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Author Archives: Brandon Martin

Best Beach Safety Tips For Safe Summer

As more people head to the beach is this summer, the chances increase for accidents. This is not something that should keep you away from the beach but instead make you aware that there are precautions that should be taken even on a bright sunny day. The following are some important beach safety tips to remember for your next trip to the ocean:


Swim Near Lifeguards

According to surveys conducted by the United States Lifesaving Association, the chance of drowning in the ocean is less than one and 18 million provided you are swimming near a lifeguard. As long as you can see the lifeguard, they can see you. It’s also a good idea to check in with the lifeguard before you go swimming to get their assessment of current water conditions.

Stay Within Swimming Zones

Occasionally, you may come upon areas marked off by ropes and buoys. These should be considered the safe swimming zones. Traveling outside those zones could find you in rocky terrain or overwhelmed by seaweed. Staying within those swimming zones will keep you safe.

Beware Of Rip Currents

A rip current is a powerful flow of water that pulls away from the shore. It can occur at any beach that has breaking waves. That includes a lake. Rip currents are actually mapped out. It helps to check your beach before heading out.

Don’t Swim In Polluted Water

The chances increase of swimming in polluted water after a severe storm. That’s because there’s usually runoff from municipal water systems that should be avoided. As long as you’re going to a beach with a lifeguard, they will post warning flags about contaminated water. You don’t want to take a chance swimming in polluted water.

Recognize Your Swimming Abilities

Just because you can go for several laps in your backyard swimming pool doesn’t mean you can do the same in the ocean. Colder water, currents and other dangerous conditions can prove to be an obstacle for even the strongest swimmers. You really don’t need to go far from sure to enjoy yourself in the ocean.

Keep Your Beach Umbrella Secure

Not all of the potential accidents that happen on the beach happen in the water. When winning kicks up along the coastline it can pull up beach umbrellas sending them hurtling. You want to make sure your beach umbrella is secured at least a foot into the sand. Before going to the beach you should inspect your umbrella to make sure it is working properly. If there’s any trouble with your beach gear, then you should consider replacing it. To make room in your garage bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando. You’ll be working with a team of expert movers to clear out all your old Beach gear and any other unwanted clutter. That’s a great way to start the summer.

Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

Surprising your kids with a backyard trampoline will certainly make you a cool parent. But you also have to be a responsible parent. A trampoline is a lot like a swimming pool in that it needs plenty of adult supervision to make sure there aren’t any accidents. The following backyard trampoline safety tips are a good thing to put into practice before the jumping starts.


Place On Shock Observing Ground

The worst place you could put a trampoline is on a concrete patio or driveway. You always have to assume the worst and that would be someone bouncing off and landing on the ground. This is why you should put your trampoline on a shock absorbing surface like a grass lawn or mulch.

Keep the Trampoline Clear Of Debris

Just as you would skim your pool to remove leaves and other debris before swimming, you also want to check your trampoline. The mat should be clean and dry. Be on the lookout for overnight dew. The area around the trampoline should also be clear of chairs and toys by at least 10 feet. Finally, you want to check underneath the trampoline to make sure nothing has landed there for the last play session.

Add Padding and a Net

Not every trampoline comes with padding and a safety net but these are features you should definitely add. The padding goes on top of the springs around the entire trampoline. The netting goes around the perimeter as well and keeps the jumpers from spilling out. Two great features every trampoline owner should incorporate.

Don’t Allow Stunts

Left on their own, kids will definitely push that trampoline to the limit. That could mean moving it to bounce into a pool or attempting some other wild stunt. This should be discouraged on all levels. It only takes one missed footing for injury to occur.

Replace If Worn Out

If the trampoline has become worn out or the springs have gotten rusty, then you might want to replace the entire unit. That might seem like a daunting task to do on your own but it is easy if you hire a company like Junk King Orlando. These are the junk removal specialists who excel at removing oversized items like a trampoline. They’ll be able to take it apart and load it onto the truck in no time at all. The same can be said with the rest of your unwanted yard debris or household clutter.

The best kind of fun you can have on a backyard trampoline is safe fun.

