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We guarantee to beat any written estimate

We will dispose of your junk properly, recycling up to 60% of every job. We are the only national junk removal company with sorting facilities in our locally owned locations. We sort, reuse, recycle, and donate as much as we can to be a responsible waste removal partner for a better tomorrow.




  • Free, upfront estimates
  • Price match guarantee
  • Fast & friendly service
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • 1 Junk King Truck = 6 regular pick up truck loads

Junk Removal Alameda

Fast, eco-friendly Junk Removal in Alameda

Meet the Owner

The launch of Junk King Alameda marks the expansion of a junk removal service in the Bay area. Krishna Vepa is excited to bring a junk hauling business to Alameda and Contra counties, both located in the East Bay of San Francisco. He bought a Junk King franchise because he cares about the environment, and he wanted to be involved in a business that would continue to grow. He also relishes the opportunity to provide a needed service to his community, while providing important and meaningful employment opportunities to people in the Bay Area.

Before joining Junk King, Krishna had been engaged in renewables and recycling in the Hi Tech Silicon Valley Industry. Junk King was therefore a perfect fit for his interests and experience. Krishna opened his Alameda Junk Removal Business in May of 2016, and has enjoyed every minute of owning and managing his own business and taking responsibility for his own destiny.

Krishna is proud of his Alameda junk removal business. In the short time that he has been in operation, he has grown his region, added truck and staff, won over a loyal clientele, and provided stable employment for several individuals.

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From Silicon Valley to Junk Removal Service

Before starting up his Junk King franchise in 2016, Krishna spent several years working in corporate jobs within Silicon Valley. In his previous employment, he spent a lot of time recycling silicon wafers and other waste items from tech companies in the region. As he was looking for a job where he could command his own future and be his own boss, he found that the junk removal industry was a perfect fit for his interests and experience. His involvement in recycling and reclaiming technological waste translated perfectly into a wider junk removal business with a firm focus on recycling, donating, or repurposing the different types of waste that normally end up in the landfill.

Junk Removal Services that Junk King Alameda Offers

People come to Junk King to get help solving problems they can’t easily solve themselves. Krishna and his team can be asked to remove heavy furniture items, construction debris, foreclosure clean outs, yard waste, and virtually any other type of trash and waste that accumulates in our homes and businesses over years of accumulation. Other junk removal services include appliance removal, hot tub disposal, electronics waste disposal, trash removal, and mattress disposal. He says, “We put the customer at ease by removing their junk quickly, efficiently, and in a respectful manner.” An added benefit is that his pricing is the lowest in the markets he serves.

“We can help our customers dispose of appliances, we do office clean-outs, we do home clean-outs—virtually anything where somebody needs two able-bodied people that can come in and help you remove heavy, bulky items”

Krishna states. In some cases, Krishna and his team can even help their clients with some minor demolitions. If you want to remove all of the older cabinets in your kitchen to make room for a major home renovation, his team can help you with that.

“In reality, there is very little that we have not done,” he says. From helping people clean out vacant properties, to cleaning up an abandoned lot, Junk King of Alameda and Contra Costa counties can help businesses, homeowners, and other individuals remove virtually any type of junk that is not classified as toxic waste.

A Dedicated Focus to Legendary Customer Service

“As a junk removal crew and as a company, we are very, very customer-focused and customer-driven”, Krishna affirms. “We always try to excel in their expectations, and we go the extra mile to make sure that every customer is happy and satisfied when the job is done.”

Krishna is also proud to have assembled a great team of crew members who have been with the company from the very beginning. “My employees are the eyes and the ears of the company,” Krishna believes. “They are the face of the company with my customers, and without them, I have no business.” Krishna knows that as a service company, customer treatment is of utmost importance. All of his workers are strong and tough enough to move even the heaviest of junk items. At the same time, they are extremely respectful and friendly to every customer they service.

With one recent client, a previous owner of the property had left behind some extremely heavy equipment that took up an enormous amount of space and was an eyesore on the property. After hiring Junk King of Alameda, Krishna and his team went to the extra effort to remove the extremely heavy machinery in an efficient and timely manner. Even if the junk removal job requires a bit of ingenuity, Krishna and his team are committed to getting the job done right.

A Commitment to Green Junk Removal

All of the Junk King franchises are proud to honor a commitment to recycling and green junk removal services. Instead of simply taking your junk to the nearest dump, we make every effort to recycle, donate, or repurpose the items we pick up. We are proud to say that at least 60 percent of the junk items we take away stay out of area landfills.

“We definitely strive to recycle everything we pick up,” Krishna says. From used appliances, to old furniture, to potentially toxic e-waste items, Junk King of Alameda and Contra Costa counties has developed numerous relationships with donation centers, recycling businesses, thrift stores, and others who can help keep your junk out of the landfill. “We make sure everything goes to the right place,” Krishna states. “We regularly recycle appliances, metal items, carpets, mattresses, and more. In fact, instead of taking mattresses to landfills we have a working relationship with some of the largest mattress recyclers in the state of California.”

Junk Removal for Everyone

Krishna and his junk removal team offer both commercial and residential junk removal services to everyone in their service region. “What surprises me in this business is how our work touches every little nook and corner of our society,” Krishna says.

“We serve an extremely diverse community, offering our junk removal service to some of the roughest parts of this city and also some of the most upscale locations and homes in the area.”

