises after hauling away the junk. They make sure they clean it up and leave it as good as new.
What are you waiting for? Call Junk King Orange County, California to remove your junk today.

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