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Charlotte Junk Hauling – You Don’t Need to Win the Lottery to Clean Up

A cynic might tell you that you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than you do of winning the lottery. Try telling that to the McCauleys of Charlotte, North Carolina. In the last 20 years some member of this family has won the lotto three times. Back in 1991, the family pulled in their first haul of 15.5 million bucks. You think that would be enough to keep them happy! 16 years later another family member took home $160,000 from the North Carolina education lottery. And now recently yet another member of the McCauley clan bought a scratcher ticket winning her $100,000. Clearly this is a family you don’t want to stand next to in a lightning storm!
Whenever a big Lotto prize happens folks line up to get their ticket and have time to dream about how they would spend the money. If you were to do a survey down the line of potential winners you come up with some of the same answers. These would include paying off bills, going on vacation, buying a new house and finally quitting their job. Actually, there are a surprising number of million dollar lottery winners who stay on with their jobs if for no other reason than it gives them something to do while they think about how to spend all that money.
Top of that dream list has to be buying a new house. For sons and daughters it’s buying a home for their parents to live out their golden years in luxurious surroundings. If given the chance most of us would probably upgrade our living conditions. There is one simple thing you can do to accomplish an improvement of where you’re living today and that would be a clear out all the clutter.
With very few exceptions most of us tend to be a bit of a pack rat. We like to hold onto things. Sometimes it just means over stuffing the desk drawer with papers and receipts going back several years. Sometimes it means cramming a closet full of clothes, shoes and unused sporting equipment. Then there are those folks who take a perfectly good room in their home and turn it into their storage space. Instead of making it a guest room or quiet space just to relax and read a book it’s full of junk from floor to ceiling. Every time a person walks by this they cringe at the thought of what waits for them behind the door. It doesn’t have to be that way.
You can hire a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Charlotte to show up at your house scheduled time and remove all of that junk. These teams of experienced movers are licensed and fully bonded which means they are fly-by-night workers. Instead they are dedicated to the company and want to make sure they do a good job because their reputation is on the line with every move. Once all that garbage is gone you can take back your closet or spare room and will be just like living in a brand-new house!

Charlotte Junk Removal

Anyone who spent a significant amount of time flying knows how delicate the air traffic system is. No matter where bad weather happens it can have a ripple effect all across the country. Recently severe thunderstorms in New York forced the cancellation of several flights for US Airways which had about 100 passengers spending the night at Charlotte international Airport. Although the kids who were traveling might have thought this was a grand adventure mom and dad certainly weren’t happy campers. It’s not the first time that a storm somewhere else in the country caused trouble for Charlotte. In fact most of the storms that rampage through our city start somewhere else but that doesn’t mean we don’t get the brunt their fury.
To live in Charlotte means to know how to survive a blackout in the event of a major storm. We should all have our flashlights and battery-powered radios at the ready. Some smart residents who were caught off guard many times now have a portable generator standing by in the event of an emergency. You can bet that on a block of homes with no power the one house with lights on will become very popular indeed! As terrible as a severe storm might be they do pass by. Folks that can come out of their homes or shelters to find out what “surprises” were left behind. The last several months have shown us that all kinds of storm systems can cause all kinds of havoc.
As a homeowner who survives a major storm there are some cleanup efforts that can be accomplished by the city. This usually is for downed trees that have knocked down electric wires or are blocking public streets. A work crew will come out and make quick work of chopping up that fallen tree. However, if it was a really big storm there is no telling how soon a municipal work crew will get to your neighborhood. If there is any damage that has to do with live electrical wires stay away from that. But if there is debris or garbage or other things that need removing from your home you’ll want to call in the services of the Junk King Charlotte. This is a professional business whose sole mission is to make sure your life is free of junk.
Junk King Charlotte hires crews of professional workers as full-time employees. These aren’t day laborers but steady and dependable workers who are fully licensed and insured. These workers will show up at your house at the appointed hour with an empty truck ready to be filled with all of your junk. Keep in mind this doesn’t just have to be just storm garbage but any of the accumulated junk you have lying around your garage, basement or attic that you want to get rid of. When you call on a Junk King crew to help you clear out your clutter you are basically taking back your home. By removing this junk you could open up all sorts of open space in your house. You didn’t move into a home full of junk and there’s no reason why you should be living in one now. Let the Junk King help you!

For the best in Charlotte Junk Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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