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Junk Removal Tucson

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal in Tucson

Junk King Franchise Owner

Meet the Owner

Marnie Prince is the owner of Junk King Tucson and enjoys serving the people of Pima County with dependable junk removal services. Following her career in banking and finance, Marnie developed a “passion for junk” in 2018. Her interest in helping people and the environment was the driving force in her successful shift to a career in junk removal management.

She began pursuing business ownership in the industry after two years of working with a Portland junk removal service. Junk King stood out because it matched all her criteria. Prince brings to Tucson experience, knowledge and dedication to eco-friendly solutions. She considers her work fun because every day is a new and different exciting adventure.

The value Marnie feels for her job is what Junk King can do for the people of Tucson. She’s happy to bring new life to a homeowner’s backyard. Removing stacks of junk to start new gardens creates a magical feeling that can spread through neighborhoods.

Another dimension to Marnie’s sustainability philosophy is she and her team are helping future generations reduce waste. Contributing to more eco-friendly approaches will be crucial for the entire business world in the coming years. Marnie is at the forefront of advancing sustainability in the Tucson community.

Under Marnie’s leadership, Junk King Tucson donates as many items as possible to help local charities. Another benefit to the community is Junk King’s team goes anywhere in the Tucson area. That saves everyone from driving to the dump or a recycling center themselves.

Each day brings new compelling social scenarios about how today’s society prepares for the future. The path to the future involves removing items that have fallen into the past. One day the team hauls away an old scratched up pool table and the next day it’s forgotten physical fitness equipment, there is no telling what the next call will be!

Residential Junk Removal

Items We Take

Some of the most common household Items we take include: paintings, curtains, rugs and carpeting. The outdoor materials Junk King collects include construction debris like concrete and yard debris like tree branches. Ultimately, we look for recyclable materials such as concrete, steel and wood. Our team regularly moves a wide range of furniture such as desks, couches, tables, chairs, shelves and beds.

House Clean Out

A complete house clean out is one of our regular specialties that Junk King does for the real estate industry. Some of these clean outs involve bank foreclosures while others are for homeowners planning to sell their homes. Another reason for a home or office clean out is when the owner has invested in new furniture, appliances, or just needs to free up some space.

Appliances Removal

We have years of experience in hauling away washers, dryers, stoves, ovens and refrigerators. Removing swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor structures is also within the capabilities of our seasoned team.

How each item is recycled

Here are important steps JK takes to recycle each item:

  • Inspect the item
  • Research its value as a used product
  • Assess whether it can be repaired or converted into something else
  • What we can’t repurpose ourselves, we deliver to recyclers or donate to charity. We are constantly examining new strategies to reduce the waste that ends up in a landfill.

Pipe Organ Challenge:

Large musical instruments are no problem for Marnie, as she’s removed pianos and organs. Once she was hired for a storage unit clean out and saw a pipe organ when she arrived. It presented an unusual challenge due to having a massive number of pieces.

Pipe Organ Solution:

It took two trips to remove the pipe organ, then Marnie’s team was unable to donate the instrument anywhere. But they were successful at recycling all the pieces and parts. As with over 60 percent of what Junk King collects, she saved the instrument from ending up in a landfill. Restoring an instrument of that complexity shows Junk King’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Commercial Junk Removal

One of the most crucial factors for a business hiring any contractor that does heavy lifting is whether it carries proper credentials. Junk King is licensed in Arizona and is fully bonded and insured. Additionally, our staff is well trained and highly skilled at office, warehouse and factory clean outs.

What might take an individual DIY project days to complete takes us a matter of hours. We assess your removal needs then show up with the right size and number of trucks to handle the necessary volume.

No Job Too Big

Commercial junk removal often requires larger clean outs than home projects. Sometimes Junk King helps warehouses remove unused inventory to make room for new products. We have our own warehouse at our office where we constantly refine logistics to better serve our clients.

Our warehouse gives up plenty of space to work with for sorting out collected junk to decide the fate of each item. It’s where we disassemble machines and determine what we can donate or reuse. We are very cognizant at planning the least number of trips possible from our warehouse to a landfill or recycler.

Building a Community

When a business hires Junk King it’s like meeting new friends who want to provide comfort. Local owner Marnie Prince has cultivated an atmosphere of team spirit with the goal of improving quality of life in Tucson. But that’s also because the company carefully screens franchisee applicants to ensure they support Junk King’s vision of sustainability and helping society.

