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Full House Cleanout Services

Most full house cleanouts are part of the process of the house. Click here for a two-minute video on a typical house cleanout.

For this particular job in Fairfax, we worked the executor who needed to prepare the house to put on the market. We worked with the executor’s schedule to distribute or sell the valuables in the house. Then we removed about 80 cubic yards of papers, books, clothing, trash, unwanted furniture, mattresses, old tube TVs, e-waste . . .

Nothing went to a landfill. We separated and recycled everything. (A local theater group took a vintage 1960’s kitchen table and chairs as theater props. We love to see old things find new homes.)

I personally know that being an executor is a tough job at a stressful time. In this case, our job is to make the executor’s job easier and make her look good to all the beneficiaries.

If you need to get a house ready to put on the market, part of the process will likely be removing and disposing some clutter. That’s real life. Junk King’s mission is to make the complicated task of sorting debris, loading trucks, and proper disposal painless for you.
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Salted Roads Not as Safe as you Think

How safe are the roads treated with salt? Not as safe as you might think. Do not assume that a salted road is safe for driving. It depends on the amount of salt applied and the temperature.  We expect up to 10 inches of snow over 12 hours and temperatures down to 4F.  We can expect the application of the salt to be heavy is some places and light in others. Ice forms when the­ temperature of water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When you add salt, the freezing temperature drops: A 10% salt solution freezes at 20F. A 20% solution freezes at 2F. Typically, a salted road solution rarely exceeds 10% to 20%. Theoretically, the County could dump about 300mgs per 1kg of water to achieve a 30% solution, but that’s a lot of salt to wash into our streams and ponds.  An acre of road surface expecting 10 inches of snow would need about 10 tons of salt to achieve a 10% solution.  Don’t count on your roads having a higher than 10% salt solution. Therefore, you need to consider that patches of salted roads will freeze at temperatures below 20F (most of the next two days) and most of the roads will be problematic when the night temperatures fall to 4F. Be careful out there!  We at Junk King wish you a safe and warm 2014. saltRoads2

Bulk Item Pick-ups – The Trash Company or Junk King?

Trash Services and Junk King have different operation models

Trash Services and Junk King have different operation models

The weekly trash service and Junk King have different operating models – each with its own niche expertise. One big difference is that regular weekly trash service cannot, for insurance reasons, go onto your private property. That’s why you always need to take your unwanted items to the curb.

When you need to get rid of items that do not fit into your trash can, you can call your regular trash service, and they typically will take the items for an additional fee. Again, you still need to take the item to the curb.

In Fairfax County, a typical homeowner gets two pick-ups per week for about $65 to $100 per quarter. (Arlington and Alexandria rates are typically higher.) Those pick-ups comprise about seven cubic yards of debris. Fourteen pick-ups and 7 yards of debris for $65 is a great bargain!

These weekly trash services are super-efficient at the routine weekly trash pick-ups. Many have trucks with robotic arms that grab and empty cans. These services work with predictable schedules, predictable routes, with predictable containers, generating predictable loads. In that manner, they can keep their costs way down.

Because bulk items are not predictable and do not fit the trash service’s operating model, the regular trash service charges what might seem to be a fairly hefty fee for picking up the couch, stove, or old fridge.

On the other hand, the Junk King model is optimized to deal with the labor-intensive bulk items. Our fleet and crews are nimble enough to conform to your schedule. We carry the insurance to allow us to work on your property. so we can to all the work. We have the skills to disassemble items that cannot fit through doorways. (Oh, we’ve seen giant freezers where they installed the freezer then built the walls!)

Consequently, Junk King can give you more value (and a better price) for hauling bulk items. For example, in Fairfax, the typical trash service charges $110 to take a double-wall stove. You still need to disconnect the stove and manhandle it down to the curb – usually a two-man job. (A homeowner is thinking, “Wow! $110! I get six months trash service for $110!” To be fair, remember that subscription trash removal and bulk item removal are significantly different.)

Junk King will remove the same double-wall stove, perform all the labor from kitchen to recycler—for $118. In addition, if you do drag that beast down to the curb, we’ll take it for $89—20% less than the trash service.

The same math works for refrigerators. The regular trash company charges $75 for the smaller fridges and $110 (or more) for the big side-by-side models. Plus, you need to certify that the freon is drained. (That service can cost up to $150.) Plus, you need to drag the item to the curb. Again, we’ll take the old fridge for $118 and handle all the recycling duties. And, if you still want to drag the old fridge to the curb, we take the fridge and perform the recycling duties for only $89. By the way, Junk King Fairfax is 100% landfill free–the most eco-friendly junk removal service.

The weekly trash service is an expert at the service they provide: weekly pick-ups. Junk King is the expert for bulk item pick-ups.  It’s all about picking the right service for the job.

Old couch? Recliner? Mattress? Washer-Dryer? Grill? Hot tub? Yard debris? Stove? Refrigerator? Shed?  Any bulk item . . .  Junk King will provide you better service and a better price because bulk item removal is our niche specialty. Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK.