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Category Archives: Bucks County Junk Hauling

Complete Your Spring Cleaning The Call To Junk King Bucks County

After spending several hours dusting, mopping, vacuuming and doing laundry you might think that your spring cleaning is done. The house will certainly sparkle with that much devotion to cleaning. However, if you haven’t gotten rid of all the unwanted items that are cluttering up your closet, garage, basement, spare room or attic then you your spring cleaning job is in complete. That can happen with a quick call to Junk King Bucks County. This is the professional junk hauling service that can totally transform your home in less time than it takes to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.


Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to organize your house. As you go from room to room cleaning you’re sure to spot a lot of stuff that could be tossed out. What has kept you from tossing that out in the past? The answer simple: movers and a truck. You may have some family members that are capable of carrying a sofa out to the curb but that doesn’t mean you have a truck big enough to load it onto. You also might not know where to take that sofa once it was loaded. This is why Junk King Bucks County can make a huge difference. Not only will they provide you with the movers in the truck but they also know exactly where to take your stuff.

Junk King Bucks County actually likes to keep most of what they collect out of a landfill. Instead, they may take your old sofa, futon, table and baby furniture to a charity that can put them to use once again. It doesn’t matter what condition these items are in. It only matters that you want to get rid of them. Those charities the junk King works with will often refurbish and reupholster furniture in order to make it useful again. You should feel good about getting rid of junk now only because it will clear out your home but you can help someone in need.

If you call Junk King today is a good chance all your unwanted stuff can be removed by tomorrow. This is a company that likes to move fast. Your spring cleaning won’t be complete until you bring in Junk King Bucks County for junk hauling.

Hiring Junk King Let You Enjoy Bucks County

When was the last time you spent the day at Peddler’s Village? How about taking the kids to Sesame Place? Have you ever gone wine tasting at the Crossing Vineyards and Winery? There’s a lot to do around Bucks County if you have the time. Of course, it always seems that something around the house gets in the way. If you’ve been putting off the task of clearing out unwanted rubbish, then you need to hire Junk King Bucks County. These are the junk removal pros that will help you clear out your unwanted stuff and let you enjoy a Bucks County weekend.


If you were to take on the task of removing your junk, it will probably take several hours. You’d have to go rent a truck big enough to haul the stuff that you want to get rid of. You would also have to spend time hiring a crew of day laborers or coercing your friends to pitch in. The loading up of all your stuff might not take a lot of time but driving around for the perfect drop off spot could be very time-consuming. Once that’s completed then you have to return the truck. It’s not inconceivable to start this task at sunup and have it finished by sundown. Is that how you really want to spend a weekend in a Bucks County? Of course not! This is why you need to hire Junk King Bucks County.

Junk King Bucks County asks you to set aside a two-hour window with the day that best suits your schedule. Unless you’re dealing with a hoarder type cleanup, it’s not to take the full two hours to load up your stuff. Most Junk King sessions are taken care of within a few minutes. Once they leave your property will certainly have a lot more work to do but you can get back to enjoying all that Bucks County has to offer. What you’ll be left with is a home that is free of clutter. That means a lot more space in your garage, basement and attic. Just think of how you could put that space to better use. Don’t waste your time with junk hauling when Junk King Bucks County can do it in a flash.

Philadelphia Junk Removal Before Moving

moving-dayThe first tip you need to embrace about moving is “don’t panic!” That should be coupled with “don’t wait until the last minute to start packing.” The last thing you want is to be scrambling around your home tossing things into boxes while the movers are waiting to load. That’s going to cost you money and cause a lot of stress. Instead, take the “two boxes a day approach.” If you know you’re moving out in 30 days, pack two boxes of stuff a day. Obviously, you’ll want to start with all the things you won’t need over the next 30 days. Things like books, CDs, DVDs and keepsakes are a good place to start.

As you go through this 30-day process, you’re going to start to come across a lot of things you can do without. This is where a company like Junk King Bucks county can be a huge help. After you’ve gone through every closet and storage place (basement, garage, and attic) in your home and have gathered up all the unwanted stuff, give Junk King a call. They’ll be able to swoop in and remove all that junk in no time. This means you’re not going to be dragging junk into your new home. Why take up space with stuff you want to throw out? You’ll also be cutting back on your movers’ time.

From the moment those movers pull up to your home, the clock is ticking. Actually, it might have even started ticking from the moment they left their warehouse. Either way, you want them to focus on what is important or that means leaving your junk behind. When you hire Junk King, you’re not going to be charge labor fees or travel time. You’ll only going to pay a single rate based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. That is always a fair deal and you’ll agree to that before any work is done. There won’t be any extra charges or “surprises.”

You could also leave behind your junk for a final pick from Junk King. There might be other items you need to get rid of like old swing sets, an above ground pool or even a hot tub. Just tell Junk King Bucks County you want it all gone and they’ll make sure you house is cleared out from top to bottom. Before you move, schedule a junk move with Junk King.

