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We guarantee to beat any written estimate

We will dispose of your junk properly, recycling up to 60% of every job. We are the only national junk removal company with sorting facilities in our locally owned locations. We sort, reuse, recycle, and donate as much as we can to be a responsible waste removal partner for a better tomorrow.




  • Free, upfront estimates
  • Price match guarantee
  • Fast & friendly service
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • 1 Junk King Truck = 6 regular pick up truck loads


Junk Removal Toledo

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal in Toledo



Meet the Owner

Brad and Jessica Menard are the King and Queen of Junk King Toledo. Brad’s family owned a salvage yard, used car towing and auto repair business that taught him about running a company, the importance of recycling and about customer service. Jessica has a background in HR and real estate, and she is able to use her knowledge to navigate marketing, and local, state, or federal law when working through developing systems for their Junk King franchise.

Both Brad and Jessica have their Master’s degrees. Jessica has been able to apply her education to her career through policy development, best practices in HR, marketing, staff recruitment and retention. Brad has a degree in educational leadership and policy studies which focused on diversity and inclusion, helping him to provide consistent positive experiences with his community, staff and customers.

The Menards decided to become Junk King franchise owners as they wanted to help protect the environment by keeping items out of landfills, all while helping the community and providing jobs for residents.

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Junk King Toledo’s state-of-the-art technology systems allow customers to schedule a pick-up in real time. With the online booking system all it takes is a few clicks and within a matter of minutes, your junk removal can be scheduled. Our trusted haulers can assist with furniture removal, yard debris pickups, attic clean outs and appliance recycling. Junk King is eco-friendly and can help keep your neighborhood clean and green.

Schedule your next junk removal with our Toledo team by calling (419) 827-3806 or book online.

Residential Junk Removal

Items We Take – Residential Items

  • Appliance Removal
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Furniture Removal
  • Garbage & Trash Removal
  • Home Renovation Debris Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Refrigerator Disposal
  • TV Disposal
  • Yard Waste Removal

Whether you reside in Arcadia, Bowling Green, Perrysburg, or Toledo, you will eventually need some junk removed from your property.

It’s probably safe to assume that every homeowner and renter occasionally has to get rid of junk. And for the majority of us, it can be a difficult task.

Tossing out unneeded stuff is a problem for many people in the Toledo region. But we’re not referring to everyday trash or the stacks of old magazines in the den. Those things may often be disposed of in recycling containers or normal garbage.

Junk is what we mean. That would be bulky garbage, a lot of junk, or junk that is difficult to transport!

But what can people do to get rid of it? Get in touch with Junk King Toledo at (419)827-3806 today!

See Our Residential Services

Commercial Junk Removal

What We Take – Commercial Items

  • Commercial Equipment Removal
  • Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Property Management Cleanout
  • Storage Facility Cleanout

Businesses also have junk to get rid of.

In fact, it might be argued that businesses produce significantly more trash annually than do homeowners or renters. The EPA estimates that corporations and industries in the United States contribute over 90% of the country’s municipal solid waste (MSW).

Additionally, both for-profit and charitable businesses require garbage disposal services.

So, whether you’re a business owner or manager in charge of your company’s trash removal, you can relate to the aggravation. The amount of waste you need to eliminate is sometimes far greater than what would fit in the available commercial trash or recycling dumpsters.

Your trash management company can often arrange a special “bulk item” pick-up, however this service typically has additional costs. And you frequently need to schedule a pickup appointment.

This arrangement isn’t practical if you need commercial junk removal more frequently than two or three times a year.

Therefore, you need to come up with a different approach. Call Junk King Toledo at (419)827-3806 for all your commercial junk removal needs.

See Our Commercial Services

Junk King Dallas – How Junk Removal Works

Working with Junk King Dallas is easy. And we work hard to keep it that way.

  • Step #1: We Come To Your Property
  • Step #2: Get A Free Estimate
  • Step #3: Enjoy Full Service Junk Removal Done For You

a href=”tel:4198273806″>Junk King Toledo offers a streamlined and effortless junk removal process designed to make it as convenient as possible. First, our team of experts will visit your property to assess the situation. Then, you’ll receive a complimentary estimate for the job. You’ll only be charged for the space your items occupy in our truck.

