Spring Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal Maintenance Tips

For most of the people who call on our Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal services, Spring is a time to start looking at a cleanup. We know that March can be an unpredictable month. However, it’s time to get going on some home maintenance tips.

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the areas where you’ll need to focus to make sure things are ready for the warmer weather.

Take a Look at Your Roof Shingles
Spring is a good time to get up on your roof to see if there are any damaged or lost shingles. It’s a good time to start budgeting for replacing anything that got lost during the winter. This is especially true if you’ve got an older roof.

There are some red flags that you need to look for like loose, buckled or cracked shingles. It’s also a good idea to spend some time looking around the flashing. Check around your plumbing vents, chimney and any skylights you have to see if anything needs to be fixed.

Check Around Those Windows
The Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal services we offer can get started with the click of a mouse. Why not take a minute to check out all of the different things that we haul away including yard waste and furniture? Our services can be a nice addition to your spring cleaning.

Another box you’ll need to check is the wood trim on the inside of your windows. We also recommend that you take a screwdriver and check around doors, decks, and railings to see if anything needs replacing.
It’s a good idea to stay on top of this simple repair. If you don’t, the rains that come in the spring can do even more damage to any wood that’s exposed.

Look at The Gutters
It’s also a very good idea to check to make sure your gutters aren’t loose or leaking. Keep in mind that any gutters that are leaking can lead to water damage in your basement or crawl space. This is a good time to check your downspouts too. Make sure they are pointing away from your house and are clear of debris.

Once you’re done with that, our Junk King St. Petersburg – Junk Removal team can help clear out your space. You can either book online or simply click to call today.