Philadelphia Furniture Removal

Philadelphia Furniture RemovalGood news for anyone shopping for furniture in Philly: Grossman’s is expanding their line of bedroom furniture. Since 1929 (yes, 1929!) Grossman’s has been selling furniture to folks in Philly and nearby New Jersey. People don’t mind the extra ride if it means getting a great bargain on a living room or dining room set. Their expansive showrooms feature modern, contemporary and traditional collections plus tons of accessories. Of course, there are many furniture showrooms in Philly but none with the history of Grossman’s. Clearly, they must be doing something right.

The same can be said for Junk King Bucks County, the professional Philly junk haulers. Since they opened for business in the area they’ve helped all kinds of businesses, homeowners and landlords clean out their properties of all manner of junk. Junk King is the best business to call if you’re going to be replacing any of your old furniture. That’s because you’ve got to make room for the new pieces by getting rid of the old. You could hand off your furniture to someone in your family but unless it is an antique you might have a hard time getting rid of it. Instead, turn it over to Junk King. They’ll know where to take your furniture.

When Junk King shows up for a removal appointment they’ll be arriving in a big truck. It might look like the kind of truck you used to move into your home but it won’t take long for that truck to be full of junk. You can’t just throw a sofa in the back of your SUV. That’s why you need the Junk King truck. You’ll also need that Junk King crew to do the moving. If you’ve ever had to do your own moving you know what a backbreaking venture it can be. Spare yourself all those potential aches and pains and let Junk King do the heavy lifting.

Junk King Bucks County isn’t limited to removing furniture. If you call it junk, they’ll take it away. That means any old stove, dishwasher, sewing machine, lawnmower, AC, computer or TV set. Everything is fair game for the Junk King crew. Many folks who haven’t used Junk King thinks it might be an expensive proposition. It’s not. Junk King is going to charge you based on the amount of space your junk will be taking up in their truck. There are no labor costs, dumping fees or travel time. When you add up what it would cost for your in gas and your time you’ll see that Junk King is really the best deal in town.

Bucks County PA Grill Disposal and Recycling

When it comes to great BBQ, there are a lot of options here in Bucks County. Big Bob’s BBQ Pit has gotten rave reviews which probably explains all the long lines. Over at the Dancing Pig BBQ, they’ve created a legion of loyal customers ever since they opened their doors. The only thing better that BBQ from one of these shacks is the BBQ you grill on your own. However, if your grill isn’t up to the task it might be time to make a swap and get a new model.

Whether you’re a fan of marinade or dry rub or a combination of both, unless your grill is up to snuff that meat just isn’t going to be cooked properly. There might be an issue with your flame grid and it being clogged up. It could be that your grill plate is too crusted to release the proper heat. Maybe your starter is on the fritz. Whatever the reason, don’t let this summer BBQ season slip by without maximizing your grilling potential with a new BBQ. Now is a good time to find a deal on a grill. It might also be time for a serious BBQ grill upgrade. There are rolling models that have much larger grill space. Some have side burners to fire up dishes like baked beans or boil water for corn. This allows you to stay focused on the grill without running back and forth to your kitchen.

If your yard space is at a premium then you’ll be a lot better off getting rid of that old grill before you accept deliver on the new grill. A BBQ grill is one of those bulky items that can’t be tossed out in the garbage. You could try putting it out on the curb to see if someone will pick it up but what are the chances of that? To properly dispose of your old grill you need to hire the experts. That would be Junk King of Bucks County. These are the professional junk haulers who will take away your grill with no fuss. In fact, they’ll be providing you with an truck large enough to hold just about anything you want to get rid of.

Look around your home. Is there an old sofa that has seen better days? Is there a table nobody is using? Are there pieces of exercise equipment that are gathering dust? Add to that list lawnmowers, patio furniture, yard waste and boxes of junk and you can see how easy it would be to fill up that Junk King truck.

You can get the ball rolling with a call into the Junk King service center. Often you can arrange for a same day pickup. There is nothing like getting rid of junk. It will change the whole look and feel of your home. Call Junk King Bucks today and get your grill on the right way!

Bucks County Junk Removal

On any given day you can find wild rabbits roaming all around the Delaware Canal in Bristol Township. When the water levels drop, the rabbits come out in full force. You’ll also be “treated” to seeing all kinds of trash left behind by careless visitors. This year, the trash didn’t stand a chance when confronted by the volunteers who turned out for the Delaware Canal Cleanup Day. This state park stretches from Bristol to Easton. Along that path the hard-working pickup crews found jugs of motor oil, milk cartons, a metal microphone stand and several other pieces of heavy machinery and plenty of trash.

