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Category Archives: Kansas City Furniture Pickup

Kansas City Grill Disposal and Recycling

Aside from the many official congregations, there is another type of religion in Kansas City and that would be barbeque. Kansas City is so serious about its style of BBQ that a couple of local enthusiasts started the Kansas City Barbeque Society with the simple mission “to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.” They accomplish this goal by not only sponsoring over 400 BBQ contests around the country each year but also by training and certifying the judges who will be charged with the daunting task of picking the best BBQ among dozens of entries.

What’s great about the KCBS is that they might be BBQ experts but they’re not BBQ snobs. They appreciate all varieties of barbeque styles including St. Louis, Texas, Memphis and Carolina. Of course, they’ll always have a soft spot for Kansas City BBQ. Anyone can become a member of the KCBS and as such will receive the monthly newsletter the Bullsheet and get discounts on sponsored events. To become a sanctioned KCBS judge you merely need to attend a half day class. It’s a safe bet this is one class that will be extremely tasty!

Of course, a barbeque society wouldn’t really be much of a society if it didn’t offer its members some inside tips on grilling, smoking and BBQ. With over 14,000 members you can count on some truly amazing recipes being made available all throughout the year.

Summer is really the premium BBQ season. It’s when most of the amateur chefs take the covers off their old grills and get them ready for some amazing dinners and cook-outs. There are some regular grillers who do a decent job of maintaining their grill all through the harsh winter months. However, most of us use our grills exclusively during the warmer months which means when it turns cold, the grill goes undercover. If this patterned has been repeated over the years then it’s a safe bet that grill has taken a beating. After joining the Kansa City Barbeque Society and getting a hold of all those exclusive recipes you don’t want to ruin them by cooking on a bad grill.

Buying a new grill is like buying a new car. You want to head out to the showroom to check out the latest models and check out what’s under the hood. Too bad you can’t bring in some ribs to really try out the grill. Before bringing you new “baby” home, you’ll have to get rid of the old clunker. That can be handled by hiring a crew of professional junk haulers at Junk King Kansas City. The old grill can’t be donated and can’t be left on the curb. It can only be picked up and carted off on the back of a truck. The good news is that same truck and also helps you get rid of any other junk you want tossed out. If you’re serious about your BBQ then get serious with your grill. Out with the old and in with the new!

Get Rid of Basement Junk in Kansas City

How did your basement hold up after the recent rainstorms? If you’re like many Kansas City residents then the answer is “not so good.” The recent swath of storms that passed through Kansas City left a lot of mess in their wake. A lot of that mess centered around flooded basements. Depending on the circumstances this type of flooding could be a real disaster. If your basement was just used for storage than water damage might have ruined a couple of boxes.

On the other hand, if your basement was used for a family room or guest bedroom then water seeping in from the outside could have destroyed carpet and furniture. One thing is for sure: where there is damp there is the potential for mold and that’s not something you want taking over your home. There’s nothing you can do about that but get rid of it all.

You can get rid of your basement junk by hiring a crew of local based professional junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City. These are teams of licensed and insured workers who have a lot of experience in all kinds of junk removal. This even means junk that is sopping wet. They won’t be bothered by the mess one bit. What they can do is help you get all that wet junk out of your home before any mold can start to grow. Once that has been accomplished you can bring in another crew of professionals to water proof the basement. This is all part of being a homeowner!

If you were spared any storm damage, count yourself lucky. However, you might not be spared from a basement full of junk that should be tossed out. It’s easy to store things in the basement. It’s just a trip down the stairs with a big box of junk then into a corner and it’s forgotten about. Once you’ve crossed that line there is no turning back as more and more junk starts to pile up. Pretty soon the junk in your basement has taken over. What was once a decent space in your home is now a storage locker. That’s no way to enjoy your basement. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a family room downstairs? Or maybe a home theatre? Or a home office? When it comes to what you could do in your basement the list is endless. Here again, Junk King Kansas City can come to the rescue.

Now, it might seem as though you’re asking a lot of these crews to make so many trips up and down your basement steps but that is exactly what they are trained for. You won’t hear any complaints. That’s where the professional attitude comes into play. The sooner you can get your basement clear of junk the quicker you’ll be able to turn that space into something productive even if that means you own quiet room!