Krishna is also proud of how his business has helped to create meaningful employment opportunities to people in the community. “We have provided job opportunities for a lot of people who otherwise would have struggled in finding employment. In that sense, our company is providing both an environmental service as well as helping people turn their lives around,” he says.

Since starting his Junk King franchise in 2016, Krishna has relished the opportunities to manage his own business. “I also enjoy meeting a lot of the clients and helping them to solve their problems,” he says.

If you are in need of any type of junk removal service in Alameda or Contra Costa counties, you can hire Junk King Alameda by calling (510)371-0075 or booking online.

Residential Junk Removal

Items We Take – Residential Items

No matter where you live in the Alameda area, whether that’s Emeryville, Albany, San Leandro, Hayward, or Oakland, time goes by, it’s almost certain that you find that you need some junk removed from your home.

In fact, the reality is that every homeowner or renter has junk to get rid of every once in a while. And, for many of us, that can be a challenging and even difficult task.

One of the things we know to be true here at Junk King is that there are always folks in the Alameda area who have some unwanted items they need to dispose of. And it’s not just large amounts of trash or boxes of old magazines piled up in the den. Those types of things can usually be put into their regular trash or in your recycling bins.

No, we’re talking about junk!

That would be large junk, piles of junk, bulky and hard-to-move junk! But how can folks in Alameda County get rid of all that?

That’s why the professionals at Junk King Alameda specialize in taking just about every type of residential junk item you might have – including all the junk you need to get rid of right now!

See All Our Residential Services

Commercial Junk Removal

What We Take – Commercial Items

Business owners need to get rid of junk, too.

That also means that, if you’re a business owner or a manager tasked with junk removal for your company or organization, you understand the frustration. For example, oftentimes the junk you need to get rid of is much more than can be fit into your available commercial trash or recycling dumpsters.

Although your commercial waste management provider can usually arrange for a special “bulk item” pick up, this service usually comes with additional fees. And you often must make an appointment for the pickup.

This may be feasible for a few times a year, but if you require commercial junk removal much more frequently, this arrangement isn’t practical nor cost-effective.

And that means you need a far better junk removal solution.

For most commercial junk disposal needs, there are just two options for getting rid of large junk or debris:

  1. You employees do it
  2. Or you hire someone else to do it

However, the reality is that “doing it yourself” may not save you money. Even though you’re not paying a vendor to do the work, you’re paying your employees to do junk hauling work instead of the work they’ve been hired to do. So, there is a loss of productivity and time. And, as all owners and managers know, time is money.

In fact, your real cost is doubled because all that time spent loading, hauling, and dumping your company’s junk is time taken away from doing the actual work your employees are paid to do. In other words, every “dump run” means a loss of productivity, which costs the company money.

Which is why Junk King Alameda specializes in providing efficient and cost-effective commercial junk removal services. And we extend the same “customer first” service to our commercial clients as we do with our residential junk removal customers.

See Our Commercial Junk Removal Services

How It Works

  1. You can call and let us know what you need disposed of or recycled and we can provide you with an estimate over the phone.
  2. In addition, you can obtain an estimate by texting us a photo of your items and we will text you back an estimate.
  3. We also have a great online Pricing Estimator that you can use for full service junk hauling.
  4. Or you can simply book online! Once our team arrives, you can get an on-site, no obligation pricing estimate.

Junk King Alameda offers a straightforward method for junk removal designed to minimize any inconvenience. Our team of experts will visit your location to assess the project and provide a free quote. Your quote is determined by the space your items occupy in our truck. Ultimately, you’ll benefit from a full service junk removal service, demonstrating our dedication to handling all aspects on your behalf. Furthermore, we are committed to maximizing opportunities for recycling or repurposing. Our price match guarantee is also in place to assure you of receiving the highest value. For more detailed information, please click below.

How It Works

Why Junk King

Our Difference

  • Environmentally Friendly, Recycling as Much as Possible
  • Save Time and Money
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • #1 Top-Rated Customer Service
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Bigger Trucks/Best Value
  • We Give Back to the Community

When it comes to junk removal in Alameda, CA., Junk King Alameda stands out as the top choice. We offer comprehensive junk removal services with a strong commitment to recycling and repurposing discarded items whenever possible. Our fleet of vehicles is 20% larger than our competitors, ensuring that our customers receive affordable rates and exceptional value.

Junk King Alameda is a locally owned and operated business with a wealth of experience in the industry. By choosing us, you’re supporting a company that actively contributes to the community. We can handle almost any type of junk removal task, excluding hazardous waste, whether it’s a single item or multiple loads. Our dedicated team is enthusiastic about assisting you.

To discover more about the benefits of selecting Junk King, including our price match guarantee and additional information, please click on the link below.

Why Junk King

Areas Served By Junk King Alameda

Proudly Serving Alameda, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Junk King Alameda is the reliable choice for junk removal in Alameda, California. We are glad to assist the neighborhood by promptly eliminating any non-hazardous junk you may possess. Junk King Alameda provides hassle-free junk removal services. Call us and we will swiftly remove your trash. We remove trash and debris from both residential and commercial sites, including appliances and building materials. Explore the places we serve and help us streamline the waste disposal process.

Learn more about the cities we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does junk removal work at Junk King?

Our junk removal services are provided for both residential and commercial customers.

We offer full-service junk removal, where our 2-person teams come into your home or office, carry your unwanted items outside, load it into a truck, and then haul it away. This option is similar to hiring movers, except that your junk goes away forever instead of going to a new address.

What kinds of junk can you recycle?

The good news is that almost every type of junk item that gets tossed out or disposed of can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. And Junk King Alameda works hard to recycle up to 60 percent or more of everything we pick up from our customers.

Recyclable junk items include:

  • Mattresses
  • Hot Tubs
  • Refrigerators
  • Old wood and lumber
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Televisions and Monitors
  • E-Waste

And much, much more…

Are there any junk items you don’t take?

While Junk King will pick up and remove almost any type of unwanted junk, we are not legally authorized to pick up hazardous waste materials. Certain household items are considered hazardous waste and typically fall into one of four categories:

  1. Corrosive
  2. Explosive
  3. Flammable
  4. Poisonous

Examples include several common cleaning products, motor oil and most other automotive fluids, pesticides, herbicides, varnishes, and paints. All these items are classified by the EPA as household hazardous waste, or HHW, and should never be placed in trash bins or dumpsters.

If you need to dispose of these types of items, you should contact your local waste management provider or municipal agencies for disposal guidance.

Does it cost more for heavy junk items?

Fair and transparent pricing is a hallmark of Junk King.

And that means that, unlike most of our competitors, we only charge for the space your junk takes up in our trucks – not by weight. This means that if your junk takes up half a truck load you pay the same whether it’s a load of lightweight clothes and bedding, or heavy concrete rubble and masonry.

Our pricing model is the same no matter what your junk items consist of. At Junk King Alameda, you pay only for the space you use – and with no hidden fees and a low minimum charge.

Our Residential Junk Removal in Alameda, CA., and the Surrounding Areas


Junk King Alameda is locally-owned and operated and proud to serve Alameda, CA., and the surrounding areas! We offer reliable appliance removal services, and we can take away a variety of appliances, including:

  • Appliance Removal
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Furniture Removal
  • Garbage & Trash Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal

We also offer self-service dumpster rentals!

Appliance Removal

A sad reality of owning a home is that all the appliances will eventually age, stop working, and must be replaced.

And as a result, they must also be taken out and disposed of. Good news—Junk King Alameda can take care of it for you!

What items do we take? Here is a list of some of the appliances we can take away for you:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dishwashers/Trash Compactors
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Stoves/Ovens/Microwaves
  • Water Heaters
  • Washing Machines/Dryers

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of an old appliance, you might have thought of going to the landfill. However, did you know that most of the large junk items you may throw away in a landfill can be recycled instead?

This is true!

For instance, most components used in your old home appliances, such as steel, aluminum, glass, and plastics, are recyclable. Therefore, they can be recycled. Calling Junk King Alameda ensures that your junk, even your appliances, are recycled wherever feasible. At Junk King Alameda, recycling is crucial to our residential junk removal services.

We recycle and repurpose most of the garbage we collect each day. We take being an environmentally friendly company very seriously, which is at the core of our corporate goal.

Estate Cleanout

We understand that an estate cleanout is challenging even under the best circumstances. You can count on our friendly personnel to simplify your life. We provide practical and professional waste removal services to free your entire home of clutter and unwanted items. This will let you go back to your daily activities.

Make an appointment with us, and we’ll be there on time to give you a precise quote before we start working. After removing any undesired objects from the home, our qualified and insured junk hauling professionals remove the remaining furniture, garbage, and other items. You can count on us to clean up the mess so you can pay attention to more important matters.

Any home or estate can be cleaned out with the help of Junk King’s staff and equipment.

Furniture Removal

When relocating or replacing outdated furniture, for instance, it might be challenging to get rid of secondhand furniture since most furniture is large, heavy, and often difficult to move. And if you’ve managed to wrangle them from the home, you’ll still need to decide what to do with them.

However, Junk King Alameda can come and remove your old furniture for you. When you work with us as we recycle your old furniture, you’ll save yourself from all that labor and heavy lifting and do your part to protect the environment.

Some examples of the sorts of outdated or unwanted furniture we can remove from your home include:

  • Couches
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Desks

Garbage & Trash Removal

What should you do if your waste management company won’t pick up your bulk trash items or if you require trash disposal more frequently than once per week?

With our convenient and eco-friendly junk removal service, Junk King Alameda can assist you in getting rid of high-volume trash. Our trained staff can remove your bulky trash without causing any damage to your house. Furthermore, moving items to the curb is unnecessary because we do all the hard lifting.

In addition, we ensure we recycle as much waste as possible at a recognized facility.

Hot Tub Removal

After a long day, relaxing in a hot tub is a great way to unwind and revive tired muscles. But it is not as enjoyable to disassemble and relocate your hot tub or spa on your own.

After disassembling the hot tub, you’ll need a plan to move the hot tub’s components. Do they fit in your vehicle? Where can you get rid of these things properly?

You can relax knowing that Junk King Alameda provides prompt, secure, and eco-friendly hot tub removal services. Simply point us toward the hot tub’s location, and our removal professionals will disassemble it and load it onto our vehicle. In addition, we make sure that your outdated spa is properly disposed of, which may involve taking it to a recycling facility.

You can unwind while we work!

Mattress Disposal

Eventually, your mattress needs to be replaced. An old or badly constructed mattress can cause back pain and make it difficult to fall asleep. What happens to the old mattress once you purchase the new one? Whether in the basement or attic, old mattresses are an eyesore in many of our houses.

