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How To Senior Proof Your Home

There may come a time where the roles are going to be reversed in your life and you will be taking care of your parents. If they are still living at home, then you want to make sure that is a safe environment. Just as you would with a new baby, you’ll have to focus on making their home safe from any potential accidents. Here are some good suggestions on how to see your home:


Create A Clear Walking Path

You want to make sure your senior love has plenty of room to walk around the house freely. That’s why you want to create clear pathways between common areas like better, living room, bathroom and kitchen. It is also important to keep things off of stairs.

Secure the Carpets

All the rugs and carpets should be properly secured with double-sided tape. This will prevent anyone from tripping into that.

Avoid Wet Floors

Any wet floor can become a hazard. You want to make sure there are bath mats in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. If the floors are wood and being clean, then use only nonskid wax.

Make Sure Everything Is Well Lit

Good lighting goes a long way to help preventing falls. Just because you can see things clearly doesn’t mean everyone. You want to make sure there is enough lighting in stairways, hallways and in each room. Use the lightbulbs with the highest wattage whenever possible. You can also add nightlights in the bathroom and hallways. It’s a good idea to keep a flashlight by everyone’s bed as well.

Add Handrails

Handrails are vital to prevent falls. Obviously, stairs leading up to the second floor will have a rail but what about your outdoor porches? Handrails can also be strategically placed in the bathroom to help with getting in and out of the tub and toilet.

Get Rid Of Clutter

We all occasionally stumble but the older we get more dangerous those stumbles can become. You want to remove any small furniture items from common pathways. Other things like pet bowls, electrical and phone cords or even throw rugs could also be a concern. It might also be some clutter that can be removed to make things safer. Not just piles of newspapers and magazines but also any unused furniture, appliances or other household items. Those can easily be removed by the crew from Junk King Albany. These professional junk haulers can quickly clear an entire house full of clutter in no time at all. Count on Junk King Albany to help get your home senior proof and safe by clearing out the junk.