Junk King Orlando Helps You Say Goodbye To Your Unwanted Rubbish

The difference between a clinical hoarder as someone who is just a bit messy is the ability to actually throw out rubbish. The hoarder will have a hard time letting go of anything. That will often lead to dangerous complications with regard to living conditions. The messy person just might not have the means to get rid of that unwanted rubbish. That can all change by hiring Junk King Orlando. These are the junk removal pros who never met a pile of rubbish they couldn’t make disappear in a matter of minutes.


Your rubbish could take many forms. It could be furniture that you have piled up in a spare room that isn’t being used anymore. For instance, perhaps you replaced your dining room chairs and the old chairs are now stacked like a pyramid in a corner. Maybe there’s a futon down in the basement that is seen better days. You could also have a major kitchen appliance like a refrigerator, dishwasher or dryer that has busted beyond repair. Those are the kinds of things you can put out for the trash pickup. But they are certainly the kinds of things that Junk King Orlando can help remove.

Junk King Orlando prides itself on making its customers happy. And that begins with their simplified scheduling process. You can set up your appointment online at any hour the day or night. That will warrant a quick response from the Junk King Orlando team to confirm your session. All you have to do is pick the day that works best for your schedule and a two-hour window.

Most Junk King sessions are completed long before those two hours are used up. But in those extreme circumstances when the Junk King crew needs to do a lot more work, you won’t be charged any extra for their time. You’ll few always be based upon one factor. That will be how much room your stuff is going to take up on the back of the truck. It’s a flat fee that covers everything. It’s also very fair. Is a time to let go of all your rubbish? Then it’s time to hire Junk King Orlando.

Junk King Orlando Helps Get Your Room Ready To Paint By Clearing Out The Rubbish

Before you spend thousands of dollars in a remodeling project you might want to consider just painting your rooms. It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint with a bold new color can transform space. There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a color. The choice of color is not only important for decorating but also for mood. For instance, you don’t want to paint a bedroom red because it might keep you up at night. Instead, a tranquil blue or green shade is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Before you get started with the painting, you’ll have to do a little prep work and that includes clearing out the rubbish. That’s where Junk King Orlando comes in the play.


Junk King Orlando is a company dedicated to taking the hassle out of removing unwanted clutter from your home. Every session that set up by Junk King Orlando will be staffed by two movers. This is the exact kind of help you need to get rid of things like furniture and appliances. Your only part in this junk removal task is to point to the things you want taken away. There’s no need to bring anything down from upstairs. Leave it all for the Junk King Orlando crew to pick up.

Clearing a room of unwanted clutter will help with the paint prep. It will also help with the final result once that paint is dry. If you want to convert a spare room your home office or movie theater, then you definitely don’t want it cluttered up with boxes of junk you’re going to be tossing out anyway. Give that all to Junk King Orlando.

As long as you’re making over the inside of the house, you can also have Junk King Orlando help clean up the outside. The crews afraid to get their hands dirty removing things like rocks, bricks, stones and pavers. All of that can be piled onto the same truck load. Don’t worry about the weight. You’ll never be charge by the pound when you hire Junk King Orlando and that can make a huge difference to the final price. Before you paint any room, first make sure Junk King Orlando gets rid of the clutter.

Get Your Garden Ready With Help From Junk King Orlando

Before you plant your spring vegetable garden it might be helpful to draw out a kind of “floor plan.” This garden map can be a big help when it comes to deciding just how much space you need and what exactly you want to grow. Along with the vegetables like tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and peppers don’t forget the fresh herbs. You won’t need a lot of space for those and they would make great borders for your garden. Once you plotted out that garden, the next quest is to clear the space in your backyard. This is where a call to Junk King Orlando can make a huge difference. These junk removal pros might not be able to help you turn over some soil but they can certainly clear way all kinds of things to help make your garden grow.


Suppose you have an old swing set or playground equipment that was once used by the kids. That of their grown those things are just taking up space that could be used for your garden. The team from Junk King Orlando will be able to take apart those structures and load all the pieces onto the truck. That even includes pulling up any post that have been sunk into the ground. Even if you not to plant a garden it will be great to get rid of those objects.

Along with clearing the space for your garden, the Junk King team can also remove any piles of lumber, construction waste or yard debris that you have out there. Compost is one thing but you certainly don’t want metal resting or spare tires where mosquitoes can nest. Turn all that over to Junk King Orlando.

