Make Room In Your Home By Getting Rid Of E-Waste

Back in the early days of computer technology, a single machine would take up an entire floor at an office. Today, that same kind of computing power has been multiplied and shrunk. You have more computing power in your cell phone than any of those early machines that weighed several times. You might also have amassed a small collection of laptops and desktop computers that have been rendered obsolete thanks to upgrades. It’s easy to replace an old computer when there are so many great deals offered throughout the year. But what happens to those old computers? You know they are not supposed to go into the trash so instead they go up on a shelf in the garage or in your closet. They might not be taking up a lot of room but they are still clutter. Are you ready to get rid of all of your e-waste? Then you are ready to put Junk King Orlando on the task.

Leave It Where It Is

The electronic gear that you have stored in your home could be scattered throughout the house. It would be easy to bring those items out and pile them up in the living room but you don’t have to do that with Junk King. The JK crew will go through every area in your home at your direction to pull out the things you want to get rid of. After they’ve loaded up the old TV and laptop, they can go back for the recliner or loveseat that you want to get rid of. Just as with the e-waste, you can leave those items right where they are. The size and weight of the object won’t be an issue to the Junk King squad. They will make removing those items look easy!

Two-Hour Window

When you set up your session with Junk King, you will be asked to set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. That two-hours is often used up “in between” appointments to provide the time to get from one location to the next. Once the crew shows up at your place, they will look over all the things you want to get rid of and provide you with an estimate for the service. That flat fee is going to cover all the costs associated with the labor, transportation and drop off. It is a very affordable fee for this type of help.

When you clear out the e-waste and the rest of your clutter, you’ll be making a lot more room around the house. Let Junk King Orlando help with that.