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We guarantee to beat any written estimate

We will dispose of your junk properly, recycling up to 60% of every job. We are the only national junk removal company with sorting facilities in our locally owned locations. We sort, reuse, recycle, and donate as much as we can to be a responsible waste removal partner for a better tomorrow.




  • Free, upfront estimates
  • Price match guarantee
  • Fast & friendly service
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • 1 Junk King Truck = 6 regular pick up truck loads


Junk Removal Salt Lake City

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal in Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas

Junk King Franchise Owner

Meet the King of Junk Removal in Salt Lake City

Since October 2020 Junk King, Salt Lake City has been a family affair. Owner Luke Wren and his brothers Tim Wren and Doug Wren have been operating the business and providing superior value, service, and effort to homeowners and businesses in Salt Lake City.

How The Business of Removing Junk in Salt Lake City Began

“I wanted to join the Junk King team to be able to grow and expand a business that is doing innovative and environmentally friendly work”, Luke says. The fact that Junk King is the highest-rated junk removal company in North America and guarantees to beat written estimates from comparable operators intrigued the Wren brothers.

Luke Wren brings more than 15 years of experience in running a business and managing a successful team as well as a degree in economics from the University of Utah.

Junk Removal In Salt Lake City is About Serving A Community Through Environmental Stewardship

The philosophy here is recycling and reusing wherever possible. Doug Wren reports that, “we recycle, repurpose, or reuse upwards of 60 percent” of residential and commercial waste. Blending a dedication to unparalleled customer service and environmental stewardship is crucial for the Wren brothers who handle jobs of all sizes, for both residential and commercial customers.

What It Means To Work With The Pros of Junk Removal in Salt Lake City

“Junk King Salt Lake City is a community business that is a family business” says owner Doug Wren. “For me, there’s real satisfaction answering the call and asking, ‘what can we help you with?’ To know that I’m helping someone and that I’m making a difference is the culture that’s transmitted to our junk removal crews. And, and they are driven by this culture of spreading good in the incredible community of Salt Lake City.”

As junk hauling and handling professionals, we focus on environmentally safe residential and commercial junk removal that serves surrounding communities such as Bountiful, UT, Centerville, UT, Magna, UT, Herriman, UT, Salt Lake City, UT, Draper, UT, Park City, UT, Sandy, UT, South Jordan, UT, and Alpine, UT.

If you live in the Salt Lake City area and need junk hauled off, you can get in touch by calling (801)849-9609, texting an image over to (801)849-9609, or using the online pricing estimator to save some “green” while going green.

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Residential Junk Removal in Salt Lake City, Utah

Planning on getting rid of junk in your home but don’t really know where to start? We can save you the time, hassle, and expense of driving to a landfill by responsibly disposing junk. For instance, removing unwanted furniture in a responsible, sustainable manner is our daily mantra. Sofas like the one pictured are removed daily from our clients homes and then taken back to our warehouse for evaluation of where it would best be served. Donations, repurposing, reusing, etc is our goal.

This before and after comes from a resident in Centerville, UT We find the locals of Centerville to be eco friendly and earth centric.
Want more before & afters? Take a peek inside Salt Lake City’s Diary of a King here.

Many homeowners are surprised to find how much time and money they save because you can set up an appointment around your schedule and wait for the big red truck to give you a call 15 minutes out from your appointment. No need to drive to the dump or arrange for friends to help or rent a huge van! Junk King’s employees are efficient, professional, fully insured, and environmentally conscious.

Junk King Salt Lake City is committed to recycling wherever and whenever possible as well. Doug Wren says that, “As a community, we’ve got to find better ways to recycle, repurpose, and reuse and we have a fleet of trucks and really good people to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on being a full-service junk removal company that have the resources to safely haul away junk, even bulky furniture, out of your home and into the big red trucks. Consider booking your next appointment to have help with:

