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Monthly Archives:

Get Your Old Fence Hauled Away With One Call To Junk King

We can all agree that some junk hauling jobs are easier than others. Even though moving a sofa requires at least two strong movers, it is a less complicated job than removing an old fence. Fortunately, there is a company that can handle both. That would be Junk King Jacksonville. These are the professional junk haulers who have the experience and the muscle power to get this type of job done in no time at all.

Extra Help

Every fence removal job requires a certain level of assessment on the part of the team from Junk King. The first issue is whether the two-man crew who will be assigned to your task is all you will need to get this job done in a timely manner. The answer to that will depend on just how much fence is coming down and how it is secured into the ground. Having additional team members can certainly help things go quicker. Junk King’s goal is to get the work completed in a single session. If they feel that you can benefit from additional workers, then they’ll call them up and have them sent to the job at no extra cost to you. That would be good news on this type of project.

The Real Cost

The real cost that you’ll be paying will be a flat fee based on how your fence debris is going to fit onto the back of the truck. It is just that simple. This price will be worked out before the job starts so that there won’t be any surprises at the end of the gig. If you decide you want to include other junk items in the session, then you just have to point them out to the Junk King crew beforehand and they’ll factor them into the equation. This type of work doesn’t have to be complicated when you hire Junk King from the start.

If you have an old fence that needs to be hauled away, then you can get it done with one call to Junk King Jacksonville.

Make It A Safe Summer In The Backyard

The moment school lets out, kids all across Jacksonville will head out to their backyards for a summer of fun. Whether that backyard has a swimming pool, trees to climb or just some great play areas this is where most kids will be spending their time off from homework. All moms have to do is make sure the kids have sunscreen and plenty of cool drinks. It also helps to create a safe environment in that backyard. That’s where Junk King Jacksonville can come into play. One session with these junk removal experts will have the backyard clear of any potential hazards from debris or rubbish. When Junk King is done their work let the kids go wild!

Growing Up

If you put a swing set or playground structure in your backyard for the kids, then you would know that there was to come a time when they would outgrow that. It might be sad to admit that they are growing up fast but you certainly don’t want those structures sticking around and getting in the way. They might also have become a bit rusty. The team from Junk King will be able to dismantle any type of playground structure and load up all the pieces onto the back of their truck. That will free up a lot of space in your yard and remove a big potential hazard.

Storm Debris

There could also be piles of debris left over from the last storm. That should also be removed in order to make it clear playing area for the kids. The same can be said for any leftover construction materials from a remodeling project. It could also be that you have random items like spare tires or car parts that are stored next to the garage. Those might be where mosquitoes form in pooled water. That is definitely something that needs to be taken away. All of that junk can be put on to Junk King truck in very little time. It doesn’t matter how dirty something is or how heavy it might be. It only matters to Junk King that you want to.

A summer backyard fun should start with the safe backyard. Junk King Jacksonville can make that happen with one phone call.

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