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Turn The Remodel Cleanup Over The Junk King

Whenever you are planning a remodeling project, they will be a lot of delegation. That starts with hiring a contractor who will in turn delegate the work the crew. A remodel project always goes in phases in the first phase is demolition. That is where the crew will be delegated to remove flooring, take down cabinets or even knock down a wall. All of that demolition work is going to create a lot of debris. That is when you can delegate Junk King Worcester for the cleanup. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience removing all kinds of construction waste and debris from any size remodel project.

Everything And the Kitchen Sink

When remodeling the kitchen or bathroom you might often totally clear out that area. That can mean removing all the appliances and fixtures. You might also lose the old bathtub and sinks. That is certainly a lot of debris to get rid of but it will not be a challenge for the team from Junk King. This is the kind of work they do on a random basis. Yes, the Junk King crew can even hauler bathtub down a flight of stairs and out the front door!

That Junk King team also has a lot of experience with packing up their truck. They know exactly how everything would fit onto the truck. Their goal is always to get as much as they can into the space as possible. That way you will pay the low end of the price scale. Junk King wants to make this type of cleanup fast and affordable.

When it is time to plan out your next remodel project, plan to have Junk King Worcester do all the cleanup.

Utilize Junk King For Your Home Gym Set Up

Setting up a home gym is a great way to get in a workout when it is most convenient for your schedule. A home gym means you don’t have to fight traffic or the crowds at the gym. That might just end up being all the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. Before the home gym can become activated, you will need to clear out the space. Whether you setting that gym up in your basement or garage, Junk King Worcester can help clear out the clutter in a single session.

All The Space You Need

Arranging for all the space you need for your home gym might require removing large objects like old furniture or boxes of unwanted rubbish. The team from Junk King will do all the work for that removal. All you have to do is point to the objects and the Junk King crew will pick up everything right spot. That includes anything that you might have down in your basement. Carrying objects up and down flights of stairs will not be a challenge for Junk King. This is the kind of work that they do on a daily basis.

The cost for Junk King’s removal services is determined by how the truck gets packed up. The Junk King crew has a lot of lifting and loading experiences. But they also have a lot of packing experience. They want to make sure they can get everything acting as tightly as possible. That gives them room for the next pickup. It also provides you with a chance to  pay the low end of the price scale. Junk King wants to make every removal session a fair one.

Utilize Junk King Worcester to help set up your home gym by getting rid of the rubbish today.

Yard Waste in Worcester: What to do with all of it?


Yard Waste Worcester


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During the dead of winter, most people are probably not thinking about what to do with their yard waste as the lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and other landscaping tools are dutifully stored in the garage. However, as soon as the warmer months of spring roll around, most homeowners, individuals, and business owners are eager to get a head start on renovating their landscaping after a long, cold winter.


Though most people equate yard waste with those seemingly endless bags of fallen leaves that we rake and collect in the fall, many people actually have an equal amount of yard waste (if not more) during the spring. Post-winter yard waste includes weeds, leaves, grass clippings, dead flowers and plants, brush, tree trunks, pruned branches and stems, dirt, roots, wood shavings, rocks and even old Christmas tree that have been sitting in an abandoned corner of your yard throughout the winter.


The extreme weather of winter often brings ice storms, strong winds, and blizzards that can cause major damage to the trees and other plants throughout your yard. One of the first tasks of many gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts is to get rid of those fallen branches, tree limbs, and other dead vegetation in order to allow for new growth to flourish.


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Unless you have a huge wood chipper machine, or a spacious forest where you can drag those dead limbs to slowly rot back into the forest soil, most people tend to prefer to take these bulky yard waste items out to the curb in hopes that the local waste management company will come and haul away that organic yard waste. However, as we will explore below, counting on your municipal trash service to deal with large and bulky yard waste is not always the best course of action. Junk King of Worcester, however, offers the most convenient and efficient way to deal with large amount of yard waste at any time of the year.


Challenges with Disposing of Yard Waste in Worcester, Massachusetts


Yard CleanupThe City of Worcester operates three different yard waste drop-off sites for all Worcester residents that are open from April to November, and briefly open again in late December for people to drop off their old Christmas trees. The three drop-off sites for yard waste can be found at:

  • 1065 Millbury Street – Residential drop-off center
  • 300 Chandler Street- In the parking lot across from Foley Stadium
  • 299 Clark Street- Near the East Mountain Street intersection.