  • Furniture Removal
    We frequently separate items in the truck so that they can easily recycle and pack other items to dispatch at a nearby donation facility. It is all in a day’s work at Junk King Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Television Disposal and Recycling
    Electronic waste – such as televisions, laptops, and CRT monitors – contain harmful heavy metals that should be responsibly disposed of. This is where Junk King Salt Lake City comes in. Around a quarter-billion televisions are sold around the world every single year, and this can create a lot of unnecessary waste and pollution to landfills if the old televisions are not disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.We can recycle these items whether they’re working or not; Junk King will try to reuse or donate still-functional electronics in the Salt Lake City area.
  • Yard waste
    Yard waste is sometimes known as ‘biological’ or ‘organic’ waste. It includes all kinds of ‘organic’ waste which can be composted. Grass clippings, bushes, and leaves are all examples of ‘organic’ waste. We go beyond taking compostable waste by taking ‘inorganic’ waste as well; this includes stuff like gardening equipment and fencing.
  • Hot tubs
    Hot Tubs are one of those bulky items that are often neglected because many homeowners in Salt Lake City don’t know what to do with them, but once they are removed the sheer amount of space regained is celebrated.
  • Trash
  • Mattresses
    Approximately 80 to 90 percent of mattresses can be broken down and recycled, but finding a new home is often preferable. Doug Wren, Junk King Salt Lake City owner has found that, “some mattresses can be donated, some mattresses can be recycled.” Donating beds and mattresses in particular are priorities because these items can do major harm in landfills but major good if given to local charities and others who could use them.
  • Electronics
    The philosophy here is recycling and reusing wherever possible. Doug Wren reports that, ‘we recycle, repurpose, or reuse upwards of 60 percent’ of residential junk. That means, for instance, that the electronic waste (e-waste) could wind up with local Salt Lake City charities and underprivileged schools rather than polluting the air and soil by festering for years in landfills.
  • Appliances
    Regular household appliances like microwaves, stoves, and water heaters frequently contain steel, aluminum, and glass. These materials can be recycled, and any harmful heavy metals which your appliances might contain can be safely dealt with. An HVAC unit, for instance, contains steel, copper, aluminum, and brass parts that can essentially be melted down to create new appliances, thereby reducing waste.
  • And much more!

Just Point And It's Gone! Here's How It Works...

Luke, Tim, and Doug Wren from Junk King Salt Lake City can remove residential waste and handle all kinds of jobs, big or small. Everything from estate cleanouts, foreclosures, and hoarder cleanouts to removing a no-longer-needed mattress or a few appliances is within Junk King’s wheelhouse! Junk King is the top-rated junk removal company in North America partly because of its commitment to ‘green’ junk removal.

To get started simply select a date and two-hour service window by calling (801)849-9609, texting an image of the junk you need removed to (801)849-9609, or going online and using the online pricing tool to receive an estimate. Junk King will call you 15 minutes before arriving at the time you specified. Once at your property, Junk King will have a look around, provide you with a price, and get started once you agree! It is that easy!

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Commercial Junk Removal in Salt Lake City, UT

Doug Wren calls helping other businesses to downsize or remove old junk ‘a big focus’ and adds “we are passionate about partnering with businesses in our community”. The Wren brothers, owner of Junk King Salt Lake City, were in the business world for decades before starting their journey with Junk King in October 2020, so they recognize the importance of efficiency and getting things right the first time when it comes to working with other local businesses.

Junk Professionals that are insured and committed to excellence

Commercial junk removal ultimately boils down to two choices for businesses – whether to deal with junk removal ‘in house’ or hire a junk removal company to handle it for you. Many businesses initially opt for the former option, viz., handling it in house.

The problem handling and hauling away junk “in house”, while it might seem at first that you are saving money, it means diverting an employee from his or her regular duties of getting rid of junk around the job as well as placing the businesses at risk for asking and employee who isn’t insured for that type of work to perform a job outside of their role.

This brings us to the other option of hiring a junk removal company to handle commercial junk removal for you. Junk King Salt Lake City will come in the ‘big red trucks’ to remove cumbersome, bulky items and do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Our commercial junk removal services come in handy for local businesses looking to get rid of old equipment or property managers hoping to get a space ready for the next renter. The US Census Bureau reports that nearly one-fifth of renters relocate annually, so there’s a decent chance this regular turnover will mean that you will need commercial junk removal in any given year.

How is Residential Junk Removal Different from Commercial Junk Removal? Read more here.

Many businesses are confronted with this situation – there’s such a sudden inundation of large items after a move or renovation that they’re pushing or exceeding the limits of the commercial trash bins. Scrap metal or broken pieces of office equipment might not be eligible for selling off. In that case, by far the best option is getting us to come to your property or workplace and take it off your hands.

Partnering With Salt Lake City Businesses in “Going Green”

A lot of commercial use equipment is actually made from metal that can be recycled. Scrap metal could be anything aluminum and aluminum alloys to copper, gold, nickel, silver, tin, lead, and zinc. Although gold might sound like the ‘odd man out’ in that list, it is actually a periodic element and used in many electronics. Lead is used in electronics as well, and it is best to keep that out of landfills!

