How To Get Rid of Clutter Fast In Natick

Winter is not going out without a fight. Even though the calendar says, “spring” a powerful nor’easter recently blew through New England leave a path of destruction in it’s wake. Here in Natick, the most severe trouble was a power outage that knocked out electricity for over 3,000 residents. All together, around 110,000 folks lost their power across the state. The worst thing about losing power like this is the cold. Fortunately, they might help keep food preserved in the fridge but it won’t help keep people warm. Did you lose power? More importantly, do you know your way around your house in the dark?


We should always have flashlights handle in case of this type of emergency. Unfortunately, they sometimes get taken by kids who are “exploring.” And if it has been a long time in between uses there could be issues with batteries. That’s what it’s good to have backup batteries right next to the flashlight. The next thing to do is light some candles. This needs to be done safely. Candles shouldn’t be put near anything flammable like newspapers or magazines. There are actually battery candles that look remarkably like the real thing.

In the dark, you are going to make your way through your house to check on the family and pets. This is where you can get into a bit more trouble if you’ve got a lot of clutter around. Even with a flashlight, you could end up tripping or bumping into things that aren’t where they belong. You might go looking for sweaters in the closet only to have everything tumble out because of all the random stuff in crammed in there. When the power is back and the emergency is passed, it will be time to assess your level of clutter. If you decide you need to get rid of some of that junk, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Worcester.

Junk King Worcester offers an amazing decluttering solution. They’ll set you up with a pair of strong movers and a big truck. The movers lift and load everything you want to toss out. The truck hauls it away. It is just that simple. Stop tripping over clutter in your home. Instead, give it all to Junk King Worcester today.

Get Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish Removed Today

Any type of store or restaurant depends on a lot of deliveries. Most of those deliveries come pack in cardboard boxes. When the boxes are empty, it’s time to toss out the cardboard but that can be a challenge when there is so much other trash to toss out on a daily basis. That is why you’ll often see stacks of cardboard in the alley behind these establishments; they just don’t have anywhere to store it all. A better approach would be to bring in Junk King Worcester on a regular basis. This is an independent junk hauling service that works around your schedule to keep your business clear of unwanted clutter.


Getting ready for a junk removal session with Junk King is easy. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away. You don’t have to move anything outside or put it all in a neat pile. The team from Junk King will pick it up from whatever spot it happens to be at. As for all those cardboard boxes, the crew will be happy to break them down and load them up on the truck.

To schedule a session with Junk King you need to pick a day and a two-hour window. That window is a buffer time to allow the crew to get to your location. Once they arrive, they’ll move fast. If it works better to bring in Junk King before your business opens or after it closes, then they can make that happen. They can also offer a same day pick up when available. Yes, you could finish reading this post, call Junk King and have your stuff clear before the end of the day. How is that for fast?

What will happen to all that cardboard and rubbish? With Junk King on the job, it’s a safe bet that the bulk of all of that stuff will end up getting recycled. Junk King knows exactly where to drop off things like cardboard, scrap metal and concrete so that it can be repurposed. Everything else can end up going to a charity. That counts as recycling, too! The best way to get rid of your cardboard boxes and other junk is to give that job to Junk King Worcester.

Inspire Your Family To Keep The House Clean

There came a time when your kids were growing up when they loved being a little helper. They would happily retrieve items from a table and relay messages to family members throughout the house. You might have instilled in them the responsibility to clean up after playing. The older they get, the more resistance to cleaning builds up. It’s only natural to want to keep things messy because cleaning means an end to playtime. Actually, it should work the other way around. When the cleaning gets done, there will be more time for play. That’s a good way to start to inspire your family to keep the house clean. Here are some more helpful tips:


Find a Place

Everything should have a place. That holds true for every toy block to every pot in the kitchen. Once the proper storage destination has been established, it shouldn’t vary and those things belong there. It starts with the arrival at the front door. There needs to be a place for shoes and jackets. Backpacks should end up in the bedroom or wherever homework gets down. And on it goes. Show your kids that the same effort it takes to toss something down can be used to put it in it’s proper place. No difference other than having a clean home as a result.

