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Similar to other electronic waste (e-waste), computer monitors must be disposed of responsibly to ensure that working parts can be re-used and toxic materials avoid the landfill. Computer monitor disposal in particular has some special considerations since these bulky old monitors have virtually no resale market and even the newest monitors contain toxic metals and chemicals…

Therefore, if your business has computer monitors or other e-waste to recycle, do not hesitate to call Junk King's team of professional junk removers to ensure eco-friendly disposal and recycling.

Problems with Disposing of Old Monitors

First, take into consideration that electronic products are made from valuable resources and materials, including metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Thus, when businesses recycle they contribute to:

  • Conserving natural resources
  • Avoid air and water pollution
  • Avoid greenhouse gas emissions

Second, computer monitors are made of plastic, glass and metal. However, some also contain lead, from the color cathode ray tube (CRT), which creates the images on the screen. According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) some electronics, including color CRTs computer monitors, test “hazardous” under federal law. Consequently these monitors are subject to special handling requirements under federal law.

If you have computer monitors sitting around, please don’t throw it in the trash! With this knowledge, it’s important to consider your options. Junk King's teams of professional junk removers may be one of your best options. We will pick up any number of monitors and other computer parts and responsibly dispose of it. You can book us online or call 1.888.888.5865.

Recycling of Monitors

Monitor recycling takes place at specialty facilities where workers carefully break down and sort the parts.

Old tube monitors must be broken down to safely dispose of lead and mercury. Metal and plastic components can then be recycled. In some cases, a local non-profit may be interested in giving the old monitor to someone who does not mind the old technology.

Newer LCD displays and other flat-screen monitors can often be repaired and re-purposed, or salvaged for parts to repair other monitors.

Junk King is #1 in Customer Service

With a long-standing commitment to environmentally friendly practices and great customer service, you can expect a pleasant and straightforward experience with Junk King. When you make the appointment we show up to give a guaranteed lowest estimate and once you agree, we get to work right then and there taking care of the entire computer monitor disposal process.

Our team consists of trained, licensed, and insured junk removal professionals. We want you to trust us for your professional and affordable junk hauling services whenever you need it. Whether you just want a fast pick-up or have an entire office full of old electronics that need to be recycled, you can call Junk King to get the job done right, every time

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