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Lawrenceville Mattress Removal: Junk King Will Take Your Old Mattress Off Your Hands


Mattress Removal in Lawrenceville

updated 7/18/22


5 Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Old Mattress


We’ve all had those nights—the ones where we finally realize that the bed below us isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be; we might have even thought about how much a new mattress might cost, despite the night reaching further and further into the early morning.


These days there are thousands of options for new beds, some can even be delivered via the mail—pressed and rolled and packaged and on your doorstep in under two business days. Since there are so many available options for both the delivery and the affordable purchasing of mattresses, it is more important than ever for individuals to be able to tell when there are signs that it is time to replace their old mattresses. Here are the top five signs that Junk King believes are telltale signs that should point you towards a new purchase (and a removal). 


  • The age of your mattress: The age of your mattress is one of the biggest factors in deciding whether or not it is time for a new bed. According to Casper (a leading producer and seller of online mattresses and delivery), your mattress should generally be replaced at least every 7-10 years, although the material and treatment of the mattress play a role too.
  • Visual wear and tear beyond staining: Our mattresses take a beating every night, and the beating is even worse when we allow animals into the bed with us, sleep in our day or work clothes, or eat and engage in activities on the bed. If you’ve found that your mattress is starting to become threadbare in its most used areas, you should consider looking for a new mattress. Visual wear and tear is generally unimportant, but it can be a sign that the mattress is breaking down in certain areas, and once those areas are broken down enough—they lose their comfortableness.
  • Aches and pains and soreness: One of the biggest reasons that people end up getting a new mattress is because they are experiencing aches or pains after laying down for the night. Oftentimes, our bodies will adjust to any sort of new change, so it can also become ‘the normal’ for many people to experience these pains—especially when monetary needs are more pressing. However, if you are experiencing pains from having laid in bed, it’s a safe bet that you need a new mattress. 
  • You dread going to bed: Much like children putting up a fight to stay up past their bedtimes, adults may occasionally find themselves dreading bedtime too. Even worse, because adults have a full range of emotions, they might not even realize that they are experiencing dread. It could be seen as having anxiety overwork the next day, or it could be an increasing desire to avoid the bed or sleep altogether. Regardless of the feeling—if you are experiencing any negative emotion towards your bed, it could be time to try a new mattress.
  • Allergies and heat are expected every night: If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know that there are much better ways to spend your time. However, sometimes those allergens can come in from outside (carried in on our clothes or pets) and they can end up kicking our bodies into an allergy response. This can sometimes look like itchy eyes, a runny nose, or an overabundance of heat. If you believe that you’ve been suffering from allergies every night, but can’t seem to figure out why or where it is coming from, consider getting a new mattress; it will alleviate your allergies altogether, or remove it as a possible source, at the very least.


If you recognize any of the above topics as occurring in your bedroom, it’s time to start thinking about getting a new mattress; and when it comes time to have the new one delivered, call on your local mattress removal in Lawrenceville, GA, Junk King Gwinnett.


As your best and closest option for everything junk and trash hauling, Junk King is also your best option for mattress disposal in Lawrenceville, GA. Simply give us a call or read on to learn more about mattresses and how Junk King deals with the most important of bedroom furniture. 



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On-Demand Mattress Removal, Hauling & Recycling Services in Lawrenceville


The spring of 2020 brought with it world-changing events. Among the most obvious of changes, are those that were less apparent. Some of these less noticeable changes broke into the online arena with increases in online spending and ordering. On-demand services like mattress shopping boomed. For example, in 2016 there was a recorded 27% of people that had a preference for shopping for a mattress online—in 2020 that same statistic jumped twenty points, raising the preference to 47% of people. 


Not surprisingly, those who looked for a new mattress online, also looked for how to remove their old mattress online too. Many people find results for these searches by using keywords in their inquiries, including:


  • “On-demand mattress removal near me”
  • “Free mattress removal”
  • “Mattress recycling Atlanta”
  • “Mattress removal, disposal, near me”
  • “How to get rid of my mattress”


The results of the searches are various. This is because mattresses are semi-toxic objects; that means, that the removal of one tends to be difficult for those involved. Many removal companies and recycling facilities will not accept them—this isn’t because they are “too much work” but rather it is a byproduct of not having the licensing or tools needed to properly dispose of the mattress. This stuff is important for removal companies to have, considering that some mattresses can be considered to be hazardous even to professionals. 


