Spring Junk Removal In Bucks County

The moment that thousands of anglers have been waiting for is once again upon us: Opening day for trout season. The harsh winter isn’t going to slow down the stocking of rainbow trout just in time for some excited fishermen.


“Anglers are very excited,” said Andrew Desko to a local online newspaper. He’s the regional education specialist for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission at Tyler State Park and knows all about the trout situation in Bucks County. “It’s steeped in a lot of tradition – just to get to go out and fish with fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, families.”

This year, both brown trout and rainbow trout will be released at two areas along Neshaminy Creek. According to the Park Department’s release: “The first is the section of Neshaminy Creek that runs adjacent to Dark Hollow, a popular hiking destination in the park that is shadowed by overhanging rock cliffs called the Neshaminy Palisades. The second is between the base of the dam above the Tyler State Park Causeway at the center of the park and where Neshaminy Creek intersects the Richboro Road Bridge.” Now you know where to go for fresh trout.

The other big spring tradition is to clean out your home of all the clutter, dust and grime that has built up in the last couple of months. Actually, the dust might be new but all that clutter could have been a part of our home for quite some time. That’s because when you have a big item that is no longer needed, you really don’t have a lot of options with regard to junk removal. At least, there weren’t any options before Junk King. As soon as Junk King set up operations here in Bucks County, all your junk removal problems were solved.

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