In addition to all this great help they can provide in the backyard, Junk King Orlando can also clear out the clutter from your closet, garage and basement of the same appointment. Everything that is loaded on the truck will eventually be sorted through by the crew. They are going to pull out all those things that can be recycled or donated. You’re helping in the environment by growing a garden and Junk King Orlando is helping the environment by avoiding landfills. It’s a win-win all around. To get your garden growing, call in Junk King Orlando for some yard clearing today.

Avoid Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish Overload With A Call To Junk King Orlando

When your overload an outlet it trips a circuit causing an outage. That is easily fixed with one trip to the electrical box and a flip of the switch. If only other overloads in your home could be as easily handled. What happens when your garage or basement has become overloaded with things like cardboard boxes from Amazon deliveries or family clutter? That’s easily fixed with one call to Junk King Orlando. These are the junk removal pros that can quickly remove any amount of rubbish overload.


Your family clutter can take many forms. It can be the things that they use every day like backpacks, shoes, books and jackets. This stuff is often dropped on the floor from the front door to their bedroom. At least, it is easy to track where they’re going in the house! But there could be other clutter in the form of sporting equipment that is being used, toys are being played with and clothing that they’ve outgrown. That’s a lot of stuff taking up room that could be put to more practical use. That is all those cardboard boxes left over from the multitude of Amazon deliveries. The small boxes can be tossed into the garbage very easily. It’s those bigger boxes that become a challenge to get rid of. All of that stuff can disappear once Junk King Orlando is on the scene.

Junk King Orlando is going to send over to friendly movers to facilitate this task. It doesn’t matter to them if they need to haul out dozens of little things or two or three huge things. All that matters to them is that you want something gone.

Everything collected by Junk King Orlando will end up on the back of their truck. Once they loaded all your stuff will be off to the next appointment and you can get back to your day. However their work is far from done. Not only will the crews be making additional pickups but they will also be doing a lot of sorting back to the depot. There to pull out all those things that could be donated or recycled what they collect it. This is their green way of doing things that is an added benefit of hiring a company like Junk King Orlando. Don’t surround yourself with cardboard boxes and clutter. Give it all to Junk King Orlando today.

Junk King Helps You Have The Most Fun In Orlando

When you do an online search for “things to do in Orlando” you’re going to get a list of all those amazing theme parks that are in the area. This is what Orlando is all about and that’s a good thing. But as a local resident, you may not take advantage of those parks simply because you know they’re not going anywhere. What you’re missing out is a lot of fun and a lot of discounts. Most of the parks offer special rates for locals. There’s also yearly discounts. That means you can buy a ticket today and come back as many times as you want throughout the year. That’s especially great if you know you’re having visitors come from out of town. Your tickets will be covered! Of course, it helps if you actually have the time to go enjoy those parks without feeling guilty about leaving chores undone back at home. If  one of those chores is getting rid of junk, then Junk King Orlando can help get you to those parks and no time at all!


The most time-consuming aspect about hiring Junk King Orlando for junk removal is deciding what you want to throw out. This might be an easy choice if you have some big pieces like a sofa, recliner, loveseat, mattress bedroom set that you know you definitely want to get rid of. Things slow down when you have to sort through boxes to see what kind of unwanted clutter you can toss out. You getting the two-man crew and a big truck to handle your junk removal session so you should totally take advantage of them and go through those boxes. It will be time well spent when you’ll be able to reclaim all that valuable storage space in your home.

The two-man crew assigned to your task will call you when there about 20 minutes away from your home. As soon as they arrive, they want to get right to work. That begins looking over all of your stuff to determine how it will fit onto the back of their truck. This is how they come up with your fee. It’s a price that’s based strictly on volume. You will be charge by the pound with Junk King Orlando and that’s a good thing. If you want to free up your time, then turn your junk over to Junk King Orlando today.

Junk King Orlando Is A Big Help With Spring Cleaning

The best approach to spring cleaning is the room by room method. This means you enter a room with all your cleaning supplies and don’t leave until it is thoroughly taken care of. That way you’re not lugging things like vacuum cleaners and buckets back and forth between rooms. It’s also better sense of accomplishment when you can “lock off” a clean room. As you go through each room, you might create piles of things that you want to toss out. Those piles could include big items like mattresses, bedroom sets, recliners, love seats, chairs, tables, sofas and rugs. When your spring cleaning yields that level of unwanted stuff, then you need to turn to Junk King Orlando. These are the junk removal experts who can make any pile of unwanted rubbish disappear in a snap.


