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Junk Removal Blog

Refrigerator Disposal Is Easy With Junk King

Getting rid of an old refrigerator would qualify as a challenging task. You cannot simply carry this out of the house on your own. You also can’t load an old refrigerator into the trunk of your car! Disposing of an old refrigerator is a type of job that requires outside help. Junk King Seattle can provide that help. This professional junk-hauling service excels in this type of task. If you need to get rid of your old refrigerator, then you need to call Junk King.

Easy Work for The Crew

Your refrigerator is the heaviest appliance you have in your all. It is also the largest. Thankfully, your Junk King crew will know exactly how to safely remove that item from your home without causing any damage to walls and floors. It might be a tight squeeze, but the Junk King crew can get it done!

There is not a lot of “packing” with refrigerated disposal. It gets loaded onto the Junk King truck and pushed into the corner. If that were all you were getting rid of, you would be paying the low end of the Junk King price scale. That is because Junk King always charges the flat rate based on how everything fits onto that truck. In terms of volume, the refrigerator will not take up a lot of room on the truck. Of course, that means you have plenty of spare room to get rid of anything else you’d like cleared from your home. This is a perfect opportunity to remove unwanted furniture and other household stuff for good.

You will not have to wait long to get your old refrigerator cleared from your home when you turn the job over to Junk King Seattle. Book that job today.

Get Rid Of Old Office Furniture The Right Way

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes office furniture. The chairs in an office are used eight hours a day. Over time, that can lead to those chairs wearing down. And if they are uncomfortable and start causing back problems for the staff, they have to be replaced. As with office equipment, if you decide you no longer need a particular piece of office furniture is no reason to hold onto it. You don’t want to pay for storage space for something that will never be utilized again. Instead, schedule a session with Junk King Seattle if you need to replace office furniture in your workspace. This team can help clear out any amount of office furniture the right way.

Plenty Of Room on The Truck

There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for the crew to load up all the office furniture you want to get rid of. That includes chairs, credenzas, desks, shelving, and even cubicle walls. Junk King will provide a two-person moving crew to do all the lifting and loading work. That means you do not have to pull any of your staff away from their work to help clear out the old furniture.

When gathered together, the old office can weigh a lot. However, that will not be a factor when you hire Junk King for this job. That is because Junk King never breaks out the scale to determine what the cost for the server should be. Instead, that cost is always determined by how your unwanted items fit onto the truck. Junk King will always strive to make their removal sessions good for the bottom line.

When you need to get rid of your old office furniture, you need to put Junk King Seattle on the job. Call to set up a removal session today.

Open Up More Storage Space In The Home

Have you run out of storage space in your home? It’s not just the kitchen cabinets that have old but maybe also your bedroom closets. What about out the garage? Have you run out of shelf space? When you run out of storage space in your home, things start to stack up. That can make navigating around your garage and bedroom a challenge. The best way to stop that from happening is to open up more storage space in the home, and the only way for that to happen is to get rid of the rubbish. That’s where Junk King Seattle comes into play. These are professional junk haulers who will do quick work out of getting rid of all your unwanted rubbish.

Valuable Sorting Time

This time you can devote to sorting through all your stuff will illuminate the things you can get rid of. When you hire Junk King, remember you are hiring a team of movers. That is a crew that is going to carry all your unwanted items out of your home no matter where they are located. With the Junk King crew on the job, you can get rid of just about any object from your house, regardless of size or weight.

Along with all the heavy objects, you can also get rid of a lot of little stuff. All that matters to junk King is that you want gone. How everything fits onto the back of the truck will determine what you pay for the service. One flat rate covers all the work and disposal. That disposal can include dropping your items off at a charity or recycling center. It’s all part of Junk King’s complete service.

When you want to make more storage room in your home, you want to make an appointment with Junk King Seattle.

Use Junk King For Bulk Rubbish Removal

Bulk rubbish is defined as any item that is too big for the trash can. Most of what you throw out on a daily basis is trash can garbage. But every home has those bulky items that also need to be removed. The only way to make that happen is with a team of movers and a big truck. That is precisely what is provided with every Junk King Seattle appointment. This professional junk-hauling crew is the best option for your bulk rubbish removal agenda.

