Recapture Your Space by Recycling Your Old Computers

Many home and business offices have old computers, monitors, and peripherals lying in a corner or cluttering a storage space. Since these items should not be thrown in with regular garbage its left unattended and keeps piling up. The better solution is junk removal for computer recycling. Computer disposal through recycling benefits the environment as unwanted computers frequently find new life for someone else or the parts may are used for repairs. At the very least, the plastic and metal components are recycled so they do not pollute landfills.

Junk King's teams of professional junk removers can take care of businesses computer disposal needs when they have old devices sitting around. We offer commercial junk removal service as an eco-friendly solution for recycling old computers and e-waste when it’s time to upgrade your hardware.

For a guaranteed lowest estimate and a professional, friendly junk removal experience, book online or make the call to Junk King at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) for computer disposal.

What Is Computer Recycling?

When computers become broken or obsolete, they do not have to end up in the trash. There are many ways to recycle computers, including donation, repurposing, parts salvage, and recycling individual materials.

Computer disposal starts like any junk removal process, but then the device goes through stages of sorting and recycling. Good condition computers can be given away to non-profits to help schools or the less fortunate. In other cases, a broken computer may have many working parts that can be re-used to fix another broken computer.

To recycle computer parts, the processing facility separates it into plastics, metals, the circuit board, cables, and other parts. Many of these items can be melted or otherwise repurposed.

Best of all, when you recycle computers you help prevent millions of pounds of toxic e-waste from reaching landfills, where chemicals may harm the soil and water supply.

Problems Experienced in Computer Recycling

Computer recycling must be done efficiently to make the process cost-effective and truly green. You also need to deal with professionals to make sure your computer data is not compromised.

Some tips for proper computer disposal:

  • Wipe your hard drive to remove personal data
  • Do not give away computers to disreputable organizations
  • Use environment friendly junk removal services to safely handle the disposal and recycling process

Junk King is a Green Company

When it comes to e-waste and other recyclable materials, Junk King leads the pack. We are a green company throughout our organization, with a fleet of biodiesel trucks and our own recycling facilities in some areas. When you call on us for junk removal services, more than half of what we take gets recycled. For computer disposal and other toxic garbage, eco-friendly disposal is paramount.

We invite you to find out more about Junk King and to schedule an appointment today to collect electronics and other waste from your home or business. Our commercial junk removal services are your easy solution for simple, affordable computer disposal and recycling.

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