Do You Need Old Bike Removal And Junk Hauling?

Just like your car, it is very rare that you’ll hold onto a bike for a lifetime. Kids outgrow bikes every couple of years. Adults also change from rugged outdoor biking to smoothing bike trails. What happens to all those old bikes? They usually end up in the garage or basement along with the rest of those things you’ve outgrown or replaced. Do your really need to hold onto all of that discarded stuff? Of course, not! That’s why you need to give Junk King Seattle a call. These are the junk hauling experts who will clear out your junk in no time at all.


Your junk clearing session will be staff by two experienced movers. To work with Junk King you need to be cleared to be licensed and insured. That puts the Junk King crews a step above many other so-called professional junk haulers. It also makes them totally trustworthy. That’s extremely important when you’re inviting workers into your home to perform a service.

What can Junk King haul away? The list is a long one. It might be easier to post what they can’t haul. State law prohibits the transportation of hazardous material like propane, solvents or paint. Beyond that, anything and everything can go. You should never feel embarrassed about the potential amount of junk you want to get rid of. Plenty of Junk King customers will fill up an entire truck and that’s just with stuff from their garage.

Think about all the things in your home that you can’t move around because they’re too heavy. Those won’t be a problem for Junk King. Did you build a piece of furniture inside a room? That happens a lot with bookshelves and entertainment centers. Those can all be taken apart in order to be loaded up by Junk King. Are you getting the sense that you can do some serious clearing?

Whenever you call Junk King to set up your appointment, you might be able to have you stuff picked up the same day. That’s how fast Junk King operates. Getting rid of an old bike and the rest of your unwanted junk is no longer a problem thanks to Junk King Seattle.

Good Ideas For Hosting A Graduation Party

After years of checking homework, making cupcakes for bake sales and countless hours carpooling, your child is ready to graduate. That can only mean one thing: Party time! There is plenty to celebrate with a graduation and hosting the party at your home can do a lot in terms of keeping the kids safe and happy. Here are some good ideas to incorporated for your big graduation party.


Coordinate the Date

Before you lock down on a date, check with your grad. There might be other parties happening one the same day. You don’t want to get into a competition. It might be that your student has a squad they’re close with and they can all be cohosts to the party.

Decorate With Memories

There is no doubt that you can chronical your grad’s journey through school with all kinds of photos. These should become the centerpieces of your decorating. Go way back to first grade and blow up those class photos. It will give everyone a smile. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bunch of balloons to make everything festive.

Set the Menu

The type of menu you have for the party will be determined by when you have the party. If it is after dinner, then no one expects to be fed a meal but you could have some appetizers like sliders or mac and cheese. Those can all be gotten from a nearby restaurant. When you consider what you might spend in time and money doing all that cooking on your own, you’ll probably find that caterers are a much more affordable option.

Alert the Neighbors

This is also a time issue. If the party is going to be at night, then you definitely want to let the neighbors know there is going to be an influx of cars and some noise coming from the backyard. Hopefully, they won’t mind and might even join in on the celebration.

Get Rid of Rubbish

Before you can set up for the party, you’re going to need to clear all the rubbish from the yard. One call to Junk King Seattle takes care of that issue. They’ll send over a two-man moving crew and a truck big enough to hold all the things you want to get rid of from a busted lawnmower to a sliding board and swing set. Let Junk King Seattle help you get your home ready for a great graduation party.

Easy Ways To Motivate Your Staff

Yes, it is true: Being a manager is like being a captain of a ship. You are the person who is in charge and has to “steer” that ship to success. That means motivating your staff to do their very best. Here are some easy ways to make accomplish that goal:


Say Thank You

Whenever a staff member goes above and beyond to get the job done, you’re going to thank them. However, it is often the daily grind of knocking out assignments that keeps things running. You should also thank those workers who are tackling their basic responsibilities. It is a way of showing them that you appreciate the effort they’re putting in

Ask Employees About Their Lives

It is vital that you get to know what’s happening with your employees in order to find ways to support them outside of work. This doesn’t mean becoming their best friend or “therapist.” But keeping up to date on their personal lives can help you assess where their priorities are. Yes, they have a job to do but if they’ve got a child that is home sick, then it might be hard for them to focus. Even if you’re just checking in on a family’s progress with things like college applications or recitals, it lets the workers know you are concerned about their well being and that is always a powerful motivator.

