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Junk Removal Middlesex

Fast, eco-friendly junk removal and dumpster rental in Middlesex

Meet the Owner: Scott Pozerski

Scott Pozerski started his career as a graduate from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in criminal justice and further study in management at Bentley University. What he really wanted to do was create his own family business. He stated, “I want a business that is going to be reliable in a good or bad economy.”

Studying the area, he observed that there was growth in the junk business; hence, he became a Junk King Middlesex County franchise owner. His junk business services northeastern Massachusetts, northern Middlesex County, Essex County, and portions of Hillsborough County in New Hampshire.

Scott has been the owner of Middlesex County Junk King for six years. When you ask Scott what his goal is for his business he replies, “I want to help conserve our natural resources for this and future generations.”

Scott has taken on the responsibility of educating his clientele on how to dispose of unwanted material. He also observed that having proper equipment and pricing that people could accept would bring repeat business.

Scott is most proud of his ability to help realtors with last minute problems like foreclosure clean outs, construction waste removal and garbage removal. People will leave items like refrigerators, mattress box springs, old furniture, and electronics waste. Regardless if the debris is in their basement or attic it must be removed before new owners take possession of a property. Most debris hauling jobs take 1 day or less.

With Junk King’s commitment to green hauling from their 2005 founding, it was the perfect opportunity for the Pozerski family. Scott believes that spending time with his family is important. He enjoys interacting with his children especially when he can take the time to coach his daughter’s soccer team.

Junk King has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any service industry in the United States. With over 70 locations in North America, the company is growing rapidly.

For Scott and Amy Pozerski, the company was the perfect fit, and their junk removal franchise is one of the most successful in the system. Hire junk removal service in Middlesex County, MA by calling 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online.

Do you live in the Middlesex County area and need a trusted, local junk pickup service? With Junk King, our well-trained, insured staff does the junk hauling for you. If you live in the Middlesex County area, we can be at your home or business within minutes! We’re also eco-friendly: we recycle a large portion of all items we pick up to keep your neighborhood green.

Residential Junk Removal for Middlesex County

We offer comprehensive household junk pickup, hauling, and disposal services for homeowners and tenants throughout the Middlesex area. With our on-demand residential junk removal you can have all your household trash and residential junk and debris removed from your home almost any day of the week with just one call.

So, who needs junk removal?

Almost everyone has junk they need to get rid of from time to time. As Junk King Middlesex owner, Scott, puts it,

“Everybody has stuff. If people just accumulate over the years, they get all kinds of different stuff. Some people are just looking to get rid of a couch. [But] some people always come up and say, ‘This is 43 years’ worth of accumulated stuff.’”

At Junk King we say, “No problem!”

We can haul large, bulky items such as old furniture and appliances, as well as carry out full house cleanouts, and even remove trash and debris from home renovations or remodels.

Residential junk removal includes everything from garage cleanouts to mattress removal, from getting rid of large trash to old hot tubs. At Junk King Middlesex we can handle residential junk removal jobs of any size and type.

In addition, now you call Junk King Middlesex and receive friendly, 100% touchless service from our highly trained professionals whose number one goal is to make your life easier with fast, dependable junk hauling services.

And, best of all, we give wicked good customer service!

Items We Take

As we’ve pointed out, Junk King Middlesex takes just about any type of residential junk that you need to get rid of aside from hazardous waste.

For example, here are some of the most common items we remove:

  • Old Furniture
  • Televisions and PCs
  • Yard Waste
  • Old Appliances
  • Hot Tubs
  • Electronic Waste
  • Bulk Trash
  • Used Mattresses
  • Refrigerator and Freezers
full service junk removal

Full-Service Junk Removal

From house cleanouts to couch removal, and from garbage removal to old fence or shed debris, Junk King Middlesex can handle jobs of all sizes and shapes.

