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Make Smart Use Of Your Storage Unit

Sometimes when moving from home to home you discover you’ve got too much stuff for the new place. It makes sense to rent a storage unit to put in your excess stuff to sort out later. In order to make sure you make smart use of your storage unit consider the following factors:

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If you’re putting things in a storage unit that you want to deal with much later, then you could probably go to any facility that offers a good deal. However, if you’re going to be storing things that you a plan on taking out on a regular basis like holiday decorations or winter clothing, then you should pick a facility that is close to your home. You don’t want to drive for miles just to get a box of Christmas lights.

Type of unit

Storage facilities offer everything from basic garage type storage to climate-controlled units. Summer indoors and several floors up all others are outside and on the ground. You need to think about what you’re putting in storage and the potential for damage. Although the storage facility might not admit that your items could get damage issues like flooding from rain and melted snow could cause trouble with those ground units.


You definitely want a storage facility that is monitored around the clock. You should be able to review a facility security system. Asked to actually see how they record their property. If what you see are blurry images, then it’s not to be any help. Also, make sure that the storage unit you’re renting is in view of whatever security cameras they have set up.


You need to gauge how big a storage unit you need based upon what you putting inside. It might be helpful to go one size up just to make sure you have room for everything. That also allows extra space to create rows. That’s very helpful for access to your property.

You should also minimize what you put into that unit by clearing out the clutter first. You don’t want to pack up junk and pay rent keep it in storage. One call to Junk King Albany can help with that. As you separate all the things you want to put in storage from the stuff you want to toss out you’ll create a nice pile of rubbish. Junk King Albany will send over a team to pick up that rubbish and loaded onto the truck for fast disposal. Junk King Albany will make sure you don’t pack up clutter in your storage unit.

Don’t Turn Your Albany Home Into A Storage Unit

How much would you pay for a parking spot? Most of us who live in homes are lucky to have a driveway or garage for easy access. Down in Manhattan, a new condo building in SoHo has put a price of one-million dollars on a 200-square-foot parking spot. You read that right: one-million dollars to park your car. You don’t even get to own that spot. It’s just a lease for 99 years. Plus, if you move, the spot gets resold but that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get the million back. This puts your own garage into a new perspective, doesn’t it? If you’ve turned your garage into a storage unit, maybe it’s time to get out the junk and park your car in there once again. Junk King can help you get there.


Winter is just around the corner. That means the potential for more storms. You shouldn’t spend another cold season shoveling out your car when you’ve got a perfectly good parking space in your garage. What is the clutter in there? Some folks park a treadmill in the garage in the hopes of shedding a few pounds. What happens is that the treadmill goes unused and becomes a tray for other boxes. Speaking of boxes, the garage is the perfect place to store whatever you’ve packed up and aren’t using. Shelves along a wall are a good way to organize but over the years, those shelves become crowded out and the boxes fill up the garage. Cue Junk King for the removal!

There are probably other areas of your home that have become a type of storage unit. Up in the attic, you could have some old bed frames, mattresses, suitcases and baby furniture that will never be used again. Make sure you don’t have any valuable antiques up there and then let Junk King haul all the stuff down. With a little work, you could even turn that attic into a spare room, home office or art studio. First, you’ll have to get rid of the junk.

If your basement isn’t the family room, then it could be the family storage unit. This is another perfect job for Junk King. The crews won’t have a problem making several trips up and down the stairs to make sure all your rubbish is gone. When you’re ready to close down your home storage unit, then Junk King will be ready for you!