No Hassle Scheduling

Your experience with Junk King begins with scheduling. Junk King recognizes how valuable your time is. That is especially true on your day off! They do not want to keep you waiting to get rid of your bulk rubbish items. That is why Junk King only asks you to set aside a two-hour window for your appointment. When the clock starts for those two hours, it will most likely be taken up with traffic time by the crew. Once the team shows up within a two-hour window, it will not take long to clear out all your bulk items.

You might also be able to tap into Junk King for a same-day pickup appointment. It is another way the Junk King makes rubbish removal hassle-free.

The cost of Junk King service will always be determined by how your bulk items fit onto the truck. This is a flat rate based on volume rather than weight. That can make a big difference when you get rid of those heavy objects. And you will always know what that price is before the work begins.

Bulk item removal will not be complicated if you turn that job over the Junk King Seattle. Book your appointment today.

Start The New Year Without Any Junk

A new year is always about fresh starts. Those fresh starts are limited to your job or workout routine. They can also be about your living environment. A great way to start the new year would be without any junk in your home. Think of the space you could create in your closets and cabinets. What about getting rid of all the rubbish in the garage? That will make it much nicer to come home to every day! To get rid of that kind of rubbish, you will need to bring in outside help, and that help can be found with one call to Junk King Seattle. One session with these professional junk haulers is all it will take to get rid of your junk for the new year.

Always Supportive Help

Junk King can provide a team of movers who will take care of all the heavy lifting for your rubbish removal agenda. This is a supportive team that always gets the job done no matter what the challenge might be. For example, you could ask them to carry an old water heater in the basement or bring down a futon from an upstairs bedroom. Both of those tasks will be completed extremely quickly and without damaging your walls and floors. This is how Junk King maintains its satisfied customer base.

The cost for the Junk King service will be the same in the new year. That will be a flat rate determined by how all your unwanted stuff will fit onto the back of the truck. The Junk King crews know how to pack up the truck to maximize the space. That means you will get a good deal every time you hire Junk King.

Get your new year started right without any junk in the house. One session with Junk King Seattle can make it happen.

Junk King Seattle Earns Positive Reviews

When considering hiring a service professional, the first type of research you conduct is to check reviews from past customers. This is a great indication of how that company performs the task it promised. Of course, no company receives 100% positive reviews, but when you find a company that has a majority of positive reviews, it is clear they are getting the job done right.

When it comes to professional junk hauling, Junk King Seattle is one of those companies that provide exceptional customer service. Here are some reviews that back that up:

“Called first thing in the morning and they were out here a couple of hours later. Very satisfied with how fast they can get out of here. I would use them again.” – Cinthia, Seattle

Junk King is happy to offer same-day appointment pickups when available. If a same-day pickup is not available, then you can expect to have your junk removed by the next day.

“They are very good in detail oriented and I really do appreciate them. Good people!” – Yohannes, Seattle

“José and Eric called when they were 20 minutes away which is great. That gave me time to get my junk out to the driveway and ready for them to take away. They were quick to load up the pilot stuff into the truck. Payment was easy using a credit card. Both of them were very professional and it’s all my questions. Will definitely use them again.” – John, Seattle

Technically, you do not have to bring your stuff out to the driveway. The Junk King crew can pick up everything right spot. It is all part of the complete junk removal package.

“Drew and Joe called ahead, came on time and cleaned up after!” – Stephen, Mercer Island

“Eric crushed it. So professional, efficient, fast. I love this company!” – Heidi, Seattle

After one rubbish removal session with Junk King Seattle, you will be writing your own positive reviews! Book that session today.

Get Rid Of The Rubbish For The Holidays

There is no escaping the simple fact that getting your home ready for the holidays will require a lot of work. But the results are a home that is decorated and prepared for company! But, before those decorations go up, the rubbish should go out. This is where a session with Junk King Seattle can make a big difference. These professional junk haulers can clear away any rubbish in any home, apartment, or business. So, are you ready to get rid of your rubbish for the holidays?

The Junk Removal Team

Junk King dispatches a team of movers for every rubbish removal session. That is a team that’s going to do all the lifting and loading work on your behalf. That means you do not have to put your back at risk to get rid of any heavy objects from your home. That includes items you might have in the basement or on the second floor. Carrying heavy stuff down a flight of stairs will never be a challenge for Junk King.

