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Neighborhood Cleanup Day!

Would you like to nominate your neighborhood for a Neighborhood Cleanup day?
Junk King Fairfax is sponsoring a series of Neighborhood cleanup days. These Saturday events provide huge savings and convenience to consumers.
On Neighborhood Cleanup Saturday, you can get rid of those items the trash company won’t take in the normal pick-up: old grills, basketball hoops, rusted bicycles, construction debris, furniture, appliances, TV monitors, e-waste, mattresses, tires, batteries . . . everything but hazardous waste.
The convenience is huge. Our strong crew carries all the heavy stuff. You point, we carry. We want our friends and neighbors to save their backs.
The savings are huge. The Neighborhood Cleanup discount puts your price below the trash company’s charge for special pick-ups.
Junk King is the greenest full-service junk removal company in Northern Virginia. We are 95% landfill free.
We have more than 3,000 neighborhoods in Northern Virginia, but only 52 Saturday’s each year. If you wish, you can nominate your neighborhood for a Neighborhood Cleanup Saturday, and we’ll give your neighborhood priority. Call me, Alex Powers, at (703) 455-3861 or send me an email at