When you choose junk removal from Junk King Middlesex, you can expect friendly service from real professionals. Our goal is more than getting rid of your junk — we also want to make your life easier with our fast, dependable junk hauling services.

Owner Scott Pozerski has a straightforward way of describing our full-service junk removal process,

“We do an onsite estimate. We’ll come and look at whatever it is you have. And we can give you a price on site, no obligation.”

He adds that,

“[With] our full service, we do it all. You tell us what you want to go. We have two guys come and pull it all out of your house or business and put in our trucks and make it go.”

Our full-service junk removal is an on-demand service to have just about any kind of trash removed from your home or business. You simply make an appointment, our crew shows up (on time!) and you’re quickly and safely freed of your junk!

We haul large items like household junk, old furniture and appliances, as well as all types of business junk, construction debris, and even commercial property cleanouts.

In fact, we take just about everything and anything aside from hazardous waste. And we do it wicked fast!

Self-Service Dumpster Rental

As an alternative to our full-service junk removal, we also provide you with a convenient “Do-it-Yourself” option. We do this with our conveniently-sized MINI Dumpster rental for those customers who prefer to load their own junk at their own pace or on a set time schedule.

Not only does this give customers a user-friendly and accessible rental dumpster for their junk and debris, but it also eliminates contact making it the ultimate “No Contact” junk removal service.

So, how does our self-service rental dumpster service work?

As Junk King Middlesex owner Scott Pozerski explains it,

“We have the self-service dumpster model and we’re actually the biggest dumpster franchise. We will drop a twelve-yard dumpster off for you and you fill it with whatever you want to put in it. And we show up three days later and take it away.”

Our expert dumpster rental team quickly and efficiently removes the debris bin along with all your junk, and the best part is that you still only pay for the space your junk takes up in the dumpster.

Not sure whether you should rent a dumpster or hire a full-service junk removal team? Check out our blog on the topic to help make your decision easier.

Learn more about our dumpster rental services.

Commercial Junk Removal

Junk King Middlesex also provides commercial junk removal for all our business neighbors in Middlesex County. In addition to serving local residential friends and neighbors, Junk King is also the leading commercial junk removal service in North America and for good reason.

We offer a number of great reasons for trusting us with your business junk removal needs:

  • Easy Payment Plans
    With a Junk King business account, you can enjoy great payment plans and great terms.
  • Fully Insured
    We’re fully insured, so you and our staff are protected when we perform junk hauling services for you.
  • Top-Rated Service
    Junk King promises on-time, reliable service and exceptional value for your business and your bottom line.

Commercial Junk Removal Services We Provide

No matter what type of business or industry you’re in, you likely have some junk and debris accumulating somewhere at your workplace that needs to be hauled away and disposed of.

However, we also know that most businesses are not junk hauling businesses, and that means that most businesses are not equipped to do this type of work.

Good news! Junk King Middlesex is available to provide you with a variety of commercial junk removal services including:

  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Commercial Equipment Removal
  • Foreclosure Cleanouts
  • Storage Facility Cleanouts
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Commercial Scrap Pickup
  • Property Management Cleanouts
commercial junk removal services

How It Works

We work hard to make working with Junk King Middlesex to be a stress-free and easy experience. Setting up an appointment with us is easy, too – just give us a call to book your junk removal pickup or, better yet, book online here and save 10 percent on your first pickup.

Because we want our customers to know what our service will cost before we come to remove unwanted junk items, we provide free estimates. So, before you even book a session with us, we give you four different ways to get one:

  • Get an Online Estimate: Just click the “Pricing” tab in the top menu, scroll to “Pricing Estimator”, then simply click on the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.
  • Estimate by Phone or Chat: You can also call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat with one of our highly trained and friendly customer service representatives.
  • Get an Estimate by Text: You can simply take a photo of your items and text it to us at 737-888-5865 and we will text you back an estimate.
  • Get an On-Site Price Quote: The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the best price is with our free, no-obligation on-site price quote.

