Call On Junk King For Old Carpet And Junk Removal Today

Do you count how many steps you walk in an average day? There are plenty of apps and devices that help you count your steps with the ultimate goal of hitting 10,000 steps each day. That would be considered an optimum workout. Now think about how many of those 10,000 steps might be taken on your rugs and carpets. Those items are meant to protect floors and provide cushioning for our feet. They’re also used as decorating choices. But the more you walk on those carpets the more they’ll wear down. No amount of cleaning can bring worn out threads back to life. You’ll have to replace that old carpet and that’s where Junk King Seattle can be a big help. This isn’t the company to hire to install new carpeting but they can certainly help remove that old carpet fast.


A rolled up carpet does have some flexibility but it can also be extremely heavy. That is why you need two movers to get that carpet out of your home. Junk King will be sending over those two movers and a truck big enough to hold that old carpet plus a whole lot more.

How many things do you want to get rid of from your home? Before you answer, keep in mind that when your hire a Junk King crew they’re going to be doing all the work. That means anything can be carried down from upstairs or brought up from the basement. If there is an item that is too bulky to get down a hallway, then the Junk King team will take it apart. The goal is to get everything out of your home without damaging floors or walls and Junk King has an impressive record with obtaining that goal.

All the things you want Junk King to remove from your home might also have a shot at being repurposed. Junk King crews are train to sort through the things they collect and pull out anything that can be recycled or donated. That’s all part of the service. To get rid of an old carpet and the rest of your unwanted junk put Junk King Seattle on the job today.

Give The Job Of Old AC Disposal To Junk King

It is nice when you throw a dinner party when the guests pitch in to help clean up. They’re certainly not obligated to “work for their supper” but help like that is always appreciated especially when it takes some of the burden off your shoulders. In fact, handing off a job to someone you trust is always a relief. You know the task can get done and you can refocus your attentions on other areas. This is a perfect description of how Junk King Seattle operates. And getting rid of an old AC is the perfect job to hand off to them.


Over this hot summer, you probably had your AC on “cool blast” for most of the time when you were home. Air conditioners are like any other appliance; the more they’re used the greater the risk of them breaking down. Maybe it was working fine but just wasn’t up to the task of keeping your home or apartment cool. This is the time to replace that unit. You could probably get a good deal on a new AC because the demand is down. You certainly don’t want to wait until the next heat wave to buy one. To make room, the old AC has to go and that’s where Junk King comes into the scenario.

Unlike a TV or computer, you can’t really tuck and old air conditioner in a closet. This is something that needs to be hauled away and it might take two movers to accomplish that. It’s a good thing that Junk King is going to send over those movers. They show up with a lot of experience lifting heavy objects. If flights of stairs are part of the equation, then that won’t be a problem either for Junk King.

Along with that old AC, you might want to make good use of the moving crew and truck by having them load up the rest of your unwanted stuff. Don’t you have things to get rid of? One session with Junk King Seattle can take care of getting rid of your old AC and all the rest of your rubbish. That’s a good session to have!

Helpful Advice For First-Time Homebuyers

Somewhere in Seattle, someone has just closed on their first home. It is an exciting time and something to be very proud of. Will you be joining that club this year? If so, then you’ll want to take your time to do to things right. Here is some helpful advice for first-time homebuyers.


Set a Comfortable Budget

Your new mortgage payment should be close to what you’re paying in rent in order to make it all work. But you don’t want to get into a situation where those payments are putting a strain on your finances because you also have to pay for property taxes, insurance and any future repairs. This is why it will help to set a budget before you go into the home buying process and factor in what could be your new monthly expenses.

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage before you go shopping for a home can put you in an advantageous position for making an offer. A seller would be more accepting of a buyer knowing that they are “good to go” rather than waiting to see if you qualify. And getting pre-approved can also provide you with a realistic range to shop in.  Be sure to also look into all the available lending programs from the state and federal government.