According to the Mattress Recycling Council, “more than 75% of a mattress can be recycled into other products, diverting valuable resources from local landfills [and] more than 50,000 mattresses are discarded in the U.S. every day.” That’s a lot of mattresses, a lot of waste, and a lot of space that could be utilized better. 


Every mattress is created using the same general aspects. The only thing that really changes is whether or not your mattress is spring, memory foam, or another composition. Generally, only spring mattresses are helpful to recycle, since they contain so many parts that can be processed into more useful items. Consider the following parts of your spring mattress:


  • Quilt panels: the outermost portions of your mattress, generally the top section. Many quilted panels recently have become pillow-top panels too—and most people prefer this user version. These panels can be cut off and shredded for making components in carpet padding and as part of some insulation elements. 
  • Memory foam: usually the second layer in most spring mattresses, it is usually created using a special type of polyurethane. Newer mattresses have altered this layer to have additional properties like a cooling sensation. Luckily, most memory foams can be recycled into carpet pads—and some carpet pads are 100% recycled memory foam. 
  • Fibers or cotton layers: some mattresses use fibrous or cotton layers to protect the bottom of the foam from the springs. Depending on the materials that is used to create these layers, there are limited recycling opportunities available. For example, fibrous layers are rarely able to be recycled, while cotton layers can usually be recycled into more insulation products. 
  • Pocketed coils or Bonnell coils: even the springs of mattresses can typically be recycled. Pocketed coils are usually high carbon steel coils, encased in individual fabric sleeves. Meanwhile, Bonnell coils are hour-glass-shaped and made of steel mixes. Both types of coil can be harvested and recycled, though the market for scrap metal will always prefer pocketed coils over the other. 


Mattress Recycling: It’s Easy and Good For the Environment


Mattress Recycling



What happened to the last mattress you owned? Do you remember? Perhaps it was given to a charity or it was passed on to a family member; more than likely it was taken to the dump or removed during an annual family junk hauling expedition.


This is the case for 81% of mattresses—as only about 19% of them are even attempted to be recycled. (This is because spring mattresses are notoriously difficult for recycling centers to process in their machines.) Additionally, there are those companies who claim to recycle mattresses for clients but are sometimes not being truthful. This is because it is simple for them to claim that they will recycle a mattress entrusted to them while dropping it off at the local landfill instead (who’s ever going to check that they followed through, after all). 


Luckily, for folks that live in northern Atlanta, Junk King can be trusted to follow through. Known as being North America’s greenest junk and removal service, Junk King has a company-wide commitment to recycling over 65% of everything that they haul.


How could a mattress be recycled? It starts with the mattress being picked up and taken away by our teams of professional haulers, and after the mattress is hauled away, it is broken down into its most simplistic (and useful) parts. These parts are then shipped out to the relevant recycling centers, where they are processed into new items. For example, the foam, cotton, and fabric that a mattress needs can be separated from the larger item and recycled into a variety of new items; foam can be turned into carpet underlay, while cotton and fabrics can be recycled into new insulation. 


You may wonder though, how exactly is mattress recycling ‘easy’? It definitely sounds challenging to do, even for the businesses that are equipped to actually break down and recycle mattresses. The answer to this inquiry is that Junk King makes it easy—for the client, at least. As with all things Junk King, Junk King will collect your junk and trash (and mattress) and take career of all of the after-care that your junk might need. This is what makes recycling your old mattress one of the easiest things you can do—just give us a call and schedule a pick-up. When you choose to move with Junk King, removing your junk is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone.



full service junk removal


Affordable Mattress Removal & Disposal Services in Lawrenceville


There are a few affordable mattress removal options for residents of Atlanta. Obviously, Junk King is one of the options, but there are others that every resident should know about. Further, knowing the differences between the options will greatly assist in picking the best service for your needs. Consider the following:


