Mattress Removal Happens Fast With Junk King

No one ever leaves their home empty-handed. At the very least, you walk out with keys, a phone and the wallet. Even if you are just going for a walk you would still bring the keys and maybe the dog! At times, you might also be carried out boxes that you are shipping or laundry meant for the dry cleaner. This can fill up your arms with stuff and might require a few trips back and forth to get it done safely. That should give you an appreciation for what it takes to bring something out of the house. The bigger the object the more you need outside help. That would certainly be true if you had to take care of mattress removal. That is not something that you can bring down from upstairs on your own. It is also not something that you can stuff into the backseat of your SUV. Instead, you need to bring in the team from Junk King Worchester to get this task done.

What Else?

Old mattress removal is often tied to the arrival of a new mattress. You can coordinate your Junk King session to be on the same day as the delivery of that new mattress. You should also think about what else you would like to get rid of. You can hire Junk King just to remove a single item. It happens all the time with those bulky things that people want to get rid of. However, considering the help provided by the moving crew in the space that will be on the truck you could use this session to clear out all the unwanted stuff in your home. Just think of how much better your living environment will be what all the rubbish is gone from your closets, cabinets and garage.

There won’t be much use for your old mattress once you have decided to get rid of it. However, it could end up being recycled. Junk King has identified many recycling facilities throughout the area that handle all types of materials. If you’re mattress can be recycled, then Junk King will make every effort to make that drop off. It’s all part of their complete service.

Mattress removal can happen very fast when you put Junk King Worcester on the job.

Use Junk King For A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

every year at the beginning of February, husbands and boyfriends go on the “hunt” for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The safe choice are roses and chocolates along with a special night out on the town. That is a Valentine’s Day that will always be appreciated. However, there are other gifts to consider that would be equally appreciated. What about taking care of something that has been requested for some time? You can still plan for the special night out but wouldn’t it be great if you can finally get rid of all of those bulky junk items that have been designated for removal? Now you can with help from Junk King Worcester. A rubbish removal session with these junk hauling pros would make a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

Already On The List

You probably already know what is on that list of things to get rid of. There are probably a few large items out in the garage or down the basement that had been “stuck” in those areas simply because you didn’t have a moving crew and truck to get rid of. With Junk King on the job that is exactly what you will be getting. Your junk King team will do all the lifting and loading. That also includes carrying those items up or down staircases. Since you have a truck that can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth rubbish you can get rid of a lot of things that aren’t even on the list. It might be a benefit to take the time to go through closets and dressers and pull out all the unwanted clothing items that are taking up valuable space. All of that can be turned over to Junk King for removal in a single session.

The Last Drop Off

The other benefit of hiring Junk King is how they approach their disposal. They prefer making drop-offs to charities and recycling centers. That helps reduce your carbon footprint and is a much better way to pass on things that you are done with but could still be used by others.

Setting up a rubbish removal session with Junk King Worcester can be a Valentine’s Day gift that will be remembered for a long time. Book today.

Hire Junk King For Full-Service Rubbish Removal In Worcester

Full-service means taking on the task and completing it from start to finish. Ideally, that should also mean not having to micromanage the work. If you have to stand over someone’s shoulder and tell them how to do things, then they aren’t really providing a full service. Most repair technicians that you bring into the house offer full-service fixes. The hope is that whatever they are working on isn’t too complicated for them. One area of home maintenance that you can always receive full-service help is with rubbish removal provided by Junk King Worcester. These are the junk hauling professionals who have been in this line of work for several years and know exactly what it takes to clean up any amount of rubbish from any type of living or work environment.

Set Up Your Session

You can set up your session with junk King online through their website. You get to pick the day and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. Because Junk King strives to complete every appointment within a 24-hour turnaround, it is a safe bet that their schedule will be open for your pickup. You might also be contacted to see if you could work with a same day pickup. That can get your junk out even quicker!

Once the crew arrives for your session, they will look over all of the things you want to get rid of. This is how they will come up with the best plan for getting those items out of the house without causing any damage to floors and walls. It is also when they will be putting together the estimate for the price. The Junk King crew needs to look over all of the things that you are getting rid of in order to estimate how they will pack up the truck. When you agree to that price the crew will spring into action and before you know it everything that you have tag for removal will be gone. The last thing the Junk King crew will do is sweep up those areas they just cleared. That is full-service rubbish removal!

Full-service rubbish removal for your home can be handled with a single call to Junk King Worcester. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

Proof Of More Satisfied Junk King Worcester Customers

One of the most effective ways to determine if a company lives up to the promise of their service is to check in with their past customers. Thanks to the Internet it is easy for customers to share their opinions. That puts the burden on every company to provide a forum for their customers to share those views. Junk King Worcester is happy to hear from their customers and they certainly have a lot of great things to say about these professional junk haulers.

“I love Junk King! They are fast, convenient and always respectful!” – Noel W., Natick

“I was extremely pleased with the quality of service and the 2 gentlemen who took care of us. They were quick, personable and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Junk King Worcester again or to recommend them to friends and family! Superb service!” – James E., Chicopee

The priority for Junk King is to clear out all your unwanted rubbish as swiftly as possible. That doesn’t mean being reckless with your floors and walls. Junk King will treat your home with the same respect that they would treat their own property.

