Monthly Archives: February 2011

Green Report Card — Zero Land Fill for December and January!

Junk King Fairfax makes the extra effort to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. In December and January, we were 100% landfill free.

Since June, our metal recycling alone has saved 91,557 pounds of iron ore, 4,394 pounds of limestone, and 51,272 pounds of coal, which generates about one KWH per pound. We delivered 317,336 pounds of biomass to burn for energy, creating more than 512,795 KWHs.

To put these energy contributions in context, a typical Fairfax County home uses 17,000 KWHs of electricity per year. Since June 15, we have contributed enough energy savings to power 33 typical Fairfax homes for a year.

Also, we’ve donated furniture and usable appliances to Habitat for Humanity and needy families.

So far, we’ve collected more than 200 tons of mass and we’ve put less 9 tons into landfills. We recycled more that 191 tons – or 95.5% of all the waste we collected.

We are committed to do even better.