5 Reasons to Hire Junk Haulers Kansas City

Junk. The very word conjures up images of piles of trash serving no useful purpose. Now, it is true that some Kansas City artists actually prefer to work in junk by creating sculptures and 3-D paintings with all the stuff we’ve thrown out. But can you count on an artist to stop by your place to sort through your junk. Plus, your junk might not even be art worthy! The best way to handle junk is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Kansas City to show up and take it all away. If you’ve never used professional junk haulers before then consider these reasons:
  1. You Don’t Have the Muscle: This is no slight on your work-out efforts, but more a realistic approach to getting rid of your junk. Some items like a sofa, old fridge or hunks of patio concrete simply need more than one person to lift and load. Sure you can try to be “Superman” and do the job yourself but do you really want to risk throwing out your back? You don’t have to if you hire experienced movers like Junk King KC.
  2. You Don’t Have A Big Enough Truck: Depending on how much junk you have, you might just need a very big truck. Even if you have your own pick-up you have to consider if that will be enough space. What is the alternative? Making several trips back and forth to the dump? With professional junk haulers its one trip and you don’t have to make it at all!
  3. You Don’t Have the Time: Hopefully, you’re the type of person who has taken the advice to “get a life” to heart. This means your weekends are full of activities. Even if you do have a rare weekend off from a hectic work week do you really want to spend it hauling junk? Probably not. The junk haulers you hire can show up first thing Saturday morning and be done with the job in time for you to head off to brunch! That’s going to be the start of a perfect weekend.
  4. You Don’t Want to Create an Eyesore: If you’ve got junk piling up in your front or back yard you could be getting the “stink eye” from your neighbors. Can you blame them? Put aside your indignity for a moment and think about what goes through your head when you see some yard full of junk. Don’t you think, “They should clean that up.” Well, now is your chance to reduce the risk of an eyesore by getting rid of all your junk once and for all.
  5. You Don’t Want to Mess Up the Environment: If you choose Junk King KC, you could end up having a large percentage of your junk diverted to a recycling center as opposed to a local landfill. Any time you can sidetrack garbage to recycling is going to result in cleaner air and water for everyone.
Add it all up and those are great reasons for hiring Junk King Kansas City!

Kansas City Furniture & Junk Recycling Services

The only way to truly turn our economy around is for small businesses to step up and hire more folks. That certainly seems like a simple path to recovery but is actually not that easy for a small business to hire if they don’t have any business themselves. This is why it’s so important for you to support the local businesses in your community. The more they can thrive the better off we’ll all be.
Of course, this doesn’t mean throwing money at a business just to keep them around. After all, if someone were to open up a store that only sold left-handed tools they would have a very limiting business model. And if you’re right-handed you certainly wouldn’t be expected to buy a left-handed tool! However, there are some local businesses in Kansas City that are offering the kinds of services you can use today. We’re talking about Junk King Kansas City.
Junk King specializes in removing junk, trash and any kind of garbage from any kind of place.  One of the things that Junk King Kansas City is happy to show off is its ability to go green.
Everyone knows how vital it is to recycle, repurpose and reuse. That’s the underlying philosophy that is going to help save our natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. You might already be doing your part for recycling by separating your plastics, papers, glass and aluminum cans for the rest of your garbage. But that is only a first step.
Whenever you throw something out you should stop and think “can this be recycled?” For instance, could your old sofa that you’re planning to throw be recycled?
As they have done everywhere else across the country, Kansas City’s Junk King knows all about the local recycling centers. They are happy to divert as much garbage as they can away from the landfills and to these recycling facilities. This holds true for any type of old furniture you might be getting rid of. Whether it’s a mattress, kitchen table, sofa or recliner it can all be broken apart and separated with all those base materials being sent off to the appropriate recycling center.
Working with a crew from Junk King means you’ll be having experienced movers coming into your home to take away that old furniture. There should be no worries about how professional this crew is: their reputation depends on this! All you’ll need to do is call up the Junk King, make an appointment and then be prepared to show the crew what you want taken away at the scheduled time. They’ll handle all the rest. By doing this you really are stepping up your own eco-friendly goals. You’re also helping Junk King thrive. That’s going to be good for Kansas City any way you slice it!