According to the City Government,

“the yard waste drop-off and composting program is the most cost-effective method to collect and dispose of yard waste and leaves. The Department of Public Works composts approximately 10,000 tons of leaf and yard waste every year. After the material is composted, it is used as a soil enrichment for City use, and is offered free to City residents.”


This innovative program is a great way to keep organic waste out of our area landfills. Organic wastes, such as yard waste, generate an enormous amount of methane gas when sent to the landfill where they decompose with other types of waste. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gasses, and contributes significantly to global warming. Instead of “wasting” yard waste in this manner, the city composting program is a great way to turn your old branches, leaves, and grass trimmings into fertile top soil that can be used by backyard gardeners across the city.


Full Service Junk Removal


Unfortunately, not everyone will have the means, resources, or the available time to take an enormous amount of yard waste to these three city drop-off sites. Unless you have a strong back, a chainsaw, and a heavy duty pickup truck, most people simply can´t take advantage of these free city drop-off sites. Furthermore, the yard waste collection sites require that all tree limbs are a maximum of eight (8) inches in diameter and eight (8) feet in length. Also, no yard waste from commercial sources will be accepted at these sites, and dumping materials other than yard waste at yard waste locations is strictly forbidden, is considered illegal dumping, and might land you a $200 fine.


Why You Should Hire Junk King of Worcester for your Yard Waste Removal Needs


Given these limitations, how exactly can homeowners and business owners get rid of their yard waste in a responsible manner?


Yard waste cleanupEnter Junk of Worcester. Junk King of Worcester is the leading, full-service junk removal company in the region. We understand that individuals and business owners need to get rid of their accumulated junk from time to time. Instead of simply hauling your junk directly to the area landfill, our company is fully committed to the idea of a zero waste City. We are proud to say that over 60 percent of the junk and trash that we pick up gets donated or recycled. We work with individuals, homeowners, businesses, construction companies, and everyone in between, offering the most competitively priced junk removal and dumpster rental services in our region. Besides offering the best prices, we have a huge network of connections with local recycling agencies, donation centers, thrift stores, and other organizations that ensure that your junk stays out of the landfill.


With Junk King, you can get rid of virtually anything that isn’t classified as toxic waste, including appliances, furniture, mattresses, televisions, refrigerator/freezers, construction waste, e-waste, garbage, and more. Of course, we can also help you with all of your yard waste removal needs as well!


We provide yard waste removal and all other types of junk removal service for both residential and commercial customers in the following communities around Worcester County: Acton, Agawam, Arlington, Ashburnham, Belmont, Chicopee, Framingham, Grafton, Lancaster, Lexington, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Springfield Townsend, Waltham, Westborough, and Worcester. We can also service to the Boston and Middlesex area.


How to Contact Junk King Worcester


Junk King Worchester


If you want to get a head start on cleaning up your yard before the warmer spring months allow you to get back to the work of gardening and landscaping, consider hiring a full-service junk removal from Junk King of Worcester. Not only can we help you get rid of your leftover leaves, fallen tree limbs, old Christmas trees, yard clippings, etc., but we can also pick up virtually any other old junk item that you have laying around your home or business as well. We are proud to be the greenest and most efficient junk removal company in the region.


When you hire Junk King of Worcester for yard waste removal or any other type of junk removal service, we offer four separate transparent pricing mechanisms to our customers. Firstly, you can call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to talk to one of our trained customer service representatives who will offer you a transparent pricing quote. Secondly, you can text us at 1-737-888-5865 with an image of the yard waste you need removed from your home or business. We will text you back a price estimate based on the items you told us you need removed. Thirdly, we are one of the few companies that offers free, on-site price estimates. In many cases, our junk removal teams will be able to haul away your yard waste on the same day, once you agree to the quoted price. Lastly, you can also get a quote and hire Junk King online. At the moment, we are offering a $20 discount for booking Junk King online.


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We promise that we will go to every length to ensure that whatever junk we haul away is either recycled or donated. Call us today to inquire about junk removal service with Junk King of Worcester County!



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