Offer Feedback in Person

Everyone in a work environment falls into the easy “trap” of sending emails or texts about projects. That should only be used if there is an official assignment being handed out or the person is out of the office. For all other feedback, try to do it in person. You can invite the worker into your office or visit them in their work space. That way the feedback will come across as genuine and allow for a give and take conversation.

Splurge for Food

Everyone likes having lunch taken care of or the occasional snack provided at work. You can splurge for these treats on a regular basis and they don’t have to be tied to meeting a goal. Bottom line: Don’t make you workers have to pay for coffee!

Provide a Clean Environment

Nobody likes working in a messy office or workspace. It is hard to get anything done that way. Not only should you have the work environment cleaned on a regular basis but you should also get all the big rubbish items cleared for good. That is where Junk King Seattle can come into play. Junk King can send over a team of movers and a truck big enough to haul away all your discard office furniture and equipment. Think of how much space that can open up. Motivate your staff by making sure they have a clean place to work in. Junk King Seattle can help with that today.

Junk King Seattle Gets More Great Reviews

The online store Amazon provides its customers with the opportunity to post reviews on all their products. They then average out those reviews to designate a “star” rating. The more positive reviews, the more stars. All reviews should be taken as a whole. Over at the Junk King Seattle website you’ll find that the vast majority of reviews are positive earning five stars all around. Here’s what a few of those customers had to say:


“Provided written estimate and honored the estimate. Contacted us for any issues that arose and handled them promptly. Did a good job in cleaning a difficult property in a timely manner.” – D.G. , Kent

The Junk King teams are amazing problem solvers. They’ll figure out how to get your junk on the truck even if it means sawing it in half. Just ask the crew who cut a hot tub into two pieces!

“Junk King did a fantastic job and they were reasonably priced! Not only did they break down solid wood dog houses and rabbit cages, they also cleared yard debris and hauled everything away. The yard was immaculate when they were done. I will use Junk King Seattle for all of my hauling needs. Thanks.” – Natalie Walker, Tacoma

Yes, not only can Junk King clear all the clutter from the inside of your home but they can also apply their lifting skills to all the things you want to get rid of from your backyard.

“Richard and Nick were able to come earlier than expected. They were quick and efficient. Cleaned up after themselves. Very polite young men. Price was right. Will use again.” – B.L., Kent

“I received a pleasant phone call confirming my appointment. Arrival was within 10 minutes and before you know it the truck was loaded. The team members you sent were fantastic. Thank you for the great service.” – P.M., Kent

Won’t it be great to get rid of all the unwanted clutter from your home? It can make a major difference. Don’t wait another day to put Junk King Seattle to work around your house.

Where To Find Reliable Junk Clearing In Tukwila

Bears need to eat. In fact, they need to knock back around 3,000 calories a day just to survive. That means they’re always on the prowl for something to snack on. The obvious target is a trashcan that is ripe with delicious scents. Bears have also been known to go for a bird feeder, too. Have you ever spotted a bear in Tukwila? It is probably something you’re better off avoiding! To make sure the bears aren’t coming around your home, you’ll want to keep your garbage cans sealed. If you can keep them in the garage until garbage pickup day, then even better. In fact, you should keep you entire property clear of rubbish to avoid attracting all kinds of critters and bugs looking for a nest. Is that too big of a job? It won’t be if you hire Junk King Seattle to help out.


If you ask the Junk King crew about their bear stories, they’re sure to have a few. That’s because they’re always working throughout Tukwila and the rest of Seattle. The crews are up early and back late so the chances of running across a grizzly are high! The fact that they’re always on the road can be an added benefit for you for a potential same day pickup appointment.

When you call into Junk King you’ll be asked to provide a general sense of how much you’re getting rid of. This will let the drivers know how much space they have open on a truck. If that truck is near your home, then it can swing by for the pickup. Otherwise, you can expect that most sessions are handled by the next day. If you need more sorting time, then you can lock in the first appointment for Saturday morning. Junk King is all about making this process easy for you.

Always remember that Junk King picks up from inside and outside of the house. Most of their junk removal involves things like furniture, appliances and electronics. But the crews have also taken down the occasional backyard shed or hot tub. Nothing is too big or too small for Junk King to handle. If you want fast and reliable junk clearing in Tukwila, then you want to work with Junk King.

Spring Break Fun In Seattle

Many college students are heading out of town for a little beach fun for their spring break. That’s probably a good reason to avoid those beach destinations! For everyone staying behind, Seattle has a lot to offer in the way of spring break fun. These are all terrific one-day adventures that can fill up a weekend or the whole week. Here’s where to take your family on spring break in Seattle:


Chocolate Indulgence Tour

You might not be able to tour Will Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but this tour comes pretty close and it’s geared for kids. Local guides will take you on a walking through the sweet shops in and around Pike Place Market. You’ll be able to sample all things chocolate from cheesecake to cupcakes.

Seattle Foot Kid’s Tour

The day after all that chocolate is a good day to go on another walking tour. This one has a child’s interests in mind. They can make art at the Seattle Art Museum, learn about skyscrapers and spend time at the Seattle Public Library. All the while, the informative guides will share trivia and history about Seattle.

Seattle Aquarium

As aquariums go, this one is one the smaller scale but that makes it perfect for a quick visit if you’re spending the day at the waterfront. There is plenty of marine life to see and interact with. Find out when feeding time is and you might catch the scuba divers delivering snacks to all the life under the sea.

The Museum of Flight

This is a great museum for all ages. You’ll be able to trace the history of flight and get a look inside a Concorde, the first 747 ever built, the original Air Force One and fighters, bombers. The kids will have a blast in the flight simulators. It might even be enough to inspire them to become a pilot some day!

Before you head out on any of those Seattle adventures, you’ll want to take care of the chores back at home. It’s never fun to come home to a house full of junk. That’s where Junk King Seattle comes into play. You’ll have two movers and a huge truck standing by to help you get rid of any unwanted thing in your home. Are you ready to clear out your garage and closets from all that clutter? Then you’re ready to put Junk King Seattle to work today.

Junk King Seattle Is Looking For Ways To Help You Get The Best Junk Removal Service

Junk King Seattle is always looking for ways to improve. Our commitment to value, effort and superior service shows through in all the services we provide. The company was formed by two like-minded friends who wanted to recycle more junk than the competition.

Of course, that meant they had to start the company by looking for ways to be the best.

Junk King Seattle has grown over the years and today has locations in Canada and the US. However, they’ve stayed close to the original roots. They are always looking for different ways to add your name to their ever-expanding list of clients.

Here’s a few of the ways they’ve been doing that for years now.

Looking after your yard waste

Being ecofriendly also means being helpful. Junk King can help when an unexpected storm has brought a tree down and scattered branches through your yard. There’s no need to be worried about making a mess with a gardening project when you’ve got their contact address handy.

Junk King Seattle is proud of the fact take an active part in making your yard look great.

E-Waste Disposal

They are also committed to making sure all your old electronics get to the right place. It is important that a good portion of these old electronics don’t wind up in landfill. Making sure that you don’t lose any personal data is critical too. That’s why they suggest you back it up before you turn any of your old gadgets over to them. An external drive works wonders.

All you need to do to start the process is get in touch. They’ll phone 15 minutes before they arrive and give you a quote once they reach your location. Once a price is agreed on, Junk King Seattle will take away your old electronics as well as any other appliances and furniture you want removed.

Junk King Seattle has been part of the number one rated junk removal service in America for quite some time. They recycle up to 60% of everything that they take away. The company commitment is to the climate and their valued customers at the same time.

Here’s a simple way for you to reduce the level of e-waste. When you start shopping for those new electronics, why not bring a bag from home so you don’t need to purchase a plastic one?

Ready To Get Organized In Your Kitchen

How often do you send a family member in search of something in your kitchen only for them to get completely lost? Maybe you’ve experience that same “rabbit hole” where you fall into a cabinet or drawer and find all kinds of thing except the one thing you’re looking for. When this happens more than once, it is time to get your kitchen organized. Here’s how to make it happen:


Pull Everything Out

This is the part that will be the most time consuming. Everything needs to come out of everywhere. Clear the dining room table and spread out everything in your cabinets and drawers. Once it is all out, you can being sorting through the things you use and the things you’ll never use. Now you know what goes back into the kitchen.

Utilize Open Space

The doors of cabinets are a good place to utilize for storage. Any container store will have a kitchen section with plenty of options for this space. Of course, you could just go simple and put hooks up for things like potholders and utensils.

Group Like Items

Your pots and pans need to be together and they should be close to the stove. Storage items should be together by the fridge. Dishes and glasses go by the sink. Those are the three main zones of your kitchen and what you’re keeping in those zones should reflect how those zones are used.