Junk King Alameda provides quick, safe, and eco-friendly mattress disposal services to make the process easier. Without causing any damage to your home, we can remove your old mattress and bed frame. We’ll take care of everything, so you won’t have to bother taking garbage to the street. Not to mention, we’ll make sure to recycle the mattress or bed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Is it necessary to discard a broken-down bed? You can arrange a pick-up time by contacting (510)371-0075. We will contact you 15 minutes before arrival to provide a free estimate depending on the space requirements of your mattress. We will put your unwanted goods into our trucks at no additional expense to you.

Television Disposal & Recycling

This year, did you purchase a new flat-screen TV? Well, thousands of other Alameda citizens did as well. And that means our area may have thousands of “old” TV screens that need to be removed.

But how should televisions that are either broken or unwanted be disposed of? Calling Junk King Alameda for the recycling and disposal of your old television is one simple choice.

By the way, in addition to the big flat-screen TVs, we can collect and get rid of your old CRT televisions and computer monitors. The best part is that Junk King Alameda offers hassle-free home rubbish removal services that are both safe and ecologically friendly.

Foreclosure Cleanout

Another form of property that requires special cleaning is foreclosed homes. A Realtor® or other real estate professional must clean up any trash left behind by the previous owners. When a home is foreclosed, trash, outdated furniture, and other items are frequently left behind.

People frequently leave their foreclosed houses cluttered with junk and possessions they no longer need when they move out. A representative or official of the bank or finance firm that now owns the residence does a foreclosure cleanout.

As a real estate professional, we know you want swift and efficient service, and Junk King is the ideal option for a foreclosure cleanout.
Junk King Alameda offers quality junk removal services to assist you in decluttering various properties. To prepare your house for sale or rental, hiring Junk King for a foreclosure cleanout is the perfect option.

Yard Waste Removal

Clearing up yard waste often entails more than just raking up leaves and grass clippings. Taking anything else you’ve chopped, pruned, trimmed, or dug out from your yard and taking it away is another option. There can also be extra trash like discarded wood, collapsed gazebos or sheds, outdated fencing, or even hot tubs!

The amount of yard trash and heaps of debris you generate during major outdoor cleanups or landscaping improvements may often exceed the capacity of your household recycling container.

Yard waste removal may also be a seasonal duty, such as clearing away items left outside all summer or cleaning up after a winter of general neglect. However, transporting all this yard waste to a landfill may be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not to mention, you need an appropriate vehicle for the task.

Because of this, Junk King Alameda specializes in removing yard waste.

Let’s Get Hauling!

Call our Alameda office at (510) 371-0075 for additional details about our residential junk removal services or make an appointment online.

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Our Commercial Junk Removal in Alameda, CA., and the Surrounding Areas

  • Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Property Management Cleanout
  • Storage Facility Cleanout

Commercial Equipment Removal

Commercial Scrap Metal Pick Up

Large scrap metal products from your business could be challenging to recycle. We can manage scrap metal quickly and effectively since we are knowledgeable and experienced. The commercial scrap metal pick-up services offered by Junk King Alameda make recycling large amounts of metal simple. Our staff delivers your scrap metal to nearby recycling facilities, where it is processed into brand-new production raw materials. We take pride in our dedication to recycling and strive assiduously to raise the standard in this area.

Construction Debris Removal

There will probably be a lot of garbage produced throughout the construction process. Cleaning up construction sites might take time away from other crucial tasks. When you choose Junk King Alameda to clear a worksite of construction debris, you can concentrate on finishing your job while we take care of the cleaning. By having our skilled staff promptly and effectively collect and eliminate trash, you will save time and money.

Office Furniture Removal

When it’s time to replace your furniture, getting rid of the old pieces could be difficult. There is always a chance that office furniture will sustain damage that cannot be repaired. It makes sense to use Junk King Alameda to get rid of outdated workplace furniture. Our skilled staff will aid us in moving all your old office furniture and properly disposing of it by recycling it or donating it to a charity, doing all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Property Management Cleanouts

Being responsible for the upkeep of the rental properties you oversee is one of your essential duties as a property manager. Doing a thorough cleaning when tenants vacate a house is frequently required to get rid of any trash or unwanted items. Junk King Alameda offers dependable cleanout services to property management firms at prices that are competitive with the market. Our professionals will promptly remove any undesired objects from the property, giving you plenty of time to get the place ready for the new tenant.

Storage Facility Cleanouts

Self-storage facility administration requires the control of abandoned items that previous tenants have left behind. Facilities managers could put much effort into organizing storage spaces and picking up trash. Any storage facility may be cleaned effectively and successfully by Junk King Alameda. The procedure will be simple and stress-free for owners and management as we swiftly remove undesired items from storage facilities.

Haul It Today

For more information on our commercial junk removal services, call us at (510) 371-0075 or make an appointment right now on our website. Cleanup services for your commercial space are available from Junk King Alameda.

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Book Online & Save $20*

*Except below the minimum. Cannot be combined.

How Does Junk Removal Work With Junk King Alameda?

3 Easy Steps To Make Junk Removal Simple and Fast for You in Alameda, CA

How Does Junk Removal Work in alameda

It is simple to get rid of clutter and useless objects thanks to Junk King Alameda. Working with us will get you the greatest bargain possible, and the process is straightforward.

