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Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal is often a much more difficult and dangerous task than anticipated. When you need to get rid of scrap metal, call Junk King. Our professional junk removal crews know how to safely and cost-efficiently remove your scrap metal. And, because we are an eco-friendly company, we ensure that as much of your scrap metal as possible, is recycled.

Junk King recycles more than other junk removal companies. Contact us to schedule an appointment for scrap metal recycling and we will pick up any amount and variety of metal from your home, business, or construction site.

Our scrap metal recycling is available for any need:

  • Iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass and more
  • Beams, wires, and other construction metal debris
  • Plumbing fixtures and other DIY home renovation debris
  • Any unwanted metal junk

Scrap Metal Recycling from the Green Junk Haulers

Recycling plays an important role in the company mission at Junk King. Along with scrap metal, we recycle tons of other materials such as wood, textiles, electronic equipment and more. We can pick up your metal debris and responsibly dispose of it along with any other junk you may have.

If you were to haul the scrap metal in your own vehicle, you would risk damage to your vehicle along the way. It’s also less energy-efficient to have individual consumers driving back and forth from a metal recycling site.

Let Junk King collect and deposit your scrap metal at a local facility. We even operate a fleet that includes many bio-fuel vehicles. Your metal debris will become new recycled material with the most environmentally friendly practice thanks to Junk King.

Stay Safe, Call the Junk Removal Experts

Metal debris creates multiple hazards for you and the people around you. Carrying the heavy weight creates a large strain on the body. Jagged ends and sharp edges pose a serious risk of cuts and wounds, too. Why risk an injury to your employee or yourself?

Junk King's trained and licensed junk hauling team has the tools and skills to take care of this job on your behalf. We are fully insured to protect you against any risk. We safely carry the metal debris off your property and load it into our large, heavy-duty trucks. From pick-up to transport, Junk King's scrap metal recycling service takes a major burden off your hands.

Schedule a Scrap Metal Removal

Make the call and relax! With Junk King, you only need to point us in the direction of the debris. Our friendly, uniformed staff will take it from there. We provide upfront pricing when we arrive.

Schedule an appointment to get a free, no-obligation quote before we begin to work. Call Junk King at 888.888.JUNK (5865) or book online!

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Same Day Appointments Available!
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