Out With the Old

Stuff has a way of building up around the house. That results in less storage space for everything. A good policy to establish is for every new thing that comes in, an old things needs to go out. New shirt? Then one that isn’t being worn is donated. New book? Then an old one goes to the library. This will not only help with storage but also keep your kids from being overwhelmed with clutter. The same rule can apply to your stuff, as well.

Be An Active Participant

If you designate a cleaning hour for the family, then that means everyone needs to be cleaning, including you. You’ll want to watch over them for the first time they take on a new task like laundry or washing dishes. But once they’ve mastered the skills, let them to their assigned task while you take care of other clean up responsibilities. With everyone working together, the cleanup will be done in no time at all.

Once you’ve established what you’re going to keep in the house, you should hire Junk King Worcester for a junk hauling session. This is the team to help with the trash overflow situation. Any big piece of furniture or appliance that is taking up space can be turned over to Junk King for fast disposal. Your family will appreciate the junk free home that Junk King Worcester can help create. Get that junk gone today.

Best Approach To Get Your Garden Ready

Are you ready to smell fresh flowers and pick some veggies from your garden? We’re just a few weeks away from the official start of spring. That means it is time to start thinking about your garden. Here’s how to get your garden ready:


Start indoors

There are some flowers that you can start growing indoors. This will let you get a jumpstart on the seedlings while it is still cold outside. Planting from seeds is a lot more cost effective then buying plants from the nursery. There are plenty recycling containers you can use for this goal like egg cartons or plastic soda bottles with the tops cut off. Just follow the instructions on the seed pack and you’ll have sprouts to plant in no time.

Get Lawn Equipment Prepped

After a cold winter in the shed, your lawnmower is aching to get to work. Before you power it up, you might want to get the blades sharpen and the engine tuned. That same kind of prep work can be done with your smaller gardening tools, as well. You won’t want to be working with dull blades or rusty tools.

Attack Weeds Early

The first signs of growth in your garden might not be the perennials you planted last year but some fresh weeds. As soon as the ground is no longer frozen, you want to start cultivating that soil. This can help keep the weeds away. There will still be some weeds you need to pull up from the root. The more you can get rid of now, the less you’ll have to contend with when growing season is in full force.

Remove Yard Debris

Some gardeners recommend leaving the last bed of fallen laves on the lawn throughout the winter. They can act as a protective mulch. But you don’t want any of those old leaves around come spring because they’ll actually prevent growth. If you have a compost pile, then it’s a perfect place to dump those leaves.

What about the bigger yard debris items that you want to get rid of? That is when you want to hire Junk King Worcester. The team from Junk King can quickly pick up all the bricks, stones, pavers, lumber and patio furniture you want to clear out. They can even take away a busted lawnmower. With their fast debris clearing, Junk King Worcester helps get your garden ready for spring.


Is Your Toddler Ready For A Big Bed?

If you’re like most parents, then you face a “battle” every day. That battle involves getting your toddler ready for preschool. The weeks leading up to their first day, you probably did a lot of prep work explain what they can expect. You got them excited at the prospect of going to school, making new friends and all that play time. Once they got over the first anxious week, they started having fun but that doesn’t mean getting them out of the door is any easier.


Same thing for getting them to go to bed a night. There are always negotiations going on. At some point, their night time routine is going to shift from going to sleep in a crib to going to sleep in a toddler bed. This is another big milestone in your child’s development. Are they ready? Here’s how to tell:

They Ask About A Big Bed

Your child has no doubt spent a lot of time in your bed. They’re familiar with the concept of beds that aren’t cribs. They might discover that kids their age like classmates or cousins are sleeping in big beds. They could inspire them to ask when will it be their turn? That’s a good place to start the transition.

They Are Potty Trained

Before making the move to the big bed, your child should be potty trained. You don’t want them creating any accidents in the new bed. Plus, you don’t want them to get overwhelmed with more rules and boundaries. Once you start the process, it should only take a few weeks to smooth out the potty training. That’s when you can move onto the bed concept.

They Have A Nighttime Routine Locked Down

It might have taken some time to perfect your toddler’s nighttime routine but once you’ve got it down, you need to stick with it. That is especially true when you make the switch to the big bed. They should be going to bed at the same time with the same amount of storytelling. The only change is where they’re putting their head!