Step #1: We Come To Your Property

15 to 30 minutes before your appointment, we’ll give you a call to confirm our arrival. A team of two workers will typically visit your place to assess how much room your project will need on our big red truck. You will always be able to identify our skilled haulers since they wear Junk King apparel.

Step #2: Get A Free Estimate

A free on-site estimate will be given to you to provide you with the most accurate cost for your junk removal service. You are not required to start services after the estimate. However, we can typically remove your junk while there if the pricing is acceptable to you.

Finding affordable junk removal services is straightforward. Select the one that best satisfies your needs:

Remember that you only pay for the truck space that you actually utilize. You won’t pay more to go upstairs or downstairs because the whole cost of labor is already factored into the pricing. Working with Junk King puts you in great hands!

Step #3: Enjoy Full Service Junk Removal Done For You

We manage everything as part of our full service for you! Your possessions don’t need to be gathered in one spot. You may just leave everything as it is.

Are there any items in your basement, upstairs, or garage? Wherever it is, our professionals will take care of it. We make it simple for you to declutter!

At Junk King Alameda, we accept almost everything except hazardous waste. Do you own any large, heavy items, such as appliances or furniture? We’ll deal with it. Do you need to get rid of construction or yard waste? We will handle it as well!

Furthermore, Junk King Alameda will donate, recycle, reuse, or otherwise put up to 60% of whatever we receive to good use. Junk King established the bar for how our sector may conduct itself properly and sustainably by becoming the first to offer junk removal based on recycling.

After each appointment, our skilled staff will clean up the area, giving you more space, less strain, and a huge grin on your face.

Price Match Guarantee

Have you obtained an estimate from another business? Junk King guarantees to match or beat any written estimate. To make an accurate comparison, competitors must be duly licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, we retain the right to reject assignments less than our expenses. We want to be of service to you! Call our team right away at (510) 371-0075 for a free estimate, or fill out our online form.

Why Choose Junk King Alameda for Junk Removal

We Recycle As Much As Possible With Our Junk Removal Team in Alameda

Junk King Alameda demonstrates a robust commitment to reducing landfill waste by placing a high emphasis on recycling, repurposing, and donating the items they collect. Our primary goal is to divert a significant portion, up to 60%, of the materials removed toward recycling, repurposing, or charitable donations. Within the junk removal industry, Junk King has established itself as a pioneer, leading the charge in recycling efforts and setting an admirable example for others to emulate. We actively promote responsible and sustainable practices, underscoring the significance of waste reduction and the adoption of environmentally friendly methods.

Reduce Costs and Time

It’s worth emphasizing that Junk King utilizes trucks that are 20% larger than those employed by our competitors. This larger truck size offers a substantial advantage, enabling our team to accomplish tasks more efficiently and expeditiously than our peers. Furthermore, we provide competitive pricing, establishing ourselves as the top-value option in the industry. This results in time and cost savings for our esteemed customers!

Same-Day Appointments

For those in need of swift junk removal services, Junk King Alameda offers the convenience of same-day appointments. Our team is dedicated to delivering a smooth and efficient removal of unwanted items. Customers can trust in the proficiency of our experienced crew and the distinctive big red truck to handle the task, streamlining the entire junk removal process for a trouble-free and convenient experience.

Get Price Match Guarantee

Junk King Alameda offers a Price Match Guarantee, assuring that we will match or beat any written estimate you receive from competitors. To be eligible for this comparison, competing companies must possess the necessary licenses, bonding, and insurance and adhere to eco-friendly disposal practices. However, it’s essential to recognize that Junk King reserves the right to decline any job that falls below our operational costs.

Enjoy Full Service Junk Removal Done For You

You no longer need to go through the trouble of gathering your items in one place because, with Junk King, we take care of all the logistical details for you. Whether your belongings are scattered throughout your house, garage, yard, upstairs, or in any other location, our dedicated team will go wherever needed to efficiently remove them on your behalf. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team of professionals wears easily identifiable Junk King uniforms, making it simple for you to recognize them while they are on your property.

Experience The Industry’s Top-Rated Customer Service

When you choose to work with Junk King Alameda, you’ll promptly notice our unwavering dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to deliver an outstanding experience to each and every customer, and we go the extra mile to clean up the area once the job is completed. Our commitment to ensuring customer contentment is a significant factor in why Junk King consistently receives high ratings, both within the local community and on a national level.

Support Local Business

When you choose to utilize the services offered by Junk King Alameda, you actively support a locally owned and operated business, which, in turn, contributes to job opportunities within your immediate community. We take great pride in being fully licensed and insured, providing you with peace of mind. We are committed to promptly addressing and resolving the situation in the unlikely event of any property damage.
Your satisfaction and the support of our community are of utmost importance to us, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering top-notch junk removal services while making a positive impact on the community. We are delighted to serve various neighborhoods and cover multiple zip codes, ensuring that our services are accessible and available to a diverse range of customers in:

  • Alvarado
  • Arlington
  • Burleson
  • Cleburne
  • Dallas
  • Alameda
  • Haltom City
  • Joshua
  • Keene
  • Kennedale
  • Mansfield
  • Weatherford

If your town is not listed here, call us at diverse range of events organized by Junk King to benefit the local community.