  • City-funded options: all major cities choose a weekly collection service for basic trash and garbage removal. Residents of Atlanta are also given additional removal services that can be used a limited amount of times each year. Homeowners can call the city and arrange for bulk item collection pickup. However, it is important that homeowners call first and schedule the pickup, because other wise, the city may issue the owner a fee based on abandoning junk. At the same time, the city offering the removal of complex objects may not be completely free for the owner.
  • Charities: one of the most common solutions that homeowners take for getting rid of their junk is utilizing charities and shelters. Many charities will be happy to accept mattresses, though there are usually some small caveats to keep in mind. First, many charities will accept mattresses, but they will not remove it for you. That surpasses the capabilities of a lot of charities. Additionally, this removal method will only work if the mattress is in good shape—able to be used immediately, sold, or given away. Secondly, some charities may have hidden fees associated with the ‘disposal’ of your mattress—they have to pull in an income somehow, right?
  • CHaRM facilities: CHaRM facilities are one of the lesser known options for homeowners, while professional removal companies and businesses use them for a lot of reasons. CHaRM itself stands for Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. This is where things like hazardous materials go to meet their maker. Mattresses are some of the biggest items that are dropped off at the CHaRMs, but that doesn’t mean that they are free to dispose of. When an owner drops their mattress off at a CHaRM, they are charged for the disposal and the recycling of the item. Additionally, this is where the city will take your mattress too—so fees may apply in either case. 
  • Landfill options: mattresses cannot be put into dumpsters heading for the landfill or taken to the landfill and disposed of in that manner. Landfills cannot accept things that are partially involved with hazardous waste, like some of the materials that make up a basic mattress. Additionally, sneaking mattresses into a landfill can incur large fines and potential jail time. The city of Atlanta is very clear on their stance in regard to the environment and the protective measures they want to take to ensure a lasting environment for everyone in the local community. 
  • Professional services: every residential owner at least suspects that the professionals might have better ways to get their job done, and of course they do. What makes this interesting in terms of Junk King, is that Junk King is able to not only take your mattress, but also do all of the work in recycling it properly—and all for one cost, no hidden fees, and with absolute clarity.



5 Ways to Recycle, Repurpose, or Reuse an Old Mattress


There are, of course, other avenues and options for you to consider if you do not want to call on Junk King to remove it for you. There are many varieties of revamping and reuse that can come from mattresses and their boxsprings, as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile for it. For example, old boxsprings make the perfect shape and size that a gardening bed might need; just throw it down and fill it with soil! Alternatively, continue reading to learn about five ways you can recycle, repurpose, or reuse an old mattress. 


  • Sell it: This may not seem like a real way to ‘recycle’ a mattress, but when you look at the details and results of the interaction, it’s clear that there is recycling happening. For example, by selling your old mattress, you are giving it to someone who needs it (or else they wouldn’t be buying it), and at the same time, you are also stopping the mattress from being sent out to the local landfill, or worse the closest ocean. Doing this can also make some of the money back that you would have otherwise spent on the cost of mattress disposal
  • Donate it to a shelter: Shelters of all types are commonly looking for mattresses—women’s, men’s, and even animal shelters can sometimes benefit from an old mattress or two. Just make sure to call ahead and double-check that they want one before loading it up.
  • Break it apart yourself: If you think you have the skill necessary, and at least some of the tools you might need, you can always break the mattress apart yourself. If your mattress has springs, they can be removed and fashioned into lawn decorations, while the foam can be inserted into a dog or cat bed. 
  • Contact the manufacturer: When in doubt, you can always contact the manufacturer of your mattress. They won’t accept the mattress itself (that’s a health hazard!) but they can point you in the right direction for how to best break down the mattress or companies around you who might be willing to take it from you. 
  • Drag it out back: If you have a backyard, you can always drag it outside. Mattresses make great resources for native animals, and can even provide a stimulating ‘toy’ for your own animals. Hide treats in the folds and sic your dogs on it, or drag it out to the far corner of the yard and see what sorts of animals make use of it over the summer. Just remember to be wary about nesting birds taking pieces of foam with them—we don’t want the foam traveling out of the area!


Alternatively, you can do yourself a favor and simply look for the best Lawrenceville mattress removal service—Junk King Gwinnett, of course. Junk King is your easiest solution to have your mattresses removed in Lawrenceville, GA; give us a call today to get a truck tomorrow!



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Smarter Mattress Removal in Lawrenceville


If you are a homeowner looking to get rid of your mattress, choose to move it with the help of professionals like Junk King. The smarter, faster, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly solution for all of the removal solutions you could ever need. Junk King is a top-rated removal service with the records to prove it. Having thousands of reviews of proof, Junk King is a leading source for junk hauling and removal in North America. 


