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Don’t Let Junk Ruin Your Holiday Plans


With the holiday season upon us, you may already be feeling a little stressed out. While there are a lot of great things about the holidays, including getting to see friends and family you may not see that often, it is an incredibly busy time of the year. Whether you celebrate or not, there are often school programs, community events, and even work parties to attend. All of that plus shopping and preparing meals adds a lot to your schedule. 

The last thing you want is for your holiday plans to get ruined. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can add stress or make you change your plans at the last minute. Some of these things, like the weather or sickness, can be impossible to control. Others, such as waiting until the last minute to shop, can be mitigated by careful planning. Dealing with any junk in your home is another thing you can take care of early on so it doesn’t ruin your holidays. Here are a few of the ways junk can cause you additional stress and what Junk King Irving can do for you.

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Junk in the Garage Can Cause Several Issues

It’s easy to let your garage fill up with junk. You may plan on temporarily putting that old chair in the garage until you can ask if someone wants it. The old refrigerator you had out there for extra drinks may have recently quit working, but you just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of it yet. Unfortunately, the more this happens, the harder it becomes to actually get to things in the garage. At some point, it can even become difficult to park your vehicle in the garage

During the winter months, that can be a problem. If you live in an area that gets heavy winter storms, you may have to deal with snow, ice, and hail. Navigating to your car from the front door can be dangerous if it’s icy. You could slip and fall very easily. The ice may also freeze your door handles. If you try forcing the door open when this happens, the handle can actually break. Hail can damage your car, too, plus ice can freeze around tree limbs and cause them to fall on your vehicle. It’s much safer for your car to park it in the garage if possible.

For those hosting a holiday party or dinner, there’s another issue with having a garage full of junk: parking. If you can get your vehicles in the garage, you’ll have to park in your driveway. This takes up space that your guests could use, forcing them to park on the street or even in front of a neighbor’s house. They will then have to walk a little farther in the cold, which can be a risk if there’s a lot of ice on the sidewalks and streets. 

Junk King can help you get rid of all that stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of but just haven’t yet. While storing it in the garage can be a temporary solution, it’s not a good long-term plan. Now’s the time to get rid of those old pieces of furniture, broken appliances, and other stuff that you’ll never use again.

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Do You Have Space for Guests?

Another place junk can collect is in your guest space. You may not have a traditional guest bedroom—many people no longer have a dedicated space for guests. Instead, they have a flex space that can serve as a guest bedroom, office, playroom, or other space. Either way, you may find that junk collects in this space, especially if you don’t use it every day. You may have started using this space to store your Christmas gifts before wrapping them or as a drop zone for all of your boxes and packaging from your decorations. Even if that’s not the case, these rooms often become the catch-all space for stuff that doesn’t really have a home elsewhere.

This means, of course, that the room isn’t ready for guests. You may need to do some cleaning and organizing before anyone can stay there. This means moving things to other rooms. While it can be tempting to grab everything and shove it in a closet, put it under the bed, or otherwise stash it somewhere, this can lead to some issues later on. You may not know what you put where, and things will be so disorganized that they will take up more space than they should. Instead of doing this, take your time. Figure out where each item should go and store it there. 

You may have some junk in the guest room that you need to get rid of. You can add that to the stuff from the garage and let Junk King haul it all away. 

Do You Have Space to Hide Gifts?

If you have kids, you don’t want them to see their gifts until you can wrap them up. Even then, you may not want to put them under the tree too early. Instead, you need a place to hide them. This can be difficult if all of your closets and cabinets are full of junk you don’t need. Another issue can occur after the holidays: you need space to put the gifts you received. 

Before the holidays really kick in, you may want to go through your closets and do some purging. This way, you’ll have space to hide any gifts you purchase plus have some room for any new items you may get. 

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Don’t Let Your Home Embarrass You

Having friends and family over during the holidays can be great, but if you have junk in your home, you may not want your guests to see it. This can lead to shoving old stuff in other rooms or filling up the garage with junk, which leads to the issues mentioned above. Instead of trying to hide junk, why not just get rid of it? After all, there’s no point in saving that kind of stuff. Call Junk King Irving and have it all hauled away. Then you won’t have any embarrassing trash in your house for the holidays plus your home will be clean in the new year.

Why Junk King?

There are a number of junk hauling services out there, so why should you turn to us? First, Junk King is dedicated to helping our customers. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible and when it’s convenient for you. Then we’ll arrive promptly at the scheduled time and handle all of the heavy lifting. We’re quick and efficient, too, so you won’t lose hours out of your day waiting for us to get the job done.

We also know how to get rid of junk in a safe manner. If you try to haul away heavy trash yourself, you do risk hurting your knees or back while doing so. You also have to have a vehicle large enough to haul this junk to the landfill. We already have the truck, and we know how to lift and carry things such as large sofas and refrigerators without getting hurt. Don’t put yourself at risk before the holidays—leave the lifting to the experts.

When you call Junk King Irving about a job, we will give you a complete estimate that includes all possible charges and fees. Sometimes, we can provide this estimate online, via text, or over the phone, especially if the junk you want us to take is standard size. If you have a lot of stuff or some unique trash, we may need to do an in-person estimate. However, we’ll always look over things once we arrive and confirm the estimate. There is never a charge for an estimate, and there’s no obligation attached. You’re free to compare quotes or even walk away, though we hope you consider the value Junk King brings to the table.

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We Donate and Recycle as Much as We Can

When we pick up garbage, we don’t go straight to the dump. Instead, we sort out anything that can be donated and pass it on to the appropriate organization. This includes old furniture that’s still in good shape or appliances that still work. 

In addition to donating items, we also recycle whatever we can. We fully believe in protecting the environment, and that means reducing the amount of stuff that goes into the landfill. In order to do this, we sort out recyclable materials, including the materials in various pieces of furniture and appliances. After donating and recycling, usually only between 30 and 40 percent of what we picked up goes to the landfill.

What Will Junk King Take?

Whether it’s old furniture or appliances, busted electronics or a worn out mattress, Junk King can take it. We handle everything except hazardous waste. For that, you will need to contact a company that specializes in hazardous materials. Most everything else, even old hot tubs and boats, can go in our trucks.

To get a free quote or to learn more, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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