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Junk Hauling Services

Junk King was founded from a garage in 2005 by two friends in San Carlos, CA. The idea was simple, offer great customer service and recycle more than the other guys. Today, Junk King is the #1 Rated Junk Removal Service in North America, with over 100 locally owned franchises in 32 states and Canada.

Our junk removal services start with a commitment to customer service. Why take a risk on some random guys with a truck when you can get a better deal and swift, seamless cleanup from a team of professionals?

Junk King stands out from the competition with professional, eco-friendly hauling services:

  • Fast and reliable — We make our appointments on-time and get the job done quickly. No surprise then that we are the #1 rated junk removal service in North America.
  • Environmentally friendly — Junk King recycles more than our competitors. We donate good-condition items and send most of the junk we haul to recycling centers.
  • Affordable, upfront pricing — We can beat any written estimate. You get a free, no-obligation estimate when we arrive. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges.

Hauling Services for Trash, Debris, Furniture, and More!

You may be wondering, “Do you take...” — well, the answer is almost definitely yes! Unless you’re talking about some kind of toxic waste, you can count on Junk King to haul it away.

Broken glass, twisted metal, an old refrigerator, you name it! Junk King's trained, licensed, and insured crews have the strength, skill, tools, and vehicles to safely and neatly pick up and haul away even the most difficult items.

Furniture, Appliances, Hot Tubs, and Other Large Items

Removing big ticket items like beds and refrigerators is no problem for us. We carefully transport the item out of the house without damaging floors or walls. We even break down items into separate recyclable materials. Say goodbye to the old sofa or broken washing machine with our heavy-duty hauling services.

Computers, Televisions, and Other Electronics

E-waste has special trash regulations in most places, because electronics contain mercury, lead and other substances that are toxic to soil and water if they get sent to landfills. Eco-friendly hauling services from Junk King prevent the environmental damage of e-waste by donating unwanted items in working condition, recycling parts, and transporting to special safe disposal sites.

Junk-Filled Rooms and Houses

Take a deep breath and say the word — hauling services are a magic wand for bulk trash and accumulated junk. Whether it’s spring cleaning or getting rid of your grown children’s old things, call us for junk removal and we can kickstart your major cleaning project. Get ready to enjoy a spare room and a usable attic space!

Construction Project Debris

Pro contractors and DIY construction enthusiasts alike can use our hauling services to clean up debris and trash. For professional builders and renovators, we offer on-demand waste removal to keep your project going smoothly. For homeowners, we can save you from violations for improper waste disposal and let you enjoy your finished DIY project as soon as you’re done.

Yard Waste, Bulk Garbage — and Everything Else

If it won’t fit in the regular trash or you don’t want to wait until the next collection day, contact us for immediate hauling services. We can take care of landscaping trimmings, boxes of old papers, a “hoarding” room full of magazines, mail, and other junk, or whatever garbage you simply need to get rid of.

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Same Day Appointments Available!
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Junk Works Offers Same-Day Appointments!


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