Getting the toddler room ready for the big bed could mean rearranging or getting rid of furniture. That is when you want to bring in the pros from Junk King Worcester. They might not be able to help you put a toddler bed together but they can make quick work of getting rid of the old crib and other baby furniture they you’ve outgrown. A clearing session with Junk King Worcester helps make the switch to a big toddler bed a smooth transition.

The Best “Machine” For Junk Removal

When machines break down you have three options: Take it in for repair, repair it yourself or trash it and buy a new one. If you intend to keep using the machine, then repair is a good way to go provided the cost to fix it isn’t more than it would be to replace it. Bottom line: Machine aren’t going anywhere but not every machine is mechanical. You can have a “well-oiled machine” that refers to any type of operation that is running smoothly. Consider Junk King Worcester. When it comes to removing junk in an efficient and affordable manner, Junk King is the best “machine” you can hire.


Right off the top of your head, how many things do you think you could get rid of in your home? Don’t think about how heavy something is or how many stairs you have to climb to get to it. Just imagine what it would be like if you could finally get rid of that thing or things. Would you have more room in your closet? Would you be able to work out in your garage? Could you set up a guest bedroom? That’s a lot of stuff that can be tossed now. Now think about how much better it would be if you could have a pair of movers doing all that work. And those movers would be loading everything onto their truck and to take care of the disposal. That is exactly what you get when you hire Junk King Worcester.

One call sets it all up. Or if you prefer, you can lock down your appointment online. All you need to do is be ready when the crew shows up. The first thing they’ll want to do is look over all the stuff you’re getting rid of. This will allow them to estimate how much space it is going to fill on the back of the truck. That is how they’re going to set the price. No scales for weighing. Just good old fashion packing.

Once you agree to the price, the crew will spring into action. You’re going to like how fast that move. When you’re ready to get rid of all your unwanted clutter, put the Junk King Worcester machine to the task.

Tips To Improve Your Home Appraisal

Before you sell your home, you need to know how much it is worth. That will determine the price you set. The hope is that you’ll be able to sell it for a significant amount more than you paid. To find out that value, you’ll need a home appraisal. Instead of taking your chances with whatever the appraise will come up with, you could take some proactive steps to improve your home’s value. Here’s what you can do.


Write Out List of Neighborhood Amenities

The appraiser who will be reviewing your home might not be familiar with the neighborhood. Things like schools, shops, churches, restaurants and hospitals are all valuable amenities for a home. Even things like parks and bike trails can add value to your home. It’s all about the location.

Make a List of Renovations

It is hard to imagine a home without renovations, especially one with a long time owner. If you’ve made any renovations, then you’ll want to make a list of those projects. The date and money spent should also be included on that list.

Make Fixes

What are all the little problems around your home that need to be fixed? A stuck window? A hole in the wall from a door? A leaking showerhead? These are all repairs you should make on your own before the appraiser shows up. The more minor repairs to can take care of, the less deductions you’ll be hit with. Every little bit counts.

Take Care of Lawn

A home’s front lawn is the first thing the appraise will see. What kind of shape is your lawn in? There might not be much you can do in the winter beyond pruning trees and bushes but you can certainly make sure any rubbish is removed from the front and back yards.

In fact, you should go through your entire house and tag those items that can be hauled away. This will free up a lot of storage space and go a long way to show an appraiser the available square footage. This is a job that is perfect for Junk King Worcester. Your appointment with these professional junk haulers can result in a home that is totally clear of all unwanted furniture, appliances and other rubbish. One session with Junk King Worcester can go a long way towards improving your home appraisal.

What’s On Your New Year’s Resolution List?

The first list you made for the holidays is what you wanted Santa to bring you on Christmas. The last list you’ll make for the year is meant for the beginning of next year. That would be your New Year’s resolution list. If you’re stuck for an idea for your New Year’s resolution list, then consider any one or all of the following:

emotions-2930189_1280 - Copy

Write a Business Plan

Have you been dreaming of the day you become your own boss? That day can be just a little bit closer with the help of a complete business plan. Take your idea and start to write out all the things it is going to take to make it happen from start to finish. Even if you don’t have a business idea you can still benefit from a form of a business plan. Use that approach to set goals for saving money or making a major renovation around the house. Writing out a timeline and budget for those projects can really help them become fully realized.

Move More

Buy yourself a pedometer and start counting your steps. The goal is to hit 10,000 steps a day. Might be challenging but if you take some stairs, park farther away at work and keep moving you can hit it. Then go for more steps.

