Austin Junk Hauling

The latest wild storm that ripped through Texas is a perfect example of why you need a company like Junk King on speed dial. This latest “love letter” from Mother Nature was a thunderstorm that generated winds up to 70 mph. Up to 34,000 people were left without power, trees were toppled, roofs torn up and debris landed everywhere. When the storm clouds clear, that’s when you call Junk King to provide fast and affordable cleanup.


Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. This is a reputable business that employs dependable and courteous workers. These aren’t day laborers who can’t be held accountable for their action. Junk King has built a solid reputation on positive word of mouth and that can only be accomplished by delivering on the promise of helping you with all your junk hauling needs.

Storm cleanup can get messy. It can also be labor intensive. When you hire Junk King, you won’t have to worry about either one of those issues. Junk King will be dispatching a very capable two-man team to handle all the lifting and loading duties. They’ll be doing that loading on the back of the official Junk King junk hauling truck. There will be space enough for an entire home full of furniture. Of course, you only have to use as much space as you need. You’ll still be charged the same flat rate based on the amount of that space your junk will take up on the truck. That means no labor charges, dump fees or truck rental expenses.

While it is true Junk King will be a huge benefit to have working after a storm, you don’t have to wait for debris to land in your yard for a proper cleanup. Junk King is standing by to help you remove all kinds of rubbish from your home. You just have to decide what you finally want to get rid of and tell the Junk King crew. They’ll make sure it is all loaded up safely and efficiently. When the job is done, they’ll even sweep up. Using Junk King for your junk hauling needs means you can clear out that garage to make room for a decent workbench. You can empty out your closets of all the unwanted items you’ve collected over the years. Your journey to a clutter free home begins with a junk hauling appointment from Junk King. Make the call today.