Doug Wren from notes that, ‘Junk King Salt Lake City does take a lot of e-waste‘ and ‘that’s the worst stuff to send to the landfills‘. But how do we partner with businesses who have shared values in green junk removal? The process works like this, according to Doug Wren: ‘we have a bin in our warehouse dedicated to e-waste, and every week another company takes all of this e-waste metal from us to recycle…we store it until we have enough of a truckload‘.

Beyond metal, Junk King also takes construction debris, works with restaurant owners in cleanouts, as well as Salt Lake City’s Realtor in foreclosure cleanouts, etc. If you are a business and need your space turned around quickly, the Salt Lake City professional team can haul it off.

Commercial junk removal services can include the following:

If you’re a business in the Salt Lake City area looking to hire an experienced, professional, and efficient company for commercial junk removal, then call Junk King at (801)849-9609 or text a picture to (801)849-9609. Save $20 by booking online for jobs of $99 or more!

Free, on-site estimates for Salt Lake City businesses!

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How It Works

It’s straightforward and easy to do business with Junk King Salt Lake City, and we’re working hard to keep it that way.

And you’re interested in finding out how much it will cost, right?

We always recommend getting a free, no-obligation quote prior to choosing to schedule a consultation with us.

  1. You can call and let us know what you need disposed of or recycled and we can provide you with an estimate over the phone.
  2. In addition, you can obtain an estimate by texting us a photo of your items and we will text you back an estimate.
  3. We also have a great online Pricing Estimator that you can use for full service junk hauling.
  4. Or you can simply book online! Once our team arrives, you can get an on-site, no obligation pricing estimate.

So, are you prepared to schedule a consultation with Junk King Salt Lake City? We’ve also made that simple.

Select a day and a two-hour timeframe once you have an estimate. Before arriving at your house or place of business, our friendly and competent staff will call you 15 to 30 minutes in advance. All you have to do is point when we arrive, and we’ll promptly and effectively remove and haul off your rubbish.

How It Works

Why Junk King Salt Lake City?

  • Owners, Luke, Tim, & Doug Wren are passionate about keeping as many items as possible out of landfills, where they can potentially harm the air quality by releasing methane or leaching chemicals into the soil.
  • Owned and operated by the Wren brothers— solid businessmen and entrepreneurs with a passion for customer service and partnering with the local businesses of Salt Lake City— attributes of a great junk removal company that is adding value to the Salt Lake City community and surrounding areas.
  • Junk King Salt Lake City is the go-to junk removal service company for a reason – namely, superior value, service, and effort. We have insured and experienced workers ready to handle your next residential or commercial junk removal. Check out our raving reviews!
  • The sheer number and variety of items that we take also sets it apart. In terms of residential junk removal, Junk King can take large furniture, appliances, renovation debris, bookcases, yard waste, chairs, and desks. Proof that Junk King can handle just about any job is that they take huge refrigerators, hot tubs, and all kinds of construction debris.
  • We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, so whenever and wherever possible Junk King will look to recycle, reuse, repurpose, or donate items like beds and mattresses as well.
  • We have formed partnerships with local vendors and recycling centers, which know how to handle recyclable materials like metal scraps from renovation projects.
  • Junk King has bigger trucks than many competitors, which means that you can have jobs completed more quickly and therefore at a much better price.

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Junk King’s dumpsters are easy, affordable and convenient. Rent a dumpster today for your DIY project, cleanout, and disposal needs. Book a dumpster online today and save $30.

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Items We Take


Couches & Chairs

Couches & Chairs

Tables & Dressers

Tables & Dressers









Go DIY and conquer junk like a pro.




  • Fair, flexible pricing
  • Convenient drop-off
  • Pay only for the space you use
  • Driveway friendly
  • 1 Junk King Mini = 4 regular pickup truck loads



  • Place anywhere - folds up when empty
  • Three cubic yards of debris
  • Up to 3,300 pounds of junk
  • 1 Junk King Dumpster Bag = 4ft w x 8ft l x 2.5ft h

What Makes Us DIFFERENT?


Junk King provides a top-rated, fast, safe and eco-friendly disposal service at affordable prices to make the whole process easy for you. Our experienced team will have the manpower to haul off your items without damaging any of your home or business on the way out.

Our king size trucks are 20% bigger than our competitors; bring you king size savings with more volume for less money.




Whether it's clearing out the attic, garage, or basement, count on us to handle the heavy lifting and hauling. From old furniture to bulky appliances, we can help you remove any unwanted items from your home.




Our commercial junk hauling services are tailored to businesses of all sizes, from offices to retail stores and beyond. Trust us to handle the debris and waste, so you can focus on the business at hand and ensure a smooth transition.





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