Bring Down That Old Swing Set With Help From Junk King Worcester

Not everything you want to get rid around your house is as easy as tossing out an empty soda can. The bigger something is, the more likelihood you’ll end up “stuck” with it for several years. At least that’s the way it was before Junk King Worcester began collecting rubbish in town. One call to these professional junk haulers and you can have anything taken from your home including something as bulky as an old swing set in the backyard.


Taking down an old swing set is going to require at least two capable movers. Although they might not have the instructions, the Junk King Worcester team will certainly have the experience to handle this type of removal. In the past, they been called on to dismantle things like pool tables, hot tubs, fencing and tool sheds. Compared to those jobs taking out an old swing set will be a breeze for them.

When you arrange your junk removal session with Junk King Worcester your deftly want to tell them that involves taking down an old swing set. That will allow them to schedule around your session so that they’ll be plenty of time to get that job done. You don’t have to worry about getting charge extra for labor. Junk King Worcester doesn’t charge by the hour and that includes travel time! Instead, they charge by the volume of your stuff as it would fit on the back of the truck. This is a very fair price for this type of work.

There’s no limitation to what you can get removed in terms of size or weight. You might also feel that some of the items that you’re turning over to Junk King Worcester could be donated or recycled. Junk King will be way ahead of you on that count! The teams are all trained to spot those things that can be dropped off at the many organizations they have developed partnerships with. They know exactly what these groups are looking for at any given time. Your old swing set will probably end up as scrap yard and could become brand-new steel once again.

Taking care of old swing set removal and junk hauling is easy when Junk King Worcester has the assignment.

Bring In Junk King Worcester For Spring Break Decluttering

Mention the words “spring break” many college student and they have visions of beach vacations and parties. Of course, not every college student had to the beach for spring break. Some actually do what spring break was intended for and that is study for their final exams. You might enjoy having your college student back for this time knowing that they may be off for a summer job. That’s why you want to take full advantage of this time together. This is where Junk King Worcester can make a difference. If clearing out clutter has been on your to do list for some time, then you can use Junk King Worcester to get that job done this spring break.


Junk King Worcester works fast. That’s true if there loading up just a few pieces or an entire household worth of furnishings. You’ll benefit from the two-man crew assigned to your task and that big truck to roll up in. That’s all the “equipment” you’ll need to get rid of just about anything from your home. Weight is never an issue with junk King Worcester. The same can be said for size. These crews have a lot of experience in maneuvering things like pianos or pool tables down flights of stairs. These are the types of junk removal challenges that Junk King Worcester crews excel at.

Before the team gets the work and will look over all the things that you’re tossing out. They do this so that they can figure out how it’s all going to fit on the back of the truck. They been at this for such a long time they can look at any pile and know exactly where that will take up one third, one half or the entire truck bed. Knowing that is how your final fee will be determined. You’ll be presented with a written estimate that’s not going to change at the end of the job. Even if your junk takes up more room than what was estimated you’ll still pay that lockdowned fee. This is why Junk King Worcester is the fairest junk hauling service in town. Make spring break count this year with a decluttering session from Junk King Worcester.

Let Junk King Worcester Clear Way Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish Today

At this moment, would you say you have more cardboard boxes in your home that are empty or more that are full with stuff? Thanks to all the fun of ordering online folks are getting inundated with cardboard boxes. Some of these boxes are easily tossed out by others are too big to cram into the trashcan. Plus there’s always that thought that someday you might need a box. While that might be true that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto every single box. You also don’t have to hold onto all the unwanted rubbish you been collecting in your garage and basement. What is the solution? That would be hiring Junk King Worcester. These are the junk removal experts that can clear your home of all kinds of rubbish in no time at all.


Junk King Worcester understands how busy your schedule is. Most people set up an appointment on the day off but that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice their entire day. Junk King Worcester only asked you set aside a two-hour window but most appointments are handled in a lot less time than that. You could also request the same day pickup. Call in the morning and your junk can be cleared before it’s time to break for lunch. Your job in this process is just to decide exactly what you want taken away.

