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Monthly Archives:

Junk King Helps Clear Rubbish From Your Storage Unit

Adding boxes to a storage unit rental isn’t complicated. It might be a bit time-consuming but it is easy to manage. Basically, whatever you can fit into your car is what you can put into the storage unit. That can certainly help alleviate some of the buildup of boxes and bins around the house. But there might come a time when all of those things that you are putting into storage aren’t really useful. Should you be paying rent to hold onto objects that you would otherwise toss out? A full storage unit won’t be easy to clear out on your own. That is when Junk King Indianapolis can be a big help. It will only take a quick session with these junk hauling pros to clear the rubbish from your storage unit.

Everything Or Just A Few Things

As you spend time going through your storage unit, you might decide that you just need Junk King to haul away a few things. Removing the old mattress and bedroom set or other bulky piece of furniture can certainly open up a lot more space in storage unit. That can help you organize what you have in there. That helps if you use the space for things like holiday decorations and seasonal clothing. You want to have easy access to those things without having to pull everything out to get. Junk King can help clear out that space in no time at all.

The other end of that spectrum would be to clear out everything from the storage and cancel your contract. Perhaps you have room in your house for some of those furniture pieces you put into storage. A lot of the household goods that you put into boxes might actually be not worth holding onto especially if you have and use them in several months. When what you are spending on storage costs are more than the value of what you are keep in storage it is time for a thorough clearing out of that unit.

Getting the rubbish out of your storage unit rental won’t be a challenge for Junk King Indianapolis. Put them to work today.

Hire Junk King As Part Of Your Fall Preparations

How long is the list of things that you do around the house as part of your fall preparations? You might be getting your chimney and furnace inspected along with replacing all the air vents in your home. You could also be taking care of repaving the driveway or patio deck before the weather turns bad. Of course, there will always be leads to rake and bag up. One of the other items that you should add your fall preparation list is getting rid of the rubbish around your house. One call to Junk King Indianapolis can take care of that task in a very fast and affordable manner.

Rubbish Isn’t Trash

Most people associate rubbish with things that would be classified as trash. Old cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines and other papers would certainly qualify as rubbish. But so would anything that you have deemed unusable. That object doesn’t have to be rusty or broken. It could be something that you just no longer need. A lot of clothing in your closet would certainly fit that definition. So could a lot of random pieces of furniture you have throughout the house. You might have only put that old sofa down in the basement to get it out of the way. But if nobody wants to sit on it, then you should get rid of. The same can be said for any other major appliance that pushed off into a corner and gotten replace. You really don’t need an old refrigerator or washing machine that isn’t working. All that can be turned over to Junk King for swift removal.

Smooth Operation

Junk King provides a smooth operation for this service. They assigned each session with a minimum of two very strong movers. Often, there might be a third mover who will be riding along for the day. You will not be paying extra for those movers. This team will show up the very positive attitude. They also have terrific problem-solving skills that allow them to figure out the best course of action comes to removing something that is exceptionally balky or heavy. It might be that the best way to go is to take that item apart. The Junk King team will have the tools and the know-how to handle that kind of special removal request.

When you add junk removal to your fall preparations you are making sure that your home will be rubbish free. Let Junk King Indianapolis make that happen today.

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