You can sit back and relax as we provide full-service junk removal, taking care of everything for you. We prioritize recycling and repurposing whenever feasible. Plus, you’re backed by our price match guarantee, ensuring you receive the best value for your removal needs. For more information, click the link below.

Learn More About How it Works

Why Junk King

Our Difference

  • Environmentally Friendly, Recycling as Much as Possible
  • Save Time and Money
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • #1 Top-Rated Customer Service
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Bigger Trucks/Best Value
  • We Give Back to the Community

When it comes to junk removal in Toledo, OH, no one does it better than Junk King Toledo. You will be able to take advantage of full-service junk removal. We’ll try to recycle or reuse as many of your discarded things as we can. Because our vehicles are 20% bigger than those of other firms, you’ll receive affordable rates and the best value in the industry.

Junk King Toledo is a locally owned and operated business with years of experience in the field. Additionally, you’ll help a company that gives back to the community. Except for hazardous waste, we can handle practically everything. Our staff can complete the task quickly and correctly whether you require one vehicle or several. We are eager to assist you! To learn more about the Junk King advantage, including our price match promise and other details, click the link below.

Why Junk King

Areas Served By Junk King Toledo

Proudly Serving Toledo, OH., and the Surrounding Areas

Junk King Toledo is the reliable solution for junk removal in Toledo, OH. Our commitment to the local community drives us to efficiently clear away any non-hazardous junk you may be dealing with. A hassle-free option to handle your junk removal needs independently is using Junk King Toledo. Just reach out to us, and we’ll promptly take care of hauling away your junk. Whether it’s appliance removal or construction debris, we’re equipped to handle all kinds of junk and debris removal, catering to residential and commercial properties. Discover the areas we cover and allow us to streamline your junk removal process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Junk Removal

Managing junk removal, debris removal, and hauling services can be overwhelming. To streamline this process, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide encompassing all the vital details regarding our services. As you delve into our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below, our primary objective is to assist you in identifying the services that align most effectively with your specific needs. Our mission is to ensure that your junk removal experience is as stress-free and straightforward as it can possibly be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Residential Junk Removal in Toledo, OH., and the Surrounding Areas


Junk King Toledo is locally-owned and operated and proud to serve the Greater Toledo Area! We offer reliable appliance removal services, and we can take away a variety of appliances, including:

  • Appliance Removal
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Furniture Removal
  • Garbage & Trash Removal
  • Hot Tub Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal

We also offer self-service dumpster rentals!

Appliance Removal

Household appliances don’t last forever, and when it’s time to replace them, you’ll need to get rid of the old ones. Junk King Toledo is here to help with all your residential junk removal needs!

Instead of taking your old appliances to the landfill, we prioritize recycling. Many components of these appliances can be recycled, such as steel, aluminum, glass, and plastics. At Junk King Toledo, we are committed to being an eco-friendly company, and recycling is a crucial part of our residential junk removal services.

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dishwashers/Trash Compactors
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Stoves/Ovens/Microwaves
  • Water Heaters
  • Washing Machines/Dryers
  • Water Heaters
  • Washing Machines/Dryers

Estate Cleanout

Clearing out an estate can be a demanding task, but Junk King Toledo is here to make it easier for you. Our courteous staff provides efficient and qualified residential junk removal services to help you declutter your property and get back to living your life.

When you schedule an appointment with us, we arrive punctually and provide you with an accurate quote before starting the work. Our certified and insured junk hauling experts remove all unwanted items from the residence, including furniture, trash, and other belongings. We take care of the mess, so you can focus on more important matters.

Whether it’s a small residence or a large estate, Junk King Toledo has the equipment and personnel necessary to handle the job.

Furniture Removal

Getting rid of old furniture can be a hassle, especially when it’s heavy and bulky. When you partner with Junk King Toledo, we take care of all the hard work for you. Not only do we save you from the heavy lifting, but we also prioritize recycling your old furniture pieces, contributing to a greener environment.

