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Monthly Archives:

Mattress Removal Happens Fast With Junk King

No one ever leaves their home empty-handed. At the very least, you walk out with keys, a phone and the wallet. Even if you are just going for a walk you would still bring the keys and maybe the dog! At times, you might also be carried out boxes that you are shipping or laundry meant for the dry cleaner. This can fill up your arms with stuff and might require a few trips back and forth to get it done safely. That should give you an appreciation for what it takes to bring something out of the house. The bigger the object the more you need outside help. That would certainly be true if you had to take care of mattress removal. That is not something that you can bring down from upstairs on your own. It is also not something that you can stuff into the backseat of your SUV. Instead, you need to bring in the team from Junk King Worchester to get this task done.

What Else?

Old mattress removal is often tied to the arrival of a new mattress. You can coordinate your Junk King session to be on the same day as the delivery of that new mattress. You should also think about what else you would like to get rid of. You can hire Junk King just to remove a single item. It happens all the time with those bulky things that people want to get rid of. However, considering the help provided by the moving crew in the space that will be on the truck you could use this session to clear out all the unwanted stuff in your home. Just think of how much better your living environment will be what all the rubbish is gone from your closets, cabinets and garage.

There won’t be much use for your old mattress once you have decided to get rid of it. However, it could end up being recycled. Junk King has identified many recycling facilities throughout the area that handle all types of materials. If you’re mattress can be recycled, then Junk King will make every effort to make that drop off. It’s all part of their complete service.

Mattress removal can happen very fast when you put Junk King Worcester on the job.

Use Junk King For A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

every year at the beginning of February, husbands and boyfriends go on the “hunt” for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The safe choice are roses and chocolates along with a special night out on the town. That is a Valentine’s Day that will always be appreciated. However, there are other gifts to consider that would be equally appreciated. What about taking care of something that has been requested for some time? You can still plan for the special night out but wouldn’t it be great if you can finally get rid of all of those bulky junk items that have been designated for removal? Now you can with help from Junk King Worcester. A rubbish removal session with these junk hauling pros would make a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

Already On The List

You probably already know what is on that list of things to get rid of. There are probably a few large items out in the garage or down the basement that had been “stuck” in those areas simply because you didn’t have a moving crew and truck to get rid of. With Junk King on the job that is exactly what you will be getting. Your junk King team will do all the lifting and loading. That also includes carrying those items up or down staircases. Since you have a truck that can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth rubbish you can get rid of a lot of things that aren’t even on the list. It might be a benefit to take the time to go through closets and dressers and pull out all the unwanted clothing items that are taking up valuable space. All of that can be turned over to Junk King for removal in a single session.

The Last Drop Off

The other benefit of hiring Junk King is how they approach their disposal. They prefer making drop-offs to charities and recycling centers. That helps reduce your carbon footprint and is a much better way to pass on things that you are done with but could still be used by others.

Setting up a rubbish removal session with Junk King Worcester can be a Valentine’s Day gift that will be remembered for a long time. Book today.

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