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DIY Construction debris removal

Got the home renovating bug? At the end of a DIY construction project, you want to sit down and relax. But what should you do with all that construction debris and useless junk? Call junk haulers to clean up the mess, and you can take a step back and appreciate what you accomplished!

Options for DIY Construction Debris Removal

As a DIY enthusiast, you love taking care of things yourself. But why bother with the messy, difficult, and sometimes dangerous task of DIY construction debris removal?

You have three options to clear the waste:

  • Haul it yourself - This is the most labor-intensive option. You’ll need to fill up your own vehicle with trash and drive around town to various dumps and recycling centers. You might save a buck... unless you damage the vehicle or end up needing medical attention for an injury.
  • Put a dumpster on your property - This requires you to lift and carry the junk yourself, and you have to know the size and amount of debris before you begin. You probably need a special permit, too. Not a great DIY construction debris removal option for many locations because the dumpster can damage your property or the street.
  • Call Junk King for professional junk removal - You make the call, we show up with the workforce and equipment to take care of everything. Point the way — you don’t need to carry debris to the curb or take it anywhere — and we’ll haul it away and recycle everything we can.

Why Junk King Is Your the Best Solution for Construction Waste

When you bring in the professionals to handle your DIY construction debris removal, you can focus on the fun and rewarding aspects of renovating your home. You love rolling up your sleeves and getting work done, but let’s be honest — hauling heavy useless junk is not fun.

Our service also lets you get the job done faster, since you don’t need to haul trash to a dumpster or spend hours driving around. As you deconstruct, open up materials, and create a bit of waste throughout the project, just kick everything to the side and we’ll come haul it away.

Junk King also offers your greenest solution for DIY construction debris removal. We recycle wood, metal, plastic and other materials with extreme efficiency. And because we pool resources and distribute junk to waste facilities efficiently, there’s less fuel burned than by individual homeowners driving around to dump sites.

Concerned about your project costs? Junk hauling can actually save you money, too. You pay us one flat fee based on the volume of trash. Save the money you would have spent on special construction waste trash bags, dumpsters, and gasoline. And save the precious cost of your free time!

The best reason to choose Junk King for your DIY construction debris removal, though, is simply how easy it is. Make an appointment and you’re done!

Schedule Junk Removal For Your Next DIY Project

Make the call to Junk King to schedule an appointment that works best for your schedule. If your project is creating large amounts of trash that get in the way, you can schedule a pickup midway through the project and again at the end. Or just wait until you’ve hammered the last nail — and we’ll show up on-time and ready to haul everything.

When you need DIY construction debris removal, remember Junk King — your easiest, fastest, simplest solution!

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