Make The Most Out Of Your Staycation Without Any Junk

Living in Florida means that you don’t often take a vacation but the vacation comes to you. That is when friends and family visit from out of town. Of course, you want to spend as much time with him as you can and that can translate into you taking a staycation from your job. A staycation counts every bit as much as a vacation. And there are certainly plenty of things to do around Jacksonville that can fill up your staycation days. Whether you are taking the time off for yourself or to be with out of town visitors you will probably benefit from having your staycation start with a rubbish clearing session from Junk King Jacksonville. This can be you taking care of one of those tasks that have been put off for quite some time. Just think of how much better your home will look when all the unwanted rubbish and clutter is gone for good.

Ready for Same Day

Judging by a lot of the comments that are posted by Junk King uses, many folks are pleasantly surprised that Junk King can offer the same day pickup. That means when you call to schedule your appointment you could be asked if your stuff is ready to go. If you know exactly what you want to be removed and you don’t have to do any more sorting, then you can make use of the same day appointment when available. That would put you at just hours away from getting your stuff cleared out.

Just because you are using the same appointment doesn’t mean the junk King crews going to “cut corners.” They will provide you with the same level of professional service that is provided to all customers big and small.

Affordable Service

Junk King understands how important it is to get rid of unwanted rubbish and they want to make that process hassle free and affordable. That’s why they charge a flat rate based on by not about weight. You should never be charge by the pound for getting rid of trash. Junk King will always determine your price by how much room your junk will take up on the back of the truck. You know the price before the work begins and they won’t be any surprise charges at the end of the job. Shop around and you’re sure to find that Junk King offers the best deal for this type of service around town.

Make the most out of your staycation by kicking it off with a junk removal session Junk King Jacksonville. Your home will look great when all the rubbish is gone!