Junk King Helps Make Old Living Room Furniture Disappear

Just think of how often you would redecorate your home if you could “blink” out old furniture and “blink” in new furniture. Until you find a magic lamp that works, you’ll have to stick to the old-fashioned approach of hiring capable movers to the job done. For your new furniture, those movers will be provided by the company where you’re buying the pieces from. As for the old living room furniture, the best way to make it all disappear is to bring in the Junk King Portland team.

Always Two

Every removal session set up by Junk King will always provide two very strong and experienced movers. This is a team who has carried living room furniture out of homes, apartments and lofts. It is that kind of extensive experience that can help prevent damage to your walls and floors. That will always be a priority with the team from Junk King.

The two Junk King movers also have a lot of experience when it comes to packing up their truck. You’ll appreciate that experience when they present you with the estimate for the service. That fee will be based on how tightly they can pack everything into the truck. Will your furniture take up half of the truck or just one quarter? Junk King always wants to provide you with a good deal for this type of work.

Included in that flat fee will be the disposal of your old living room furniture. Often, that furniture can be dropped off by Junk King at a local charity. That is where it might be repaired and spruced up to be put back into use for a family in need. This is the kind if approach Junk King has taken for disposal drop off since they began their operations. It really is the best way to get rid of old furniture.

If your mission is to make your old living room furniture disappear, then Junk King Portland can make that “mission accomplished!”