“They are very helpful. They do exactly what they say. Their prices are very reasonable. I will use them again. I would recommend this company to ever who needs this type of service.” – Judy W., Spencer

“I had a large piece of furniture removed and both James and Ben were beyond awesome! I have used other removal places before but any of my future needs goes to Junk King! Both James and Ben are beyond respectful and cordial – top notch in my book! Thank you for such an easy experience!” – Robin M., Worcester

Junk King strives to make your junk removal process as smooth as possible. That begins with the easy scheduling and ends with the “no problem” lifting and loading that is provided by the Junk King squad.

“We used Junk King to pick up of some construction debris. They were courteous, efficient and very reasonable in their pricing. Would not hesitate to use again.” – Karen P., Worcester

Are you ready to get rid of your junk and become a happy Junk King customer? Book a session with Junk King Worcester today to make it happen.

Start Your Holidays With A Call To Junk King

There are a lot of calls made during the holidays. Top the list would be taking time to connect with friends and family from out of town. Several years ago, making a long-distance call was a big deal because you had to literally watch the clock. That is because you were often being charged high rates for that service. Today most carriers offer unlimited long distance calling which certainly comes in handy around the holidays. You also may be making a lot of calls to various stores to see if a particular item is in stock or to arrange delivery of something that you recently purchased. There are also calls to caterers to help set up your holiday parties. With all of those calls there is one you should definitely make at the start of your holidays. That would be to Junk King Worcester. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you get your home clear of unwanted rubbish and clutter. That is a terrific way to start your holidays!

All Through the House

When you are hiring Junk King you are getting the benefit of working with a very capable moving crew. This is a team of dependable movers who will show up at your home with a very friendly attitude. They are just happy during the holidays but throughout the entire year! This the team that you can ask to lift and carry out any unwanted objects from your home regardless of size or weight. They can go all through the house and pull out those things that you designate for removal. This is a golden opportunity to finally bring up furniture from the basement that you have been eager to get rid of. How many other rooms have items that you’d like the Junk King crew to carry out? It can all go in a single session.

Before the Junk King crew gets busy with your rubbish removal, they will present you with an estimate for the services. This will be based on how they plan on packing up the truck. These teams have a lot of experience fitting a lot of stuff into a small space. That allows them to make several pickups throughout the day and it also allows them to provide you with a low price for the service.

This year, start the holidays with the junk clearing session from Junk King Worcester. It can make a big difference around the house.

Get Rid Of An Old TV The Right Way

Have you ever spotted an old TV placed out on the curb with a sign that says “free?” That might seem like a quick way to dispose of an old TV but it is actually creating more problems. It is hard to imagine anyone would pick up TV from the street and expected to be in good working condition. Television sets aren’t the kind of things that can be tossed out with the trash. That might be why someone is predisposed to put it out on the curb.

Unfortunately, that will mean that the municipal workers will need to come by and clear it away and that takes them off of the other work that they need to complete. A better approach to get rid of an old TV is to turn it over to a company that is all about responsible disposal. That company would be Junk King Worcester. These are the professional junk haulers who know exactly where your old TV needs to end up.

Official E-waste

When you decide you no longer want your old TV it can be designated as official e-waste. That puts it in a special kind of recycling category. Television sets and other electronics have to be dismantled at a certified center. There are lots of components that need to be stripped away from those devices and kept out of landfills. Junk King has identified which of those recycling centers take in TVs, computers, printers and monitors. Dropping off those items is part of Junk King’s complete junk removal package. They have taken this screen approach for disposal ever since they began collecting junk way back in 2005.

Along with your old TV, the team from Junk King can also get rid of a lot of other unwanted items. This is your chance to finally say goodbye to that recliner or futon you have been eager to get out of the house. It’s also a good time to clear out your closets of any unwanted clothing articles. Those won’t be recycled but will probably be dropped off at a charity.

Getting rid of your old TV the right way begins with a call to Junk King Worcester. They are standing by to help today.

Call On Junk King For Old Furniture Removal

Which piece of furniture in your home would be the most challenging to have removed? It might be that the answer to that question is the same as, “which piece of furniture do you want removed that you’ve been stuck with?” When something is hard to get out of the house, it usually ends up staying in the house. That might apply to an old couch down in the basement or a futon up in a spare room on the second floor. The good news is that you don’t have to be stuck with that old furniture any longer. The junk hauling pros from Junk King Worcester is standing by to help you with all your old furniture removal needs.

Up or Down

The crew from Junk King who will show up at your home is a very friendly team. They always have a positive attitude about the task they are being asked to perform. You might feel guilty about making the crew go up in the attic or down in the basement to bring a piece of furniture out of your home. This is the kind of work that they do on a regular basis so it won’t be an issue for them to help you out.