Shop for an Agent

An experienced real estate agent is going to be crucial for your purchase and that means finding an agent that is a good fit. Remember, they’re working for you and they’ll be making a nice commission for the effort so you have to feel comfortable with them. That means being able to ask the dozens of questions that will come up.

Don’t Move With Junk

Finally, when the deal is done and you’re ready to make the big move, be sure you’re not bringing any of your old junk with you. You don’t want to start out by instantly filling up the garage and closets with clutter. Junk King Seattle will be a big help with this task. Their two-man moving crew and big truck is all you’ll really need to get rid of anything you’re not packing up. Let Junk King Seattle help keep old rubbish from getting into your new home.  

Getting Ready For The First Day Of School

When it comes to the first day of school, you child might be nervous. You might also be nervous, too but you can’t show it. They will be nervous if it is a new school when they don’t know the teachers, classmates or surroundings. Even if they’re going back to a familiar place, they could still be nervous adjusting to schedules and fitting in. Here’s how you can help your student get ready for their first day of school:


Familiarize Them

If they’re starting at a new school, then it will be new to you as well. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the route to school and how busy it will be during morning rush hour. You also need to know about drop off and pick up locations. As for the school itself, it will help if you can take a tour with your kid so they won’t feel so intimidated on that first day. Practice walking the halls to their class schedules.

Share Your Experiences

You probably have some funny “first day” memories that you could share with your kid. The fact that you’re sitting across from them is proof that no matter what happens, they’ll get over it.

Plan a Homework Strategy

Depending on their age, the concept of homework might be new to your kid. Or it could be an area that your older student has had challenges with in the past. It will help to set up a homework strategy with your kid. This starts with designating a consistent time for them to work on their homework. Some kids prefer to knock it out right when they get home. Others prefer to wait until after dinner. Let them pick but make sure they stick to the schedule.

Speaking of homework, on some level you’ll be going back to school, too. That might mean doing some of the same reading and catching up on your math skills so you can help with their assignments.

Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter in closets and dressers can help your kid get ready in the morning. The less clothes they have to sort through the better off their be with picking out something to wear. A major cleaning of their rooms can result in a lot of things to toss out. That’s when Junk King Seattle can help out. One call to these junk hauling pros and all the old clothes, books, toys and even furniture can be quickly carted off. Everything will run smoother in your home on the first day of school with less clutter. Junk King Seattle can help with that goal.

Make Your Home Block Party Ready

Could your neighborhood start a new summer tradition of throwing a block party? It is a great way to close out the summer and spend time with all your neighbors that you only see in passing. A block party reinforces the ties that bring a community together. Plus, it’s just plain fun. In order to get your home ready for a block party it might be time for some serious rubbish removal. That is a perfect job for Junk King Seattle.


A block party typically happens right in the middle of the street. This will require some assistance from the city especially if you plan on literally blocking off the street. It should be easy to get a permit and some traffic cones. Another alternative would be the have the party in the backyards. If these are open spaces without fences, then it would be idea to set up the tables and chairs back there. If you have a pool and kids, then it’s a safe bet some of the block party action will be back there.

Before any of that happens you’ll want to walk your property to see exactly what kinds of things you could get rid of. Junk King can take away just about anything including old lawnmowers, birdbaths, hammocks and trampolines. That can also clear out any debris from a landscaping project like unused pavers, bricks, stone or dirt. Yes, there is all kinds of clearing that can happen when Junk King is on the job.

Although the focus of this session might be to clear the yard, there’s no reason why you can’t load up even more things onto the truck. Take advantage of that moving crew to carry out the baby furniture, mattresses, headboards, desk, futons, sofas and chairs that you want to replace. All of those things could end up being donated to a charity so nothing has to go to waste.

When you’ve decided on what has to go, give Junk King a call and put the plan into action. One junk hauling session with Junk King Seattle is all it will take to get your home ready for the block party.

How To Get Your Junk Trash Removed In Seattle

When was the last time you had to deal with a trash overload situation? Was it a graduation party earlier in the summer? Maybe you took on a small remodeling project that had you with piles of leftover construction waste. Sometimes a trash overload requires that you to wait a few weeks to fill up the trashcans. It gets done but it is certainly a bother. Then there are those time when no amount of waiting will help. That’s when you’re dealing with junk trash like furniture or appliances. For that kind of removal you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King Seattle.


How can Junk King help? That starts by providing a work crew who is going to do all the lifting and loading. Those objects that you can’t move on your own are perfects items to give to Junk King but that doesn’t mean you have to pitch in with the moving effort. The team from Junk King is going to climb any stairs or take apart any object that needs to be carted away. You can literally sit back and watch this happen.

Before they begin the work, the crew needs to lock down the fee. This isn’t when they break out a scale or start a timer. Instead, your price will determined by how much space your stuff is going to fill up on the back of the truck. The crews have a lot of experience with packing and that’s why they can size up any bunch of items and will know how to fit it on the truck. On those rare occasions that what you’re getting rid of might need two or more trucks (it happens!), then you’ll still be charged by the volume and not the pound.

Are you thinking about what you’d like to get rid of? Junk King customers have cleared out attics to convert them into spare rooms. They’ve turned garages into home offices. They also make room in the backyard for a fire pit and veggie garden. After Junk King Seattle has handle your junk trash removal, the possibilities for your home will be endless.

Activate Junk King’s Pricing Estimator For Fast Junk Removal

Did you ever think we would get to that part of the “future” where we have voice activation devices? They’re becoming more prevalent with companies like Apple, Amazon and Google all perfecting their “droids.” Are we that far away from actual robots? Even the simple act of going online to look something up offers a world of research and information in just a millisecond. Junk King Seattle has tapped into that programming power to develop a unique feature called the pricing estimator. When activated, the pricing estimator lets you see the price range you would be expected to pay these professional junk haulers to clear all the rubbish from your home. Not only is this a convenient way to set up a junk removal appointment. It’s also fun.


With the price estimator you can build a list by the item or by the truckload. Using the truckload option requires you to visualize fitting your stuff onto the back of a pickup truck. How many pickup trucks could you fill with the furniture, appliances and boxes of random household goods. The Junk King truck can hold around 6 full pickup trucks. You might only need space for two. That becomes your estimate.

The other way is to itemize your list. How many chairs? How many TVs? How many tables? That will also set up a price range estimate. The reason these estimates aren’t final is because your stuff has to be looked over by the crew. They’ll be able to make the final call on just how much space everything will take up. Usually, that is going to be under the pricing estimator and that means more savings for you. Even when it comes close, it is still a great deal when you consider what it would cost to price out this job on your own.

As for what you can get rid of, you can see the list on the price estimator covers just about everything. What it doesn’t indicate is that those items can be anywhere in your house. The Junk King squad will pick it up right from the spot. Activate Junk King Seattle’s pricing estimator today and just watch how fast your junk can disappear.

Enjoy Your Summer With A Junk Free Backyard Deck

A backyard deck is ideal at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. In the morning, it’s an nice place to have that first cup of coffee while reading a newspaper or catching up on Facebook posts. At the end of the day, that deck is perfect for unwinding with a cool drink while dinner cooks on the grill. The only thing that would hamper those two times would be if you had to stare at rubbish on your deck.


Backyard decks are a lot like an extra room on a house. They also become an open space where you put all those heavy objects you can throw out in the trash. Many decks have an old AC unit tucked in the corner or some patio furniture that has seen better days. In extreme cases, you might put an old washer on the deck. The chances for using a deck as storage increase if that deck is covered. But an awning isn’t going to offer total protection. If something is on the deck because you’ve run out of room in your home, then it is time to bring in Junk King Seattle.

Clearing a backyard deck is what Junk King would classify as an “easy” task. There might be a couple of steps to navigate but everything is out in the open. It won’t be challenge to carry those items off the deck, along the side of the house and down the driveway for loading into the Junk King truck. This entire operation could take less time than it takes to enjoy that first cup of coffee.