Kansas City Dishwasher Buying and Removal Guide

If you’re using an old dishwasher then you really don’t know what you’ve been missing. Looking back at some of the “kitchen of the future” newsreels from the 30s and 40s will prominently show some form of a dishwasher. This was considered the ultimate in modern conveniences that would help free up the happy homemaker. Today in a busy family that “homemaker” is probably holding down a job to maintain a standard of living. This means the family dishwasher is every bit as important as the refrigerator or stove in terms of keeping the kitchen in proper working order. Thanks to advances in technology was once a clunky, noisy beast is now a sleek, easy to operate and energy-efficient appliance. Is it time for you to go shopping for a new dishwasher?
First thing you might notice about new dishwashers is that their designs are much more attractive than before. Whether you’re buying a built-in, portable or compact dishwasher you’re going to find that the newer models are all fully automated and equipped with LCD screens. Forget all the knobs and buttons. You’ll be able to program your new dishwasher with just a touch of the finger. While you’re still be able to find a classic stainless steel dishwasher you also have the opportunity to pick from a variety of colors and other finishes that can match the decor of your kitchen. You can even go a little bit wild with the blue or red dishwasher that will really add a terrific accent to the room.
Dishwasher designers determine the capacity of the machine by the amount of place settings it can hold. One classic place setting is actually 10 different items. For most of us that really just means a plate, a cup, a bowl, a knife, and a spoon. This breaks down to having dishwasher for a family of 4 to 6 people only needs to cover 12 place settings while large a dishwasher can hold up to 18.
Your old dishwasher will probably have the same kind cycles as a new dishwasher; the difference is you’ll be able to program more specifically with your computer run a dishwasher. You can go with the economy cycle lower water temperatures to a normal cycle a heavy duty cycle with the hottest water. On the modern dishwasher you can even target pots and pans versus delicate dishes and put them all through the express cycle which cuts the washing time in half. That will certainly come in handy if you’re working through a dinner party.
Picking out a new dishwasher is presented with many choices. Knowing what to do with the old dishwasher really only leaves you with one choice that would be to hire a local Kansas City hauling crew like Junk King that can come in and yanked out dishwasher and take it away in one trip. As long as they’re removing dishwasher you could also line up a bunch of other junk items for them to load up their truck with. As long as you’re getting rid of the dishwasher you might even be tossing out your old refrigerator. Let a Junk King Kansas City handle that move for you.

Kansas City Patio Furniture Disposal

There is a change in the air around Kansas City. It’s not just the smell of backyard grilling that is wafting through neighborhoods. It is the smell of fresh baked pies and cakes made with hand-picked berries. This is berry picking season and savvy residents know all the best tricks of the berry picking trade. If you’ve got a big enough backyard, you might even have your own berry patch and know what a simple joy it is to fill up a basket of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries. For those who don’t have their own patch, there are plenty of pick-your-own farms all around Kansas City.
If you’re heading out to the berry farms, here are a couple of tips to insure your picking time will go without a hitch.
–  BYOB or Bring Your Own Buckets. While most farms will provide buckets you don’t want to get caught empty handed waiting for the return of other pickers. Best to bring your own and if you’ve got kids in tow make sure everybody gets a bucket.
– Freeze the Blueberries First: If you’ve pitch a peck of blueberries the best way to keep them fresh is to freeze them up. Spread the berries out on a cookie sheet right out of the bucket and slide them into the freezer. Don’t wash them! Once they are frozen, chuck them into a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer. When you’re ready for them, then you can rinse them off.
– Go Early, Go Often: The best time for berry picking is in the early morning hours before the noon day sun rises high in the sky. An even better time would be during the week to avoid the crowds and get your best pick on.
Once you get those berries home, there are all kinds of tasty treats you can whip up. Even just sprinkling them with a little sugar and munching on them in the backyard is a good way to go.
Of course, these means you also have to get your backyard ready for summer. What shape is your patio furniture and deck in? Refurbishing a deck might prove to be a daunting task but you can certainly replace that old patio furniture with the help of a Kansas City furniture removal crew like Junk King. They can swoop in on the scheduled day and haul away your old patio furniture to make room for the new.
It’s a safe bet that any patio furniture you’ve had out all winter has taken quite a beating. Between the snow, rain and winds it’s a wonder it is still standing. If you didn’t have the chance to cover up that furniture or haul it into the garage, it might be in serious trouble. Unless you plan on taking that furniture apart piece by piece it would be extremely difficult toss that furniture out in the garbage. That’s why hiring a professional team of haulers is the safest and most efficient way to clear out your backyard and get ready for berry season. Make this a summer to remember!