Read More Books

At this very moment, you could probably find any book that has ever been published online. A few clicks and that book is ready to read. If you prefer to go “old school,” then there is always the library. Bottom line: You need to read more. Pick up those classics you’ve always wanted to get lost in. Snag the book everyone is talking about. Bonus points for joining a book club.

Get Rid Of Your Junk

Not only should you strive to shed the extra weight you’re carrying but also the extra junk you have in your home. Perhaps “extra” is the wrong word. It is more like unwanted. These would be all the things you know you’re never going to use again. Why hold onto them? A quick call to Junk King Worcester sets up a plan to make them disappear for good. Think of how much better you’ll feel when your home is 100% junk free. Junk King Worcester can make that New Year’s resolution happen today.

Best Approach To A Holiday Open House

A holiday open house is a great way to share good times with friends, neighbors and family. Instead of setting a “strict” time as you would with a dinner party, the open house lets you keep things more casual. You put out food once, refresh a little along the way but for the most part everyone is on their own to come and go within the window of time you set. Very casual. Here’s how you should approach your holiday open house:


Consider Your Guests

The more the merrier applies to a holiday open house. That’s why you want to consider the timing. Christmas Day, later in the afternoon is a good zone. Same for New Year’s Day but Christmas Eve might be too hectic for some people who are dealing with last minute details of their own holidays. Of course, there is always Festivus, which is the night before the night before. Everyone would be up for that open house!

Open houses are typically held during the day. So a Saturday or Sunday is best. You can set the time frame from 1 to 6 and that should work for a lot of people. If kids are going to be part of the party, then you should set up a kid zone in a back room. All they’ll need are some games, movies and snacks to keep them happy. If they’re on the younger side, then you might want to hire a babysitter to watch over them. Give the parents a break!

Keep the Food Simple

The menu for a holiday open house should be totally no-fuss. That means finger foods and appetizers. It should be all about warming things up as opposed to baking from scratch on the day of the party. You can make it even simpler by having a potluck open house. You set the theme and the rest your guests fill in. At the very least, you can accept desserts. Everyone will haves some Christmas cookies to share.

Get the House Ready

Your home will already be decorated for the holidays. What you want to be cautious about is any breakable keepsakes. Just consider the “traffic” flow of your guests. Also know, an open house is just that, open. It will be hard to lock off areas of your home. That means clearing the clutter from every room. Instead of taking that task on yourself, turn it over to Junk King Worcester. They’ll provide you with a pair of expert movers who can quickly remove any old furniture, appliances, clothing or e-waste. Think of how great your home will look after Junk King Worcester has worked their magic. Perfect for your holiday open house.

Get Rid Of Your Old Winter Stuff Fast

Can you believe that we are just a few weeks away from the first official day of winter? Weren’t we just celebrating the first official day of fall? How long before they’re predicting the “worst winter storm ever?” Will you be ready? Before things get too hectic with the approaching holidays you may want to take some time to go through all your old winter stuff. This would be all the things you use during this time of the year. But if you discover you’ve got a lot of winter stuff that’s never going to be used again, then it’s time to get rid of all of it.


The first area to attack would be your closets. This is where you’ll no doubt find plenty of old winter coats, boots, sweaters and other cold gear. Do you really need 20 scarves? As you sort through all those things, you might create a very large pile of items that can be donated. If you hire Junk King Worcester for all your junk hauling needs, then you can rest assure that those things that can be reused will find their way to a charity. That’s part of Junk King’s total junk removal package.

The other winter stuff you have in storage could be taking up a lot of valuable space in your garage or basement. This might be some winter power tools like a snowblower that’s no longer working. You definitely want to make room for a new snowblower! That’s another thing that can’t be tossed out in the trash and is perfect to give to Junk King Worcester.

What about old furniture? Although it might not fall into the “winter stuff” category, it could still be items you want to get rid of. That’s a good thing to take care of before the holidays kick into high gear.

If you know exactly what you want to toss out, then give junk King call today. You might be able to score a same day pickup appointment. If you still need some time to sort through your stuff but want to lock down a weekend slot, then Junk King can take care that as well. Make room in your home by clearing out all the old winter stuff with a little help from Junk King Worcester.

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