And remember, while we provide free estimates as a part of our service, our expert junk removal team will give you a firm, no-obligation price once they are on-site and have assessed our junk removal needs.

After you’ve booked an appointment with us, our friendly team of junk removal professionals will call you about 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to confirm with you and let you know they’re on the way.

Once they arrive at your location in Middlesex County, you simply show them where your junk is, and they’ll take it from there.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Why Junk King

Junk King has always been recognized for great customer service, eco-friendly junk disposal practices, and fair and transparent pricing. And Junk King Middlesex contributes to that reputation here in the Middlesex County area.

Owner Scott Pozerski points out,

“Junk King is a leader because we keep track of our customer happiness. If your customers aren’t happy, if you’re constantly getting negative reviews, you’re not cut out for that kind of work. Something has to change and you really just have to keep making sure customers are happy.

How do you keep your customers? Happy customers want us to be on time. They want to make sure they’re being charged a fair price and they want to make sure you’re careful when they’re in, when you’re in their house, they don’t want scratches and dings on their doors. So those are the keys.”

As Scott noted, we value customer service and quality work, and our green junk removal mission means we also make sure that as much of your junk as possible gets recycled, repurposed, or donated.

In fact, Junk King is the only national company to work with local sorting facilities towards the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every job!

Junk King Middlesex owner Scott expressed his concerns about the local environmental impact of waste disposal,

“There’s only so much room in landfills… And once those landfills are closed, what are we going to do? We really need to think long-term in order to prevent some pretty serious financial repercussions managing the environment.”

Along with being green, Junk King Middlesex provides a stress-free experience that includes:

  • Easy scheduling and on-time arrivals.
  • A courtesy call about 15 minutes before we show up.
  • Uniformed crews of trained, insured professionals.
  • In-and-out with fast and thorough service.
  • Straightforward estimates with no hidden fees

With Junk King Middlesex you can expect an easy and simple process, the lowest rates, and the highest quality of service. you can expect an easy and simple process, the lowest rates, and the highest quality of service.

book your junk removal job

Junk Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay more for heavy junk items?
Unlike most of our competitors, at Junk King, you only pay for the space your junk takes up in our trucks. This means that if your junk takes up half a truck load you pay the same whether it’s a load of old clothes and bedding, or concrete rubble and masonry.

And our pricing model is the same for our self-service MINI Dumpster rentals, too. With Junk King Middlesex, you pay only for the space you use with no hidden fees and low minimum charge, whether you choose our full or self-service junk removal options.

What are my junk removal options?
We provide full-service junk removal and we come into your home or office, carry your junk outside, load it into our truck, and haul it away. This process is similar to hiring movers, except your stuff goes away for good instead of to your new address.

You can also use our self-service junk removal. We can deliver a user-friendly debris dumpster to your property and you fill it yourself. Once the bin is full, our junk removal comes back and loads the dumpster onto a truck and hauls it away.

Do you take any kind of junk items?
Junk King will pick up and remove almost any type of unwanted junk except hazardous waste materials. Certain household items, for example, are considered hazardous waste when they are disposed of and typically fall into one of these categories:

  • Corrosive
  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Poisonous

Several products such as cleaning products, motor oil and most other automotive fluids, pesticides, herbicides, varnishes, and paints are considered hazardous and should never be placed in trash bins or dumpsters. If you do need to dispose of these types of items, contact your local waste management provider or municipal agencies for guidance.

Do you recycle junk items?
We do. In fact, at Junk King, we strive to recycle up to 60 percent or more of everything we pick up from our customers. The reality is that almost every type of junk item that gets tossed out or disposed of can be reused, repurposed, or recycled.

Recyclable junk items include:

  • Mattresses
  • Hot Tubs
  • Refrigerators
  • Old wood and lumber
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Televisions and Monitors
  • E-Waste
  • And much, much more…

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    If you agree to our $, we take your junk.

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