Here are some examples of the types of furniture we can pick up from you:

  • Couches
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Desks

Garbage & Trash Removal

If you need trash removal more frequently than your waste management company provides or if they refuse to collect bulk garbage items, Junk King Toledo is here to help. Our convenient and environmentally friendly trash removal service makes it easy to dispose of large amounts of trash. Our skilled personnel can remove your bulky waste without causing any damage to your home, and we ensure that as much trash as possible is recycled at approved facilities.

Hot Tub Removal

Moving or disposing of a hot tub on your own can be a challenging task. But with Junk King Toledo, you can relax and leave the job to us. Our timely, secure, and environmentally friendly hot tub removal service takes care of the entire process. Our removal specialists will disassemble and load the hot tub onto our vehicle, and we ensure that your old spa is properly disposed of, including transportation to recycling facilities.

Mattress Disposal

When it’s time to replace your mattress, Junk King Toledo offers quick, secure, and environmentally responsible mattress disposal services. We have the tools and expertise to remove your outdated mattress and bed frame without damaging your house. You won’t have to worry about carrying trash to the curb because we handle everything. We ensure that your mattress or bed is recycled in a sustainable way.

Television Disposal & Recycling

If you have an old television, computer monitor, or CRT television that you need to dispose of, Junk King Toledo can help. We provide safe and environmentally friendly residential junk removal services, including television disposal and recycling. Our team can handle the removal of large flat screen units, ensuring that they are properly disposed of.

Foreclosure Cleanout

Foreclosed residential properties often require special cleaning, and Junk King Toledo is ready to assist. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a representative of a bank or financing company, we provide professional residential junk removal services for foreclosure cleanouts. We understand the importance of quick and effective cleanups to prepare the property for sale or rent.

Yard Waste Removal

Cleaning up yard waste can be a time-consuming task, especially when you have a significant amount of debris to remove. Junk King Toledo specializes in yard waste removal, making it easier for you to tackle major outdoor cleanups or landscaping projects. From grass clippings and leaves to lumber, sheds, fencing, and even hot tubs, we handle it all. Instead of struggling with transporting yard waste to a landfill, let us do the hauling for you.

Let’s Get Hauling!

For more information on our residential junk removal services, contact our Toledo office at (419) 827-3806 or book an appointment online.

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*Except below the minimum. Cannot be combined.

Our Commercial Junk Removal in Toledo, OH, and the Surrounding Areas

  • Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Property Management Cleanout
  • Storage Facility Cleanout

Commercial Scrap Metal Pick Up

Recycling large scrap metal items from your business can be a complex process. Knowing where to take it and how to handle it requires expertise. At Junk King Toledo, we offer commercial trash removal including commercial scrap metal pick up services to make recycling your large metal debris hassle-free. Our team takes your scrap metal to local recycling facilities, ensuring that it is transformed into new materials for manufacturing. We take pride in our commitment to recycling and lead the industry in recycling efforts. We are here to assist with all your commercial trash removal.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction projects often generate a significant amount of debris and waste. Managing the removal of construction debris can be time-consuming and divert resources from the core construction tasks. By partnering with Junk King Toledo for construction debris removal, you can focus on completing your project while we handle the clean-up. Our professional team efficiently removes and disposes of construction debris, saving you time and money.

Office Furniture Removal

When it’s time to upgrade your office furniture, disposing of the old pieces can be a hassle. Damaged furniture that cannot be sold or donated often ends up being a burden for businesses to handle. Junk King Toledo offers a convenient solution with our office furniture removal services. Our team will handle all the heavy lifting and hauling, ensuring that your old furniture is disposed of responsibly through donation or recycling.

Property Management Cleanouts

As a property manager, maintaining clean and presentable properties is essential to attract tenants. When transitioning between tenants, properties often require thorough cleanouts to remove trash, junk, and debris. Junk King Toledo provides efficient and affordable property management cleanout services. Our team will swiftly remove all unwanted items, allowing you to prepare the property for the next tenant promptly.

Storage Facility Cleanouts

Managing a self-storage facility comes with the challenge of dealing with abandoned items left by previous tenants. Clearing out storage units and disposing of the abandoned junk can be time-consuming for facility managers. Junk King Toledo offers hassle-free storage facility cleanouts. We will swiftly remove all unwanted items from the storage units, making the process easy and stress-free for facility owners and managers.

