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Kansas City Dirt Removal & Hauling

How does your Kansas City garden grow? For many that answer can be summed up in one word: mulch. The recent warm spell has many Kansas City residents to starting their lawn mowing regimens a lot earlier. This is also given them the opportunity to check out the state of affairs in their gardens and getting those areas ready planting season. When you are ready for that then you have to be ready for mulch.

“You don’t want to mulch too early. You want to give the soil a chance to warm up,” says Bryan Dunning, assistant store manager of the Lowe’s at 4811 N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone to the Kansas City Star. “Normally, that may mean waiting until mid to late spring. But we’ve been pretty lucky with the temperatures this year, and you could probably mulch now.”

One of the major benefits of adding mulch to your plants is that it cuts down on the potential for weeds to take hold. It’s also a very attractive way frame your plants from a landscaping perspective. The most popular type of mulch is organic tree bark that has been processed through a wood chipper.

“The pros of the cypress and cedar is that it will add nutrients and will give back to the soil, and it aids in weed control,” Dunning said. “The drawback is that bugs and certain other pests like it. I wouldn’t recommend putting it close to the foundation of your home due to termite issues.”

“Acidic pine needles are a good choice if you have plants that thrive in that kind of soil,” says Sal Vaglica, assistant editor at This Old House. “Cocoa hulls are becoming popular because of the chocolaty scent they release as they break down and for the rich, uniform look they provide.”

If you want to avoid the potential of pests coming around all together then you should consider various sources of nonorganic mulch such as stone and marble chips. There is even a variety of rubberized mulch that is made from recycled rubber like the kind you would get from old scrap tires.

Beyond picking the best mulch for your garden you may also have to make way for some new planting areas. This holds true if you want to expand your garden to grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. If you dig up all that dirt you need to find a way to get rid of it. You need look no further then Junk King Kansas City.

Junk King is the Kansas City-based business that specializes in junk removal. While it is true that much of their business is focused on taking away junk from peoples garages, basements and closets, Junk King also has no problem with dirt removal and hauling. This makes them an extremely effective partner in your major landscaping project. As long as they’re getting rid of your dirt they can also get rid of all that other clutter. With Junk King you can beautify all areas of your home both indoors and outdoors.

Kansas City Yard Waste Removal & Managing – Junk King

Take a look out of the window of your Kansas City home. What do you see? If you live in an apartment, you’re off the hook. You don’t really have to worry about what is outside your window unless it is bad weather. However, if you’re living in a home you’ve probably got a back and front yard to contend with. Keeping these spaces managed becomes your second job. At least, it’s your weekend job.
Think of all the hours you’ve spent mowing, raking, trimming, digging, planting, watering and waiting for something to grow. That’s a lot of work for one little plot of land. But our yards can be worth that effort. We can take great pride in well trimmed lawn and colorful flowerbeds. Of course to get to that “Better Homes and Garden” look it’s going to take some work. Newsflash: you don’t have to do all that work by yourself, especially when there is a Kansas City yard waste removal company like Junk King standing by to make your life easier.
Easier how? Suppose you want to get a jump on spring cleaning with the removal of fallen tree limbs; just how do you plan on getting rid of those branches? Not everyone has a wood chipper. And do you really want to spend time with a buzz saw chopping up that wood? The yard waste removal team can merely dump it all into the back of their truck and take it way. You might not even have to lift a finger!
Sprucing up a yard isn’t just about the mess that Mother Nature might have made. It’s also about the potential piles of waste you could create. This can happen when you have decided to dig up a patch of the backyard for a fresh vegetable garden.  All that sod has to go somewhere. Then there are the major backyard revivals that involve new decks, walk ways or patios. Junk King’s Kansas City yard waste removal team should be able to handle whatever is in your yard. This includes pieces of broke concrete, rotted wood or rocks and stones.
You might be embracing your lawn project as the perfect DIY kind of endeavor. There’s nothing wrong with that! But just because you’re doing it yourself doesn’t mean you have to ruin your SUV in the effort. Think about that. If you want to haul off all that yard waste yourself it’s going to mean loading up the family car with dirt. That’s not a good choice. Even if you decide to rent your own truck there is the picking up and dropping off plus all the labor. Do you really want to get involved with all that? If you have a professional Kansas City yard waste removal team on your side, all you would have to do is point to piles of dirt, rock, branches or wood and say, “Take ‘em away!” Once all that yard waste is cleared you can focus on replanting. Before you know it, your back and front yards will spring to life and be the pride of the neighborhood.
To get your yard waste removal project started today, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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