Nothing Scattered

Everything needs to have a place even if it is the rubber bands in your junk drawer. Flatware holder work for kitchen utensils. Some plastic containers can be arranged in a draw to hold all those loose random items. It’s all about finding a spot for everything. Even you take out menus should be gathered into a folder or binder.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter

All the stuff that was left behind on your dining room table needs to be taken out of the house. Don’t box it up and put it in the garage. Instead, call in Junk King Seattle. They’ll send over a team of movers who can not only clear all that unwanted clutter but also make sure it is dropped off at a charity where it can be put back to use. While they’re at it, the Junk King team can also remove all the rest of your unwanted furniture or big appliances. Think of how much storage space you can take back when all that stuff is gone. Junk King Seattle will help you put the finishing touches on your organized kitchen by getting rid of rubbish.

Start A New Hobby This Weekend

Have your weekends become a bit boring? Yes, it is nice to occasionally do nothing for an entire weekend but that usually results in your feeling as if nothing was accomplished. A hobby could change that. Hobbies are all about creating something and that can be very rewarding. Not sure what hobby you could start this weekend? Here are some fun ideas:


Refurbish Furniture

Do you have a favorite chair, dresser or table that needs a little TLC? Maybe you found a unique piece at yard sale. You can refurbish that furniture. Upholstering might be too much to take on but you can certainly strip the paint/stain off an old piece and repaint it to make it look like new again. This is a great hobby to do in the garage with the door open for ventilation.

Take Up Canning

There is no shortage of famer’s markets around Seattle. That means you have access to a wide assortment of fresh vegetables. What can you do with all that produce? Can it. Canning has a long history. If you like working in the kitchen, then this is a skill to add to your culinary resume. Canning also could mean pickling. You’ll find all the recipes you need online.

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a great way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. With some nice music in the background and a cool beverage by your side, you can dive into a puzzle. The more challenging, the more fun when you complete them. Once the puzzle is done, you could brush clear glue or lacquer over it and turn it into a piece of art to hang on your wall.


Sewing is a skill that comes in handy when you want to make alterations to an outfit. It is also something you can literally start from scratch. There are many places around town that offer sewing classes. Get stitching.

Before you dive into any one of these hobbies, you’re going to need some space to work in. That will require clearing of clutter. Cue Junk King Seattle. These are the experienced junk haulers who can swiftly go through your garage or spare room to haul out all the things you want to get rid of. Once clear, you’ll have the space to set up your hobby corner. Get your new hobby started with a junk removal session with Junk King Seattle.

Fresh Decorating Ideas For Your Home

When was the last time you freshened up your home? Bringing flowers and lighting scented candles are nice touches but for real freshening you should be thinking about adding new decorating touches. Here are some fresh decorating ideas you can put into action today:


Mismatched Elements

There are some folks who’s taste gravitates towards uniformity. Nothing wrong with that but if you are more at home with eclectic mismatches, then there is no reason why that cant’ be reflected in your decorating. You can probably find a wide assortment of vintage items at thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets. Whether you’re looking for furniture or items for a shelf, be sure to bring cash to those places and don’t hesitate to haggle.

Wall Collage

Every wall in your home is like a blank canvas. How you fill up that “canvas” will reflect on your decorating style. You can create a wall collage of family photos. Mix and match sizes and frame styles. You might find a bunch of unique art pieces in your thrift store hunting that could become part of your wall collage. Create a theme for the wall and build on that.

Put Art in the Kitchen

When looking for art, don’t neglect the kitchen. There are a lot of fun vintage signs and other kitschy items you can find to decorate your kitchen. While you’re at it, you might consider repainting your kitchen with a bold color.

Spruce Up a Hallway

Hallways are often neglected. They’re just the way to get from one end of the house to the other. But they’re also an area that can benefit from art on the wall, narrow benches or plants.

Decorating is also about keeping your home clean and clear of clutter. Even if you put a lot of items on display, you don’t want to necessarily make it seem haphazard or a mess. That’s why it might be helpful to start this process with junk removal session from Junk King Seattle. The crew who will be assigned to your session will be able to life and load anything you want to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if it is as heavy as a piano or light as box of scarves. Their only focus is making all that clutter disappear. Let Junk King Seattle help you with your next home decorating project. Start with a junk free home.