It won’t be an issue to load up their truck either. The Junk King crew knows just what they can fit into their truck. This is what experience comes with. Their mission is to get all of your old furniture packed in tightly. When the stuff that you’re getting rid of takes up a small amount of space, then you can count on paying the low end of the price scale every time.

Suppose the furniture that you’re getting rid of is still in decent shape? Just because you want to replace that piece doesn’t mean it has to be trashed. Junk King will strive to get that item dropped off at a charity who might reupholster it and see that it goes to a family in need. That is always the preferred method of getting rid of stuff!

For your old furniture removal needs, call on Junk King Worcester to handle the job. Set up a session today.

Hire Junk King For Your Construction Scrap Cleanup Needs

Any type of construction project involves a lot of independent contractors. The general contractor is the one who is charged with hiring the laborers. There might be an independent contractor handling the electrical wiring and another when handling the plumbing. There are also vendors that specialize in flooring and HVAC. All of those crews come together with the same goal to complete the construction project on time and on budget.

What those independent contractors also have in common is that they always create debris. Some of those contractors take care of their own cleanup. However, there are some construction scrap cleanup jobs that would require their own independent contractor. The best company for completing that kind task is Junk King Worcester.

Safety First

Most construction workers create a pile for the debris that is generated throughout the course of the day. It then falls to the cleanup crew to facilitate the removal of that pile. It is very important that the people in charge of that cleanup understand the potential hazards in construction scrap. The crews working for Junk King have a lot of experience with this type of cleanup and know how important it is to clear a project site as quickly as possible. This is especially true if the project is at your own home. You certainly don’t want kids playing with debris from a remodeling project.

The Junk King crew who will be assigned to your construction scrap cleanup will operate fast and efficiently. Before they begin loading that debris they will present you with an estimate that is based on how they plan on packing up the truck with all of that stuff. It is not a matter of weight that they are focused on but instead just the volume. Junk King never charges by the pound that can make a huge difference for your bottom line when you are cleaning up from a construction project.

It might be beneficial to hire Junk King for weekly cleanup sessions throughout the course of the construction built. Junk King will make those regular appointments a priority.

Don’t let your project be overrun with construction scrap. Turn that cleanup job over to Junk King Worcester today.

Hire Junk King To Help End Your Storage Unit Rental

All good things must come to an end. That includes your storage unit rental. When you first got the rental, it was probably to help with your last move. It was much easier to deal with extra pieces of furniture and household goods by putting them into a storage unit then lugging them to your new home. These were the items that you simply couldn’t use but you didn’t want to throw them out. Now that you have spent several months’ worth of rental fees on the storage unit, you might consider that this is actually good time to get rid of all that stuff and stop paying those fees. This is not a complicated task if you bring in Junk King Worcester to help out.

Fast Clean Out

Of all the jobs that the team from Junk King handles, cleaning out a storage unit is probably the easiest. All they literally have to do is roll up to the storage unit and load everything up. There isn’t a big distance between the storage unit and the back of the truck! They also don’t have to be concerned about scratching floors or walls. And nothing has to be taken apart. If it fit into the storage unit, then it will fit onto the back of Junk King truck. Even if your storage unit is located inside of a facility, the team from Junk King will still make fast work out of clearing out that unit. If all of this happens before the first of the month, then you won’t have to pay another month’s rent.

Back at Home

As long as you booked Junk King for a storage unit clean out you might also want to consider having them come back to your home to remove a few other items. You won’t be charge for the extra time. Your final fee will cover the total amount of space that all the things you are getting rid of filled up the back of the Junk King truck. It is a fair and competitive price for this type of service. It is also a very welcome service considering you won’t have to do any of the lifting and loading.

Hire Junk King Worcester today to clean out your storage unit and start saving on those monthly fees.

Make This Fall Season Junk Free Around The House

This is the time of year when lots of folks flock to New England for no other reason than to see the leaves change color. There will be fall festivals happening all throughout the area and for good reason. This is also harvest time for many local farmers who are happy to share what they’ve grown all summer long. Fall is also the proverbial “quiet before the storm” that is the holiday season. That is why this is the best time to tackle all those lingering household chores. If getting rid of the junk around your house is at the top of your chore list, then you’ll be able to knock that out in no time at all with a little help from Junk King Worcester.

One Call

One call to Junk King sets a plan in motion that can have your home junk free from top to bottom. Before you make the call and lockdown your appointment you need to be clear about exactly what you want to get rid of. It might be that you need the team from junk King to move a few pieces of furniture and some boxes. That is a standard junk removal session. However, if the cleanup work you need help with is a bit more intense, then Junk King might send over additional crews. That is certainly the case when there is something like a foreclosure cleanout or help with a hoarder level type of situation.

What you don’t need to factor into your decision about what to remove is how heavy something might be. The Junk King crews are all trained in the proper lifting techniques so weight won’t be a factor. Neither will size. If something is too big to fit onto the truck, then the Junk King crew will break it down into several pieces. All of this work is going to happen very fast and efficiently. They will also be making sure that your property is treated with the utmost respect.

Fall season is a great time to make your house junk free. Junk King Worcester is standing by to help with that goal. Call them today.