Junk King Makes Mattress Removal An Easy Task

Moving a mattress can be cumbersome. Even if you just wanted to “flip” it for cleaning purposes, it still takes two people to do it effectively. What happens when you are replacing that mattress all together? That is definitely a task that needs to be completed by two people and those two people should know how to navigate heavy objects down a flight of stairs (at least!). To find those capable movers, you won’t have to look any further than Junk King Philadelphia. These are the junk hauling experts who have been moving mattresses, furniture and all kinds of bulky items for a long time.

Session Time

The timing of your mattress removal session depends on your schedule. You might want to have Junk King remove your old mattress on the same day that your new mattresses be delivered. That would mean there would be no disruption at bedtime. It could be also that you’ve already managed to move the mattress out of the bedroom and into the garage or down in the basement just to have it out of the way. But that is taking up valuable storage space. The Junk King team can load that mattress onto their truck for responsible disposal. That disposal might involve dropping it off at a recycling center. Yes, even mattresses can be recycled!

When your mattress does go on to the back of the Junk King truck you can stop right there with your session. You don’t need to fill up the truck in order to hire junk King. They are happy to help you remove just one bulky item like an old mattresses. But as long as you have those movers and that truck you can put them to a lot of use around the house. Is there anything else that is oversized and especially heavy that you would like to get rid of? Maybe you’d like to get rid of a lot of little things like boxes of old clothing and other household goods. This is a chance for a major junk clearing of your home and that can always be a benefit.

Junk King Philadelphia makes mattress removal easy. Give them a call today to find out how easy.