Haul It Today

To learn more about our commercial trash removal services, you can conveniently book an appointment online or reach us by phone at (419) 827-3806. Junk King Toledo is here to assist you with all your commercial trash removal needs.

How Does Junk Removal Work With Junk King Toledo?

3 Easy Steps To Make Junk Removal Simple and Fast for You in Toledo, OH.

How Does Junk Removal Work in Toledo

Junk King Toledo is a professional and experienced junk removal company that makes it easier to get rid of clutter and unwanted items. The process is simple, and you will get the best deal working with us!

Step #1: We Come To Your Property

We’ll call you 15 to 30 minutes before your appointment to confirm our arrival. For most jobs, a team of two workers will come to your location to determine how much space your project will require on our large red truck. Our expert haulers are always dressed in Junk King attire, so you will always know who is on your property.

Step #2: Get A Free Estimate

The most precise price for your junk removal service will be provided via a free on-site estimate. The estimate is free, and you are not obligated to start services. However, if the price is agreeable to you, we can generally remove your trash while we are there.

It is simple to find low-cost garbage removal services. Choose the one that best meets your requirements:

Keep in mind that you only pay for the truck space you use. Going upstairs or downstairs will not cost you any additional money because the full labor cost is already included in the price. You’re in excellent hands when you work with Junk King!

Step #3: Enjoy Full Service Junk Removal Done For You

We handle everything for you as part of our full service! Your belongings do not have to be grouped in one location. You could simply leave things where they are.

Do you have anything in your garage, upstairs, or basement? Our experts will take care of it wherever it is. We make decluttering easy for you!

With the exception of hazardous waste, we take practically everything at Junk King Toledo. Do you have any big, heavy objects in your home, such as furniture or appliances? We’ll take care of it. Do you need to dispose of yard waste or construction debris? We’ll take care of it as well!

Furthermore, up to 60% of everything we collect will be donated, recycled, reused, or repurposed by Junk King Toledo. Junk King was the first junk removal company to offer junk removal based on recycling and continues to set the benchmark for how our industry can operate responsibly and sustainably.

Our professional personnel will clean up the area after each service, leaving you with more room, less strain, and a big smile on your face.

Price Match Guarantee

Have you received a quote from another junk removal company? Junk King will meet or beat any written estimate. To give a true comparison, competitors must be properly insured, bonded, and licensed. We also have the option of declining any job. We are delighted to help! Please contact us as soon as possible!

Why Choose Junk King Toledo for Junk Removal

We Recycle As Much As Possible With Our Junk Removal Team in Toledo

Junk King Toledo will recycle, reuse, repurpose, or donate as much as possible – typically up to 60% of what we haul to lessen the amount of trash we transport. To be more environmentally responsible, Junk King pioneered the practice of recycling for junk hauling services.

Save Time and Money

Did you know that Junk King’s trucks are 20% larger than those of other businesses? This indicates that we can complete your job more quickly and effectively than our competitors. Additionally, you will get the best value and price available, saving you both time and money!

Same-Day Appointments

Are you in a rush and need prompt junk hauling services? There are usually same-day appointments available for our junk hauling services. Junk King Toledo is open on Sundays to make things even easier for you. We will collaborate with our staff to help you eliminate your unwanted items. When our big red truck arrives at your house with our trained staff, you can relax knowing that your possessions are in good hands.

Price Match Guarantee

Any written estimate will be met or beaten by Junk King Toledo. Competitors must be duly licensed, insured, and bonded for a fair comparison. Additionally, we retain the right to reject any job lower than our expenses.

Full Service Junk Removal Done For You

We take care of everything regarding junk hauling services, so you don’t have to worry about organizing your belongings in one place. If there is clutter in the living room, garage, yard, upstairs, or anywhere else, our staff will clean it out for you. In addition, you may rest easy knowing that everyone on your property who is qualified to be there will wear a Junk King uniform.

