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Alternatives to Alameda Dumpster Rentals

You can really tell a town’s priorities by the type of festivals it holds. For some places, music tops the list of things to do on a warm weekend as jazz or bluegrass festivals pop up. Other communities like to show off their creative types by offering up art fairs. Here in Alameda, some local organizers know just what pleases the residents: Food trucks. That’s why they are holding another in a series of food truck festivals at the Alameda Fairgrounds. During this foodie fest, over 20 varieties of mobile chefs will be offering up their culinary treats to the masses. With all the trucks to choose from, how can you pick just one?
In order to put together an even like the Gourmet Food Truck Festival organizers have to take into account certain logistical details. The big three priorities are parking, bathrooms and trash removal. Of those three it’s probably the trash removal that is the easiest. All they need to do is rent a bunch of dumpsters from some reliable companies and make sure they will be dropped off and picked up on schedule.
Of course if you have a big trash removal job of your own you can also rent a dumpster but there is a better alternative. That would be hiring a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Alameda to show up and take your trash away in one trip.
It seems logical that if you have know in advance that you have a lot of garbage to get rid of to want to throw it out into a rented dumpster. What you have to consider is exactly where will you put that dumpster? If you have a driveway then you might be able to slip it in there but that will mean you’ll be parking on the street for the duration of the clean up. Having a dumpster placed on the street makes sense but there might be some Alameda city ordinances that require you to get a special permit for parking a dumpster on the street even if it is just for one day. Suddenly, what seemed like a simple idea is now getting very complicated.
Now consider that alternative suggestion of hiring professional junk haulers. You know just what you want taken away. It might be all the refuse from a major house cleaning or some construction waste from a remodeling job. Whatever that pile of junk becomes, the experience crew of junk haulers can show up at the appointed hour, load the trash into their truck and drive it away. You’ll barely remember you had it in the first place.
The other benefit of avoiding a dumpster is that you’re removing a potential target from trash pickers. A fully loaded dumpster might prove to be too tempting to the bottle collectors in your neighborhood. Do you really want them rummaging around in your trash? Cut to the chase and hire the pros, Junk King Alameda: They won’t let you down.

Large Trash Pickup In Oakland

The official task of picking up garbage in Oakland falls to the Oakland Public Works Agency. Each year, this group of dedicated workers manages to cart off tons of trash from all public right-of-way sidewalks, roads and alleys. Not only is this all your household garbage but also trash from construction sites. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to live in a city when the garbage collectors went on strike then you know how important this service is. Without their efforts the garbage would literally be piling up in the streets.
However, just because these crews are on the job doesn’t mean they can pick up everything. For some people, dumping trash by the side of the road or in an abandoned lot is no big thing. Not only is that a problem for the rest of us who have to now live with that garbage but it is also illegal. The good news is that you can do something about it.
Here’s what the Oakland Public Works Agency recommends:
See It – Write down the dumper’s description: include gender, ethnicity, age, hair color, clothing, etc. Write down the vehicle description: include license plate number, color, make, model & approximate year, if known.
Report It – Call the Public Works Call Center at (510) 615-5566. Dumping in progress should be called in to 911. Beginning on August 1, 2011, OPD will provide an on-line report process at for illegal dumping that is witnessed by a citizen, but is no longer in progress.
Stop It – Get involved! With your help, we can reduce illegal dumping in our communities.
This really puts illegal dumpers on notice. However, this same department is also encouraging Oakland residents to report any overflow problems with garbage cans. Yes, this means if you pack up your garbage can to overflowing you could be sited and fined. This could even be an issue if you’ve got someone sifting through your garbage for recyclables and they leave trash on the ground. You could take the hit for that.
There is one proactive solution you can take with regard to your large trash pickup items and that would be to hire a private company of expert junk haulers like Junk King Alameda. These are the folks who can show up at the appointed hour and take away all your oversized items like unwanted furniture and large appliances. There is no reason why you have to be stuck with this junk any longer.
Hiring a private junk hauling crew like Junk King also means you’ll be working with professionals. These aren’t  “day workers” who float in and out of jobs but steady employees dedicated to making sure they get the job done right. They are also fully bonded and insured. Even though they might be taking away junk, they still have to get it out of your house first without causing any damage! And just because you’ve got big items heading to the landfill or recycle center doesn’t mean you can’t load up their truck with a bunch of smaller items as well. Make this your excuse for a complete garbage overhaul of your home!