Furthermore, choosing to move with Junk King ensures that you receive the best services for the lowest costs. For example, many junk removal services will offer to pick up a mattress for between $100-$600, depending on the company and the fees they attach for proper disposal. In comparison, Junk King usually charges closer to $75-$160, depending on the type, rather than the item itself. This means that in choosing to go with Junk King you are:


  • Saving money, time, and effort
  • Protecting the local environment
  • Investing in the local community
  • And making an informed decision


Choose to move with Junk King today; it’s the smarter mattress removal option in Lawrenceville. The subsequent section will tell you more about how Junk King operates and how to contact us today!



The Process of a Lawrenceville Mattress Pickup with Junk King


There are three different ways to have your old mattress picked up by Junk King. The first way is by contacting us and ordering a full-service pickup. During this, a team of professionally trained junk haulers will come to your residence—all you need to do is point and we’ll do the rest. Most of the time, clients who choose this option make the most out of the team being there while they can. This means that multiple items are usually hauled away, this is especially the case during biannual cleanouts and moving. Alternatively, you have the choice to order a self-service option. During this, you’ll receive a roll-away dumpster, called a Junk King MINI.


You then have 3-7 days to fill it with all of your junk before a removal team comes to collect it and remove it for you. The Junk King MINIs are known for their large interior space (12 cubic yards worth!) while remaining compact enough to comfortably sit in a residential driveway. If neither of the above options fit your particular needs, your can also call on Junk King for a single pickup. Mattresses picked up in Lawrenceville, GA are typically picked up with multiple other items, but that doesn’t mean Junk King can’t pick up the single instance as well. 


There are three ways to get in contact with a Junk King representative, and four ways to get a quote for your job. Contact us today to get a truck or MINI delivered to your home tomorrow!


  • Call us at 706-247-7513 to speak with our highly rated customer service team. From there, ask to get a quote over the phone or schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. 
  • Test us pictures of your junk to 737-888-5865, and you’ll receive a quote over text.
  • Or, stay online and explore your options using our custom-made pricing calculator; further, book an order over $99 online and you can potentially save $20 off your order.



5 Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Old Bed Frames


Junk King Gwinnett


How to Throw Away a Bed and Become Organized



Humans are generally wired to become complacent; it is a way for our brains to reassure us that we are not in danger, and so we can become overly relaxed with certain aspects of our life. One of the biggest examples of this is our mattresses. Since our mattresses these days are meant to last between 7-10 years, we can quickly fall into the trap of thinking ‘well, I’ve had it this long, I’ll use it until I can’t.’ This sort of complacency is less destructive than, say complacency at work; however it is just as problematic and even mildly insidious. This is because when our mattresses start to affect us negatively, it is usually a slow process and so we don’t notice it until the negative effects are gone. Thankfully, there are now—more than ever before—many options available for you to have your mattress removed or destroyed. Additionally, a few of these options include recycling prospects like old bed recycling; this comes with a breaking-down process that ensures the most materials that can be recycled and reused, are. 

One such option available in Northern Atlanta is Junk King Gwinnett. The greenest junk removal service in Northern America, Junk King is your local solution for all things junk hauling. From mattress recycling and removal to estate cleanouts, to even providing teams of people and roll-away dumpsters—contact Junk King Gwinnett to get assistance for your junk hauling needs. When you choose to move with Junk King, junk removal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 


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5 Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Old Bed Frames

Recycling Old Bed Frames
Old bed frames are some of the most prevalent junk that almost every residential homeowner needs to deal with at some point. Unfortunately, what can be done with old bed frames changes depending on the money the owner is willing to spend, as well as how much available room there is. Read on to learn about some of your best options for dealing with your old bed frame, as well as some of Junk King’s best suggestions for things to avoid when recycling your old bed frame. 

