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Monthly Archives:

Pets in the Home

Pets have allergies – it’s no secret. Perhaps you’ve noticed your dog scratching himself constantly, or licking her paws and legs. Bringing relief via medicines to our poor furry housemates can be expensive. However, there’s an easy, inexpensive way to sooth your dog’s skin: A rosemary bath. Not only does it help with allergies, it’s a natural flea and tick preventative.
All you need is 2 cups of fresh rosemary and 2 pints of water.

1. Bring 2 pints of water to boil.
2. Add rosemary. Let boil 30 minutes.
3. Let cool. Strain out the leaves.
4. After your dog is freshly bathed and rinsed, apply cooled rosemary water to the dog. Do not rinse off; let it dry naturally.
5. Store excess rosemary water in the refrigerator or freezer.

As much as we love them, pets in the home can cause some damage to our living space. From eating plants to chewing furniture and shoes, dogs don’t have to try hard to find trouble. If you have chewed furniture you’ve been meaning to get rid of, call Junk-King Austin. We will take furniture, destroyed shoes, and any accumulated dog toys and beds. In fact, Junk-King Austin will clean out your garage and attic – and any other rooms – while we’re there! Let Junk-King Austin help return order to your home.

Home Organization

Cleaning out your home can be a daunting, time-consuming task. Where do you even start? How do you decide what to get rid of? Junk-King Austin wants to help. Here are some home organization tips:

  • Work on one room at a time, completing each space before you start on the next. 
  • When you walk into each room, start at the immediate left of the door frame. Move to the right, cleaning out as you go. This way, you won’t miss any areas.
  • When conflicted on whether or not to part with an item, as yourself: “If I were forced to move tomorrow without warning, would I bring this with me?”

If you find yourself overwhelmed, give Junk-King Austin a call. We will clean out your garage, attic, shed, closets, rooms, and businesses. We haul away everything*, big or small. Junk-King Austin also values recycling, passing on up to 60% of what we collect.

*Junk-King Austin does not haul away hazardous waste

Appliance & Hot Tub Removal

Unused and broken appliances take up a lot of room. No one wants old refrigerators, air conditioning units, or hot tubs just sitting around, but figuring out what to do with them is a headache of its own. They’re heavy to lift, large to maneuver, and there’s always a question of safety.

In these situations, Junk-King Austin is an answered prayer. Prepared for heavy lifting, equipped with a large truck, and knowledgeable on disposal laws, Junk-King Austin is also recycling savvy. We don’t just save your back and simplify your living space, we recycle up to 60% of what we pick up. Hot tub removal can go from an impossible task to an open space, and you won’t even feel sore afterward.

Don’t keep looking at the broken hot tub our your window. Don’t settle for a cluttered garage. Don’t keep tripping over the old heater. Call Junk-King Austin and get your home back. While we’re there, we can clean out your attic, garage, shed, closet, or business.

Guest Rooms

With September 23rd moving closer and closer, we are all looking forward to ushering in a new season: Autumn. With autumn comes the end-of-the-year holiday rush.

Thanksgiving and Christmas means families come together. If you’ve played host, you probably know well how stressful it can be to cram people into spare bedrooms. Get a jump start this year on holidays by preparing your guest rooms now. Since these rooms aren’t regularly occupied, they can become a catch-all for random objects and outdated furniture. September and October, before the holiday craziness truly hits, is the ideal time to clean out those rooms.

Whether you’re sifting through closets and under beds, or if you want to redecorate your spare rooms, Junk-King Austin is here to help. Did you know we haul away furniture? We will help with all of your junk removal needs, be they in the air conditioning or outside. Let us help make your holiday season less stressful.

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