Junk King Worcester is going to provide you with a terrific team of movers. This is the crew that’s going to do all the lifting and loading for you. That means anything goes. They can bring a futon down from upstairs or a busted dryer up from the basement. They’ll do this with the utmost care to your floors and walls. Junk King has earned a terrific reputation from its customers and that only means they must be doing something right!

Everything you turn over to Junk King Worcester will have the opportunity to be recycled, repurposed and reused. That’s every bit is true for the cardboard boxes as it is for an old sofa. With Junk King Worcester on the job, all your rubbish and clutter can be gone in a single session. Make that happen today.

Treasure Your Antiques But Toss Your Junk With Help From Junk King Worcester

What is the oldest piece of furniture you have in your home? Would it be a chair dating back to the 50s? A credenza going back to the turn-of-the-century? Something even older? The older an antique the more care has to be taken to preserve it. That means keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from harmful cleaners. You also have to keep kids and pets far away! Antiques like that should be put them proud display. Around your house that can be helped when you get rid of all the unwanted clutter that has piled up over the years. Were not just talking about some random tchotchkes but instead the kind of bulky in oversize clutter that takes up valuable space away from your antiques. That clutter can easily be gotten rid of with one call to Junk King Worcester.


Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Worcester will be staffed by a pair of movers. This is a team that will actually treat your old junk like an antique at least while the moving it out of your house. They’re going to be very careful getting it around corners and down stairs to make sure nothing is scratched or scruff. Once outside, that junk will be packed onto the truck in as little space as possible. Why should that matter? It’s because the less space the crew takes up the less you’ll be paying. Your flat fee covers all the labor, transportation and drop-offs.

They can actually be many drop-offs with one truckload. That’s because some items could be designated as charitable donations while others would be recyclables. Junk King Worcester is perfectly fine with making multiple drop-offs as long as it keeps junk out of area landfills.

All that great junk clearing work that the crew does of the inside of your house can also be transferred to the outside. Call on Junk King Worcester to remove all kinds of yard waste or debris. This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of the spare tires and auto parts that are never to be used again with a broken lawnmower that will never be fixed. Think of the difference that will make. Put your antiques on proud display in a home that’s clear of junk thanks to Junk King the Worcester.

Hire Junk King Worcester To Boost Your Spring Cleaning

If you’re in charge of the spring cleaning project around your home, then it won’t be complete until you perform your final “inspection.” Especially important that charge of cleaning their own room. Their version of “clean” often leaves a lot to be desired. You have your own standards to determine what is clean. No doubt, your family will look forward to being released from that cleaning project! However, there is one aspect of spring cleaning that might not be complete until you hire Junk King Worcester. That would be getting rid of all your unwanted rubbish. One call to Junk King gets that taken care of in a very timely manner.


Junk King Worcester provides the perfect tools for your rubbish removal. This is a team of very capable movers and a huge truck. When you get right down to it, of that is exactly what has been preventing you from getting rid of that rubbish in the first place. You certainly couldn’t bring an old sofa up from the basement on your own. Enter be hard to carry a mattress down from upstairs by yourself. The two men who will be coming to you from Junk King Worcester will have a lot of experience moving heavy objects. But that doesn’t mean you have to load them up with a piano every time! Many folks hire Junk King Worcester to get rid of a lot of little things all at once.

This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of a lot of electronic gear. That’s against of the can be thrown out the trash. Instead, it has to be dismantled piece by piece. Junk and were just is not going to do that dismantling but they can certainly get it to the right place.

There is some dismantling the Junk King were just it would happily do. That would be with those bulky items that need to be taken apart before they can be loaded up. This can include anything from a set of bookshelves to a swing set out in the backyard. It won’t be a problem for Junk King Worcester to safely take apart. Make sure your spring cleaning is finished the right way with a call to Junk King Worcester.