  • Do consider selling your old bed frame. If your old bed frame is reasonably new or in good condition, you might be able to sell it. Consider looking at what others are selling on sites like eBay, or another local website like Let Go, to get an idea of what bed frames and old furniture are being sold for as well as the condition that people most purchase used. Don’t attempt to resell your old bed frame if it is missing pieces or has broken parts. Most people won’t bother even looking at furniture unless it is in good condition, and lying about having all of the parts is bad form. Additionally, if there is mold or soiled parts of the bed frame, it’s best to not sell it as well. 
  • Do consider other uses for the bed frame beyond its original purposes. As long as your bed frame is in a relatively ’square’ form, you might be able to find additional uses for it. For example, a bed frame makes the perfect outline to follow in order to build a raised planter bed. Simply buy the right-sized wood (or cut it yourself) and align it within the frame to ensure that it is ‘square’ before filling it with soil and moving onto the next bed. Don’t attempt to insert the bed frame into roles that don’t really fit its basic abilities. For example, we do not suggest that you cut apart the frame and attempt to make a metal sculpture with it; the metal wasn’t built for it, so the results will not be what the artist envisioned originally. Also, because bed frames are made with exclusion methods, there can be a variety of metals used to make them, so exposing them to heat or moisture for extended periods of time is not recommended. 
  • Do consider giving your old bed frame away. This is a different technique of recycling your bed frame from the selling it option above. When you choose to give your bed frame away, you have a few options to consider. For example, you might be able to give it away but not sell it due to the condition of it. Consider calling the local shelters in the area and asking them if they are in need of any bed frames, most men’s shelters are consistently looking for items like these. Don’t choose to give it away by leaving it somewhere, even on your residential curb. In most cases, people will not come by to pick it up, but also it presents a hazard for the other people in the area. Children could find it interesting and pull it in the middle of the street for cars to run over, or emergency crews could find themselves dealing with a blockage in the road that could have been avoided. 
  • Do consider taking it to your local metal shop, scrap dealer, or artist. This is one of the best bed frame disposal methods because these sorts of businesses are commonly looking for scrap material, partially because they have the tools to be able to change the frame into something new, but also because being given free scrap is often considered a boon for them. (If you have a business or hobby that needs constant materials, you’d be excited about potentially free materials too!) Don’t show up unannounced with a bed frame in hand. Always call these places before you load everything up and start going. Not all metal workers will accept a bed frame (because not all of them are alike); calling beforehand and asking if they want it will save you labor and a day of hauling. 
  • Do choose to move with Junk King Gwinnett! Your easiest (and cheapest) option is to call on Junk King to remove your old bed frame. Apart from having the best rates available for junk hauling—and having three separate options for those junk hauling needs—Junk King also ensures that those parts of the bed frame that can be recycled, are. Recycling old bed frames requires that the frames themselves are broken down, their hardware removed, and their aspects stripped. This is sometimes too difficult for the average person to do, but also, there is little reason for the average person to undertake this process themselves—instead, they can simply call on Junk King to both remove the bed frame from the property and recycle it. Don’t make the mistake of calling the competition—they may overcharge a simple bed frame removal cost, or fail to actually complete the obligations that they claim to have. One such obligation is that of recycling the bed frame—it is easy for corrupt companies to easily just deliver the bed frame to the local landfill, rather than take the time necessary to break it down and send it to the qualified recycling center. 


full service junk removal


Call Junk King to Make it Easy

As mentioned above, there are three options available to the residential homeowner for their bed frames (and other junk). First, is the Junk King full-service option, which provides both a team of professional movers and a Junk King Big Red Truck that holds over 6 pickup truck beds worth of junk and trash. Second, is the self-service option, which gives the residential homeowner a Junk King MINI dumpster to fill over multiple days. The Junk King MINI dumpsters are compact enough to fit within a residential driveway, while also having enough interior space to hold multiple large appliances and junk. Lastly, and most rarely, there does exist the ability for Junk King to come and collect single items too—but most people find that their best experience and price involves removing multiple items at once. 

There are three ways to contact our crew at Junk King Gwinnett, which is part of a franchise group of Junk Kings that provides incomparable junk hauling solutions to all of the Northern Atlanta Metro area, including the surrounding territories. Contact us today, to get a truck tomorrow:

  • Call us at 706-247-7513 to speak with our world-class customer representatives. From there, speak with our highly trained estimators to receive a quote over the phone, or schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. (Your in-person assessment will be a concrete quote, and is always no obligation.) 
  • Text us pictures of your junk to 737-888-5865, and revive an estimate back over text as well. These texts are considered ball-park estimates since it can be difficult to judge the scale and weight of items via a picture.
  • Or, schedule your Junk King MINI dumpster or truck and team online; orders over $99 are even eligible for a $20 discount when booked. To get started with the best junk removal service available, simply explore your options using our pricing calculator and its convenient wizard.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


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