“We’ve found computer monitors in here, too” said Donna Lee of Newtown Township. She’s a proud member of the Friends of the Delaware Canal. “People really should take more pride in their communities.”

A lot of the trash was blown into the park from nearby highways, unsecured trash bins and shopping center parking lots. That means that plenty of folks are tossing out trash without thinking twice where it might end up. That’s not good for Bucks County and it certainly isn’t good for those of us who take pride in our property. Even if you do keep your home clean, there is always the need for some occasional junk removal.

It’s this spring-cleaning time of year that has a company like Junk King Bucks County really hopping. As folks go through their garages, basements and attics to sweep out the dust and grime they find all kinds of junk. These are the bulky items they can’t throw out in the weekly garbage. That means they either stay where they are to collect more dust or they can be tossed out. That’s where Junk King can be a big help.

One call to Junk King Bucks will have a supervisor sent out to your home to take a look at all the stuff you want to throw away. They need to do this because they’ll be providing you with an estimate for the removal. Usually, this will be a very affordable minimum rate that is based on how much space your junk will take up on their truck. Once you agree on that price, the crew will be scheduled for the removal. Often you can have this done all in the same day. You might be giving up an hour total from start to finish. That’s way better than the time it would take for you to rent a truck, load it up with your junk and then drive to the nearest landfill. Junk King Bucks knows how valuable your free time is and that’s why they want to make sure you have plenty of it. Call them today and get cleaned up ASAP!

Bucks County Dirt Removal and Hauling

Whenever you hear a newscaster use the phrase, “It’s that time of year again” they could mean almost anything. Whether they’re talking about the dog show, Mother’s Day or a 4th of July parade it’s a snappy way to start a story. However, this is one “it’s that time of year again” that you should absolutely pay attention to and that would be the start of mosquito season. Already the warning alarms are going out about the potential of another West Nile Virus outbreak here in Bucks County. Last year there were 60 cases reported that resulted on four deaths so, yes, this is a very serious matter.

The local government is stepping up with some grant money targeted to West Nile surveillance and prevention. The state’s official West Nile Virus Surveillance and Control Program offers some helpful guidelines on how to reduce the risk of mosquito infestation. Among those specific tips are:

“Dispose of tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots or similar water-holding containers that have collected on your property. Pay special attention to discarded tires. Stagnant water in tires is where most mosquitoes breed. Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers left outdoors. Have clogged roof gutters cleaned every year, particularly if the leaves from surrounding trees have a tendency to plug up the drains. Roof gutters can produce millions of mosquitoes each season. Turn over plastic wading pools when not in use. Stagnant water in a wading pool becomes a place for mosquitoes to breed. Turn over wheelbarrows and don’t let water stagnate in birdbaths. Both provide breeding habitats for domestic mosquitoes. Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish. Water gardens can become major mosquito producers if they are allowed to stagnate. Clean and chlorinate swimming pools not in use. A swimming pool left untended by a family on vacation for a month can produce enough mosquitoes to result in neighborhood-wide complaints. Mosquitoes may even breed in the water that collects on pool covers.”

Basically what they’re saying is clean up your yards to prevent the bitters from taking up residence. Whatever you can’t throw out in the garbage you can have Junk King Bucks County pick up.  We’re talkig about big items that are difficult to haul off. These are the junk removal experts who provide you with the right amount of muscle and truck space to clear out all kinds of clutter from your home. When you hire Junk King you can be assured that your junk will be removed as quickly as possible. They won’t keep you waiting all day like the phone company! Start your summer right by having all your junk taken away. Call Junk King Bucks County for your removal appointment today.

Doylestown PA Moving and Junk Hauling

A few residents in Doylestown might have recently experienced a delay in their mail delivery. That’s because a mail truck bound for the area got into a bit of a mishap. When a cargo strap broke on a mail truck at the intersection of Bristol Road, the contents shifted and busted out of the back gate. The result was several bins of undelivered mail scattered all over the road. Postal workers and police scrambled to gather up all the mail but it had to go back to the processing center in Philly to be resorted and then delivered to Doylestown. It took about 2 hours to clear up the mess. Needless to say, morning rush hour traffic was at a standstill.

This is clearly a cautionary tale about moving: If you overload your truck, you could have all of that spilling out onto the highway. If you’re planning a move, you want to make sure you’re only taking what you need for your new home and not all of your junk. You can’t leave it behind. Instead, hire Junk King Bucks County for a junk move before the real move.

No matter where you are living now, it’s a safe bet that you’ve probably accumulated a lot of junk over the years. Remember when you first moved into your space? All those empty rooms and closets? Even a garage that you could park a car in. What happened over the following years is what happens to everyone; your house got filled up with stuff. Most of what we have in our homes are practical items like furniture, TVs, kitchen appliances, bedroom sets and clothes. Yet every one of those items could have been replaced over the years. What happened to the old stuff? Because you couldn’t throw it away, it ended up in your basement, garage or attic. Out of sight and out of mind, right? Well, now that you’re moving you certainly don’t want to take all that useless stuff with you. That’s where Junk King comes into play.