Junk King Worcester Improves Your Business With Quality Rubbish Removal

Whether your business is a retail store or a restaurant, space is always at a premium. In a restaurant, that space can make all the difference as to whether you can fit in more tables, which means more customers. In a retail store, more space means the ability to stock more inventory on the floor. Obviously, you are going to be limited with the space that you’re renting but a lot can happen by simply rearranging furniture or display cases. You can also make a lot room by getting rid of rubbish. Hopefully, that rubbish is being kept in a storeroom and out of sight of your customers. Removing it can make way on shelves for more important items. This is a perfect job for Junk King Worcester.


The crews working for Junk King Worcester all have a lot of experience with moving oversized, heavy objects. As far as they are concerned lifting and loading a sofa is the same as lifting and loading an empty display case or booth benches. You’ll be assigned a very capable team of movers for your task. They show up ready to work with a friendly attitude.

The first thing you do is show them all the things you want taken away. Though take a quick moment to size everything up and then present you with a written estimate. That estimate is going to be based on how they will pack up their truck with all your stuff. Your things might take up half of the truck or just a third. It could even fill the entire truck. The goal for the crew is to squeeze your stuff into as tight a space as possible. That lets them make a few more pickups before returning to the depot. It also helps put your final price at the low end of the price scale.

Included in the price will be all the drop-offs of your collected rubbish. Don’t assume this stuff is going to end up at the closest landfill. Junk King’s mission is always to take the eco-friendly route. That means making drop-offs at charities or recycling centers. It’s a little extra work for them but worked are happy to do. When it comes to hauling rubbish, Junk King Worcester is the perfect partner.

Worcester Contractors Can Always Count On Junk King For Dependable Junk Removal

There is no getting around the fact that taking on a kitchen remodel is going to be a huge disruption. Although the end might justify the means it could still mean that you won’t be cooking in the kitchen for several weeks. That means microwaving food in the living room or getting familiar with a lot of take-out restaurants in the neighborhood!


For the duration of your remodel, your contractor will be the point person in charge of making sure things run smoothly. Contractors have a lot of weight on the shoulders with every remodeling job because they have to hire the right crew for each specific task. One company that contractors can always rely on for dependable trash hauling is Junk King Worcester. This is probably the first company that they contract out because they know on day one they’re going to need a big cleanup.

Junk King Worcester also takes a professional approach from start to finish. They make sure their crews have all been licensed and insured. If anyone can’t meet that standard, then they can’t work for Junk King Worcester. The crews also have to have a very friendly attitude. You’ll find that many customers appreciate this attitude even though the crews aren’t at the job site for very long. In fact, most junk removal sessions are taking care of in less time than it takes to enjoy a breakfast burrito!

Junk King Worcester also adapts to the situation. If you are dealing with a hoarder type of cleanup, then Junk King Worcester might recommend sending over additional crews to make sure the job is completed in a single session. The mere mention of “extra labor” might have you worrying about pricing. That’s not something to concern yourself with when you hire Junk King Worcester. That’s because all the labor is covered in a single flat fee whether you use the standard two-man crew or six movers. That fee will be based upon how the crew fits all your stuff onto the truck. They want to use as little space as possible. That means you’ll be paying as little as possible. It’s a win-win all around. For fast and affordable junk removal follow the contractors and hire Junk King Worcester.

Junk King Worcester Helps Haul Away Any Remaining Holiday Clutter

It is sometimes amazing how quickly a toy gets broken on Christmas morning. Thankfully, there is always the box to play with. Of course, that only works for younger kids. The older we get the more sophisticated our presents become. Christmas morning is usually a flurry of torn wrapping and boxes scattered everywhere. Those kinds of things are easy to clean up and stuff into a trashcan. As the weeks go on and you drift into the New Year there may still be some lingering clutter left over from the holidays. That clutter is probably more related to the things that you replaced as opposed to some gift-wrap. If you need to make room in your closet or other storage areas, then it’s time to get rid of that lingering clutter and turn it all over to Junk King Worcester.