One of the reasons that might have stopped you from getting rid of those oversized items is because you didn’t have the extra muscle or big enough truck to haul them away. That is exactly what Junk King Orlando will be providing you. Every junk removal session that is set up by Junk King Orlando is staffed by a pair of strong movers. This is the team that can lift anything from a pool table to a stove. Maneuvering a heavy object out of the house is what they do every day. Based on the reviews, it’s clear they do an amazing job with these types of removals.

You can also count on Junk King Orlando to remove a lot of little things if you like. They won’t have a problem going up and down stairs to get to boxes of a close, toys and books. Knowing you have two movers in a big truck at your disposal can certainly have an impact on what you want to get rid of. In other words just about anything goes!

When Junk King is finished sweeping through your home they can also do a pass around your backyard. What you have out there that you like to get rid of? Anything from an old barbecue to a pile of dirt can make its way onto the junk King truck. This year your spring cleaning will go a lot quicker when you bring Junk King Orlando in from the start.

A Session With Junk King Orlando Will Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift Special

The goal for Valentine’s Day is to make that special someone in your life feel appreciated. When you get right down to it, it doesn’t take much to accomplish that goal. Even a small gesture will mean a lot. That is why a junk removal session with Junk King Orlando could make for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift. It may not be chocolates but it might just be what your partner would really appreciate. Just think of how happy they’ll be when all the clutter from the home can be cleared out in a matter of minutes. That can happen with one call to Junk King Orlando.


The two-man crew will be assigned your junk removal task will be showing up in a big truck capable of holding whatever you want to throw out. They’ll also be coming with a very friendly attitude. If you look at any of the reviews posted by past Junk King Orlando customers, you’ll find that “courteous” and “nice” are two buzzwords most associated with these crewmembers. It helps that they have a “no problem” attitude with the junk removal chore. That means you can ask them to bring a sofa down from the second floor or haul out a pool table and they will still do it with a smile!

Before the team shows up you’ll want to go through every room in the house just to make sure you’re getting rid of all your unwanted clutter. You can probably find one or two items in every room that could be tossed out. Just think about the practical use of these things. If you haven’t put them to use, then why you holding onto? That principle holds true for sporting equipment, clothing, appliances, gadgets and electronic gear. Just think of what your place with look like with all of that stuff gone.

When the crew shows up, you’ll show them where all your junk is. Before they start moving there to present you with an estimate that can be based upon how much space your stuff will fill up on the back of the truck. It’s a flat fee that covers all the charges associated with the junk removal session. It’s a fair price for a great service. A session with Junk King Orlando might not be romantic for Valentine’s Day but it gets the job done.

Orlando Contractors Call On Junk King For Reliable Debris Removal

When the contractor begins a remodeling project, the first thing they do is go through their list of crew to see who’s available. They need to schedule plumbers, electricians, painters, drywall hires and floor people to get through most jobs. It could be that their first picks are already working but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to find capable crews. One company they can always depend on is Junk King Orlando. These are the professional junk haulers that can always be called on to get rid of all kinds of debris in a very timely manner.


The first thing that a contractor looks for with a higher crew is if those workers are experienced. Junk King Orlando has plenty of experience moving all kinds of debris. They have been called on to clear out vacant lots, warehouses, businesses, schools, foreclosed homes and even hoarder situations. This no challenge that they don’t take head on. It is that kind of dedication to the task that has propelled them to become the number one junk removal service in Orlando. All of that experience and expertise is part of every junk removal session. Now think of what they can do around your house.

Junk King Orlando is going to give you to friendly and capable movers to help facilitate your own debris removal project. Of course, you might not have debris as much as you have unwanted clutter and junk to get rid of. There could be a sofa down in the basement or a bedroom set upstairs that you want taken away. They could also be all kinds of clothing, toys, books, sporting equipment, pots, pans and appliances that you’re also done with. All of that can be loaded onto the Junk King Orlando truck in very little time.

Most of what you will be turning over to Junk King Orlando will actually be dropped off at a local charity. That is certainly true for the clothing, furniture and household goods. It doesn’t matter what shape their in or if there out of style. These charities can always find a way to put them to use. The most efficient and affordable way to get rid of your junk is to follow the professional contractors and hire Junk King Orlando.

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