The Junk King team also has a lot of experience packing the truck. They can look over any pile of unwanted rubbish and know precisely how it will fit onto the truck. That is an essential skill because it is how they will determine what your cost of the service will be. Junk King has a flat rate based on volume, not weight. Will your stuff take up one-third, half, or the entire truck bed? The answer to that will be your guaranteed estimate.

Getting rid of the rubbish from your home Is a great way to kick off the holiday season. So book that removal with Junk King Seattle today. You will be glad you did!

Junk King Guarantees A Great Rubbish Removal Price

Whenever someone hires a service professional, they rarely say, “money is no object.” The cost of the service is always a consideration. That is true if you hire a plumber or a junk hauling service. In the latter category, Junk King Seattle makes it a mission to provide an excellent price for their services for every customer, whether they are a homeowner, apartment renter, or a business owner. That great price is also guaranteed. That makes Junk King the number one professional junk hauling service in Seattle. Are you ready to put them to the test?

The Written Estimate

The first guarantee that Junk King offers is a written estimate. The Junk King crew will determine that estimate once they have had a chance to look over all the items you want to clear out. That is when they will decide how those items will fit onto the back Junk King truck. One flat rate covers all the labor, transportation, and disposal. And that flat rate is always based on fire. So you will never be charged by the pound by Junk King.

The other guarantee is the actual price itself. Junk King will match competitors’ prices to remove the same amount of rubbish. Often, Junk King will beat that price. That puts them in the best position to offer exceptional rubbish removal services for your home or business.

That rubbish removal will be handled by a team of movers with a lot of experience with this type of work. There is no challenge you can give to the Junk King crew they cannot meet.

Hiring Junk King Seattle for the job is the best way to get rid of your rubbish. So book your removal session today.

Get The Junk Out Of Your Basement Today

The basement in a home becomes a popular storage area for all the things that can be tossed into the trash. This is where the old computers and other electronics get stored away. But it can also be where all the random pieces of furniture like futons and recliners that no one uses and up. The more things that get put into the basement, the more likely you will become overrun by all that stuff. Are you ready to get the junk out of your basement? Then you are ready to call in the crew from Junk King Seattle. These professional junk haulers can help you get rid of all your basement junk in a single session.

Multiple stair trips

Junk King will send a team of movers to take care of your basement junk removal. The crew will do a lot of lifting and loading on your behalf. The team will make multiple stair trips to get to all the things you want to be cleared away. All you have to do for this project is point to the things you want to be removed. The Junk King crew will do the rest.

Before the junk King squad loads anything into their truck, they will determine the flat rate. It all comes down to how everything packs up. The less space to your stuff takes up, the less you will be charged for the service. Included in that rate could be drop-offs at a charity for some of the things you are getting rid of. Junk King never likes to see anything go to waste.

Getting rid of your junk from the basement will be easy when you give the job to Junk King Seattle. Book them today.

Get Rid Of Useless Junk Today

When you designate something as “useless” in your home, you have to ask why you still have it. It is understandable if this particular object is too big to toss into the trash. Otherwise, it would already be gone. However, sooner or later, there could be an accumulation of useless objects that take up valuable storage space around your home. When you reach the point where you need to get rid of some of those objects, you need to schedule a removal session with Junk King Seattle. These professional junk haulers can help you clear away all the useless items from every room in your home in a single session.

Point Out the Useless Junk

When the Junk King crew shows up for your scheduled appointment, you will take them on a tour of your home to show them all the useless junk you want to get rid of. The only part of this operation is to point to the things you want to be hauled away by Junk King. After that, the junk King crew will do all the lifting and loading work on your behalf.

Every Junk King session is staffed by two capable movers with a lot of experience carrying heavy objects from all kinds of environments, including bringing things down from a flight of stairs or up from a basement.

Before any loading work can begin, the Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate for the services. This estimate will always be based on volume. It all comes down to how everything will fit onto the back of the truck. The less space your stuff takes up, the less you will have to pay. It is just that simple.

Get rid of your useless junk with a single session from Junk King Seattle. Book that session today.

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