The Difference Between Antique and Junk Furniture

There is a fine line between a vintage antique piece of furniture and a piece of junk furniture. That might seem like a silly comparison to make. After all, you can obviously tell the difference between an antique sofa versus a junk couch, right? But when you get down to specifics you’ll find that it could be easy to confuse an antique for junk. For instance, an antique is something that is several years old. Technically, so is a junk piece of furniture. An antique is often passed down through the family. That holds true for a junk piece of furniture, too. An antique can be very expensive to buy. Well, that’s where the antique and the junk actually part company. If you want to appraise your antique you’ll want to take them to a professional dealer. If you want to get rid of old furniture in Kansas City then you should consider contacting a company who specializes in this kind of removal, such as Junk King Kansas City.

So, what kind of old furniture are you holding onto? If you’re a typical household in Kansas City then the sofa in front of the television will probably see the most traffic. This piece of furniture will also take the most abuse. Everything from the springs in the cushions being flattened to a barrage of food stains and paw prints is going to decrease the value of this sofa. On the other hand, if this was an antique sofa it wouldn’t be anywhere near your television and nobody would be allowed to sit on it!

Other kinds of junk furniture could include a child’s bedroom set. It was cute when they were 3 years old, but now that they are 16 that “airplane bed” just isn’t going to cut it. Obviously, you’d have time to stow away this old furniture as your child has grown up. Where did you put it? Basement, garage or attic? If it is in anyone of those spots it’s probably been collecting dust. This is not something a kid will want to be sleeping on, so it’s got to go.

You might also have some special furniture pieces that you bought from a certain Swedish type of store. These would be those pieces that you had to assemble yourself. You know the ones that might be falling apart or you can’t open the drawer on? Yeah, they have to go, too!

Keep in mind that just because you’ve decided to hire a professional crew to show up and haul away your old furniture doesn’t mean they have to stop there. Sure, getting rid of that old junk is important but what about all the other junk you might have around the home? Could you find some stuff to get rid of in your garage? Your basement? Your attic? Of course you could! This might mean finally getting rid of all those unfinished projects that will never get finished. Once you have clean away all this clutter, you’ll discover wide open space that you forgot you even had!

For the best in Kansas City Furniture Disposal, simply pick up the phone and dial 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Kansas City Furniture Pickup – In with the new out with the old

Kansas City residents have a long history of taking pride in their homes both on the inside and outside. There are some great gardens, amazing rose bushes and delightful holiday displays that make driving around Kansas City neighborhoods a simple pleasure. Then there are those rare occasions when some folks haven’t gotten the “good neighbor” memo. These would be the people who have decided to get rid of their old furniture by putting it out on the curb. Cluttering the sidewalk is just plain unnecessary when they could have called up a Kansas City furniture pickup company to drop over and haul it away. If your thinking about ditching that old sofa, think Junk King.

Initially, there may have been good intentions behind putting the furniture out on the curb. This would usually be accompanied by a sign saying “Free. Take Me.” In theory that’s a decent idea. Why not pass on a sofa, chair or table that might not be in that bad of shape to someone who happens by? The problem with that idea is in the timing. If someone comes by within the first hour of that piece of furniture going out on the curb and can pile it into their SUV or truck then good for them. But, if that same piece stays on the curb even for one night it is pretty much done for. Think of all the passing pups who want to leave their mark? Think of the potential for nocturnal critters to come a crawling. And don’t forget about the weather, even in perfect conditions an early morning dew is going to totally trash that sofa. Then what happens? It ends up staying on the curb and ruining the look of the entire neighborhood. Can you think of a house that has something like this out in front of them? Is it yours?

Getting rid of furniture is as easy as clicking on a website and making a call. Keep in mind that just because you might be tossing out an old sofa doesn’t mean there isn’t other junk you could be getting rid of at the same time. Junk King’s professional junk removal crew won’t mind one bit if you get them to take away a rusty fender, old tires, or kitchen appliances. In fact, you’ll make their day when they can fill up their truck with a load of junk. And don’t think that your furniture needs to end up in a landfill. Junk King Kansas City goes out of their way to recycle as much material as possible. Yes, even a sofa can be recycled. In fact, when you consider all the metal, wood and stuff that go into the making of a typical couch, you will actually be looking at an abundant amount of material that can be re-purposed and reused.

As soon as you’ve picked out your new furniture pieces and schedule a delivery day, let that be the same day that the pickup crew can come by to make space. In with the new out with the old! For the best in professional Kansas City furniture pickup services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online with Junk King Kansas City.

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