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Charlotte Appliance Buying and Disposal Guide

Now that the holiday shopping rush is officially over it’s time to look forward to the New Year and figure out what you really need around the house. Sure, you might have received plenty of thoughtful gifts but were they what you really needed such as a new refrigerator or dishwasher? While it is true that those big ticket items aren’t usually associated with holiday gift giving that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t appreciate trading in your old faulty appliances for brand-new versions. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that major kitchen appliances are being sold at sharp discounts. That’s because stores want to move out their inventory from last year and make way for the newer models.
As you make your way to the Charlotte area shopping malls to check out the potential appliance bargains you should be thinking about exactly what your needs are. If you’re shopping for yourself that’s easy: you just pick what works for you. However, if you that a house full of folks who will be putting these appliances through their paces you need to consider size and features. Size does matter especially with larger families. This is why you should be shopping for a bigger capacity refrigerator or dishwasher. With a larger capacity dishwasher you’ll be able to fill it up with more dishes and run it less often than you would with a smaller dishwasher. As for the bigger refrigerator, you just need that for all the food! But that doesn’t mean you can’t be shopping for appliances with better energy efficiency than the ones you’re using now. In fact, you might find that the extra money you spend on a modern energy-efficient refrigerator could end up saving you money on your electricity bill down the road.
As with every other major purchase it pays to shop around when you are looking for appliances. Today, comparison shopping is easier than ever. You can go to one store, find a model you’re looking for and then scan the barcode into a special phone app. That app then tells you exactly where to find the same model at a better price. Armed with that kind of information you could turn to your sales clerk and simply say “match this price or I’m out of here!”
You’ll also want to find out about the extras in terms of delivery and installation. Any major kitchen appliance will require some form of hook up and installation. If you find yourself in a DIY kind of mood that won’t be a problem but you might be better served to let the professional handle the installation.
Speaking of professionals, you could also call upon these types of folks with regard to getting rid of your old appliances. Professional junk haulers from Junk King Charlotte can arrive in the same day that you expect delivery of your new item and take away the old fridge, stove or dishwasher. While these junk haulers are carting off your appliances they can also take away all kinds of other junk you might be hanging onto for no good reason! Use the excuse of buying new appliances for also getting rid of all your junk.

Charlotte Construction Waste Removal

The Charlotte business Journal recently put forth a prediction for what the local economy will look like in the year 2012. According the finance editor, 2012 might start off feeling a lot like 2011 in terms of a sluggish economy. One area where there is a bright spot in Charlotte is in the energy industry. There was an expansion of Charlotte’s electrical system infrastructure that accounted for 30% of all construction spending in 2011 and that trend appears to be on par to continue next year. Any time there are many major construction projects there is going to be a big boost for the economy. Even construction on the smallest scale like a home remodeling job is going to provide work for many local residents. That’s a good thing all around! No matter how big or small the construction job will become they all have one thing in common and that’s all that waste that is created and has to be removed.
Construction waste is a natural by product that can’t be avoided. Look at it in very simple terms: cutting a piece of wood for a rafter means you’re going to have scrap piece of wood left over because not everyone piece of wood conforms the spot where it is needed. Multiply that scrap piece by hundreds and thousands of pieces and you suddenly got a huge pile of wood that has to be tossed out! Add into that all the scraps of drywall, roofing tiles, and other construction materials and you can see how it all piles up.
Then there is the issue of demolition. Typically to build something you first have to tear something down. This holds true if you’re replacing an abandoned warehouse with a new apartment complex or swapping out your old kitchen cabinets for new ones. Whatever the reason you are going to tear down the old to make way for the new. That in and of itself is going to be a huge pile of construction waste that also has to be removed.
While it is true that for a home remodel project you might be able to get away with tossing out some of that construction waste in your weekly garbage pickup, it might not be enough. You could end up filling up several containers of garbage with all that construction waste which means it’s going to take several weeks to get rid of it all. The last thing you want is to have any of that trash piled up outside your home as a potential safety hazard. That’s why if you’re planning a remodeling or construction job of any size you should also include hiring a professional team of construction waste removal experts as part of your budget – namely, Junk King Charlotte.
Diving into remodeling job will have you focused on the outcome as opposed to the process. But you don’t want to get bogged down in the process of waste removal. That can be easily taken care of with one phone call to Junk King’s Charlotte Construction Waste Removal team. Let them handle all the trash and you stay focused on the big picture.


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