Junk King was launched in 2005 in San Carlos, California by childhood friends Michael Andreacchi and Brian Reardon. Five years later the private company opened up franchising opportunities, developing a network of over 100 franchises. In 2011 INC. Magazine listed Junk King as one of the ten most promising franchises of the year.

We have even issued our own awards to franchisees at our annual Junk King National Convention.

How It Works

  1. Select a date and a two-hour window.
  2. Expect a call from us 15 minutes before our scheduled arrival time.
  3. If you agree with our estimate, we will begin removing your junk.

Customer Focused

We know your time is valuable so we work around your schedule and complete the project as swiftly as possible. But we also take the time to clean up any mess on your property that results from removing items. Our team understands the value of your property as well and will take extra precautions to ensure your property is not harmed in the process.

Our years of experience have bought us insights on how to stay focused on your goals so that no time is wasted. We also know that clear communication with you is essential so that there’s no misunderstandings about what stays or goes.

Affordable and Sustainable Commercial Junk Removal

The fees we charge pay for labor time, the size of the vehicles or dumpsters and fuel costs. As believers in sustainability, we make the journey as economically and environmentally efficient as possible. We determine the appropriate logistics to complete the job in a fast-paced time frame.

Why Junk King

Junk removal is not an easy task for most people attempting it the first time. Even though it seems like something anyone can do, most people aren’t equipped with the right safety gear and knowledge to handle clean outs effectively. But if you hire experienced Junk King professionals, your unwanted junk will be gone fast so you can move on.

We work with some of the largest-scale industries in Arizona, such as construction. It’s an industry that generates significant waste required to be removed from work sites. We are able to seamlessly remove large chunks of concrete and other debris that can’t just be thrown in local dumpsters.

Tucson and other Arizona cities are working on protecting one of the state’s top industries threatened by climate change: tourism. An estimated 80 percent of the state’s travel and tourism industry relies on out-of-state visitors. Tourism has led to an investment of nearly $300 million in construction between 2010 and 2020.

The hospitality industry has been going through transformation to ensure travelers stay in a safe and clean lodging facility. Junk King is able to help hotels that have hired contractors for renovation work. Our junk removals services at renovation sites help keep multi-million dollar projects on schedule.

Joining a Green Team for Sustainability

Sustainability is the solution to many environmental and social problems. Junk King is a pioneering firm in sustainability, ensuring unwanted junk from the community is recycled. The more we contribute to sustainability, the stronger our business model becomes.

Recycling and sustainability continue to be a priority for Tucson residents. Junk King is proud to be a part of making this environmentally conscious community a cleaner place to live. Tucson has gained a 4-STAR community rating in the STAR Community Sustainability Rating System. The city was one of the first 20 in the United States to join this national certification program.

The 7 themes in this program are:

  1. Built Environment: improving quality of life at home and the workplace
  2. Climate & Energy: adopt cleaner, more efficient solutions that reduce waste
  3. Economy & Jobs: helping streamline companies to create economic opportunities and shared community prosperity
  4. Education, Arts & Community: raising community awareness
  5. Equity & Empowerment: allowing for community participation
  6. Health & Safety: creating cleaner and safer community conditions
  7. Natural Systems: protecting and restoring natural resources

Six areas in which Tucson was awarded perfect scores:

  1. Outdoor Air Quality
  2. Business Retention and Development
  3. Community Water Systems
  4. Natural Resource Protection
  5. Water in the Environment
  6. Industrial Sector Resource Efficiency

Tucson further scored high on Civil and Human Rights, Safe Communities, Climate Adaptation and Active Living. In other words, it’s a city that cares about its people and improving the quality of life. Likewise, Junk King has a clutter-free vision of making life better for homeowners, renters and the business community.

Junk King has contributed to each of these sustainability objectives directly or indirectly through junk removal jobs. We help industrial firms operate more efficiently by removing large equipment that takes up storage space. Letting precious space go to waste is unnecessary since you can call us anytime to remove unused heavy machinery.

For the commercial world, working with Junk King adds to your business credibility of going green. Knowing that your old items will be reused in the future in a meaningful way gives you green content to publish on your website. The more all of us share ideas on how to help the environment, the more we are collectively working to achieve sustainability.

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