Experience The Industry’s Top-Rated Customer Service

With Junk King Toledo, you’ll experience how well we serve our clients firsthand. We provide each customer with a wonderful experience and even tidy up after ourselves. As a result, Junk King enjoys a strong reputation locally and nationally.

Support Local Business

Hiring Junk King Toledo, you support a locally owned and operated business. As a result, you’re encouraging employment in your community as well. We are licensed and insured, and you’ll be glad to know that we’ll make it right if your property is ever damaged.


Choose A Company That Gives Back to the Community

When it comes to trash removal, no one does it like Junk King Toledo. We like participating in numerous community initiatives, such as yearly festivals. Each Junk King location is free to choose how it wishes to support the communities it serves. We help the community by holding a yearly toy drive at Junk King Toledo called HAULidays. Find out more about the neighborhood-enhancing activities that Junk King has planned!

Call Junk King

If you need help clearing away unwanted items, Junk King Toledo is here to help. For a free quote from a member of our professional junk removal crew, contact us as soon as possible at (419)827-3806.

FAQ’s for Junk King Toledo

Everything You Need to Know About Junk Removal

Junk King Toledo strives to offer exceptional junk removal, debris removal, and hauling services to our clients. Nevertheless, some individuals may not be well-acquainted with the intricacies of these services. As the top choice in the Toledo region, we are here to assist you in determining the available services and identifying your specific needs. Explore our frequently asked questions or reach out to us at (419) 827-3806 for further information.


What is Junk King San Francisco?

Junk King Toledo is a highly-rated junk removal company in Toledo, proudly owned and operated locally. We provide residential and commercial clients with reliable, comprehensive junk hauling and removal services. Our services extend to Toledo, OH, and its neighboring regions.

How do I get rid of junk in Toledo?

At Junk King Toledo, our junk removal process is straightforward and hassle-free. Select a day and time that suits you, and we’ll give you a 15-minute advance call before our arrival. If you approve of our quote, we’ll promptly remove your unwanted items. We can dispose of nearly anything except for hazardous waste materials.

How do you charge customers for junk removal?

At Junk King Toledo, our pricing is determined by the space your items occupy on the truck, ensuring that you only pay for what you use. Our distinctive BIG red trucks can accommodate 20% more volume than our competitors, delivering superior value and more competitive pricing. We are committed to offering fair and transparent pricing, and to demonstrate our commitment, we offer a free estimate along with a price match guarantee.

What can I do with unwanted or old furniture?

The furniture you no longer need could hold value for someone else. At Junk King Toledo, we make a conscious effort to reduce our landfill contributions. We achieve this by prioritizing recycling, donating, and repurposing items whenever possible.

Can Junk King Toledo take my old hot tub?

Certainly, we’re here to assist you! Junk King Toledo is fully equipped to manage junk removal of all sizes, including the removal of hot tubs. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll promptly arrange a pickup. While removing a hot tub can sometimes be a sizable project, depending on its location, you can trust Junk King Toledo to handle it professionally. Whether it’s behind a fence, on your deck, or even indoors, we can work with you to safely remove it.

How do you get rid of a house full of junk?

No task is too large or too small for Junk King Toledo. Simply sit back, unwind, and leave all the heavy lifting to us during your upcoming furniture removal project.

What size dumpster do I need?

Junk King Toledo provides a single dumpster size option, 12 cubic yards in capacity, and conveniently fits within a standard parking space. Our dumpsters offer ample space and are designed to be safe for your driveway, featuring rubber wheels to prevent damage.

Does Junk King Toledo offer remote payment?

Certainly, Junk King Toledo is pleased to offer remote payment options. One of our team members will contact you and process your payment over the phone. This convenient feature means you don’t need to be at home when we provide curbside pickup or yard waste removal services.

How do I get rid of an old refrigerator?

Junk King Toledo can efficiently remove old refrigerators as part of our appliance removal services. Just give us a call, and we’ll handle the removal and proper disposal of your old refrigerator.

Can Junk King Toledo haul construction debris?

Yes, Junk King Toledo can handle construction debris hauling for residential and commercial projects. Our experienced team will ensure the proper disposal of your construction debris, and if needed, we can provide you with a C&D (Construction and Demolition) recycling receipt upon request after visiting the relevant transfer station.

