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Monthly Archives:

Put Junk King On Your Denton Junk Hauling Job

There are some artists that like to hold onto scrap metal because that is what they used to craft their projects. These particular artists will often drive around looking for pieces of scrap metal to collect and bring back to their workspace. That is a good reason to have a backyard filled with scrap metal. Another possible reason might be that you have scrap metal left over from a construction project or a demolition around your home and you haven’t been able to get rid of it. That is the current situation that Junk King North Texas can help with. These are the professional junk haulers that make removing all kinds of rubbish from your Denton home a very easy task.

All the Rubbish

Hiring junk King for a junk hauling session is really hiring a pair of movers the truck. Those are the exact kinds of “tools” that you need to complete this type of cleanup task. It doesn’t matter to junk King what you want to get rid of. In other words, you can mix-and-match all kinds of rubbish in a single session. You can clear out the backyard of all that scrap metal and lumber along with boxes of clothing from your closets. You can get rid of car parts and pots and pans. The only thing you have to do is decide exactly what you want. The team from Junk King will do all the lifting and loading work for you.

Before that lifting and loading begins, you will want to know what the final cost will be. That will always be an estimate based on how everything will sit on to the back of the truck. One flat fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That is a lot of hard work for a very terrific price.

Setting up a junk hauling session for your Denton home won’t be complicated when you give that job to Junk King North Texas. Make that happen today.

Hire Junk King For Old Stove Removal In Plano

Do you have any big plans for your kitchen this year? That is not just a question about the great meals that you might be making but whether or not you intend to do any type of remodeling or makeover in the kitchen. Even something as simple as replacing an old stove can have a significant positive impact in your kitchen. It might be time to switch to a convection oven for a more thorough type of cooking. You might also want to look for a stove that is simply just bigger with more stovetop options. Once you have picked out your new model it will be time to decide how to dispose of the old model. That is actually something that is easily taken care of with a single call to Junk King North Texas. These are the junk hauling pros who can help get the stove out of your Plano home the right way.

More Than the Stove

Hiring Junk King to remove your old stove might be the primary goal of your appointment. But it doesn’t have to and there. There is a lot more that you can asked the junk King crew to load onto the back of the truck. Think of this as your opportunity to finally get rid of all of those bulky objects that you can’t move around. It is also an opportunity to clear out storage areas like your garage and closets of all the clutter. Anything that you no longer need can be put onto the Junk King truck. That will open up a lot of storage areas in your home.

You can set up your session by calling in to Junk King today. Chances are, that old stove can be removed within 24 hours of that phone call. If you want to wait and schedule it on the day of the delivery of the new stove, then Junk King can lock that down as well.

Getting rid of an old stove in Plano just got a lot less complicated. All you have to do is give the job the Junk King North Texas.

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