Junk King Worcester is going to provide you everything you need to totally declutter your home. That will be a big truck and two strong movers. That moving crew is going to be doing the lifting and loading for you. They can take away an old television that has been replaced by flatscreen or bags of clothing that have been replaced with new outfits. Of course, you’re not limited to just the things that got replaced. Having a crew and truck at your disposal means you can get rid of all kinds of unwanted items such as furniture, appliances and other clutter that is crammed in your closets and cabinets. You probably run across the stuff every day and say to yourself, “I wish I could get rid of that.” All it takes is one phone call to Junk King Worcester to make that happen.

When you hire Junk King Worcester your also hiring a terrific recycling partner. This is a company that is dedicated to a “green” way of doing things. Most of what they collect ends up getting donated to a charity. What if the table you’re giving away has a broken leg or the sofa has lost it’s bring? That won’t be a problem because many of these charities specialize in reupholstering and repairing furniture. Everyone benefits from that including the workers hired by the charities. One call to Junk King Worcester will leave you with a home that is free of clutter. That’s a call you should make today!

Toss Out Your Big Clutter With Help From Junk King Worcester

Clutter comes in many shapes and sizes. Small clutter can be a flyer you get in the mail or take-out menu shoved under your door. Big clutter can be a worn out recliner down in the basement or busted washer out in the garage. Small clutter you can toss in the trash. The big clutter you need help with. That’s the kind of help Junk King Worcester provides on a regular basis. The question then becomes are you ready to get rid of your big clutter? Then you’re ready for Junk King Worcester.


The crews working for Junk King Worcester start their days early. There is always a session lined up first thing in the morning. As their on their way to that job call start coming in for potential same-day pickups. This will keep the crews busy throughout the day. The challenge for them is to pack as much onto the back of the truck as possible. There already have a sense of what to expect at each job so filling up the truck won’t be a problem. How they pack the truck is actually something you’ll want to pay attention to because that’s how you’ll be charged.

Junk King Worcester’s pricing policy is determined by an estimate provided by the crew about how much space your junk will fill on the truck. It could be one third, one-half or the full truck. There is a fixed price for each of those sizes. Once they present you with the written estimate, it will be locked down. They won’t be any changes even if your junk takes up more space. Of course, you’re under no obligation to move ahead with the work if you’re not happy with the price. However, if you were to rent your own truck, hire your own crew and spend your day off taking care of this task you could end up paying significantly more than what Junk King Worcester is charging.

The two-man crew assigned to your junk removal task will work at the job for as long as it takes to get rid of all the stuff you want tossed out. That includes any time taking apart items to fit onto the truck. You won’t be charged any extra for labor. The most efficient and affordable way to get rid of all your big clutter is to hire Junk King Worcester today.

Junk King Worcester Clears The Way For New Stuff

Now that all the holiday gifts have been exchanged and good times have been shared it’s time to start planning for the New Year. Yes, they still a little bit a holiday left but there’s nothing wrong with getting a jump on straightening things out around the house. That is going to mean making some room for all the new stuff that just arrived. Some of that stuff might be able to fit in a dresser drawer while other stuff could take up an entire room. The goal is to clear out all the unwanted stuff as quickly as possible and that’s where Junk King Worcester comes in the play. These are the expert junk haulers that will make short work of removing all your unwanted clutter.


Often it seems that bringing in stuff to the house is a lot easier than getting rid of it. That is certainly true with furniture that you had movers helping you with. If you’re ready to get rid of that old sofa, then you’re going to need a pair of movers again. That is exactly what Junk King Worcester will supply you with. This licensed and bonded team will be all you’ll need to get rid of just about any oversized item in your home. The team from Junk King Worcester won’t be bothered by weight or size. All they’re focused on is making sure you’ll be completely satisfied at the end of the session.

Before you schedule your appointment, you’ll want to be clear with exactly all the things you want to get rid of. If you’re dealing with a hoarder level type of cleanup, then that won’t be a problem. You just need to let the junk King team know so that they can send over more workers and trucks to get everything wrapped up in a single appointment. Although that might sound costly, it actually isn’t going to be any extra. The only way you’ll be charged by Junk King Worcester is based on volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crews can pack up their truck with all your stuff. The less space, the less you pay. It’s just that simple. Are you ready to make room in your home? Then you’re ready to hire Junk King Worcester.

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