Where can I throw away furniture in Toledo?

If you prefer the DIY route, you can certainly check with your local garbage company or a nearby junkyard. However, if you want to save time and alleviate stress, simply give us a call. Kick back, unwind, and let Junk King Toledo handle all the heavy lifting for your upcoming furniture removal project.


Contact Junk King Toledo

Should you have any additional questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of junk removal experts today. You can also get in touch with us by calling (419) 827-3806. We’re here and ready to assist with any inquiries you may have.


Junk King Toledo Proudly Serves Toledo, OH., and the Surrounding Areas

Junk Removal Services Made Easy in Toledo, OH.

Junk King Toledo offers efficient and eco-conscious haul away services in the Toledo region. As a dependable junk removal company, we take pride in assisting homeowners, businesses, and communities with decluttering, improving cleanliness, and getting organized. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today; we are fully prepared to assist. With our capable team and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to simplifying and streamlining your junk removal experience.

Our array of junk removal services encompasses a broad range, spanning from the disposal of old furniture and appliances to the removal of construction debris and yard waste. Regardless of the project’s size, Junk King Toledo is equipped to handle it. Our experienced team arrives promptly and handles all the heavy lifting, sparing you from any physical strain. We prioritize responsible disposal practices, ensuring recyclable materials are directed to appropriate facilities and reusable items are donated to local charitable organizations. By selecting Junk King Toledo, you are reclaiming your space and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.


Junk King Toledo currently serves the following areas:

Junk King Toledo: Your Go-To Solution for Junk Removal in Bowling Green, OH

Welcome to Junk King Toledo, your trusted partner for professional and efficient junk removal services in Bowling Green, OH. If you find yourself surrounded by clutter, old furniture, or unwanted items, our team is here to simplify your life by providing reliable and eco-friendly junk removal solutions.

Our Services:

At Junk King Toledo, we offer a comprehensive range of junk removal services tailored to suit the unique needs of Bowling Green residents. Our services include:

1. Residential Junk Removal: Clear out your home effortlessly by letting us take care of items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, and more.

2. Commercial Junk Removal: Businesses in Bowling Green can rely on our professional team to efficiently clear out office spaces, retail locations, warehouses, and more.

3. E-Waste Disposal: Ensure responsible disposal of electronic waste, including computers, printers, and other electronic devices.

4. Construction Debris Removal: If you’re undertaking a construction or renovation project, we can handle the removal of construction debris, making the cleanup process hassle-free.

5. Yard Waste Removal: From branches and leaves to old fencing and landscaping debris, we’ll help you tidy up your outdoor spaces.

Why Choose Junk King Toledo:

1. Eco-Friendly Approach: We prioritize environmentally responsible practices, aiming to recycle or donate as much of the items we collect as possible. Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart in the junk removal industry.

2. Professional Team: Our trained and insured crew members are dedicated to providing excellent service. They arrive punctually, work efficiently, and leave your space clean and clutter-free.

3. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprises! With our upfront pricing model, you’ll receive a clear estimate based on the volume of items to be removed.

4. Local Focus: As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the unique needs of Bowling Green. Our commitment to the community drives us to deliver personalized and reliable services to our neighbors.

How It Works:

1. Schedule Your Appointment: Reach out to us by phone or book online to schedule a convenient appointment for your junk removal needs.

2. On-Time Arrival: Our professional team will arrive at your location as scheduled, ready to assess the items you need removed.

3. Upfront Estimate: We provide a no-obligation estimate based on the volume of items to be removed. You’ll know the cost before we start the job.

4. Efficient Junk Removal: Upon your approval, we’ll quickly and efficiently remove the items, leaving your space clean and clutter-free.

5. Environmentally Responsible Disposal: We dispose of items responsibly, striving to recycle or donate whenever possible to minimize our environmental impact.

About Bowling Green, OH:

Nestled in the heart of Wood County, Ohio, Bowling Green exudes a unique blend of small-town charm and vibrant energy. Home to Bowling Green State University, this community of approximately 32,000 residents thrives on a rich history, a strong sense of community, and a commitment to education.