Call Junk King

If you require junk removal services, Junk King Alameda is fully prepared and eager to assist you. To get started, you can get in touch with us by either calling (510) 371-0075 or submitting an online request for a free quote. Our highly skilled junk removal team is ready to provide you with the necessary support and information to address your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us right away to begin the process of expertly and efficiently removing your unwanted items.

Junk King Alameda Proudly Serves Alameda, CA., and the Surrounding Areas


Junk Removal Services Made Easy in Alameda, CA.


Junk King Alameda is your reliable ally in environmentally conscious junk removal, guided by a steadfast mission to simplify decluttering while championing environmental responsibility. Whether you’re a homeowner needing additional space or a business aiming for a cleaner environment, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service. Contact our dedicated team for a junk removal experience prioritizing eco-consciousness and stress-free service, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Our comprehensive services cater to diverse needs, including furniture and appliance disposal, as well as the management of construction debris and yard waste. At Junk King Alameda, no task is considered too challenging—our skilled team handles all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to responsible disposal. We meticulously direct recyclable materials to suitable facilities and donate reusable items to local charities, actively contributing to a more sustainable future. By partnering with Junk King Alameda, let’s work together to create cleaner, organized spaces while safeguarding our environment for future generations.


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Embarking on a junk removal project in Alameda or the nearby regions? Put your trust in the expertise of the team at Junk King Alameda. Fully equipped and just a phone call away at (510) 371-0075, our team is ready to address your questions and guide you through the process, ensuring a clutter-free space that prioritizes your satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to reach out – restoring an organized and spacious environment is just a phone call away with Junk King Alameda.

Albany, CA’s Trusted Junk Removal Services

Junk King Alameda is the top junk removal company serving the thriving community of Albany. Our exceptional services cater to all your rubbish transportation needs for both residential and commercial properties. We are committed to providing superior junk pickup services and are happy to offer free quotes and answer any questions you may have.


Residential Junk Removal Services in Albany, CA

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free can be a daunting task, especially with junk piling up quickly. At Junk King Alameda, we understand this struggle and offer reliable household junk removal services in Albany to help you declutter your space.

Our team of professionals is equipped to handle all types of household waste, from outdated appliances and electronics to unwanted furniture. We take on projects of any size, including single-item pickups and full-house cleanouts. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that we recycle, repurpose, or donate as much of the waste as possible, minimizing our environmental impact and benefiting the community.


Commercial Junk Removal Services in Albany, CA

At Junk King Alameda, CA, we also cater to the junk disposal needs of businesses in Albany. We understand that commercial spaces may require frequent cleanouts, renovations, or equipment removals to stay organized and productive.

Our commercial waste removal services are tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring efficient and timely junk disposal. Whether you need to declutter your store, renovate your office, or get rid of old equipment, our skilled team will work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. We have the expertise to handle a wide range of commercial junk, including e-waste and construction debris.

  • Why Choose Junk King Alameda for Your Junk Removal Needs?

    1. Professional and Efficient Service: Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to delivering efficient and courteous debris removal services. We arrive on time and fully prepared to make the junk removal process hassle-free for you.

    2. Eco-Friendly Approach: At Junk King Alameda, we prioritize eco-friendly junk disposal to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

    3. Fair Pricing: Our transparent pricing policy ensures that you only pay for the space your junk takes up in our truck, with no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

    4. Fully Licensed and Insured: You can have peace of mind knowing that Junk King Alameda is fully licensed and insured, providing you with a worry-free junk removal experience.


    About Albany, CA

    Albany, CA, a charming city nestled along the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay, offers a unique blend of small-town charm and urban convenience. Boasting a rich history dating back to the early 20th century, Albany has evolved into a vibrant community known for its diverse population, excellent schools, and thriving arts scene. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to the city’s scenic beauty, with picturesque views of the bay and nearby hills providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and birdwatching in the nearby Albany Bulb and waterfront parks. Additionally, Albany’s bustling Solano Avenue serves as a vibrant commercial hub, offering an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes, while the nearby Albany Twin Theater provides a venue for independent and classic films, further enriching the city’s cultural landscape.

    Furthermore, Albany’s commitment to environmental sustainability and progressive values is evident in its numerous green initiatives and community-driven projects. The city’s dedication to promoting alternative transportation options, such as biking and public transit, has earned it recognition as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the Bay Area. Moreover, Albany’s strong sense of community is fostered through various local events and festivals, including the Solano Stroll, an annual street fair that attracts thousands of visitors each year. With its small-town atmosphere, vibrant cultural scene, and stunning natural surroundings, Albany, CA, offers a welcoming haven for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the Bay Area.

    Contact Junk King Alameda

    For all your junk hauling needs in Albany and surrounding areas, Junk King Alameda is the go-to company. We offer professional, convenient, and guaranteed services for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us at (510) 371-0075 or book online for an estimate and schedule our junk haulers from Junk King Alameda.

Dumpster Rental Alameda
When you choose to rent a dumpster from Junk King, you can expect friendly service, convenient drop-off, on-time and fair, flexible pricing. With Junk King’s dumpster rental services you pay ONLY for the space you use.

Junk King’s dumpsters are easy, affordable and convenient. Rent a dumpster today for your DIY project, cleanout, and disposal needs. Book a dumpster online today and save $30.