As you start to pack up what you’re taking with you, set aside that stuff you want tossed out. Better yet, leave it where it is but just put a Post-It note on it saying “For Junk King.” Then schedule a removal appointment with Junk King Bucks and let them handle the rest. They’ll take away all that stuff and make sure it is properly disposed of. Usually this will mean the vast bulk of what you’re throwing out will either be recycled or refurbished by a local charity. But that’s nothing you have to worry about. The Junk King Bucks county crew will figure out what the best final destination for your junk will be. Give Junk King a call today for your pre-move junk removal.

Bucks County Refrigerator Disposal

Ready for a new fridge? You might be if your old refrigerator is failing to keep your frozen goodies frozen or your veggies crisp. It’s understandable if your fridge is several years old that it will be worn down. You can’t expect to drive a car forever and you can’t expect a refrigerator to last forever either. When you’re ready to head out to the appliance store the first thing you’ll want to take with you is a good set of measurements. Not all refrigerators are created alike. Just because the new model in the store looks the same size as your current model doesn’t mean it will fit into the custom space. Don’t take any chances. The last thing you want to happen is to get rid of your old fridge and then have the new one show up and not have it fit into your kitchen.

The next consideration to think about is where you want your freezer: top, bottom or on the side. You might be used to a certain configuration but there’s no reason why you can’t upgrade to a new variation. What’s the most common use of your fridge? A freezer on top allows for bigger platter type of boxes like pizza or cakes. If you’re someone who uses a lot of frozen foods then you’ll want them easily within reach such. The reverse is true for a freezer on the bottom of the unit: If you find yourself using fresh food more often then you’ll want an easy reach for those items. When picking a model with a freezer on the bottom, look for one with a drawer that will make it easier to find what you seek. A side-by-side model is perfect for someone who likes to go in the freezer and fresh sides equally. The disadvantage with this type of fridge is that the compartment are a bit smaller so you might not be able to store as much without feeling “crowded.”

No matter which type of model you settle on, you want to make sure it has adjustable shelves so you can set the height you want for your food items. As long as you’re buying a new model, you should also look into some features like ice and water dispenser or even a built in TV! Why not splurge if you’re going be using your new icebox for years to come. Of course, before you accept delivery you’ll want to make room by getting rid of the old model. Junk King Bucks County is the professional junk hauling service that can help with that. Not only will they be able to take away your fridge in their own truck, but they can also haul away any other junk items you want taken out in the same trip. Room for a new fridge and a clutter free home can be yours with a single call to Junk King Bucks County, PA.

Bucks County PA Yard Waste Removal

Even though it’s been months since Superstorm Sandy crashed through Bucks County, the cleanup is still under way and it’s costing the county a lot of money. Recently, Bucks County was earmarked to receive upwards of $1 million to go towards the cleanup effort. First the area had to be formally declared a disaster area.

“FEMA had highly encouraged the states and the municipalities in the path of the hurricane to go fast and go big in preparation for the damage that was sure to come,” Local Congressman Fitzpatrick recently told a Bucks County newspaper. “The disaster declaration will reimburse municipal governments and first responder units that worked to help residents and businesses prepare and recover from the storm.”

Hopefully, that won’t be the end of government funds coming Bucks County way. Unfortunately, when it comes to any of those funds trickling down to the average homeowner it might not happen. If you have yard waste that needs to be removed you’re pretty much on your own but you’re not alone. In other words, Junk King of Bucks County is standing by to lend a hand.

Junk King is the professional junk removal company who answers a majority of calls to help people clean out the clutter in their homes. This puts them on the frontline of carting away oversized items like furniture, appliances, mattresses and anything else that won’t fit into the garbage can. But their work doesn’t stop there. The Junk King crew can also help with any type of outdoor cleanup as well. This means they’ll be able to pitch in and get your yard clear of any storm debris that was dumped there. They can also remove big pieces like patio furniture or cords of wood that might have become rotted from the rain. If you want to get rid of piles of dirt, dug up bushes, rusting car parts or even a dilapidated wood shed Junk King Bucks County is the solution.

Not only will Junk King have the manpower to make the cleanup a breeze but they’ll also have a big enough truck to cart all that debris away. Don’t worry about making that truck dirty because if it’s not dirty then Junk King isn’t doing the job right! Best of all, you’ll know that with Junk King on the job all of your waste will be properly disposed off. It’s either going straight to a certified landfill or to one of the many Pennsylvania recycling centers. When you get right down to it this is the most efficient and affordable way to get rid of your junk. Don’t wait for a bailout; just call Junk King Bucks County and get the job done right every time.

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