As long as you’re bringing Junk King out to clear off your backyard deck, you could also put them to work clearing out a lot of other spaces around your home. Maybe you’ve stashed some lumber or pipes under the deck. That can be pulled out and loaded up. The same can be said for any bulk items from your garage or basement. Junk King isn’t going to be challenged by climbing stairs or working outside. You’re going to enjoy your summer a lot more after Junk King Seattle has cleared your backyard deck from all that rubbish.

Do You Need Old Bike Removal And Junk Hauling?

Just like your car, it is very rare that you’ll hold onto a bike for a lifetime. Kids outgrow bikes every couple of years. Adults also change from rugged outdoor biking to smoothing bike trails. What happens to all those old bikes? They usually end up in the garage or basement along with the rest of those things you’ve outgrown or replaced. Do your really need to hold onto all of that discarded stuff? Of course, not! That’s why you need to give Junk King Seattle a call. These are the junk hauling experts who will clear out your junk in no time at all.


Your junk clearing session will be staff by two experienced movers. To work with Junk King you need to be cleared to be licensed and insured. That puts the Junk King crews a step above many other so-called professional junk haulers. It also makes them totally trustworthy. That’s extremely important when you’re inviting workers into your home to perform a service.

What can Junk King haul away? The list is a long one. It might be easier to post what they can’t haul. State law prohibits the transportation of hazardous material like propane, solvents or paint. Beyond that, anything and everything can go. You should never feel embarrassed about the potential amount of junk you want to get rid of. Plenty of Junk King customers will fill up an entire truck and that’s just with stuff from their garage.

Think about all the things in your home that you can’t move around because they’re too heavy. Those won’t be a problem for Junk King. Did you build a piece of furniture inside a room? That happens a lot with bookshelves and entertainment centers. Those can all be taken apart in order to be loaded up by Junk King. Are you getting the sense that you can do some serious clearing?

Whenever you call Junk King to set up your appointment, you might be able to have you stuff picked up the same day. That’s how fast Junk King operates. Getting rid of an old bike and the rest of your unwanted junk is no longer a problem thanks to Junk King Seattle.

Good Ideas For Hosting A Graduation Party

After years of checking homework, making cupcakes for bake sales and countless hours carpooling, your child is ready to graduate. That can only mean one thing: Party time! There is plenty to celebrate with a graduation and hosting the party at your home can do a lot in terms of keeping the kids safe and happy. Here are some good ideas to incorporated for your big graduation party.


Coordinate the Date

Before you lock down on a date, check with your grad. There might be other parties happening one the same day. You don’t want to get into a competition. It might be that your student has a squad they’re close with and they can all be cohosts to the party.

Decorate With Memories

There is no doubt that you can chronical your grad’s journey through school with all kinds of photos. These should become the centerpieces of your decorating. Go way back to first grade and blow up those class photos. It will give everyone a smile. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bunch of balloons to make everything festive.

Set the Menu

The type of menu you have for the party will be determined by when you have the party. If it is after dinner, then no one expects to be fed a meal but you could have some appetizers like sliders or mac and cheese. Those can all be gotten from a nearby restaurant. When you consider what you might spend in time and money doing all that cooking on your own, you’ll probably find that caterers are a much more affordable option.

Alert the Neighbors

This is also a time issue. If the party is going to be at night, then you definitely want to let the neighbors know there is going to be an influx of cars and some noise coming from the backyard. Hopefully, they won’t mind and might even join in on the celebration.

Get Rid of Rubbish

Before you can set up for the party, you’re going to need to clear all the rubbish from the yard. One call to Junk King Seattle takes care of that issue. They’ll send over a two-man moving crew and a truck big enough to hold all the things you want to get rid of from a busted lawnmower to a sliding board and swing set. Let Junk King Seattle help you get your home ready for a great graduation party.