Pricing Features

Pay ONLY for the space you use:

  • Minimum - As low as $380
  • 1/2 MINI - $420 - $420
  • Full - As low as $580

Great pricing, no hidden fees

Flexible drop off

Driveway friendly

Ranked #1 nationally

For commercial customers, the idea of renting a dumpster for loading and staging debris and rubbish is a common practice. For most homeowners and other residential customers, maybe not so much.

However, the fact is that renting a roll off dumpster can be a terrific way for making any DIY residential or commercial cleanup project far easier, faster, and safer. Not to mention far more cost-effective than multiple trips to a local landfill or waste transfer station.

And a dumpster rental from Junk King Alameda means that most of your junk, waste, and debris won’t end up in a landfill anyway!

So, why would you choose to use one of our unique MINI Dumpsters for your cleaning and junk removal needs?

Because, as we all know, almost any demolition, renovation, or new construction project will generate piles of debris and other waste. This could be any number of projects from a major landscaping makeover to a bath or kitchen remodel, home construction, or even the dismantling and removal of an old deck, fence, or shed.

And no one really wants to deal with unsightly and potentially dangerous piles of debris cluttering up a work area, waiting to be cleared out, loaded into a truck, and then hauled off for disposal.

Which is why a dumpster rental from Junk King Alameda is the best way to stage and contain that junk!

Not sure how to make that happen? Here’s everything you need to know about booking, renting, and using a Junk King MINI Dumpster rental today.

Learn more about our dumpster rental services.

Self-Service Dumpster Rentals in the East Bay

One of your first questions may be “Why Junk King?”

Simply because Junk King Alameda offers the best, most reliable, and most affordable dumpster rental services in Alameda and the surrounding area. We can help you with your junk removal no matter what you’re working on!

Junk King Alameda offers two different services for junk removal and disposal in the Alameda area.

  • In addition to our top rated full-service junk removal for both residential and commercial customers, we also offer provide you with our convenient and efficient dumpster rental service featuring our driveway-safe and easy-to-use Junk King MINI Dumpsters.
  • We refer to this as our “self-service” option because, after our Junk King delivery team drops off one of our large capacity, 12-cubic-yard roll off dumpsters in your driveway or at your curb, you load it with your junk, rubbish, and debris yourself.

However, that really is the extent of the “self-service” part of our highly efficient and convenient self-service option. Once you’ve either filled your dumpster rental or, more likely, simply finished with all your cleanup, our friendly and courteous dumpster rental team will return to pick it up after three days.

And during those three days, you can fill our MINI Dumpster with any waste and debris from whatever project you’re working on. Or you can use it to load all the unwanted junk from your home or office. One of the common uses for our MINI Dumpster rentals is to collect all the trash, junk, debris, and other unwanted materials that homeowners get rid of from their garages.

Dumpster Rentals from Junk King Alameda for All Your Junk Removal Needs

Alameda Dumpster Service

Other uses can include residential construction debris, excess or bulk trash and garbage, removing and disposing of old appliances that no longer work, and broken or unwanted furniture, exercise equipment, and toys.

Once the three days of the standard rental period are up – or your cleaning project is completed, whichever comes first – the highly trained and efficient Junk King Alameda dumpster rental removal team will pick up your dumpster rental and transport it back to our sorting facility.

Once there, we fulfill the core of our company’s mission to recycle or reuse whatever we can and ensure that the remainder is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Choosing our self-service dumpster rental option is often far simpler and more affordable than making use of our full-service junk removal for homeowners, renters, contractors, small business owners, and anyone else who needs a quick, convenient, and straightforward way to get rid of junk or debris.

While many junk removal needs tend to be the one time, “come and get it” situation where a customer has some junk or debris that they’ve gathered up or have sitting in their yard or garage. A quick trip from our full-service junk removal team is often a perfect solution in those scenarios.

But for other junk removal needs, not so much!

Many times, our customers find themselves engaged in projects that produce piles of junk and debris day after day – and they really can’t or don’t want to be working around those piles. And even if they have the vehicles and resources to haul them off themselves, they either don’t have the time or simply don’t want to deal with it.

And we get it.

According to one source, there are just three landfills in Alameda County serving a population of almost 1,700,000 people, or one landfill for every 190,000 households. And that can make for some long lines!
Of course, there are several waste transfer stations, as well, but really, who has time for that?

Why Junk King Alameda’s MINI Dumpsters Offer Maximum Usability

Don’t let the name MINI Dumpster fool you!

Our user-friendly roll off dumpsters offer the convenience of a relatively small footprint combined with a massive holding capacity. Although our easy to load debris bin is just under eight feet wide and not quite twelve feet long, this almost five foot tall dumpster can hold up to 12-cubic feet of junk.

So, how much is that exactly?

For comparison, a full-size pickup truck bed, filled to the brim, can hold just over two cubic yards of material. Which means that a Junk King MINI Dumpster will hold SIX TIMES that amount!

Or another way to visualize twelve cubic feet is to imagine stuffing our dumpster rental with 12 standard size washers or dryers. With three rows of four machines, you would still have room to spare for junk on top of them all. What this means for most folks is that you can shove old furniture, appliances, broken toys, swing sets, cracked kiddie pools, and all sorts of large, bulky junk items inside our MINI Dumpster.

full service junk removal

Oh, the things you can get rid of!

For those who happen to be moving out of their home, a MINI Dumpster rental can be a great tool for staging all the assorted trash, junk, and debris most homeowners tend to get rid of when they’re packing to leave.

