About Junk King's Garage Cleanouts

Are you jealous of a clean garage? You know the type we are talking about. You drive by a house with the garage door open and it’s absolutely spotless! There are shelves lining the walls, all neatly stacked with bins. There’s a well-organized workbench. There might even be a car parked in there, with ample room on both sides! Seeing what a clean, junk-free garage looks like, you might come back to your own garage and want to just shut the doors. Instead of hiding from your clutter, why not call Junk King for a total garage clean out?

Not only are we pros in garage cleanouts, we specialize in all sorts of junk removal including:

Garage Cleanouts FAQS

What is a garage cleanout?

A Junk King garage cleanout is much more than just removing junk and sweeping - our professionally trained junk removal team will handle all the labor, loading, hauling away, organizing, disposal, and recycling of your items too! All you have to do is tell us how you want your garage to look or point to the items you need removed or re-located and we will handle all the heavy lifting and hauling away. We’ll clean up your garage and get rid of all the unwanted clutter lying around so that you can reclaim the space in your garage and start parking your car where it belongs. For a free estimate into your next garage cleanout, call the pros at Junk King today.

Do you offer spring garage cleanout specials?

Yes. At Junk King we believe that there is no better time to clean than spring. Tired of looking at all the clutter lying on the floor of your garage? Want to make room to park your car in the garage again? Spring is our busiest season and for this reason we offer our customers special discounts on our website for spring garage cleanouts. We can remove all the junk, clutter, and debris you want gone as well as any broken appliances or equipment. We can also help you sort, move and organize your items so you can maximize the useful space in your garage. Junk King is an environmentally responsible junk removal company – any items that we haul away will be disposed of, donated or recycled responsibly. Want to learn more about our spring garage cleaning specials? Call Junk King today.

What is your process when you are doing a garage cleanout?

Whether you have only a few items that you need removed or you have an entire garage full of junk, the pros at Junk King can help. First we will meet you at your home or office to discuss your garage clean-out needs. Once we go over the scope of work we will provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote to get your garage looking exactly like you want it. Only after you have approved the work and agreed on a price will we go to work removing all the junk and doing all the heavy lifting and moving. Junk King pros are also experts with organization so if you need things moved and reorganized in your garage, we can provide the custom solution you need.

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