Contact Us Today:

Ready to reclaim your space in Bowling Green, OH? Contact Junk King Toledo for reliable, professional, and eco-friendly junk removal services. Let us help you create a clutter-free and more enjoyable living or working environment. Trust Junk King Toledo to be your partner in simplifying your life through responsible junk removal!


Efficient Junk Removal Services in Sylvania, OH.

Welcome to Junk King Toledo: Your Trusted Partner in Junk Removal for Sylvania, OH.

At Junk King Toledo, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch, efficient junk removal solutions tailored to the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Our dedicated team is here to address your inquiries and provide complimentary quotes.


Residential Junk Removal Services in Sylvania, OH.

We recognize how quickly clutter can accumulate in your home, posing challenges in maintaining a clean and organized living space. That’s precisely why we offer specialized residential junk removal services in Sylvania. Our mission is to help you regain control of your home environment and transform it into a clutter-free sanctuary.

Whether you’re dealing with unwanted furniture, outdated appliances, old electronics, or any other household items, our expert team is fully equipped to handle all your requirements. Every task is manageable for Junk King Toledo, and we approach each project with the utmost care.

We take great pride in our eco-conscious approach, diligently working to recycle, repurpose, or donate a significant portion of the collected junk. This commitment minimizes our environmental impact and contributes to the betterment of our local community.


Commercial Junk Removal Services in Sylvania, OH.

Junk King Toledo is also your reliable partner for addressing the diverse junk removal needs of businesses in Sylvania. Commercial spaces often require periodic cleanouts, renovations, or equipment removal to maintain functionality and productivity.

Our commercial junk removal services are tailored to meet the unique demands of your business, ensuring prompt and efficient junk pickup. Whether you’re renovating your office, upgrading equipment, or decluttering your retail space, our professional team is well-prepared to work swiftly and precisely to accomplish the task.

From construction debris to electronic waste, we have the expertise to handle a wide range of commercial junk items responsibly. You can have complete confidence that your business’s specific needs are in capable hands with Junk King Toledo. We’re here to streamline your commercial junk removal process, allowing you to focus on running your business efficiently.

  • Why Choose Junk King Toledo for Your Junk Removal Needs?

    We appreciate your consideration of Junk King Toledo as your preferred partner for junk removal in Sylvania, OH. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve you and assist in creating a clutter-free, well-organized, and eco-conscious living or working environment. Here are compelling reasons to choose us:

    • Professionalism and Efficiency: Count on our experienced team to efficiently manage debris removal services professionally. We arrive promptly and fully equipped, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free junk pickup experience.
    • Eco-Friendly Commitment: At Junk King Toledo, we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our dedication to responsible disposal methods means we divert junk from landfills whenever possible, contributing to a greener planet.
    • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent, ensuring you only pay for the space your junk occupies in our truck. There are no hidden fees or surprises.
    • Licensed and Insured: You can have peace of mind knowing that we are a fully licensed and insured junk removal service provider, providing confidence throughout the entire junk hauling process.

    We’re here to make your junk removal experience as smooth and environmentally responsible as possible. Contact us for all your junk removal needs in Sylvania.


    About Sylvania, OH.

    Nestled in the charming northwest corner of Ohio, Sylvania is a picturesque suburb known for its community-centric atmosphere and a perfect blend of residential comfort and natural beauty. With a population that values the balance between small-town charm and modern conveniences, Sylvania offers a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

    One of Sylvania’s notable features is its commitment to green spaces and parks, contributing to its reputation as a serene and family-friendly community. The Olander Park System, with its scenic lakes, walking trails, and recreational facilities, provides residents ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature. Additionally, the city hosts various community events, fostering a sense of unity among its diverse population.

    Sylvania’s vibrant downtown area showcases a mix of historic architecture and contemporary amenities, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Local businesses, shops, and restaurants contribute to the city’s thriving economy, offering residents an array of choices for entertainment and dining experiences. With a strong emphasis on education, a tight-knit community spirit, and a commitment to preserving its natural charm, Sylvania, Ohio, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-balanced suburban living.

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