And when you get to your new home there’s bound to be dozens, if not hundreds, of used moving boxes, packing paper, and various other materials that will be piling up as you unpack and try to get situated. A roll off dumpster rental place in your new driveway facing the garage can be a lifesaver!

The bottom line is that Junk King’s MINI Dumpster rentals have more than enough room for all the trash and debris that is produced by most home renovations, for example, as well as most other large cleaning or DIY projects.

One of the many great features of our MINI Dumpster can be filled with just about anything except for hazardous waste.

Most debris dumpsters are large, unsightly, steel boxes equipped with solid steel wheels and hard to open doors on one end. Not so with the MINI Dumpster.

Access to our dumpsters is quick and simple which makes loading it a breeze. And our MINI Dumpsters are always clean, brightly painted in Junk King red, and are fitted with special polymer wheels that make it safe for driveways and asphalt.

So, unless you think you’re going to end up with enormous amounts of trash and junk that you really don’t want to load, or don’t have the manpower to load yourself, then our efficient and cost-effective dumpster rental service is probably the best option for most cleanup needs.

Junk King Alameda and Dumpster Rentals – A Tradition of Fair and Transparent Pricing

Dumpster Rental Alameda Self Service

At Junk King, we have always prided ourselves on not only our top rated service and the fact that we pioneered genuinely green junk removal, but also on our fair and transparent pricing.

Whether you’re looking for full-service junk removal or want to book one of our Junk King MINI Dumpster rentals, you can always be assured that you’re getting the best prices in your area. That’s because we have always committed ourselves to ensuring that Junk King’s junk removal pricing is always fair, flexible, and transparent.

Junk King offers a low minimum charge and, unlike with our competitors, you’ll only pay for the space your junk takes up in our trucks or MINI Dumpster rentals.

And we never surprise you with added fees or hidden charges!

So, when it comes to pricing for our versatile Junk King MINI Dumpsters, you may be asking “How does it work?”

It’s actually quite simple and upfront. Our dumpster rental pricing has three tiers:

  1. Minimum
  2. Half-full
  3. Full

For most vendors in the roll off dumpster rental industry, the standard practice is to charge a single price for a dumpster rental, regardless of how much junk is removed. However, Junk King does things differently.

We provide flexible pricing options to give our customers better value in an all-in-one price.

And unlike many other dumpster rental service companies that make it difficult for you to obtain a price estimate, at Junk King we believe in and practice fair and transparent pricing. That’s because we genuinely want to make it easy for you to get a price prior to choosing Junk King.

Once you’ve decided to book your dumpster rental with us, you’ll find our pricing tiers easy to understand.

Our minimum price is the lowest amount we charge to drop off and pick up the dumpster rental. That means if you have only a few items, you can easily qualify for the minimum charge. And if your junk fills the dumpster to about half-full, you’ll pay about 30 percent less that the cost for a full dumpster. Then, if your junk and debris fills up more than half of a MINI Dumpster, you’ll simply pay the full price for our dumpster rental service.

Remember, with Junk King, whether you choose our full-service or self-service junk removal options, you pay only for the space you use.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Self-Service Dumpster Rentals and Full-Service Junk Removal for the Alameda Region

If you’re planning a multi-day project and want a safe and convenient method for “staging” your junk and debris, you can opt for one of our MINI Dumpster rentals. However, if you already have a pile (or more) of junk to be picked up, you can also choose to make an appointment for Junk King’s full-service junk removal.

With our full-service junk removal process, our professional team will come to your home, place of work, or even a construction site to load up any junk or debris you need removed. Once it’s all loaded, they will transport it back to our sorting facility to be properly disposed of or recycled.

Of course, just as with our self-service dumpster service, Junk King Alameda can haul away anything aside from hazardous waste.

Full-service junk removal is also a smart choice if you’re just looking to make your cleanup chore a little easier and don’t relish the thought of filling a dumpster all by yourself. Instead, you simply point, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting!

And when you do choose to book a dumpster rental from Junk King Alameda, you can expect friendly service, convenient drop-off on-time as promised, and fair, flexible pricing.

Junk King’s MINI Dumpsters are easy to use, affordable, and convenient. So, book a dumpster rental from Junk King Alameda for your large DIY project, cleanout, and other junk disposal needs.

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Go DIY and conquer junk like a pro.




  • Fair, flexible pricing
  • Convenient drop-off
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • Driveway friendly
  • 1 Junk King Mini = 4 regular pickup truck loads



  • Place anywhere - folds up when empty
  • Three cubic yards of debris
  • Up to 3,300 pounds of junk
  • 1 Junk King Dumpster Bag = 4ft w x 8ft l x 2.5ft h

What Makes Us DIFFERENT?


Junk King provides a top-rated, fast, safe and eco-friendly disposal service at affordable prices to make the whole process easy for you. Our experienced team will have the manpower to haul off your items without damaging any of your home or business on the way out.

Our king size trucks are 20% bigger than our competitors; bring you king size savings with more volume for less money.




Whether it's clearing out the attic, garage, or basement, count on us to handle the heavy lifting and hauling. From old furniture to bulky appliances, we can help you remove any unwanted items from your home.




Our commercial junk hauling services are tailored to businesses of all sizes, from offices to retail stores and beyond. Trust us to handle the debris and waste, so you can focus on the business at hand and ensure a smooth transition.



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